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Waitrose Essential Tealight Candles

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Brand: Waitrose / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      03.01.2014 18:39
      Very helpful



      Tealights that do what tealights are generally asked to do. Sorted!

      We live in the era of the Yankee tart, and don't I know it. Therefore, between that and a few pretty little glass jars which just beg to have candles flickering away inside them, there is always a pack of tealights in my home.

      So you might as well buy them in bulk. Previously Homebase have done a good bulk offering, but when we ran out of that packet we restocked in Waitrose, where we picked up a pack of 100 basic tealights for £3.25 - so just over 3p per light.

      Unlike the Homebase offering, which are loose in a bag, the Waitrose equivalent are uniformly stacked in two rows of five-a-side squares which makes for a more rigid packet of candles - simple, basic, white candles in the common thin metal pots. These are usually a means to an end, used for burning essential oils and Yankee tarts and putting in pretty jars, so you don't expect much.

      However I would say that in the bag of 100 candles I bought before from Homebase, there were a number of candles which were lacking their wick - not a huge amount of use. Only about five, but I still wasn't impressed. None of that in our Waitrose pack though, and we are now on our second one and nearly to the end of it with not a single duff candle. So that's already one mark to Waitrose.

      So, 3p per candle. Do they last? Yes, pretty well. I would say at a rough estimate that a tealight will burn steadily for 2-3 hours - alright, I've never actually sat and timed them but they'll keep a Yankee tart going nicely through an evening. No spitting, no flickering unless there is a draft in the room, none of the wax has been inconsistent and they aren't overly smoky to use or extinguish. They aren't scented and don't interfere at all with the Yankee tarts that they are usually used to melt.

      For those who do use Yankee tarts, I find that when we use one of these to melt a tart during an evening, they last long enough so that enough scent is released to keep the house smelling lovely for a few more hours, so we usually only use one rather than finding they burn out too quickly and the tart doesn't get enough time to do its job. Also we have never had any with wicks of too short or too long length, they are all the perfect length and all have taken quickly and we have never had a case of the melted wax smothering the wick and putting the candle out. Also when I put together a collection of pretty holders and jars and light a bunch together, they tend to all stay lit for a relatively similar length of time - you don't get a couple splutter out after about ten minutes ruining the display.

      Therefore, at 3p for a packet of candles that last a long time, with not a duff tealight amongst what is nearly 200 over two purchases at this point, I heartily recommend these for any candle or Yankee enthusiast. They do the job, they're extremely cheap, and the production quality is high.


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