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Wallpaper Paste Flake Sachet

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Homebase / Type: Home Care - Wallpaper Paste

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    1 Review
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      22.02.2012 20:25
      Very helpful



      A good wallpaper paste from Homebase

      With my baby due in 10 weeks we have been looking to decorate the spare bedroom for him. This obviously resulted in a trip to our local Homebase for paper, paint and a mountain of other bits and pieces. One of the items was wallpaper paste. I only ever use shops own paste and it has always been perfectly good enough. My Mum taught me how to paper when I was a teenager, for which I am very grateful, and we always used to use Homebases own brand wallpaper paste so this is what I bought.

      The wallpaper paste is available in 2 sizes, a packet that will be enough to hang 5 rolls and one enough for 10 rolls, as I only wanted to paper 1 wall I opted for the 5 roll packet which cost just £1.99, a 10 roll packet is £3.49 which does work out slightly cheaper if you have a lot of papering to do.

      The wallpaper paste is sold in a simple green and white plastic packet, it has the Homebase logo across the top and all purpose wallpaper adhesive written just below this. The front of the pack informs the customer that this is suitable for hanging wallpaper, has a strong adhesion and is mould resistant.

      The back of the pack gives all the different types of paper the paste is suitable for these include:- normal, lining, woodchip, vinyl's, blown vinyl's, embossed and waterproof. The pack also gives all the instructions for preparing the paste and there is also a little chart telling you how much paste you will need for the amount of rolls you have. Homebase do state that this is intended as a guide only. The instructions are quite long winded so I wont repeat them all here but they are clearly written and easy to understand. The pack also warms that the paste contains fungicide to prevent mould and should be kept away from children and animals, you also need to wash your hands thoroughly after use and moisturise too, this really dries my skin out.

      Inside the packet the paste is in little dried flakes. Now to be honest I never follow the guide lines on the packet when making up paste, I like my paste to be thicker than is necessary and so I always mix mine up with less water, I know by doing this I wont get the full amount of wallpaper coverage from my pack but I just feel happier working with thicker paste.

      I have no hesitation in recommending Homebases wallpaper paste, in my experience it works perfectly well, the paper always sticks firm and never peels away in corners and joins. I also find that the paste dries nice and clear so you never get nasty brown paste marks. Of course how you apply the paste is important and the back of the pack or your wallpaper roll will instruct the best way of doing this. Personally I always put plenty on making sure I go right to the edges, and when mixing it I always slowly add the paste to the water whilst stirring, never add the water to the paste, this could result in lumpy paste.

      This wallpaper paste is cheaper than branded varieties and works just as well, if you are looking for a wallpaper paste that is reliable then I definitely have a look at this one.


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