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Walsh & Baker Cookies & Cream

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Brand: Walsh & Baker / Type: Candles / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      17.03.2013 18:39
      Very helpful



      A neat little scented candle

      Walsh & Baker scented candle in a tin
      Cookies and Cream
      I have a terrible impulse buying habit and it is especially bad with toiletries and scented candles and just can't resist buying them when I see a new one that I haven't seen before. I really cannot remember where I bought this one or sadly how much I paid but it wasn't a lot so probably one of the bargain stores for about 1.50 would be a likely guess.

      The candle comes in a small silver tin with a brown and orange coloured label on the front. The lid has a clear plastic top section so you can see the rather muddy looking chocolate coloured candle through it. It all looks very classy and s if it costs quite a lot which as far as I can remember was NOT the case. It sort of looks a bit like one of the Shearer candles but quite a lot bigger than they are. Interestingly I found this scent in a glass jar from the same company on Amazon for £5.99 which is expensive I think. I have found the entire range of Walsh & Baker tinned scented candles in Ebay for £1.99 post free which is better value especially as the tins look nicer that the jars in this brand; the jars look a bit cheap and nasty.


      I can't find any information about this company and where they originate but on the base of my candle tin it does say Manchester as the address so maybe they are a UK company. I was also trying to find out what the candle was made from petroleum, bees wax or soy based. I rather suspect they are petroleum based.
      Apparently candles and scented ones that we all love can be more dangerous than we thought. The more expensive one made from beeswax and soy are not so bad but sadly the majority of those sold in the UK are cheap imports made from paraffin wax, a by-product of the petroleum industry. These have been found to release a range of rather nasty sounding volatile organic compounds which can cause health problems.

      So the recommendation is to opt for beeswax or soy-based candles and also the non-scented candles produce less soot and air particles. That was quite boring and a bit disappointing I thought as I love my scented candles. Apparently you are safer to buy hard wax candles and avoid the soft, gel wax which is likely to be made from petroleum oil turned to a jelly.

      When buying candles the wicks are also important so the thin, twisted wicks that seem to curl when they are lit are better and thick wicks may have an inner part which gives off fumes harmful to health. Always keep the wick trimmed as long wicks release more smoke which may have the harmful elements.
      When burning candles the tapered ones are supposed to be better for your lungs. Always burn candles in well ventilated rooms but with no draft. Candles in a draft can produce up to 50 per cent more soot according to studies recently.

      "In a laboratory analysis of candles conducted for consumer magazine Proof!, the smoke from pillar-type candles and tealights purchased from supermarkets and department stores in London was analysed for traces of cadmium and lead.

      Almost one fifth of those tested had detectable levels of cadmium and a small number released lead.

      More alarming were the findings from a study by Dutch scientists, who measured the air particles in churches that burned candles for up to nine hours at a time.

      They found ten times as many damaging free radicals -- molecules that can cause cancer -- in the air inside the churches as they did in the air beside a motorway.

      It is known that soot particles can penetrate the deepest parts of the lung and, as such, have the potential to aggravate respiratory illness."

      Taken from : : http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2012034

      I popped the candle onto a level surface as I know that candles liquefy when burning and I didn't want any accidents. I also popped it onto a small heat proof mat as the bottom of the tin didn't look that heat proof and on the bottom on the tin it does say put into a non- flammable surface away from draughts and flammable materials. This also means not on TV sets, as someone I know discovered was not a great idea, as the plastic of the TV melted and the candle dropped through, setting fire to their entire sitting room.

      The centre part of the candle did liquefy on burning to become a lovely clear brown colour and giving off a strong, sweet cookie baking aroma. After the candle has been burning for about ten minutes the scent starts to emerge and after thirty minutes a small room is nicely filled with the gorgeous smell.

      I have kept the wick quite short and haven't noticed any black smoke until I blow the candle out and then I also put the lid on as soon as I have blown it out as I don't like the after scent.

      I have been using this for about a week on and off and although the candle is supposed to last about 24 - 30 hours I cannot say if mine has gone that long. It probably has been about that long as I have been using it most days for a while each day. I have a layer of wax left but no wick now so will have to use the rest as scented wax tart in my burner , waste not want not!

      I was very happy with my candle from Walsh and Baker and if I can find out more definitely what they put in their candles I would certainly think of buying others from the range as this smells really lovely. It is like I have been baking so makes a good one for the kitchen.

      This little candle would make a lovely gift as it looks very well presented and is packaged well. It has a good strong aroma which is pleasant although I am not sure how natural it is..

      At the moment they are back to £1.99 on Ebay which is okay but I think mine was cheaper in a bargain shop sometime when I was out and about.

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.


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