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Yankee Candle A Royal Wedding

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Brand: Yankee Candle / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    2 Reviews
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      28.04.2011 16:30
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      Another nice offering from Yankee

      I mentioned this before in one of my Yankee Candle reviews, but my boyfriend is a little sweetheart and buys me a gift each month to celebrate the anniversary of our first date. This month he gave me lots of little Yankee tarts in the days leading up to our anniversary and then on the day, gave me the new limited edition jar candle 'A Royal Wedding'.

      I will be watching the wedding this Friday, but although I have a slight interest in Royal history I am not a huge Royalist or anything, and it had never occurred to me to purchase any Royal memorabilia. At first I wondered if I should just keep this candle as I know some Yankee fragrances are collectable once discontinued, but in the end I decided to use it, as I doubt its value will increase much.

      You may be forgiven for thinking that 'A Royal Wedding' is a fragrance of candle which has been created especially for William and Kate's big day. In fact, this scent was already a popular member of the Yankee Candle family, named 'Wedding Day', which has simply been re-packaged in light of the Royal wedding. Definitely a case of cashing in, from Yankee Candle I feel.

      The Royal Wedding jar candle comes in three sizes, of which I have the smallest. There are also votive candles available, but I have only seen them so far in a box of nine, and I don't think they can be purchased individually - although no doubt someone has probably bought a box and split them up to sell on Ebay by now.

      The design of the jar is rather nice, and tastefully done - some of the royal wedding souvenirs I have seen recently have been downright tacky - Will and Kate bed sheets spring to mind and let's not mention the souvenir condoms!

      If you're not familiar with Yankee jars, then I would describe them as looking like old fashioned sweet jars with a heavy glass lid. This one is filled with white wax (what other colour for a wedding?) and the label is gold and white. The title of the candle 'William and Catherine' is scrawled in subtle gold across the front, and the date of the wedding underneath.

      I wasn't really sure what this was going to smell like, but it's actually gorgeous - certainly fit for royalty! When I take the lid off and have a sniff, the first thing that comes to my mind is talcum powder. It's a very soft, clean scent, and I certainly think there's a whiff of Johnson's baby powder about it! There is also something of a floral tone to the scent, although it's an incredibly soft floral, and smells very elegant and sophisticated.

      After lighting the candle, I found that it took quite some time for the scent to fill the room. I wasn't particularly surprised since this is a soft scent to begin with, but I'd had the candle burning for around 30-40 minutes before I could really smell it, which I found a little bit disappointing.

      Some of the Yankee candles are very strong and have a very defined scent. You walk into the room and immediately can smell peach, or strawberry or roses for example. With this one, you do notice a scent when you enter or re-enter the room, but it is a soft background scent, and it doesn't immediately hit you, it just lingers subtly, making the room smell fresh and inviting.

      The candle, like the majority of Yankee Candles I have used, is excellent quality. With cheaper candles you can sometimes find that the candle will burn down creating a tunnel effect and leave a ring of wax. This one in contrast burns down evenly, meaning that no wax is wasted and you get better value for money.

      The burn times of these candles are also impressive. The burn times Yankee give are estimates, but I tend to find them very accurate. I have burned this one on three or four occasions over the last week for periods of 2-3 hours and the jar is still fairly full of wax.

      The following burn times and prices are taken from www.yankeecandle.co.uk. Prices of course will vary depending on where you shop.

      Small Jar - 25-40 hours burn time - £7.75
      Medium Jar - 65-90 hours burn time -£15.45
      Large Jar - 110-150 hours burn time - £18.45
      Pack of 9 votive candles - up to 15 hours burn time per votive - £13.45

      As well as the website mentioned above, these can also be purchased from www.yankeedoodle.co.uk which I find to be a reliable website, and on the high street, you can get these from Clintons Cards or Collectables stores.

      Overall, I have enjoyed using this candle, and love the soft, delicate scent. I must admit I find the link to the royal wedding is a rather tenuous one, and the fact that this was an existing fragrance which has been renamed, does make me feel that this is a case of cashing in from Yankee Candle. I guess though, for collectors of limited edition Yankee Candles and royal memorabilia this may make a nice gift or keepsake, and I would still recommend it based on fragrance and quality alone.


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        12.04.2011 16:26
        Very helpful



        The Americans love the British Royal Family but this scented candle is possibly a step too far.

        The other week there at the "round table Yankee Candle club," or a squarish glass kitchen table at my friends house, Barbara the great Royalist beamed at the table to show off her latest YC purchase in the form of "Royal Wedding," a scented candle by American premium candle company, Yankee Candle who have released it to the UK under "strict limited edition status" to celebrate the up and coming marriage of William and Kate. As I sat drumming one of my "Apple Cider" tarts off the side of the table, ready to dabble and gamble, the appeal of such a special occasion candle is a good marketing idea, but I was hesitant to wonder just what concoctions of scent Yankee Candle have come up with to celebrate the youthful marriage of our future Windsors.

        First of all, I'm not a Royalist but I have many Royal connections through my career as a musician. I've met HM Prince of Wales many times since he was patron of the college I attended, Royal College of Music and later in years would meet various Royal cousins and other associated family. I'm proud to be able to say that but I seldom brag about whom I meet and have never seen the point of merchandise associated with any of the Royal family. I'd sooner buy a candle if one of my favourite pop artists were on it, or someone from my childhood I loved, like "Garfield," or "Paddington Bear." At least with the latter you'd know what you'd be getting going by picture or image alone. Here, there is very little on the candle that shows it is a celebration candle, save from "William and Kate" written in gold curvy writing on the background of a white flower (could be an Orchid or Lily to me) with the date of the marriage written underneath in small lettering on a gold background (if you don't know, it's the 29th of April 2011). To the right hand side of the main label, there's also a tiny gold emblem with little black stars that states "...A Keepsake Collector's Edition, Commemorative." All the while, the candle sheepishly looks like a re-run of Yankee Candle's classic fragrance, "Wedding Day," matched by company name and rectangular label. Yankee Candle have apparently taken the "Wedding Day" formula and given it a new spin.

        Naturally this is quite a flowery candle against the sweeter and more openness of "Wedding Day," with quite a mix of natural oils that have been added here to create a flowery explosion of different senses. It is supposed to contain "subtle fruit," but from the moment the medium jar lid was opened, and we all took a turn in sampling the top of the jar, the mixed scent reminded me of something immediately from my childhood; a fragrance that my gran used to use. Not Oil of Ulay/Olay, or Atrixo but spot on to the perfume from Pond's hand cream! After lighting it and leave it to burn for half an hour, Barbara's husband joined us and quipped in "It smells like a church full of old women's perfumes all mixed together," to which we all "royally" laughed out loud but then realized that this isn't a candle to celebrate youth - or any kind of marriage celebration. The scent to me is a total rip off what this Royal wedding represents and guess who got to keep a couple of the votives for his cheeky comments?! In return I swapped with a few of my scents - as we all do week by week, month by month. Simple in white to look at and appealing as this candle is, it isn't without its downsides, even though in medium jar form, the candle looks quite classy.

        For those people who intend to be huddled around the TV to watch the Royal marriage, you could have this burning away in the background if it had a chance of pervading the home with a youthful spirit. Instead you get Jasmine and Lillies as the top scent, vanilla cream in the middle to give the candle strength and roses with the tinniest hint of baby powder on the base tone that ends up smelling like Zoflora original cleaning liquid mixed with the gentle sweetness of the original champagne like "Wedding Day" formula. "Royal Wedding," lacks depth and instead offers a bubbly light wave of scent that some may appreciate more.

        Thanks in part to the fact that Yankee Candle have tried to give "Wedding Day," a lighter lift than it already is, the difference in use is that this candle will more than likely appeal to many because of its marketing status and collector edition status and thus instantly fog over how good or bad it is. Not one for a kitchen since the vanilla & baby powder in it is too sweet even though the hints of Zoflora could be stronger for kitchen odour remover alone. The baby powder hints alone gives me a stronger feeling that "Royal Wedding," is very much a bedroom tainted candle in the way that the wax evokes a fresh day almost as if you open up your window and smell a garden of fresh roses coming in through the room but it's a pity that you have to wait a couple of hours before the full body of this scent comes together. Forget clearing up after the kitchen has been used for a highly fragranced meal, or clearing up the corner in the porch where a dank odour remains. "Royal Wedding," is too light to rely on even in medium jar form.

        The problem with the scent is that it also takes an age for the perfume to pervade. "Royal Wedding," isn't as instant to release as "Wedding Day," in jar formats (even on the basis that the strongest quality of YC candle is always reserved for the jars versus the Votives) and nor does it have a factor of enticing the owner to keep letting the candle burn to release the smell of Ponds hand cream all around the home. Biased I certainly am - this candle should have a brighter, younger and fresher appeal - something louder perhaps in terms of whatever "subtle fruit" Yankee Candle would have you believe they have mixed in, but after an hour or two, it possesses a quality that only a few Yankee Candle products I've had in the past incite - to be put out well before it gets a chance to burn for longer! Luckily though Yankee Candle have made sure this candle scent is sneeze proof, but the mix of oils here can induce coughing if you leave the candle burning for more than seven hours in one go. Luckily in small, medium and large jar formats the glass jars are dishwasher safe, have heat insulated bases and are lovely to look at. They do remain hot when lit though, so it is best to place the candle on a level surface and out of reach from inquisitive pets or children.

        Other formats are in short supply being a strictly limited edition scent such as:

        Votive candle (1.75 oz 15 hour duration, not available as a single purchase).
        12 Votive candle in box "Gift Book/Box" cost price £19-99 to £21-00
        Small housewarmer jar candle (7 oz 25-40 hours duration, £7-99)
        Medium housewarmer jar candle (14.05oz 60-75 hours duration, £13-99)
        Lidded glass tumbler (7oz 35-45 hours duration, £8-99)

        Despite what I feel, I bet "Royal Wedding," will sell by the bucket loads despite the feeling that is very much a candle of marketing to make a quick sale. For the fact that there's a gift box "Gift Book" available at £19-99 (it's a white cardboard box with fancy silky looking ribbons on each angle and a message on the back with the date, name and similar colouring), it contains 12 votive candles of this fragrance but has just two extra votive glass holders which doesn't exactly make it practical if you want to burn all 12 candles in one go, or at least more than two for the opportunity to smell the fragrance in a room when used. Over the single price of what you'd pay normally for a single votive candle, the "Gift Box/Book," is slightly cheaper for what you get, but the fragrance isn't much to shout about and not one that intices me to buy it or the jar versions over the classic and sweeter imperial "Wedding Day," which is a fragrance I would use if I was to celebrate the special day and filling my home with the smell of ripe strawberries and sparkling champagne, not Ponds hand cream and Zoflora. Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2011



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