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Yankee Candle Autumn Leaves

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2 Reviews

Brand: Yankee Candle / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    2 Reviews
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      23.10.2012 18:08
      Very helpful



      I would not buy this sampler again.

      Yankee Candle Autumn Leaves Sampler

      I bought this sampler months ago and I have only just got round to using it and with autumn now upon us I thought it would be an appropriate candle.

      - Product description

      "With a natural medley of fruity, earthy fragrances, Yankee Autumn Leaves Votive Candles creates a fresh, inviting mood. This fine candle has a joyful blend of birch and maple leaves with pomegranate, juniper berry and orange blossom."

      - About the product

      All Yankee Candle samplers come shrink wrapped in plastic and they have an image on the front of the wrapping with a visual representation of the scent - leaves in autumnal hues are on the image for this candle. Safety symbols are also on the bottom on the plastic. Each sampler is supposed to burn for a maximum of 15 hours.

      - Using the candle, scent, throw and longevity

      I use this candle as I do with all Yankee Candle samplers, I cut the wick to 0.5cm (approx.) and I light it obviously caution must be taken when using lighters. This sampler did take a while for the scent to be noticeable - about half an hour to 45 minutes which is longer than most other samplers I have tried. When the scent is detectable it is not very strong at all and after about two hours the scent is only subtle within the room. The scent itself is quite nice but overall the scent of the candle is that of potpourri, in my opinion. It does smell quite autumnal because it is a fairly musky scent but also potpourri reminds me of Christmas with my family - my auntie always has some in the house during the winter months. The scent smells musky, autumnal and very much so like generic potpourri.

      I can smell the birch and maple leaves in this candle but when burning the amalgamation of all of the components of the candle meld into a generic scent which is not very unique at all, in my opinion. The scent, after about three/four hours, does scent the one room subtly and it is noticeable upon arrival to the room in which the candle is situated but the throw of the candle is not great at all (throw: the scent dispersion of the candle). Also the scent strength is equally as poor as the scent dispersion unfortunately. The sampler lasted about twelve hours in total as I was burning it for longer than I probably should have each time. Overall, because of the generic scent and the poor dispersion and scent strength I would not recommend this Yankee Candle sampler.

      - Price and availability

      I bought this sampler a long time ago from Yankeedoodle.co.uk and it was approximately 99p which is a good price for a yankee candle sampler, in my opinion.



      *Fairly cheap


      *Poor scent dispersion
      *Poor scent strength - subtle and only just noticeable after an hour or so
      *Genetic potpourri scent

      Thank you for reading my review


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      19.10.2010 17:03
      Very helpful



      One of my favourites

      Yankee Candle review number two thousand four hundred and fifty three from me...well not quite but I'm getting there! I do adore Yankee Candles and I've tried a hell of a lot of them now, the latest being Autumn leaves, so of course I thought I would share my experience.

      I bought this online so I didn't know what it smelled like, I simply went off the name. I wasn't really sure what to expect from it in all honesty...after all, autumn leaves is a bit ambiguous, it's not like strawberry or rose, where you know exactly what you're getting. One thing I love though is walking through the park during the autumn on a rainy day with the leaves rustling under my feet, and I was hoping that the scent would evoke memories of that, just without the cold!

      Like all Yankee Candles you can buy the same fragrance in many different formats to suit your needs, lifestyle and budget. They sell house warmer jars which look like big sweet jars filled with wax, votive candles, wax tarts and even plug in air fresheners in the autumn leaves fragrance. I bought the wax tart which is the cheapest option at just £1.

      A wax tart is a fluted disc of wax, which needs to be melted in a tart burner. These can also be purchased from Yankee Candle. Again, I have one of the cheapest ones which cost £5, but there are a huge selection of designs from very basic like mine through to ornamental, novelty or even electrical ones which cost much more.

      To use the tart you place it in your tart burner and light an unscented tea light underneath. It works in the same way as a oil burner, and the flame from the tea light will gently melt the wax disc which will release the fragrance into the room.

      The Autumn leaves tart is a deep orange colour and the colour does reflect the name. I must admit when it was still in its wrapping I found that I couldn't really smell it, however when I took the cellophane off I found the scent to be quite strong.

      It's a really beautiful scent and immediately I loved it. It's a fairly deep and spicy smell, and I remember when I first opened it, I thought it would be quite nice as an aftershave, as it does seem to have a fairly masculine smell. As well as the spiciness there is an unusual and unexpected tangy almost fruity side to the fragrance, which although it probably sounds strange, works incredibly well. There's another Yankee fragrance called Pomegranate Cider and I would say that one is in some ways quite close to the Autumn Leaves scent.

      It's hard to say whether it smells like autumn leaves, as after all what do autumn leaves actually smell like, but I do think there is something warming and cosy about the scent which makes it ideal for this time of year.

      I found this to be one of the strongest smelling Yankee Candles I've used. If you have a large room and find that candles can only really be smelled when you're near to them, I'd recommend trying this one, because the scent quickly fills up the whole room. It also lingers for a good while after the tea light has gone out and I find that if I'm burning it in the evening, the next morning I can still smell it when I wake up.

      Each Yankee tart is supposed to last for 8 hours, but with this particular fragrance I'm sure it has lasted more and although I can't say I actually counted, I think I probably got closer to 12 hours with this one...it just seemed to last forever! You can if you have used the fragrance for a while and get bored, change the tart by letting it cool then popping the burner in the freezer for 10 minutes or so. This will allow the tart to just slide out easily. I've also heard of tarts being broken up and placed in the burner with half of another fragrance. This is known as 'cocktailing' and allows you to create your own unique scent.

      Each tart will set you back around £1 - £1.10 depending on where you shop. I think that's excellent value for money, given the length of fragrance you get. These can be found in some high street shops but not many. I saw Debenhams and House of Fraser briefly stocked the jar candles, but I'm not sure they still do. You can however buy these widely online, and QVC stock them too. I bought mine from www.yankeedoodle.co.uk which I have found to be a reliable site.

      Overall I've been very impressed with the Autumn Leaves fragrance and it is definitely one that I would use again. It gives a pleasant, warming scent that makes the room smell cosy and inviting, and the scent is strong and long lasting. By far one of the best Yankee Candle scents I have tried...five stars all round!!


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