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Yankee Candle Bahama Breeze

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7 Reviews

Brand: Yankee Candle / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    7 Reviews
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      01.10.2012 12:08
      Very helpful



      A beautifully scented Tart from Yankee that I would recommend..!

      * A BIT ABOUT YANKEE.. *

      I really do enjoy experimenting with some of the candles from the well known "Yankee Candle" range which seems to be getting more popular every year. There is a wide range of fragranced candles to purchase in the range - I believe there are actually over 175 fragrances and scents to choose from, so there is bound to be something in the range to suit most peoples own tastes.

      The candles can be purchased from a variety of retailers, both in-store and online, although I tend to purchase my own candles 'in person' so I can take my time smelling the assortment of fragrances to make my selection. I will purchase my favourites online too, but usually only after I have had the opportunity to try them for myself. I usually purchase my own candles in branches of Clinton Cards, or from my local Yankee Candle stall, and make repeat purchases online at www.ebay.co.uk or at www.amazon.co.uk.

      Most of the fragranced Yankee Candles come in a variety of formats and sizes so you can choose the one which suits your needs best. There are "Wax Tarts" available which are small 'cake' shaped blocks of wax which, in my experience, seem to have a slightly stronger fragrance than some of the larger candles. The Wax tarts do not contain a wick in the way that other candles do, and they need to be placed in a burner with a tea light underneath them to allow the Wax Tart to melt and the fragrance contained within can then escape. Wax Tarts generally cost around £1.20 - £2, depending on where you buy them, and their burn time is around 8 hours.

      The other formats that I have tried out are all candles, which come in a variety of sizes:

      * Small "Sampler" Candles - Burn time up to 15 hours
      * Small Glass Jar - Burn time up to 25 - 40 hours (Prices around £7.50 - £8)
      * Medium Glass Jar - Burn time up to 65 - 90 hours (Prices around £15 - £17)
      * Large Glass Jar - Burn time up to 110 - 150 hours (Prices around £18 - £20)

      (Info courtesy of www.yankee.co.uk, correct as @ October 2012).

      * WHY DID I BUY? *

      My personal preference is to purchase Yankee candles in the 'Small Glass Jar' format, as I prefer the style and high quality provided by the jars. That said however, I will often purchase Yankee candles in the Wax Tart format if I am unsure of their fragrance, as they offer a cheap-and-cheerful option for sampling the assorted fragrances without spending a considerable amount of the individual jars.

      This is how I came to try out the "Bahama Breeze" Yankee fragrance as I really couldn't make up my mind about it, and from what I could detect of the candle's aroma whilst shopping at my local Yankee Candle stall, I wasn't sure how robust the fragrance would be.

      I eventually gave in and purchased two of the fragranced Wax Tarts in this fragrance to try out for myself.

      All of the candles from the Yankee range have an attractive-looking label attached to the packaging, either stuck onto the glass jar or on the plastic cellophane wrapper in the case of the Tarts, and the Bahama Breeze Tart is no exception to this. In this case, the label shows an attractive image of a sort of relaxing beach and ocean scene in the background, with a couple of glorious looking cocktails appearing in the forefront of the image. Yankee usually colour their candles to correspond with their respective scents and fragrances, and in the case of Bahama Breeze, the tart is an attractive pale turquoise blue type shade which ties in with the product and it's attractive name perfectly.


      When it came to trying out the Bahama Breeze tart for the first time, I removed its outer wrapper and placed it in my burner with a burning tea light placed underneath. It didn't take long for the enclosed scent to develop, which was quite noticeable after the tart had been burning for only ten minutes or so. My initial impression was that although the fragrance was really pleasant, I was disappointed in it's strength.. It just felt too under-stated for my own tastes.... BUT experience with using Yankee Tarts has taught me to never judge a product in those first moments, as the assorted Yankee scents and fragrances can develop and change quite dramatically after a short period of time.... So, I left the Bahama Breeze alone for a while..

      The initial scent achieved from burning the Bahama Breeze tart was a very light, refreshing fruity scent that I did really like, but felt it was quietly whispering its fruity aroma rather than being something impressively full-bodied as I had hoped. I found however, that the fragrance took on a more intense 'depth' to its aroma a short while afterwards and this was certainly more favourable to me.

      Being wonderfully fruit-filled with a strong 'citrus' type core, the Bahama Breeze scent was sweet, although without any sort of sickly 'edge' that would have felt off-putting to me. I felt that the strongest fragrance in the tart was the unmistakable 'hit' of Mango, which I absolutely adore so I was delighted to note its presence, and although other fruits sat at the core of this main thread, their presence was very welcome, as they offered a pleasant citrus balance to the sweet Mango that may have proved slightly over-bearing if they had been omitted.

      The fragrance was surprisingly strong and whilst this is always welcomed by me - such is my love of fruit-flavoured aromas - I did feel I was able to extinguish the candle underneath the tart after an hour or so, mainly because I felt the tart's scent had reached it's peak easily, developing fully in this space of time. I felt that continuing to burn the tart after this point would have been something of a waste, as the scent was powerful enough for my own tastes by this point, and I wanted to keep the remainder of the tart for use on another day. This led me to the conclusion that the Bahama Breeze is one of the tarts I have tried out that has performed the best in terms of value for money thanks to it's rather full-bodied aroma.

      Bahama Breeze performs well in terms of longevity too; I found that the attractive fruity fragrance hung in the air easily, and continued to do so for several hours after the tart had ceased burning. I liked too that the fruity aroma felt quite refreshing and I thought it was perfectly suited to the summer nights as a result. In saying that however, I did find the scent was rather more versatile than other tarts I have purchased, mainly because I found the fruity aroma felt quite uplifting with a sort of 'cheering' quality to it that is certainly welcome all throughout the year... I have actually been burning the scent quite recently, now that the colder Autumn nights are upon us, and it has allowed for a refreshing, uplifting fragrance to be achieved from it's cosy, attractive glow.

      I would definitely recommend the Bahama Breeze fragrance from Yankee and think it would prove to be a beautiful gift for most people as it is not only completely unisex and feels wonderfully refreshing, but I do think it is without the sickly 'edge' that many Yankee scents contain that I personally think put a lot of people off the range altogether. This beautiful fragrance comes with my full recommendation, and as I have already repurchased the fragrance for myself due to loving it so much, I do feel that it deserves full marks in the product rating score.... Fantastically fruity!


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        09.04.2012 16:47
        Very helpful




        One of my favourite ways to relax after a long, stressful week is by soothing myself in a nice warm bath, surrounded by yummy candles and sipping on a large glass of wine. I get a bit fussy over my relaxation rituals and have to have certain bath products with certain candles, but my current most used is Bahama Breeze by Yankee Candle. I've always been a fan of Yankee Candles due to their strong scent throws and slow melting wax, so it didn't come as a surprise when I fell in love with this one in summer last year.

        This review is based on the medium jar candle, but the scent and wax formulas are obviously the same over the whole Bahama breeze range.

        Bahama Breeze is an aqua blue coloured candle, and as it's name suggests, very tropical. On the first sniff of the wax, you are instantly hit with a juicy mango scent, followed up by a tangy pineapple and then eventually you'll notice a citrus scent in the background. I also detect a slight fresh floral scent, but even as a floral hater, this isn't enough to put me off and there is no mention of it in Yankee's scent description. This gives me the impression that it's something my nose is just inventing, but I can smell it anyway! The juiciness of the mango mixed with my favourite fruit, pineapple, automatically makes my mouth water for a yummy cocktail and some time on the beach, but instead, I just get a nice little bubble bath. Good enough for me I suppose!

        Before lighting this candle for the first time to roughly just under 0.5cm. This is suggested by Yankee Candle as it stops the wick from mushrooming which is usually the main culprit of black bits in your wax pool and soot all around the jar! It also stops the flame from shooting too high and dancing around like some candle flames are known to do - not very safe in my opinion!
        I lit the candle with a match, got in my bath and waited for the scent to fill the room. I did wonder if the scent throw would be as strong as previous Yankee Candles as I've had a bit of an issue with tropical scented things in the past, but this scent had found it's way up my nose within a couple of minutes of being lit, and within 10 minutes had filled the whole room. My bathroom is of average size and I wasn't using any particularly strong bath products so there was nothing to mask the scent of the candle.

        I did notice that it took a good 25 minutes for the wax pool to burn evenly right to the edge, but that isn't a problem for me as I normally have candles burning for hours at a time, not just short 10 minute bursts. It's important to burn a candle all the way to the edge to stop it tunnelling, especially on the first burn as believe it or not, wax has a memory and if you don't burn it the edge the first time, you'll have a bloody hard time getting to the edge the next time! No one wants to waste the wax now, do they?
        If you do have a problem with tunnelling, you can get an illumi-lid for your candle which rests on top (with a hole in the middle for the flame) and keeps the heat in, melting the wax in the mean time. If you can't be bothered going out and buying that, you can make a little jacket for your candle with tin foil and it does the same job. A bit ghetto, but I'm the only one in my bath so it doesn't matter!

        After 45 minutes in the bath, I decided it was about time to get my wrinkly little toes out of there and get to bed for a movie! The scent was still filling the room the whole time I was drying off, and 90 minutes later when I went for a quick night time pee, the tropical scent was still lingering in the bathroom. You could even smell it drifting about the hallway. Bliss!

        Bahama Breeze comes in tea light form, votives, small/medium/large jars and tumblers, so you have plenty to choose from. Each option is priced differently and will vary depending on where you get it, but I bought my medium jar from Dobbies for £15.99. The jars are always the highest price out of the range, so I recommend the tumblers if you're on a savings kick like I've just started this month!
        Yankee Candles are readily available online, in garden centres and most good card shops, so you should be able to find one near you, however the scent options are usually limited, so to be sure you get a Bahama Breeze, you'd best order online.

        The burn time for this candle is advertised as 65-90 hours and I'd say 80-85 is about right. I usually burn mine for 1-2 hours at a time and I get a good 5-6 weeks out of my candle, with continuous burn, so I'm very happy with the value for money, especially due to the strong scent throw!

        Thanks for reading - all of my rates are currently going towards my NYC trip in August, so it's much appreciated!


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          10.08.2011 11:31
          Very helpful



          You'll have to try this one for yourself, I personally didn't like the smell but other people will

          After being extremely impressed by Yankee Candle's range of wax tarts, I was expecting nothing more than perfection from the Bahama Breeze tart I burned today. This is going to be quite a contradictive review as although this is an excellent wax tart, I'm just not as struck on the fragrance as I have been with the previous
          tarts I've tried.

          The tart is a lovely sea blue colour, extremely tropical in appearance just as the name would suggest. Before lighting it smells slightly of washing powder, with maybe a tiny fruity undertone and a hint of floral.
          Popping it into my tart burner I'd been expecting a tropical scent, based on both the initial smell and also the name of the tart. The fragrance was released all of a sudden, around 20 minutes after the tealight had been lit. One second there was no smell at all coming from the direction of the burner - and the next second I was sitting in a cloud of, umm, Lilt. And I really, really hate Lilt.

          The tart does have a tropical fragrance; there's synthetic grapefruit, unpleasant pineapple and a completely unnoticeable hint of mango. This was taken from the Yankee Candle site, I can't actually pick any of these notes out with any clarity so will have to take their word for it. I find the fragrance highly unpleasant, and am aware of Yankee Candle-lovers jaws dropping as they read - I know it's unfair as fragrances are so subjective, but I just don't like this and don't consider it to be as high quality as the other wax tarts I've tried.

          The fragrance is very busy, it seems to be a really badly thought out blend of ingredients with the end result being too much of a mish-mash for me. I don't personally feel it tastes particularly summery and doesn't invoke any Caribbean fantasies, which in comparison to the other tarts I've tried already makes it a failure.

          The fragrance spreads around the room nicely; it's quite a dry aroma which can be detected throughout the whole downstairs of the house to differing degrees, and occasionally (but not often) I'll get a faint waft upstairs too. This feels so strange, but although I dislike the fragrance I can recognise that the quality of the overall wax tart is as high as ever. It's not an overly strong fragrance but definitely makes itself known in the air, I found my nose took a while to get used to the fragrance so I was aware of the alien odour for a long time. This would have been great if the tarts had had a scent I actually liked, but as it was I was left quite annoyed by the constant reminder of my bad choice of tart.

          Those of you who like Bahama Breeze will be pleased with both it's strength and longevity in the air. The tart's lifespan isn't quite a full eight hours, I persevered with mine as Mark and the older kids all said how much they liked the fragrance - after two three-hour burning cycles the tart had lost all of it's potency, and as soon as I attempted burning it for a third time I realised there was no point as it was blatantly all scented-out!

          I personally won't buy this one again; I'm gradually learning what I do and don't like in the Yankee Candle range - and I don't like Bahama Breeze. I don't begrudge the £1.25 I paid for it, the tart provided hours of fragrance which most of them liked. My mum popped in while the tart was burning, she was only here for five minutes (having driven all the way over to give me a newspaper cutting about the death of someone she swears I know, I definitely don't) and texted when she got home to tell me the smell had really upset her asthma. I can believe it as the fragrance produced is so dry and 'powdery' as you breathe it in.

          My sister knows Yankee Candle and doesn't like this one either, she likes very simple scents such as Fluffy Towels and Baby Powder - she agreed about the mash-up of fragrances within Bahama Breeze, although she actually picked out the grapefruit note whereas I couldn't. This is one of those fragrances that you've got to try for yourself; despite my lack of enthusiasm for the scent there's nothing inherently wrong with it, I'm certain this is a personal dislike rather than a problem with the fragrance so if it sounds like something you'd like then go for it.


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            18.07.2011 19:46
            Very helpful



            a stunning but light scent

            Yankee Candle is an American company which specialises in home fragrancing products such as candles, diffusers etc. They offer various scents infused into their products.

            ~Bahama Breeze~

            Bahama Breeze is one of the scents available. I will be reviewing the Votive Sampler. This scent can also be purchased in wax tart form, tealights and various sized jars. Bahama Breeze is described as "cool summer refreshment in this tropical blend of pineapple, grapefruit and mango". How long your candle will burn for depends on which one you purchase. A votive claims to offer 15hours of scent and should be burned for a few hours at a time. The votives should be placed in an appropriate holder away from fabrics, children etc.

            ~Availability and Price~

            These votive samples can be purchased online through Amazon and stores such as www.yankeedoodle.com. They are priced around the £1.60 mark. On the highstreet, they can be purchased in many Clintons stores and local boutique type stores.

            ~My Thoughts~

            I love Yankee Candles and became addicted thanks to a certain member on here (you know who you are!). Whilst the jars looks very pretty when on display, I prefer the samplers as there is so many different scents to choose from. I have a set of gorgeous stained glass Yankee holders which hold the votives perfectly. There are a few local shops which offer these votives but I prefer to buy in bulk online. I purchased my Bahama Breeze one from ebay a few months ago at £1.50 and was intrigued by the scents description above anything else.

            ~A Beach Bar In My Home?~

            This mini votive candle arrived to me individually wrapped. It is a gorgeous, pale blue colour which makes me think of those beaches with clear blue oceans..paradise! On unwrapping, the scent is addictive and exotic which is exactly what I expected. The wick sits quite high on top of the candle and runs down the inside before attatching to the base. It is easy to light once placed inside my holder and offers a gentle glow as it flickers.

            As the wick begins to burn down, the scent lifts up and captures the air around it before seeping further. I usually burn my candles in the livingroom and this fills the air with the most gorgeous, exotic fruit aroma. The mango and pineapple blend smoothly together and the addition of the grapefruit offers a sour kick to the sweet scent. The scent lingered for an hour or so and began to fade which is disappointing as it really is a beautiful uplifting aroma.

            The candle does burn down evenly but what I have noticed is the overall colour draining from the votive each time I use it..almost as if the scent is bursting out on the first use and draining all the colour. It is quite unusual and I haven't experienced this with other Yankee Candles. I find the level of the scent decreased with each burning. It was still a gorgeous scent but just not strong enough to fill my livingroom and more noticeable close up. Perhaps my candle was elsewhere when the oils were being pumped in and got there late!

            ~Recommendation and Conclusion~

            My holders are enclosed so for the remaining block of candle wax, I placed it on a plate and burned it whilst keeping an eye on it. I noticed this way offers a more concentrated scent. The candle did offer me around 12-14hours of scent and despite being one of the most favourable scents in the range, it wasn't strong enough to contend with my large, oddshaped livingroom. I did try it in the bathroom and it flowed perfectly so perhaps better for smaller rooms.

            Thanks for reading :)


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              04.06.2011 16:52
              Very helpful



              a great tart

              ==Yankee Candle Bahama Breeze== (review of the wax tart)

              Being a relatively new member of the Yankee Candle fan club I find myself reading a lot of other reviews on all the different fragrances available in the range yet the reviews are never quite the same as being able to pick up the tart and give it a good sniff. I had read a couple of rave reviews of this particular fragrance from a couple of other dooyoo members but I didn't' realise how lovely this fragrance would be until I actually smelt it for myself.

              The wax tarts and the whole of the Yankee Candle range are quite widely available and I purchased my last few from B&Q for £1.10p though I have only just realised that the fancy jewellers down my local town have a really good supply of them priced very competitively at 90 pence per tart! This is quite a saving and I made sure to butter up the owner of the shop and let her know I would be coming back for more (she probably thought I was the last of the big spenders buying only 1 tart!) in the hope that next time if I buy a few she may well cut me a deal.

              The tart itself I often though was a floating candle and talking to other people at work about them they too were under this impression but no, the tart is a sold block of wax which melts to liquid and works in an oil burner rather like the more messy oil would do. Once the liquid has cooled off again the remains turns back into hardened wax making it a far better was to use the oil burner as I would often get in a right pickle with the runny oils.

              The tarts at 22 grams won't fit in every oil burners well so you have to be careful not to over fill yours and with mine being clearly too shallow to accommodate a full tart I make sure that I cut mine in half and this works about right when the half is fully melted down and doesn't' cause any overspill. There are specially designed Yankee Candle Oil Burners which will perfectly fit a whole wax tart and these are reasonably priced at around £9 depending of course which one you buy.

              The packaging on the tarts is very limited and only consists of a coating of plastic cellophane wrapping. Because of this there is very limited information on the pack and other than the picture of the front of two cocktails by the sea, the bar code, weight and a few diagrams of what not to do with it on the back there is no more of a description about the product at all. However the fragrance of the tart really does speak for itself and in my opinion the picture of the cocktails and the sea pretty much sums up the aroma anyway.

              The burn time of this tart and every other in the range is a very good 8 hours though I can't say I would ever have a tart burning for that long and after the initial 10 minute warm up time and the melt down of the tart I generally have the burner on for an hour at the most. This time seems to be enough for the aroma to fill the flat and for me not to overdo the fragrance.

              The smell is strong and really very summery. Instantly you are reminded of those cocktails on the front as the smell is fresh, fruity and very much different from most of the other Yankee Tarts that I picked up and smelt. On a lovely hot day like today the aroma is perfectly fitting to fill the house. You get a smell of the tangy citrus scents mixed in the a few berries too and possibly a mango and passion fruit whiff all rolled into one. The smell is really very appealing and makes me want to get my cocktail shaker out and mix myself up something similar to drink.

              The fresh, fruity and sweet smell really works well at seeping to every corner of my house and it is so enjoyable that I don't' seem to be tiring of it either. Although strong in smell it is not over powering and thick like oils in a burner used to be but a thinner fragrance that is appealing and makes you feel like you really are in the Bahamas. (If only)

              All in all I can't find a single negative thing to say about this little wax tart from Yankee Candles. The price is extremely good for what you get and in my opinion buying something like this is far better than buying one of those plug in air fresheners that has a picture of a dead dolphin on the back (well at least a picture with a big X over a dolphin but we all know that its saying its completely toxic!) The eight hour burn time of the tart is really more than enough as it gives you a good few hours each time you light it up. It is clean and mess free and the fragrance is so far the best of the Yankee range that I have tried. It is literally summer all rolled up and placed into one wax tart!

              I think a top score of 5 out of 5 stars and an extremely high recommendation is in order for this little tart which smells so great. If you have yet to try a Yankee Candle or a tart make sure this is your first purchase!

              I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you

              Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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                29.05.2011 11:09
                Very helpful



                Yankee's take on a Summer Cocktail but in wax form

                **This review is for the wax tart variant of Bahama Breeze - Dooyoo add only 1 entry to their catalogue per fragrance**


                It was after reading another Dooyooer's review on this particular Yankee Candle product that I decided to buy it. I've always enjoyed the stronger smelling candles and wax products on offer and as this one was given a glowing review and mention was made of its potency it sounded like one I would enjoy. As luck would have it Bahama Breeze was included in my local Yankee stockists range of 'Fragrance of the Month' Yankee products and as such had a 25% discount off its RRP so instead of costing me £1.10 I managed to pick a couple of them up for just 83p each.

                Wax Tarts in General

                I usually mention in my wax tart reviews what they actually are, as unlike candles these are made without a wick. Instead a wax tart is a flat, fluted piece of wax which is circular in shape - they measure around 6cm in diameter and are a couple of centimetres in thickness. They are designed to be sat in the well of a tart burner and then melted from beneath by a tealight, the essential oils and fragrances that are infused into the wax are released once the wax is in its melted state and usually contain around 8 hours worth of fragrance. I buy these specifically for their fragrances as I find them to offer a cheap way of creating a pleasant smelling aroma and atmosphere in my home, generic air fresheners are not only expensive but are ineffective I find and rather than having a short burst of chemically-smelling aerosol dissipate in just a few seconds a scented candle or wax tart can provide hours and hours worth of fragrance.

                Yankee have a huge range of products available and finding something to suit shouldn't be too difficult. I tend to favour the sweet and fruity fragrances personally but the diverse collection includes everything from baby powder through to leather smelling products and you are really only limited by your own budget and personal preference when choosing what to go for. Wax tarts are a great way to introduce yourself to the range of products available and rather than spend upwards of £18 on a glass jarred candle which can last hundreds of hours and may not live up to your expectations instead for around a pound you can get a good idea of what its going to smell like and whether or not you could live with it for a longer period of time. I have often bought a wax tart just to discover the fragrance it offers and then bought it again in a more expensive candle format, other times I have found that the fragrance wasn't what I was expecting or I just didn't like it so could come to the decision not to buy it again. For around a pound it doesn't cost that much to discover for yourself and any mistakes that you make aren't expensive ones. Bahama Breeze was my latest discovery basing my decision to buy it after reading my fellow Dooyooers review on the same product, so what did I think?

                Bahama Breeze

                The initial thing that caught my eye about Bahama Breeze was its colour; its a very eye-catching shade of summer blue and is distinctive in appearance. The stickered illustration shows a backdrop of an exotic location and in the forefront a couple of cocktails are pictured, this is most definitely a summer product and Yankee have undoubtedly released this one ready for the (hopefully) warmer weather to come. Described as being a "tropical blend of Pineapple, Grapefruit and Mango" this is Yankee's take on a long, cool summer fruit cocktail and despite being blue in colour in its wax form it takes on a much deeper, almost green colour when melted.

                It only took around 10 minutes for the wax to start melting and from the molten wax a gentle aroma started to emanate. At first this was rather subtle and I did wonder if its fragrance was going to prove to be as potent as the other reviewer mentioned but once the flavours began to become apparent it did build in intensity and filled the area around my tart burner with a combination of delicious flavours. From its description I expected Bahama Breeze to be very sweet smelling, instead it was more of a complex scent which changed over time from being noticeably fruity to being fresh and light. That doesn't mean its not strong though because it is and if anything it can become a little overpowering if allowed to melt for an extended period of time. I do think this is one to melt in short bursts to completely maximise its longevity and not allow it to dominate your surroundings as there is a chance that some people would find this to be a little too much. I found that I could melt this one for around an hour then extinguish my tealight to allow the combination of scents it released to gently fill my room with fragrance, any longer than that would have made the fragrance a little too intense I think so that would be my only word of caution with this one.

                I got more than 8 hours of fragrance from my single wax tart, over the course of a few days I melted the wax for an hour on a morning then for a couple of hours at night time and I found this more than enough to get the scents circulating round my home. After 3 days the infused fragrance had all about gone but I had easily had a good 9-10 hours worth out of it so have absolutely no complaints in terms of value for money and its on that basis that I would have no issues in recommending Bahama Breeze to anyone looking for a strong, summer fragrance.

                Conclusion and Rating

                Its thanks to Nar2 that I ended up buying this wax tart from Yankee candles and it could easily become a new found favourite especially during the summer months when the days are long. This is one to melt during the days when you have your doors open and you are letting the summer in and equally I do think this is ideally suited for warm, balmy nights when you want to create a relaxing atmosphere at home. Just don't overdo this one as there could be a tendency for it to completely overpower if allowed to melt continuously but I'd rather have a strong smelling fragrance than a subtle one anyway so for me I have few complaints.

                Available from the high street in specialist candle stockists and places such as B&Q and Clinton Cards, Bahama Breeze is a new release and as such should be easily found. Online it is available from yankeedoodle.co.uk and amazon and should cost around a pound for a single wax tart. For the purpose of this review I'm awarding a five star rating for this one as it proved itself to be fantastic value for money and provided a perfect summer scent, definitely recommended as far as I'm concerned, thanks for reading my review.

                Please note that this may also appear on ciao under my username.


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                  25.05.2011 16:28
                  Very helpful



                  A full on fruity candle not for the faint hearted!

                  Following the extreme disappointment I got from my latest Yankee Candle "Simply Home" ranges recently, I decided to visit my local stockist to see what alternatives were available. Oh how the weather has depressed me! What better way than to consider a new branded scent from Yankee Candle called "Bahama Breeze"? Yankee Candle, one of America's global premium candle companies promise the scents from fruits like pineapples, mango and grapefruit and has been made to conjure up the fun loving, beach-ball-bouncing-on-sand images of a well deserved summer break - not that the fact that my garden looks like a hurricane has been through it - makes the appeal of trying this candle scent any more appealing! Yet, this is what I adore about Yankee Candle. Most of their products have the appeal of being sampled straight away with the bonus fact that you can instantly identify the scents or natural additives that the premium candle has added. When I picked up the wax tart in the shop I instantly identified Wrigley's chewing gum from their "Condom" pack inspired "5" range, namely in the yellow sub-brand flavour "Lush," a tropical mix of pineapples, lemons and mango. I'm not a fan of that particular flavour because I find it too tropical to my tastes and often has me wondering if there's any Malibu in the house!

                  Wax tarts are so named because of their shape, depth & fluted edge. They don't have a wick in them, which is why you need an additional accessory to get them going. They cost £1-05 on average and each wax tart has a burn time of 8 hours. After the tealight candle has burned out, you replace with another until all the scent in the wax tart has gone. If you have enough of the scent and simply want to change it, the tealight candle has to be extinguished and taken out, wait for the burner to cool, place in a freezer or fridge and wait for 15 minutes, take out, turn it over and tap the bottom so that the now solid wax tart simply falls out. If there's still scent on the base, there's still scent in the candle! Wax tarts can be more dangerous because of the secondary burner that has to be used and it will not be able to be carried or handled the moment the wax tart is "lit," unless you're lucky to have a 3M heat proof oven glove but then play at second odds to be careful not to have the oil spill over if you must move the burner. Make sure you put a heat proof coaster down though as many hot oil burners don't have heat insulated bases whilst the top must have a deep concave where the wax tart can fit into. If the wax tart sits above over the lip of the burner, you may have to slice the tart in two and use only one half at a time. This isn't a product to use in the home if you have inquisitive children or pets.

                  The flavour that this candle gives out is very strong and very much like Wrigley's "Lush". From the moment you open up the wrapper (so easy to do if you slip a knife under the base sticker and push upwards) and place the wax tart into a hot oil/potpourri burner with a supporting tealight candle to get the wax tart hot and into a hot steaming oil, it only takes minutes for the first tone of fresh and appealing pineapple to pervade. Fruity, sweet and very appealing it does remind me of lots of fruity sweets I used to devour as a child!

                  The second tone that comes out of "Bahama Breeze," is a lovely mouth watering mango and it is so fresh and strong that when the candle had been left on for an hour, the open scent of this fruit began to make me cough. I don't tend to cough with Yankee Candles but I found the fragrance a bit too strong to contend with to the point that my throat became very raspy. There's definitely a chalky additive in this candle's scent that induces a cough in me and initially found it hard to identify which tone this problem was arising from.

                  The base tone seems to come out fairly quickly with the Mango content and is one of the promised grapefruit. It is quite citrusy in its approach though helped along by a distinguished tone of citrus lemon and reminds me of a very famous soft drink I used to devour called "Lilt." This is where the problem lies with me - having had grapefruit candles in the past from Yankee Candle; the grapefruit tone has shades of cucumber and a slight hint of lime. Whilst it all very refreshing, the fullness of the oils when they come together provide a raspy, biting edge that may induce a cough or sneeze in you. It isn't a candle for the faint-hearted!

                  Where other odours are concerned however, they simply don't have a chance to sit back and linger. Bahama Breeze breezes in quite quickly with a warming cloud of freshness which seems to twist around odours fairly quickly like that from pets, tobacco smoke and even kitchen cooking smells, replacing it with a summer tainted dream of what could be in store if Mother Nature gives the whole of Scotland and the rest of the UK, decent sun without rain! It certainly smells of the scents that Yankee Candle promise, which isn't unheard of from this company, but offers an additional sweet edge against others I have tried. Whilst the candle is available in wax tart format, there are other versions you can buy from Yankee Candle if you don't fancy the wax tart idea such as (prices given on average and not including 25% discount if this scent is "season of the month," which some stockists apply.) Being a new scent for 2011 means not all ranges from Yankee Candle are yet available such as the lack of a reed diffuser or plug-in scents - it is worthwhile to use online stockists for limited edition versions:

                  Wax Tart (22 grams, 8 hour duration, 90p/£1.05 each.)
                  Votive candle (1.75 oz 15 hour duration, average price £1-75 to £2)
                  Small housewarmer jar candle (7 oz 25-40 hours duration, £5-99 to £7-99)
                  Medium housewarmer jar candle (14.05oz 60-75 hours duration, £13-99)
                  Medium 2 wick tumbler (12.5 oz 45-50 hours duration, £12-99)
                  Large housewarmer jar candle (22 oz 100-150 hours duration, £17-99)
                  Large 2 wick tumbler (22.7 oz 70-90 hours duration, £16-99)
                  Lidded glass tumbler (7oz 35-45 hours duration, £8-99)
                  Car tab housewarmer jar cardboard freshener (6-8 weeks duration, £1-99)
                  Tea light scented candles (240 grams, 4-6 hours per candle, 12 in a box £5-99)
                  Aerosol Room Fragrance Spray (1.5oz, 400 spray limit £4-69 to £5-99)

                  Against a lot of other fruity candles I've tried so far, "Bahama Breeze," is by far one of the strongest scented candles I've come across and in the future I can see I may well buy the same scent again. My wax tart lasted for three days burnt for around 3 hours each day before the scent started to die away and unbelievably there was a point where the scent certainly took me away from the weather and gave me a bit more optimism. The trick to avoid coughs is to keep the candle lit for an hour before extinguishing as the scent takes a while to die down rather than leaving it lit for a lot more time. Whilst the candle scent is very strong, fruity and appealing, it is also quite overpowering and lets your dream of a future summer with plenty of cocktails on hand! Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2011




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