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Yankee Candle Barrtlett Pear

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Brand: Yankee Candle / Type: Scented Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    2 Reviews
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      09.04.2013 22:52
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      An average one from Yankee

      Yankee Bartlett Pear

      I now have quite a collection of candles and tarts in my drawers and from time to time select one to to and enjoy from the collection. I do like the tarts as I have three wax burners and I break the tarts into three and burn them in different rooms so that the scent gets carried through the bottom part of our house.

      This was from the Simply Home range from Yankee and I bought this from B&Q I think who sell this range.

      We have three cats who refuse to use the vast outdoors for their toilet which means we have a box of litter in the room where people come into the house or next to it as this is our U room. I hate the idea that visitors or anyone in fact has to smell litter and so burn candles in this room.

      I don't like the smell of stale cooing in the kitchen and in winter I am reluctant to open windows to ket out our heat and so once again candles and tarts help get rid of stale food smells.

      We sit in a small room when there is just the two of us and the cats join us in there and this is the other room that I like to have a candle burning just to create a pleasant ambience for us.

      I find by breaking the tarts into three I get the same amount of scent spread in the three rooms and each bit lasts the same time as a full tart in one burner.

      I have had a number of scented candles over the years and do like the wonderful scents that fill my rooms and I am working my way through the entire Yankee range slowly.

      I am sure that everyone on ciao and Dooyoo is well aware that the tarts have no wick and gave off their scent by being melted in a burner with a tea light candle underneath.

      Yankee Candles the company originated in the USA. But have quickly become a household name over here . They offer a huge range of home fragrance products from sprays, reed diffusers through to all kinds of shapes and sizes of scented candles. They are often found in garden centres and gift shops so it is a case of keeping your eyes open. We do actually have a big Yankee Candle shop in the Westfield Centre in Derby but I rarely go in there as I find them very expensive so tend to see if I can get bargains elsewhere. It is also worth noting that www.yankeedoodle.co.uk often has them at discounted prices if you want to order a few.

      I have to cut the very tightly sealed plastic wrap from the outside then as I took the tart out I had a good sniff. There was definitely a strong pear fruity smell. This was a sweet pear scent, no sharpness in my view but also quite freshly fruity.

      I popped the tart thirds onto my three burners thenput a lighted tea light underneath and waited. The tart began to melt quite quickly . My burners are all quite dark but I could still see that the wax was a pretty dark green colour when melted as opposed to the lighter colour when tart shaped.

      As the tart melted the scent became stronger and sweeter. It was quite a freshly fruity true pear aroma but not really that strong I felt. I was actually a bit disappointed with how well the scent traveled in the room and also how long the tart remained giving off the scent.

      As far as tart experiences go this is one of the less impressive ones as it really is not a very strong scent and the trat didn't last more than one tea light burning four hours.

      Please remember that even though tea lights have the wax safely within their aluminium foils they can still create a massive amount of heat that will damage furniture as I discovered to my cost when I got scorch marks on a wooden table. I now put my burners either on the tiled surfaces or on a couple of drink mats that are heat proof just in case. Another thing to be wary of is that you should NOT ever move a burner with melted wax as they are very hot and melted wax can cause nasty burns on skin or melted wax spilling can also cause wax stain damage or burns on carpets and other furnishings. Always put any burners out of the reach of children and never leave them in rooms unattended as candles can obviously cause fires. Someone I know put a tea light on their TV and left it, it melted the TV top and fell into the inside and set their room on fire so please be VERY careful they are to be treated as mini fires.

      Having given all the dire warnings I am a big fan of candles and especially the scented ones as they give off lovely fragrances and also add atmosphere to a room with gentle flames flickering in their containers. They are a lovely addition to a room's ambience but just need to be treated with good sense.

      I was not that thrilled with my Bartlet pear tart , I liked the smell but although it smelled natural and fresh of pear the smell didn't carry as much as some other Yankee tarts I have had.

      So, no thank you Yankee candles this is one that I will not be buying a second time as there are too many others to try and this is not a favourite by a long way.

      Yankee Candles make their candles and scents in many forms such as wax tart, votive and various sized candle jars , car fragrances and more. The tarts are a fairly cheap way of trying a fragrance and often I find them stronger than the candles anyways so I tend to buy these. They range in price but usually are around £1.10 or £1.25 but you can sometimes get them for half price so it is worth looking around.

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.


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        28.12.2011 21:08
        Very helpful



        nice enough..

        Yankee Candle is range of home fragrance products including candles, diffusers and sprays.

        ~Bartlett Pear~

        Yankee Candle have a range known as "Simply Home". These products are more common in the USA but can be sourced within the UK. Bartlett Pear is one of the Simply Home scents available. Within the UK, it can be bought in wax tart form but is available in various sized jars in the USA.

        A wax tart is a small disc of fragranced wax. It should be placed into a burner and once lit, the tart will melt and release your selected scent into the air. Each tart is said to contain at least 8 hours of scent.

        Bartlett Pear wax tart is shrink wrapped with a label showing some juicy, fresh pears. This particular tart is a light green colour. Yankee describe Barlett Pear as :

        "Create the perfect atmosphere at home with this special fragrance! Bartlett pear fragrance envelops your home in a fruity scent".


        *Amazon UK - 3 tarts for £4.99 (£3.00 p&p)
        *Ebay UK - 3 tarts for £4.99 (£1.00 p&p) or 1 tart for £1.50 (75p p&p)

        ~My Thoughts~

        Another day, another Yankee Candle review. I love to buy the tarts to gain an idea of which scents I like and don't like. I recently bought several scents from a Birthdays superstore and paid £1.35 for each tart. I don't mind paying a bit more for the rarer (in the UK) scents.

        This one appealed to me as I love fruity scents. It didn't smell amazing through the packaging - it was almost soap and fresh but as I unwrapped it, a sweet pear scent tingled my nose. I popped it into my burner and within 15minutes, it had melted to a dark green pool of wax. I found Bartlett Pear to be ideal for burning during the day time due to its fresh aroma.

        ~Pears In My Livingroom~

        At first, Bartlett Pear is quite a powerful scent and sort of "bursts" out from my burner. It is intense and very refreshing with a strong sweetness as it filters around my livingroom and faintly disappears into my hallway. The strength of this tart isn't consistent and the scent seemed to drop out and disappear for a short while before becoming noticeable again. For this reason, I feel it would be best to burn this one only for an hour or so at a time and then allow it to go solid.

        I like pear as a scent and I feel it is captured nicely in this wax tart. When the scent is at its peak, it is beautifully juicy and very refreshing. It is lively and brightens up any room. I find it ideal to burn when I am cleaning or doing other chores around our home. It over rides cleaning product scents and generally freshens up my home. It isn't too heavy or sickly but is a sort of watery, fruity scent.

        The scent is different close up and has more of a sweetie type scent with a sharpness - slightly bitter. I keep trying to put my finger on which sweetie it resembles but cannot place it. It is definetly one with a hard shell and runny, juicy centre and almost has an apple undertone to it. My fiance thinks it smells like Jolly Ranchers though! I suppose the scent of this tart would differ depending on how big the room is you are burning it in. It would be too overpowering for my bathroom but is beautiful in my livingroom.


        I like Bartlett Pear - it is a pleasant, fruity sweet scent but it isn't anything special. I like candles with a bit more impact so I wouldn't go out of my way to source this one again. When burning for an hour each time, I got around 8hours of scent before the scent turned too subtle to be noticed so Yankee were accurate with their time.

        Thanks for reading x


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