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Yankee Candle Beanswax Candles

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Brand: Yankee Candle / Subcategory: Home Fragrance / Type: Candles / Category: Home Fragrance

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    2 Reviews
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      26.01.2010 13:08
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      Well worth splashing out on!

      Yankee Candle Beanswax Candles

      Description: Brand: Yankee Candle / Home Fragrance / Made from all natural soy wax.


      If anyone has read some of my earlier reviews then they will already know that I am a massive fan of Yankee Candles and cannot recommend them highly enough. On that basis, I was delighted to get some new ones for Christmas this year which included the Beanswax ones, which are made from pure soy bean. They also contain no artificial dyes or colours, the frosted green jar is made from recycled materials and the lid is sustainable wood. The wick made from 100% natural material.

      Yankee Candles are not the cheapest products on the market, a large jar will cost you around £17, but they do last for absolutely ages which makes them really good value for money. They also retain their scent right until the end, unlike some scented candles which only work the first time that they are lit.

      I received the Warm Spice flavour which is absolutely delicious and very festive too. I used it almost every day through the festive season and still have loads of burning time left, which just demonstrates the value that you get from these candles.

      I am always delighted by the fragrance from Yankee Candles, I have tried loads of cheaper brands and usually find that the results are disappointing. They may smell nice until you light them but then the scent quickly fades. This is no the case with Yankee Candles, in fact, the scent lasts right up to the end, and they also have a much longer burn time than ordinary candles, making them decent value for money.

      I also find that the smell of the Yankee Candles remains in the room for hours after the candle has been extinguished, so they are a much better option than air fresheners too.

      The Warm Spice variety has a great fragrance, it has hints of cinnamon, clove, ginger and nutmeg and is slightly sweet and spicy. It fills your home with scents of home baking and fresh spices which linger for hours after extinguishing the candle.

      I love these candles, and found the beanswax one to be as great as all the others that I have tried. It was great to know that it was as natural as possible too, and used recycled materials, so this may be a great gift for someone who is keep on being green.

      I definitely recommend that you try this company if you haven't already, there is something special about them which quickly becomes addictive, and they also make great gifts for friends and loved ones. If you are unsure where to find them locally then you can order online, so there really is no excuse for not trying them out!


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        22.02.2009 00:36
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        Amazing smelling candle that's good for you , and the environment

        I'm a HUGE Yankee Candle Fan. Can someone say they're a "candle fan" and not get made fun of? Maybe not, but I don't really care, cause i'm a girl. I'm allowed to have a love affair with candles.

        Yankee Candles have been around me since I was a kid. My mother was just as obessive about them. She would actually tell people NOT to buy her any candles other than Yankee ones. (I know, that was a little pretentious of her I agree).

        I'm really not sure of the history of this candle manufactorer. I think to my knowledge they've been around for a few decades maybe more, but they seem to be getting more popular each and every year. I was estatic when I came to England and saw that they sold these here because I thought, that i'd would have to beg my mother to mail these too me every now and then, (and mailing stuff to the UK from the states is crazy expensive!).

        Watch out, i'm about to go off on a slight tangent......

        So there is this HUGE Garden store in Bromsgrove near Birmingham called Webbs. Apparently it's the biggest in the UK, and I believe that assumption since it is MASSIVE. When I first get there i'm eww'ing and ahhh'ing everything I see because i'm a super girly gardener. I'm not that great with keeping flowers and plants alive. BUT, while they are alive, they look good and have really gorgeous pots and nicknaks all around them.

        While in being ridiculously giddy being in a garden shop bigger than Tesco's I see....Yankee Candles. This is where I do a sharp intake of breath and an extremely American "No way!". The friends that were with me gave the typical squinty eyed "what is she on about now" look , but followed me nonetheless.

        I stood there and waxed poetic (haha no pun intended.....but get it.....WAXED poetic.....we're talking about CANDLES.....ok nevermind...it wasn't that funny=), about how great these things were. They have every smell imaginable, and some that even aren't that imaginable.

        It was then that I ran into this new "Beanswax" line of candle they make. I had never seen them before in America. Except, I was glad they finally jumped on the "Soy" wax bandwagon.

        Soy wax is a much more.....ecological and economical type of wax than parafin kinds. Even more than beeswax. It's obviously made out of Soy, and are generally slightly more expensive than your other waxes. In the long run though, the upfront cost ends up being even or even less expensive than the cheaper wax candles because.....

        1.) Soy burns longer. Several hours longer in fact.
        2.) Soy burns cleaner. You know how a lot of candles will give off that slight smokey haze sometimes as it burns? Or the smell will burn out and all you'll get is that real annoying "wax" smell? Well, Soy wax will never do that. It burns extremely clean and never is smokey.
        3.) Soy doens't burn out the candle scent. Like I mentioned above, regular candles will usually stop burning the scent. Soy though, will retain the scent until it's finally and completely , burnt out.
        4.) Soy Wax is easier to clean up. I dunno why it's like that but it is. This wax comes up almost like rubber. It doesn't crack and break off into little pieces. If you spill it on carpet, just let it dry and then you can peal it off your carpet usually.

        Ok so you know the great things about Soy candles. NOW, i'll tell you what's even more great about YANKEE Soy candles.

        The smells.

        Ha, yes that's pretty simple, but it is the reason we buy candles in the first place right????

        Every single "Beanswax" candle I smelled from this Yankee Candle line, was phenomenal. I ended up buying an Apple scent and a Cinnamon/Nutmeg scent. They both lived up to my expectations and then some. Every person that came over to my house commented on great my house smelled. This is when I didn't even have the candles LIT! The smell just lingers in your house for days. The only time it goes away is if you "cook" it away. ( I use a lot of spices and garlic in my food too so it's easy for that to overpower other smells).

        I usually light one of these for an hour or two, then blow it out, and like I said.....your house will smell like this for a Lonnnnnnng time. I paid about 12 pounds for one of these when I got them at that Garden store. Yet, I found them online on Ebay for only 8 pounds each so that makes me even happier =)

        My fave scents are;

        Spice, Spice baby (haha yes, that's the name of it....hilarious...this is the Cinnamon one)

        Beat Around the Bushel ( Apple )

        End of the Line ( Clean, Crisp , Fresh Laundry Smell)

        The Great Pumpkin (Pumpkin Pie scent....I know Pumpkin Pie isn't big here in England, but believe me.....it smells amazing)


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      • Product Details

        Made from all natural soy wax.

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