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Yankee Candle Beautiful Day

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6 Reviews

Brand: Yankee Candle / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    6 Reviews
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      23.04.2013 10:39
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      A fresh, light floral fragrance from Yankee Candle

      I love candles and have tons of holders scattered around my house so I can create the perfect romantic or haunting lighting effects. I particularly like fragranced candles as they create a lovely atmosphere, especially during the evenings when you want to feel all cosy. The Yankee Candle brand has a big fan following here on Dooyoo, and I am a relatively new recruit to the Yankee Candle fan club. I purchased a sampler set of votive candles in all sorts of different fragrances to get a good overview of the brand, and the one I've tried most recently is the "Beautiful Day" fragrance in a votive candle format.

      The RRP for Yankee Candle sampler votives is around £1.75. I purchased my sampler set from yankeedoodle.co.uk, and the individual candles can also be found at many different high street retailers. Each fragrance is available in a variety of different forms: wax tart, sampler votive, tea lights, small jar, medium jar and large jar. The label design for Beautiful Day features a butterfly resting on some brightly coloured flowers. Neither the image nor the name of the candle really gives an insight as to what the candle will smell like, and I was a bit disappointed that it would have such a vague packaging design. The candle itself is made of a vibrant grassy green coloured wax which is nice as I tend to use these votives in a clear glass holder and it's fun to have the colourful wax showing through as it adds a decorative touch around my home.

      Product description: "Yankee Candle Life is good with this happily enchanting mix of sunny fruits, pretty flowers and spicy herbs."

      Upon lighting the candle it takes a short while for the wax to start melting and release the fragrance into the room. The candle gives off a good level of fragrance and I find that I can usually sense the fragrance around the room after just 20 minutes of the candle being lit. It stays burning at a steady rate and gives off an even amount of fragrance when in use, so it does not become too strong or overpowering even after a few hours of it being lit. Although the description says that the scent includes a mix of fruit, flowers and spicy herbs, I could only pick up on a generic floral fragrance and it did not seem to have much depth or variety. The floral scent was fresh and outdoorsy, and did help to give my rooms a nice clean smell that helped to lift any staleness from the air, and also worked to mask the usual lingering pet smells.

      The sampler votives are rather small and measure in at about 2" tall, but despite their size they still claim to give around 15-20 hours of burning time. When using this candle I kept it burning for at least 3 hours at a time on each use, so that the wax melted evenly and I'm not left with wasted leftover bits that get stuck against the edges of the glass holder and won't melt down. I managed to get just about spot on 15 hours of use from this candle, which puts it at the lower end of the expected burn time, but this still a pretty good performance. I would strongly recommend purchasing a specific votive sized candle holder if you intend on using Yankee Candles' sampler sized candles. I have tried one previously in an ordinary, larger candle holder and the sampler completely lost its shape and puddled away into an un-useable mess. Having a votive holder means that the sampler candle slips in neatly and sits close to the sides, which helps it to maintain its structural integrity while burning.

      Overall this was not a bad candle, it gave off a light and fresh floral scent and I liked the nice bright green colour of the wax. That said, I'm not the biggest fan of flowery fragrances so I don't think the fragrance was anything special and I wouldn't actively seek to purchase it again. The candle itself is typical of Yankee Candle's high quality standards and burned well giving an even melt and lasting for the stated burning time.


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        20.06.2012 15:27
        Very helpful
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        Great Fresh Natural Fragrance - Inexpensive


        ---Why I Bought This---

        I enjoy using wax tarts but had not tried this one. However I recently bought a sampler candle in this fragrance as part of a gift for someone and the smell was so lovely even through the cellophane wrapper that I decided to get the wax tart for myself.
        I have two Yankee tart burners and I like to use these as a cheap way to fragrance and freshen my home - but there are so many different fragrance tarts I try to buy different ones each time.

        ---The Brand---

        Yankee candles are a well known USA brand which has been going since the late 1960s. Yankee are well known for selling large jar candles, small votive candles, tarts and also attractive jar shades, plates and candle holders. They also now do car air fresheners as well.

        ---What Are Tarts Anyway?---

        Well I wondered that myself a while ago when browsing Ebay and finding hundreds of them!
        Tarts are little discs of solid wax with serrated edges as if they had been moulded in a cake case.
        These wax discs do not have any wicks and are meant to be melted in a burner over a candle for the aroma to be released.
        Each tart costs just over £1 and the fragrance is said to last up to 8 hours. After that the wax should be disposed of.
        There are literally hundreds of different tarts to choose from and they come in Fresh, Floral, Fruit, Food & Spice and Festive categories.

        ---Tarts V Candles---

        I have also been lucky enough to be given one of the large jar candles that Yankee make.
        However I would say that the tarts have advantages over the candles.
        Large jar candles need to be burnt for 2-3 hours at a time to get the wax to melt in the correct way and not 'tunnel' down the centre.
        Tarts can be used for however long or short a time as you wish - the fragrance is released after as little as 5 minutes and they can be extinguished whenever you wish.


        Yankee.co.uk have a huge list of suggestions for blending two compatible fragrance tarts together to make a new aroma.

        ---The Product---

        Disc of bright emerald green wax wrapped in cellophane.
        Called 'Beautiful Day'- made with pure natural extracts.
        Image of green, flower ad a butterfly on the front.
        The back has a round sticky label which details lots of basic safety advice on using candles etc - one telling you not to heat up in a frying pan!
        22 grams.
        Officially it is supposed to be 'full of happy enchanting sunny fruits, pretty flowers and
        spicy herbs'.


        To use you must first have either an oil burner or tart warmer and put a tea light on the base and light - the wax tart should be unwrapped from its cellophane wrapping and placed in the dish.
        In about 5 minutes the smell begins being released as the wax melts.
        Once all the aroma has been depleted and the wax has reset it is just a matter of popping it easily out of the dish and disposing.
        You can also pop out the set wax before it is finished if you wish to use another aroma in the tart burner for a change.


        £1.25 from Ebay - but wax tarts are around that price in most places.
        Also available as votive candles and in the larger jars.

        ---My Opinion---

        Well I am glad that I found this fragranced tart for myself as reading others' reviews I might not have bothered.
        When I bought one as part of a present you could smell this lovely fresh aroma coming through the cellophane so I bought one for myself. It is a lovely bright green colour and I only use half at a time as that is plenty.
        The smell is gorgeous even before it is lit and have the cellophane in my bedroom now and even that is giving off a lovely aroma on its own.
        The tart soon gives off a strong aroma once the candle is lit. It is a fresh flowery sort of perfume but not too sweet or sickly. I find it very refreshing for this time of year and is reminiscent of taking a walk on a warm day in the countryside when you get sudden wafts of fragrance from wild flowers in the hedgerow.
        It is a lovely way to fragrance a room and is light enough to not be cloying in warm weather. I only leave the candle lit for about 15 minutes as that is enough to fill the room with fragrance. I am not sure what the herb element is supposed to be but it all blends together very well. Even my husband has not objected to this one which is a sign of approval in itself!
        Some other reviewers have not liked this tart so much and it just shows how subjective smells can be.

        ---Star Rating---

        5 Stars.

        ---Would I Recommend?---

        Yes definitely.




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          17.12.2011 19:04
          Very helpful



          not for me

          Yankee Candle is an American company who specialise in scented products for the home.

          *~*Beautiful Day*~*

          Beautiful Day is one of the regular Yankee Candle scents. It is available in various sized jars, votive samplers, tealights and wax tarts.

          The official description of Beautiful Day :

          "Life is good with this happily enchanting mix of sunny fruits, pretty flowers and spicy herbs"

          The cheapest way to sample this scent is in tart form. A wax tart is a small disc of essential oil infused wax. Beautiful Day is green and is presented shrink wrapped with a butterfly and flower image on the label. The tart should be placed into a burner with a tealight underneath and as it melts, it will release the scent into the air. Each wax tart is said to have 8 hours of scent.


          www.yankeedoodle.co.uk and Amazon UK stock this scent. The wax tart is priced around £1.00. A sampler will cost around £1.50 and jars are priced from £14.99. I cannot seem to locate a small jar so this is for a medium jar.

          *~*My Thoughts*~*

          Taking a small break from reviewing the Yankee christmas scents, I thought I would share my views on this scent - Beautiful Day. I became acquainted with this scent a few months ago when I bought a sampler votive and a wax tart in the Yankeedoodle sale. I burned the votive at the time of purchase but have recently got around to burning the tart.

          The tart had quite a strong, herby aroma through the packaging and this was much more noticeable than the sampler votive (which is common for Yankee). I popped it in my burner and as it started to melt, the scent of Beautiful Day lifted up into the air. This is a powerful scent and took very little time to fill my living room and seep out into my hallway.

          I would say this is a good scent to burn during the day as it isn't your typically warm, cosy scent. It is quite a refreshing scent which I found made my living room rather "chilly" feeling. I actually wonder why on earth I am burning this in the Winter - it is more suited to Summer time burning when the days are long.

          *~*It's A Beautiful Day..*~*

          As the tart melts to a green puddle of wax, the scent is very noticeable and concentrated. It is quite a bold, confident scent in my opinion and would be overpowering if placed in a small room. I have a love of sweet scents so Beautiful Day was something a little bit different for me to try. The overall scent presents itself in a natural way and doesn't show any signs of being artificial.

          I wouldn't say this is my favourite Yankee scent, nor is it the worse one I have tried - I suppose it is a matter of personal taste but I found this one a bit too "powdery". The scent is very heavy and is rather muddled in my opinion - like Yankee have just thrown a few different scents into one tart without much thought. The main focus is on a powdery, floral blend though which flower is used is a mystery to me though it is a fresh floral scent!

          There is a distinct herby undertone to the scent though I wouldn't say there was anything spicy or fruity about the scent and if there was, then it must have been very subtle as I couldn't detect it. The overall scent I found to be quite cloying and I could only burn the tart for an hour at a time before it started to make me feel queasy. The sampler was a bit subtler and less powdery so on this occasion, I would have preferred to be burning that again instead of the tart.

          After blowing out my tealight, the powdery floral scent remained in the air for around 30mins before disappearing. I will add that this scent took over any cooking or homely smells that were lingering so it did its job as a room fragrancer! I did manage to get around 9 hours of strong scent from one tart but this was burning for an hour at a time over a week.


          I don't feel that Beautiful Day is a particularly special scent. It doesn't have the same effect on me as the other Yankee scents though this may just be down to taste. It certainly doesn't lack substance and is a really full on scent but perhaps too full on for most people. The tarts represent value for money.

          3 stars as it isn't bad - it just isn't me!

          Thanks for reading :)


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            09.10.2011 16:22
            Very helpful



            nice but nothing special

            It is no secret that I am a fan of Yankee Candle - to be honest my love of the brand is bordering on an addiction! I can't seem to resist buying fragrances that I haven't yet tried and should they be on special offer as well? I can only say it's like Christmas come early for me! Unfortunately for my pocket, lots of places seemed to be having sales on Yankee Candles not so long ago, which has meant that I now have a slightly worrying amount of Yankee tarts just waiting to be used up.

            One which I bought in the sale, but otherwise would probably not have taken a lot of notice of, was Beautiful Day. In general I am always put off by the more generic, 'could be anything' sort of names. Although I have tried many candles with the 'fantasy' names, such as Island Spa, Garden Hideaway, Pink Sands etc... I tend to be attracted to the candles where I know what I'm getting, such as Sweet Strawberry or Vanilla Cupcake. So price was definitely the main motivating factor behind my purchase.

            ==Who are you calling a tart?==

            Yankee's wax tarts are my favourite way of using Yankee Candles and the format I purchase most often. For those not familiar with the brand, Yankee offer each scent in a range of different formats, such as votives, tea lights and their famous Housewarmer jar candles, which look like sweet jars filled with wax.

            The wax tarts, in contrast to other formats available, do not have a wick. To use them you must place them in a Yankee tart burner and melt under the flame of a tea light. This releases the fragrance into the room and gives a cleaner scent than you would get with a candle with a wick. The tart burners are available from Yankee with prices starting at around £5 and heading upwards. If you want to try a variety of Yankee fragrances rather than just buying one jar, the wax tarts are the way to go in my opinion. Another benefit of the tarts over the jars or samplers is that they can be broken up and mixed with other fragrances to create your own unique scent which can be fun!

            ==It's a Beautiful Day==

            Beautiful Day is a vivid green colour and the label depicts a colourful moth resting on a flower. The colour of the wax tart reminds me of grass and general leafiness! I look at it and expect a very fresh, very leafy fragrance and something quite natural. I was surprised then, to pick up the tart and, whilst still in the wrapper, detect a rather generic perfumed type of scent. It wasn't necessarily unpleasant, but it was not what I was expecting at all and for that reason it has remained in a drawer since purchase.

            The official description of the scent is as follows: 'Life is good with this happily enchanting mix of sunny fruits, pretty flowers and spicy herbs.' So, to recap, that is fruit, flowers, spice and herbs all in one candle. Again, had I looked at that description I would not have bought it, it simply sounds like too eclectic a mix!

            When it actually came to unwrapping the tart and taking a good sniff, I still found the scent underwhelming. Although I stand by my earlier description of a generic perfume, there was an unusual creamy undertone to the fragrance. It smelled quite floral, although I'm not knowledgeable enough to detect exactly what the flower was and at this point, I could not smell fruit, spices or herbs at all.

            As the candle burned, the fragrance began to fill the room rather slowly. I'd say Beautiful day had a medium strength - not so strong it was sickly or overpowering, but not so weak that I couldn't clearly smell it. I was hoping when melting the tart, that I would be presented with a complex multi-layered fragrance, however what I seemed to get was a very fresh floral which smelled slightly like a cleaning product to me. Although that doesn't sound particularly good, I still on the whole, liked the scent and in fairness to it, it did make the place smell like it had just been cleaned!

            The scent seemed to fill the room and I could still smell when in neighbouring rooms too, so it seems the scent of this one does travel. Each wax tart is designed to give eight hours of fragrance and in this particular case, I would say that yes, that estimate was probably about right.

            ==Price and Availability==

            I buy my candles from either Collectables or Clinton Cards on the High Street and www.yankeedoodle.com online. The following list of prices and burn times are approximate and will vary depending on where you shop...

            Wax Tarts - Burn time 8 hours - £1.10
            Votives - Burn time up to 15 hours - £1.60
            Small Jar - Burn time 25-40 hours - £7.45
            Medium Jar - Burn time 65-60 hours - £15.45
            Large Jar - Burn time 110-150 hours - £18.45


            To conclude, I would describe Beautiful Day as a 'nice' candle, but perhaps I cannot be more generous than that. I liked the scent, but it didn't stand out or wow me in any way and I don't think it was one that I would go out of my way to purchase again.

            *Originally posted on Ciao under username pink_champagne


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              28.07.2011 19:42
              Very helpful



              Beautiful Day wax tart is a beautiful long-lasting fragrance, offering great value for money.

              On a recent shopping trip, I noticed that a number of Yankee candle products were reduced in a sale at my local branch of 'Collectables.' I had noticed various items in the window whilst passing the shop which caught my attention, so I went inside for a closer look.
              It was then that I noticed a large amount of Yankee candles, wax tarts and votives were reduced and so decided to stock up on wax tarts, as I believe these offer better value for money than the votive samplers and are an ideal way to sample the fragrance before splashing out on the glass jar candles which are quite expensive.

              I have been bought Yankee glass jar candles as gifts on a few occasions and whilst I like them, I do prefer to buy the wax tarts, votives or tealights when it is me purchasing them, because by buying a few tarts or votives I am still getting a lot of burning time for my money, as well as enjoying having a few different fragrances on the go instead of just one.

              I picked up a few tarts and sniffed them through their cellophane wrappers first, as Yankee candles give off a strong fragrance even before you open them, so you can decide which ones appeal to you.
              I am a lover of spicy, woody or oriental fragrances more than floral fragrances and on picking up this 'Beautiful Day' wax tart I thought right away that it had a familiar scent which was surprisingly woody and spicy. I say surprisingly, because on looking at the wax tart with its butterfly and flowers label and 'Beautiful Day' description, I really expected it to be a floral fragrance, but it was actually much heavier than that.
              Indeed quite a few Yankee candles remind me of perfumes and aftershaves I like which have spicy, woody, or oriental scents and this 'Beautiful Day' wax tart I believe is yet another one, although I can't think which perfume it is that it reminds me of exactly, but it definitely seems familiar.

              Using theses wax tarts is really easy. Just place the tart in a suitable tart or oil burner and light a tealight underneath. As the wax melts, the fragrance is released into the room. If you don't wish to use the wax tarts you can also leave them them in their cellophane wrapping and use them to fragrance drawers or cupboards.

              From lighting a tealight underneath my wax tart, it only took a couple of minutes for the wax to begin to melt and after around 4-5 minutes I began to detect the fragrance, which slowly became stronger and eventually filled the room with its spicy scent. I also thought there was a slightly fruity scent appearing too after the wax tart had been melting for a few minutes.

              After ten minutes or so I went upstairs to the bathroom and on coming back downstairs I could smell the fragrance which had wafted along the hallway and up the stairs. I was really pleased at how the scent from this wax tart filled my home with its lovely fragrance.
              Yankee wax tarts are advertised as giving approximately 8 hours of luxurious fragrance, but I must admit I got more than 8 hours of fragrance with this one. I counted 11 hours before I noticed the fragrance was beginning to fade, but I still used it for another 3 hours or so after this because although the fragrance wasn't as strong it was still detectable, so I definitely got my money's worth with this one!

              My Beautiful Day wax tart cost only 82p, as it was in a sale at 'Collectables'. You can expect to pay between £1.00 - £1.50 for a wax tart, depending on where you purchase them from. Websites such as Amazon or YankeeDoodle.co.uk are good places to purchase Yankee candles. I have also seen this Beautiful Day wax tart priced at £1 from ScentedCandleShop.com, or of course you can purchase the candles from card and gift shops or branches of 'Collectables'.

              I was really pleased with how long the fragrance lasted from this Beautiful Day wax tart and this is one I will definitely purchase again.


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                28.03.2011 14:14
                Very helpful



                A flowery scent from Yankee Candle that knocks on perfume's door.

                Just the other day I was visiting with a friend I hadn't seen for a long time. If there is a common thread we share (apart from dogs, cats and any home pet) it is Yankee Candles and scented candles in general. She often gets the chance to go to the States and often brings back gifts for me in the form of scented candles from companies the UK will never see or Yankee Candle U.S exclusives (Fan TIP: "Pineapple Cilantro" is very fruity and has coconut added - you may be able to find it on EBay) and in some very odd shapes - the last being a flat cookie and when burnt, filled my home with sweet almond baked cookies fragrance! Scented candles from the U.S are as common as chocolate in the U.K and we've certainly exchanged a few "things-for-things," where her family's love for chocolate is concerned! Out of all the chocolates I brought as late Christmas gifts, I also bought "Beautiful Day", as this was a candle I had bought for my mum a couple of weeks ago but she decided that she didn't like it. When you can buy Yankee Candle in wax tart form, it kind of brings a new club to the table where swapping scents are concerned, and is one of the better ways of swapping than wasting the wax tart if you don't like a particular scent.

                On appearance, "Beautiful Day" has a vibrant darkish green colouring quite unlike many of the coloured candles that Yankee Candle currently sell. Even their Granny Smith Apple green candle has a different pastel shade and makes locating the candle in shops easy to find by the slightly darker green used. It is a new scent from Yankee Candle for 2011 and is slowly making its presence felt, even if it has been online since late 2010. Strongly scented with flowers, this isn't a candle that may appeal to spicy or sweet fans of scented candles, but rather those who demand the smell of fresh flowers in the home. That's not to say "Beautiful Day", is the same as Yankee Candle's English Rose like "Fresh Cut Roses," a scent I avoid, or limited edition types like "Rose of Morocco," but from the moment it burns and the scent is released, there's something quite different from "Beautiful Day", compared to a lot of other flowery based fragrances.

                This is one fragrance I wouldn't mind burning in my home for example, even if it is purposefully marketed towards feminine fragrances and even if the original perfume annoys relatives, it is one candle scent I've grown to like over the others that Yankee Candle produce. It refreshes, pleases and puts out a lot of power with an ability to mask odours particularly well - and against Glade and Air Wick - Yankee Candle make their candles with natural additives and you can certainly smell the natural flowers in this tart compared to roasting chemicals. Another aspect is that the candle doesn't annoy anyone, no matter how peppery the Lillies are in the base tones; no sneezing or coughing is induced, a factor that I've always found with "Fresh Cut Roses," or Yankee Candle's other flowery candles.

                Like a lot of Yankee Candle scented candles of late, "Beautiful Day" starts off with a strong potency like a bunch of seasonal flowers such as violets and tulips before becoming a subtle fragrance that you can relax with, not necessarily hope to freshen a room with, even though its strong perfume aspect can certainly satisfy that aspect from the moment the candle is lit. What you're getting here isn't merely an alternative and contrasting scent to "Fresh Cut Roses." The top scent from the wax is a full bodied rendition of Yves Saint Laurent's famous "Paris" perfume. My mother identified it instantly; having been a perfume she dabbled with in the 1990's and sadly swore she would never have again. The middle scent is one of violets with the base tone having a level of fresh Lillies. Such a flowery explosion means this wax tart could shorten out - if rivals are taken into consideration - but so far I found that whenever I did burn the tart over a 2 week period, the perfume is still maintained and is much better than other recent candles I've had which have been short on staying power. This is a scent that I'm more than happy with to relax with, or have burning in the background if friends visit, rather than the ultra-smooth relaxing aspect of Yankee Candle's "Midnight Jasmine," another favourite of mine. Compared to the Jasmine candle however, Beautiful Day travels in short stints around rooms rather than travelling all through the home - although this is an aspect that both my friend and I found to be changing dependent on opened windows that let out the fragrance - or smaller homes where Beautiful Day tends to linger a lot more and the fragrance this candle gives off seems to lend a positive edgier tone if other people come to visit. This happens because the mix of oils changes its scent somewhat in cold and warm environments. In colder environments, the Lillies seem to be stronger but in warmer environments when the central heating is put on, there is more of a triple scent going on, which gives you a better idea of what this candle can deliver. In all cases, the perfume is extremely rewarding, even though it starts to die down as it nears the end of its life in wax tart form.

                When purchased cheaply in tart wax form (90p/£1.05), you'll need an additional pot pourri burner (supported by a tealight candle or electric means) and a deep concave dish to support all of the wax when it turns to a hot steaming oil as there is never a wick on this type of "candle." Wax tarts can last up to four times the power of a tealight candle on scent alone, despite having a known burning time of 8 hours per tart not all YC wax tarts have the same amount of reliable fragrance on offer and by waiting for the burner to cool down, taking out the tealight candle and putting the whole unit into a freezer for a minimum of 15 minutes, once the burner is taken out and turned over, the wax tart falls out very easily making disposal safe and instant. If purchased in medium or large candle jar formats (watch for the bargain time when it is "Fragrance of the Month," as it gets an automatic 25% off the list price) then the air tight, dishwasher safe glass jars are automatically safer - especially for buyers with children or bounding pets. In both cases though, Wax tarts are all very well but the burners themselves aren't heat proof and the candles in either format need a flat level surface in which they will burn uniformly and remain hot in use apart from the base glass being heat insulative.

                Before I finish this review however, there is one other aspect I'd like to point out following messages from other members regarding Yankee Candle products in general. A few members report on candle jars blackening around the rim. This happens if your home is draughty or if an open window is pulling the flame towards an edge in the jar. Blackening can also occur if you burn the candle jar formats for more than four hours in one sitting and if the candle has a wick, it has to be trimmed regularly to avoid unbalanced burning as well as causing black smoke to come off the wick and avoid bunching up - or if the wick turns into a slight black ball. I've burnt candles over a 12 hour period and whilst blackening can occur, it doesn't detract the scent from emerging.

                Other versions are of course available but the downside to "Beautiful Day," is that not all formats are available but worth researching later in the year. Prices are given on average and no discount prices are added here, since 25% can be applied to any of the types listed dependent on the seller's choices:

                Wax Tart (22 grams, 8 hour duration, 90p/£1.05 each.)
                Votive candle (1.75 oz 15 hour duration, average price £1-75 to £2)
                Small housewarmer jar candle (7 oz 25-40 hours duration, £7-99)
                Medium housewarmer jar candle (14.05oz 60-75 hours duration, £13-99)
                Medium 2 wick tumbler (12.5 oz 45-50 hours duration, £12-99)
                Large housewarmer jar candle (22 oz 100-150 hours duration, £17-99)
                Large 2 wick tumbler (22.7 oz 70-90 hours duration, £16-99)
                Lidded glass tumbler (7oz 35-45 hours duration, £8-99)
                Car tab housewarmer jar cardboard freshener (6-8 weeks duration, £1-99)
                Car air vent gel pack (4-6 weeks duration £2-85, 3 pack additional at £5-98)
                Car Pump 'n' Go clip on air vent freshener (4-6 weeks, £7-20)
                Tea light scented candles (240 grams, 4-6 hours per candle, 12 in a box £5-99)
                Aerosol Room Fragrance Spray (1.5oz, 400 spray limit £4-69 to £5-99)
                On-The-Go Travel scented air freshener pen (limited edition) (£5-99, 65 sprays duration, contains odour eliminator additive.)
                Plug In Scent (£5-99 4-6 weeks duration, 2 capsules per box, also fits old Air Wick plugs.)
                Plug In Plug and "free" scent starter (£14-99, 4-6 weeks duration, also fits old Air Wick plugs.)

                Even if my mum doesn't like the perfume anymore, I love the fragrance that this candle gives off even though a latter downside is that this flowery scent won't please everyone. It may well smell of YSL Paris, but against the spicy or fruity candles I burn in my home, it makes a good contrast with a slight edgier tone that is both comfortable and refreshing to be around with. Thanks for reading! ©Nar2 2011



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