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Yankee Candle Black Coconut

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14 Reviews

Brand: Yankee Candle / Type: Candles / Category: Home Fragrance

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    14 Reviews
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      28.10.2013 15:21
      Very helpful



      One of my all time favourites. You have to try it to believe it!

      I have just done my annual Yankee Candle bulk buy! 24 different scents in total, and I will be looking to review as many as possible over the coming weeks. I have been a collector of Yankee Candles for 3 years now, and have probably spent a good few hundred of my well-earned pounds on Yankee products. But, as any true Yankee Addict will tell you - one can never have enough candles!

      Behind The Brand
      In 1969, Mike Kittridge melted down some wax crayons, to make a candle, as he couldn't afford a gift for his mother. A neighbour saw the candle, and asked Mike to sell it to her.
      From there, a business was born.
      Since then Yankee Candle have been offering distinctive products, affordable luxuries, and unique gifts, earning a reputation for superior, long-lasting fragrance, and high quality candles.

      Burning Times & RRP (as of Oct 2013)
      Wax Tart - Up to 8 hours - £1.25 each
      Tea light - 4-6 hours - £6.95 for 12
      Votive / Sampler - Approx 15 hours - £1.80 each
      Small Jar (3.7 oz) - 25-40 hours - £8.40 each
      Medium Jar (14.5 oz) - 65-90 hours - 16.99 each
      Large Jar (22 oz) - 110-150 hours - £19.99 each

      Black Coconut
      This is one of my all time favourite scents! I have never been to a tropical Island, but I expect they smell just like this on a summers evening! Do not be put off by the lack-off scent through the packaging. It is not until lit, that this candle really comes into its own! With a strong scent of coconut, balanced with tones of cedar wood and blossom, this candle transforms your room into your very own tropical paradise! The scent is strong, without being sickly or over powering, and travels throughout the house within literally minutes!
      Even my husband admits to "loving" the scent of Black coconut, and I feel the black colour of the wax also lends this particular scent as a unique gift for a couple, or indeed, male.

      Sometimes I swear I get a hint of sea breeze when this candle is lit, it is simply delighful, a very peaceful and calming scent. I purchased Black Coconut in most sizes, but the best burn time I got was a staggering 143 hours from the large jar!


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      24.06.2013 09:35
      Very helpful



      perfect coconut candle

      ****Looking for the perfect scent:****
      Do you like Malibu? the yummy coconut rum was immediately in my head when I sniffed the life out this candle when on a trip to Hallmark. A friend of mine wanted to go and pick up some large jars of Yankee candle as his had run out. I didn't have much cash on me and know the prices of Yankee are way out my personal price range.

      I went in and straight away spotted something new. Black coconut? Wow. I am in love.I picked up the small glass jarred candle, opened the lid and let my nose do the work. I was straight away in candle heaven and immediately was drawn in to buy one.

      The small jars are too expensive for me to buy so I just bought the sampler for £1.80. I have heard from friends and some reviews that they believe the samplers aren't as strong as the large ones or the wax tarts but I just didn't want to justify buying a big one.

      I had a sniff of some other scents whilst in the shop and also liked the fluffy towels, fresh clean linen scents and anything cinnamon which can remind me of Christmas is all good in my books. The shop had quite a good selection whereas the Clintons store (which is bigger) had less of a selection and were lacking in the best scents. I don't think lemon would be a winner in this house. Would make me think of washing up or cleaning the bathroom. Too much citrus for me.

      ****My experience with Black coconut****
      I got home and popped it inside a beautiful candle holder I had and lit it to let it do it's magic. It took about 20 minutes for me to be able to smell anything coming from the candle. It's so small it is obvious it wouldn't riddle the air with the scent, but there was a light scent of coconut riding around the living room. I wish I had have bought a few more to make the smell stronger and fill my room with the exotic fresh smell.

      Since purchasing it I haven't lit it much. It has a life span of approximately 15 hours so decided to keep it for "special occasions". I will be buying a few more of these samplers for the living room as having smaller ones around will bring more light in than a small jar would. A jar is around £6, so I could buy myself 3 samplers for that.

      Like I said before, the only way I could describe the smell is that of the coconut rum Malibu or even the sun cream also named Malibu. It's the perfect smell aroma for my personal taste and can't wait to get more to fill the room.

      I would recommend this scent to anyone who loves the smell of coconut. It's black wax looks shiny and beautiful and looks great when melted and dripping down the sides. I am 100% happy with this candle and look forward to lighting it again next. Yankee candle have a very wide variety of scents and flavours for you to sniff and enjoy.

      The whole range is perfect and I haven't been able to get that sort of scent out of a candle since using the glade candles and Christmas. My next trial will be of the wax tarts. Those look great and hopefully would help the scent fill my living room air.

      Thanks for reading my review



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        19.06.2013 20:02
        Very helpful



        Would appeal to men just as much as women.

        ~~~ Yankee Candle Co ~~~

        The star of this review is a Tart, A circular disc of highly fragranced wax, which is instantly recognisable by its fluted edges and scent even when it's sealed. Upon opening the plastic coating you will notice that the words 'Yankee Candle Co' embossed into the flat top, denoting it's long heritage. This is not true of all tarts though, and I think it is more widely seen on the newer fragrances.

        Black Coconut has been the tart of the day in my household (I have a vast collection). This comes from the 2013 range of Yankee Candle fragrances. These have no wick to light, and instead are melted using a tart burner with a lit candle underneath. The heat from underneath makes them melt, and it's at this point that it releases its wonderful aromas.

        I am not loyal to any particular scent from Yankee, and tend to fluctuate between the delicate and the stronger scents that Yankee supply. My absolute favourites though are either Fruity or Foodie. The choice is vast and I can always find something that will suit my mood. Black Coconut isn't either of these but it shall be one I shall return to often and this review discusses my thoughts.

        ~~~ The Tart ~~~

        Black Coconut melts quickly and transforms into an opaque pool of black coloured liquid. The scent starts to waft and fill the room with a rich, familiar coconutty scent. It isn't long before it wafts around and quickly fills the lower floor of the house. I prefer these tarts as the 'throw' of the scent is so much quicker than that of a candle, and longer lasting too I feel. This is a much more natural scent than other brands of coconut candles, and as such is far less sweet and artificial, and not at all headache inducing. It doesn't remind me of chocolate 'Bounty' bars; it's far too sophisticated for that.

        The fragrance is mild and not overpowering, yet it's rich and enveloping. This is a scent that would appeal to men just as much as women I feel, as it's not too girly or flowery, but it's not masculine enough to only appeal to the males 'inner caveman'. :) The cedar wood inclusions give it some manly tones, but the flowery scent of island blossoms temper that down and balance the whole effect out. You can smell not only fresh coconut, but the wood and floral notes give it a deep scent that blurs the edges of each particular character. They blend and fuse, but if you go out of the room and come back in, it's easy to depict the individual layers. It's a deep scent and it almost envelopes you like a hug from an old friend. You might think that this could be a sickly sweet combination but no, the coconut is toned down somewhat and you are left with something more intoxicating.


        These tarts usually cost around the £1.20 mark and are widely available. I bought mine from the local garden centre in their gift department. Look around though, as you may see them cheaper; as sometimes they are on promotion or 'fragrance of the month'.

        ~~~ Burning Times ~~~

        Yankee tarts burn for around eight hours; and it's certainly true for this one. Towards the end of its life it fades gently until it's not recognisable anymore. You may at this point still be left with a little wax though.

        I feel that the Black Coconut fragranced tart has been a huge success and one that will most definitely be on my list to repurchase. Its long lasting fragrancing and depth of scent means that this is quite an economical tart to buy. I break my tart in half and burn it all day until the scent is no more, but you could blow the candle out and burn it an hour and a time, that's the versatility of the tartlets. I use the remainder on separate occasion; but next time I might even be persuaded to break it into three, to get the maximum benefit of its aroma, and making the cost per day about 40p. The tarts can be broken quite easily, as the tart is formed from compressed tiny beads of wax. If you wished, you could melt combinations of tarts to make a fragrance that's unique to you, Yankee call this 'Mixology' and although the coconut would blend perfectly with another fruity scent, I prefer this one as it is.

        ~~~ In Summary ~~~

        I am passionate about all the varieties of Yankee Candle products, but my favourite are the tarts. Black Coconut has a wonderfully evocative aroma, and another one for balmy evenings, or with weather like we've been having lately, I recommend just laying back, closing your eyes and imagining one; it'll probably be the only way we get a summer this year. I highly recommend Black Coconut, and hope that you enjoy it as much as I do.


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          18.06.2013 17:15
          Very helpful



          Another great purchase from Yankee Candles

          =Yankee Candle Black Coconut=

          I received a selection of wax tarts for mothers day from my daughter, and this was one that was in the collection.


          =The fragrance=
          I love the coconut smell, I am instantly transported back to when I went to Dom Rep, had fresh chopped coconuts, with the added rum to the milk, and the inside of Bounty bars.

          Even before I opened the wrapper, I could smell the coconut smell, it is a reallly natural coconut smell.

          I was a bit shocked at the colour as to me black candles are a gothic symbol, not expecting this to be a Yankee Candle.

          I prefer wax tartlets, as I feel that once they are in the oil burner and melting the smell immediately comes to the air, and I always break the tart in half, so I get double use.

          =Average 8 hours=
          The wax tarts have an average of 8 hours of smell from the tarts. I tend to light a tealight and have the tart burning for a couple of hours, and then the smell stays with me for another couple of hours, it's my evening treat. So usually I get about 4 evenings from the tartlet.

          =Rich Fragrance=
          Although this is a rich smell from the coconut, when it burns it has a medium strength of smell, not over powering, just a nice stream of coconut.
          (poor - where you have to stand over the tart to get a fragrance)
          (medium - not over powering in the room but you know it is there)
          (strong - when after 10 minutes you have to blow the tealight out as the smell is that strong).

          Even after I have blown the candle out I can still get a sense of the smell in the room, and it is so nice, as keeps the memories alive for me.

          =Price and Availability=
          This was purchased from eBay as it was mum, I've used your paypal account, but give my daughter her due she went and fetched the money back from her "present purse", (I give her £10 for her to choose her own gifts for mothers day, my birthday and grandparents) so she learns the value of money for when she is older.

          Wax Tart 22 grams - around £1.00

          =Black Coconut=
          The items from the Black coconut range include

          Wax Tarts - 22grams burn time of 8 hours around £1 to £1.50
          Sampler Candle - 32 grams - burn time 12/15 hours £1.30 to £2.00
          Small Glass Jar, - 3.7oz (140 grams) - burn time of 25/40 hours around £10
          Medium Glass Jar - 14.5oz (411 grams) burn time of 65/90 hours around £15
          Large Glass Jar - 22oz (630grams ) burn time of 110/150 hours - around £20

          =My thoughts=
          The wax tarts are a great way of trying out new fragrances and if you like them, and you can mix and match the fragrance according to what you like.


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          13.06.2013 05:22
          Very helpful



          Will definitely be repurchasing

          Black coconut is a fragrance that I picked up in wax tart form from a local gift shop a few weeks ago, mainly because the name & unusual appearance of it caught my eye. Most wax tarts are brightly coloured and reflect the scent of the product (eg a strawberry scented wax tart is red) whereas this is black, so I was really curious.

          Obviously the name 'black coconut' didn't give much away in terms of what it smelt like, so before burning it I decided to look up Yankee candles description of it, which I often do so that I can compare the actual scent with how it was described - sometimes the descriptions are quite misleading.

          Yankee candle describe black coconut as 'sunset in paradise' with notes of rich coconut, cedarwood and island blossoms. I was excited to try it as I had a feeling that it would smell delicious! Using the wax tart was simple, I simply placed it (once I had unwrapped it) into my tart burner. I then placed a lit tea light underneath and after a few minutes the fragrance became noticeable, and it wasn't long until the whole room was filled with fragrance.

          The smell is not what I expected to be honest, as I had expected it to smell very sweet and strong with coconut being the main fragrance, whereas its actually a really nice, clean, light fragrance which is very summery, tropical and uplifting. The smell of coconut is noticeable, but it isn't too strong which I like because every now and again I was able to get a whiff of stronger, creamier smelling coconut which stopped the fragrance from becoming too boring if that makes sense.

          The smell is sweet but not too sweet, and although I am able to smell a hint of vanilla, it is very subtle and not overpowering. The mix of fragrances - especially the slightly earthy notes work really well together. I paid £1 for my wax tart, with the retail price been around the £1.25 mark. I got several days of burn time out of it and I burnt it for around two hours each time, with the fragrance lingering for a couple of hours even once the tea light had been distinguished. It is also available in other forms such as tumblers, votives and jars.

          All in all I love this fragrance and it is one that I will definitely buying again.


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            25.05.2013 21:45
            Very helpful



            A unique fragrance from Yankee which I will be buying again.

            Yankee Candle's Black Coconut wax tart was one of a few wax tarts I bought in Debenhams a few weeks back when they had a promotion offering 20% off on items throughout the store. It turned out to be great opportunity to stock up on wax tarts as there were also a few half-price bargains to be had too. I am something of a Yankee addict and use many wax tarts throughout the year, so any opportunity to stock up when they are bargain prices is welcomed by me!

            Black Coconut was not one of my half-price purchases as this fragrance is one of the newer ones in the huge range that Yankee offers. However, the promotion in store meant that most full price wax tarts were only £1.00 each after the discount was applied. The usual price is £1.20 - £1.30 per tart and so whilst not as big a bargain as some other wax tarts I purchased, I was still happy to have the opportunity to try some new fragrances at a slightly reduced price.

            Yankee's description of Black Coconut is "Sunset in paradise... rich coconut, cedarwood and island blossoms promise an evening of luxurious tranquility".
            Not only is the description appealing, but the black coloured wax and label depicting an exotic island paradise with palm trees, really makes this particular wax tart stand out amongst the others and it was actually the first one to catch my eye as I began browsing the shelves.
            As I held it up to my nose in store, I could certainly smell coconut but it was blended with a woody scent to create a unique fragrance. I also thought I could detect a slightly citrus fruity scent too and looked forward to trying it. Indeed my Black Coconut tart was the first one I chose to melt in my burner when I got home.

            As the tart began to melt in my burner after I lit a tealight, it was only a couple of minutes before a coconut scent began to appear. I do like coconut, but am not a fan of overly strong predominant coconut scents which I find can be quite sickly and so I welcomed the blend here of cedarwood, which mellowed the coconut and provided the woody notes which makes this so much more than just a coconut fragrance. Once again I could detect some fruity scents too and overall this fragrance provided a sweet yet also woody scent, which was very pleasant without being overpowering.
            The scent filled the room and wafted out into the hallway creating an exotic fragrance through the house whilst the tealight burned underneath the melted wax. Once the tealight had burned out, the scent also hung in the air for quite some time afterwards.

            Yankee state you can expect to achieve 8 hours of fragrance from their wax tarts and I personally find that most of the time I find the 8 hours can be exceeded and I manage to eke out a few more hours of fragrance from a tart, as even though the scent weakens, it is usually still enough to create a subtle aroma around the room before it disappears altogether.
            Black Coconut was another one which exceeded the 8 hours and I eked out around 9- 10 hours of decent fragrance, although I did not notice the fragrance weaken after around 4-5 hours which surprised me, as I thought it was then going to fade quickly. However, despite the fragrance fading a little, it then seemed to give off a stable scent lasting the remaining hours without any further weakening. Therefore my initial worry that this was going to be a fragrance which disappeared too quickly was unfounded.

            Black Coconut is definitely one of the more unique fragrances from Yankee and its blend of coconut and cedarwood works perfectly for me and therefore this will be one I will purchase again. If I had one niggle it would be that I would like it to hold its initial stronger scent for longer than it does, but as I still achieved over 8 hours of fragrance I can't really complain.

            I purchased this wax tart from a branch of Debenhams, but you can also find Yankee candles in branches of Clintons and Collectables as well as other department stores. You can also purchase online from Yankee stockists such as www.yankee.co.uk and Amazon.


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              01.05.2013 11:00
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              Lovely spread of coconut and vanilla but soon dies out by wood, which detracts from product's name.

              After the disappointment of the stale paint like "Paradise Spice," I was lucky enough to return to the shop to return the candles and swap them for more of the new range by Yankee Candle for 2013. At the time of the return, I made a beeline for "Black Coconut," even if "Waikiki Melon," has yet to arrive, I have plenty of other wax tarts to burn over the next couple of weeks to see how they appeal. At Christmas for example I bought a whole load of "Napa Valley Sun," candles that was a short lived retired scent that Yankee Candle produced not so long ago, and whilst that scent is a very regal and royal fragrance that is both classy and appealing by its creamy orange backdrop, Yankee Candle have only been largely successful with Coconut scented candles in recent years and I was very impressed with the scent of "Black Coconut," when I tried it in the shop.

              About Black Coconut and Coconut Candles by Yankee Candle

              "Black Coconut," comes from a new five-tier range of scents for the New Year and for the start of 2013. There are four other scents out of five from this range such as:

              * Waikiki Melon.
              * Paradise Spice.
              * A Child's Wish
              * Turquoise Sky.

              Largely, to my mind Yankee Candle have only ever produced one other coconut inspired candle over the years and it was a sales flop because it was only sold in a small glass tumbler that wasn't the cheapest to buy. It went under the name of "Pacific Coconut," and came from a range called "Journeys End," that also sold a wonderful "Clean Cotton" inspired type candle that was never seen again. Yankee Candle also sells "Coconut Bay," but it can be really difficult to find and just before Christmas, usually only available in either votive form or hanging car air freshener tab types.

              The most successful line of scented coconut candles from Yankee Candle yet have been the 2012 "numbers" collection with FIVE different numbered products, from "Coconut & Beach Flowers," "Coconut & Lime," "Coconut & Sea Air," "Coconut & Vanilla Bean," and "Coconut & Mandarin," all sold in large ceramic jars with classy lids or glass tumblers. If DY could actually get their finger out to re-introduce the household products section, they'd have got interested buyers by now following this recent introduction from Yankee Candle.

              One could say then, that whilst Yankee Candle amass so many different scents that can be hard to track down, when it comes to "Coconut," scented candles, the American company don't seem to slow down with new limited range releases and persist in producing ranges that are limited in stock to keep the buyers busy! Perhaps, this new range for 2013 will stick around for longer. "Black Coconut," on offer here seems to have lots of buyers, and I was lucky enough to be able to swap my "Paradise Spice," tarts for the latter scent as they were few left over, having been so popular with other buyers.

              Safety First

              When using wax tarts, you need to be very careful when handling the hot oil/potpourri oil burner, as it can get very hot in use. Once the candle has cooled down, it is possible to get about a week or two weeks worth of scent out of one wax tart but it very much depends on how many tealight candles you go through as well as many hours per day. Statistically Yankee Candle wax tarts have an 8-hour burn duration before the scent dies out and "Black Coconut," is exactly the same as all the others - the scent can last up to 8 hours but it very much depends on the time factor you allow the candle to burn daily. Always place a heatproof coaster under the hot oil burner when the wax tart is burning to ensure the worktop or surface doesn't get burnt in use.

              What Does It Smell Of?

              First of all, Yankee Candle claims that this candle has three different layers of scent, namely "rich coconut, island blossoms and cedarwood." That's all very well to the official claim but my nose forever picks up different tones and what on earth are "island blossoms"?

              To my nose, the first tone that comes off the wax tart is that of dark, chocolatey coconut. It's a lovely, heady scent that can often be found in a lot of shampoos and certain Cocoa body lotions, but the combination of other layers that Yankee Candle have concocted here doesn't seem to sit well with their official claim - not by my nose! The second tone that I seem to smell quite readily is that of warm vanilla. It seems to be an extract that Yankee Candle have forever used, and it gives the coconut longevity and a rather sweet smell that pervades my rooms quite easily. If someone was to give me a pack of "Bounty" chocolate bars, I'd say Yankee Candle's fragrance specialists could well have devoured the same pack and thought they could produce a candle with an equally inviting aroma!

              The third tone is quite woody - evidently the "cedarwood," but whereas the scent is dry and earthy, there is more of a hint of wood here rather than a true explosion and the tone here sits at odds with the dreamy, heavenly vanilla combined coconut.

              Strength, Longevity & Downsides

              The problem that I find with "Black Coconut," is that at times, it can appear to be too sweet for its own good and it isn't before long that the coconut tone dies off and then keeps popping up at times, before burning slowly through the other tones but with less power than before, each time. I must admit now that generally I'm fan of coconut - I adore the scent and I'm partial to the taste. But, this candle seems hell bent on working away the coconut gradually and replaced with a woody vanilla layer that doesn't quite sit well.

              On the first hand, Yankee Candle Black Coconut is a very sweet formula that has been mixed together with too much vanilla that becomes too heady after a couple of hours. Though thankfully the candle isn't headache or sneeze inducing, I find it far cosier and romantic to relax with than "Paradise Spice," and in my electric burner, the black colouring does not stain the burner after use.

              On the other hand, the mixture of the vanilla and hues of dark wood seem to give a dry scent in the home much akin to lots of other fragrances that Yankee Candle have dabbled in. Whatever blossoms YC have used seems to be very unclear and after a few hours, the scent of Coconut itself gets lost in the midst of the sweet vanilla cream matched with woody tones.

              This kind of scent overall is more apt for a bedroom than any other room in the home because of the dreamy like sweetness and whilst the candle can knock out heavy odours fairly well, I wouldn't use this candle for odour elimination alone. One can undoubtedly relax with this candle but it isn't like others by Yankee Candle where you could successfully keep this candle burning around entertaining - it isn't one you'd want to eat with as the sweet scent could destroy the love of eating food around.

              Other Formats

              The following prices are upon average. However, I always find the wax tarts are far better value even if you need to use a hot oil/potpourri burner in tandem as the wax discs lack a wick and can often last for weeks at a time if burnt for a couple of hours a day.

              * Wax Tart (22 grams, 8 hour duration, 90p to £1-25 each).
              * Votive candle (1.75 oz 15 hour duration, average price £1-75 to £2).
              * Small Housewarmer jar candle (7 oz 25-40 hours duration, £5-99 to £7-99).
              * Medium Housewarmer jar candle (12.5 oz 65-90 hours, £15-49 to £16-99.
              * Medium 2-wick tumbler (12.5 oz 45-50 hours duration, £12-99).
              * Large Housewarmer jar candle (22 oz 100-150 hours duration, £17-99).
              * Large 2-wick tumbler (22.7 oz 70-90 hours duration, £16-99).
              * Lidded glass tumbler (7oz 35-45 hours duration, £8-99).
              * Car tab Housewarmer cardboard freshener (6-8 weeks duration, £1-99/£2-99).
              * Tea light scented candles (240 grams, 4-6 hours per candle, 12 in a box £5-99 to £6-99).

              Final Thoughts

              Compared to "Paradise Spice," "Black Coconut," is a warm and wafty candle that puts out much more pleasing scent in my home than previously thought. However, it isn't before long that the coconut smells dies out and is replaced by woody scented vanilla. Is this a good aspect of the candle? Not really but for coconut fans of scented candles and of the fragrance, buyers have the 2012 Coconut collection to fall back on if they can afford it, for a stronger hit of coconut.

              "Black Coconut," is a strange title to give this candle and though it has Halloween-esque colours from the way the black dye has been added to the wax tart, it is a strange scent that is neither fresh or able to put out all of its tones equally, without its actual essence dying out replaced by woody sweet vanilla cream. Dark "Black Coconut," is a strange affair and perhaps just like "Paradise Spice," it may appeal to few rather than many. Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2013.


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                07.04.2013 14:31
                Very helpful



                A nice scent for me and my home!

                The one little luxury I do like to treat myself and my home to are Yankee candle products. I like my home to smell fresh and inviting and with two hammies and a lovely cat and my liking of spicy foods I do find that air freshener doesn't always cut it.

                I tend to always buy the Yankee Candle Wax tarts cos about £1.20 each they don't break my budget and this one when I spotted recently in Homebase for about a pound so I couldn't resist cos I had never even heard of it before!

                The Packaging:

                This tart comes in a see through plastic wrapper and on the front of it there is a picture shown of a lovely tropical sunset and we are clearly told what it is and then on the back of it we are shown how to use the tart via diagrams, we are told that weight of it which is 32g, that we should get 8 hours burn time from it and contact details for the manufacturer are clearly stated.

                Using The Tart:

                Well this is a thick round, disc of very black wax with fluted edges to it and all you do to use it is to pop it into an oil burner with preferably an unscented tealight under it then the wax simply wax into a pool of liquid.

                These are easy to snap if you wanted to only burn a little, you can mix the scents by popping in another piece of another tart to blend the scents, me I'm a purist and I like to burn one at time!

                This is a lovely, relaxing and rather tropical scent. It really does smell of sweet and of slightly creamy coconuts in a a really natural way. it takes just a few minutes of burning of this one to get the aroma of it and I found this to burn on and off well over 8 hours though I burnt it over a few days and of course once the tealight is put out the wax hardens for use next time. I can detect a slight fragrance of vanilla to it but not too much it gets sickly for me this is just a nice and rich coconut aroma fragrance and once I extinguish it I can smell this lingering all through my large flat for a good hour or so afterwards.

                I really do like this one, it isn't too much or too feminine its just really fresh and a scent that is uplifting and refreshing and I would spend a bit more and buy this in a votive or candle in the future!

                Available from a variety of places such as Clinton cards, Homebase and online from Amazon and the suchlike and of course from Yankee Candle themselves!

                This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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                  13.03.2013 10:41
                  Very helpful
                  1 Comment



                  Another Yankee great

                  =The Purchase==

                  I was beginning to come to the end of my collection of Yankee Candles and wanted some more, I find that through the internet you can find a much better selection and price than any of the stores around me however it does mean of course that you are unable to smell them before you buy which is a shame. I decided to be a little cheeky and went into our newly renovated Yankee Candle shop and found that she was running an offer of buy 4 get 1 free so I decided to buy 5 from the shop and this was one of them.

                  ==The Invention==

                  Yankee Candles were created in 1969 when Mike Kittredge melted down some crayons trying to make his mother a gift, after someone saw what he had done they bought it off him and he then bought my wax to make some more and Yankee Candles were born.

                  ==The Range==

                  There are a great range of different Yankee Candles and a great difference in price and burning time to boot,

                  Wax Tartlets - £1.20 - 8 hours burning time
                  Tea Lights - £6.45 for 12 - 4-6 hours burning time
                  Sampler - £1.75 - 15 hours burning time
                  Small Jars - £7.99 - 25-40 hours burning time
                  Medium Jars - £15.99 - 65-90 hours burning time
                  Large Jars - £18.99 - 110-150 hours burning time
                  Small Tumbler - £9.45 - 35-45 hours burning time
                  Medium Tumbler - £14.75 - 45-50 hours burning time
                  Large Tumbler - £18.25 - 70-90 hours burning time

                  There are over 100 different fragrance options and I like the fact that they bring out new fragrances for the different occasions through the year and that no matter what your budget you can enjoy the range.

                  ==The Package==

                  The tartlets come in a simple plastic wrapper which is wrapped tightly around the tart, the tart is like a pastry case narrower at the bottom than the top but not by much and has fluted edges. The tart is black in colour and has a picture on the front of it with the silohette of a palm tree on a lovely tropical night at sunset, I think the picture is lovely and makes you want to visit. You can smell a hint of coconut through the wrapper, I actually hate coconut to taste but really love the smell.

                  On the underneath of the tart there is a small sticker which has some small pictures on it of warnings to do with the tart, there is,

                  A sign to say it will burn for more than 8 hours although some lose their smell before the 8 hours is up.
                  Do not use with electric
                  Do not leave unattended
                  Do not use near curtains
                  Keep 10cm between candles
                  Keep away from children
                  Do not use in a frying pan
                  Do not add water

                  ==My Thoughts==

                  I burn my tarts one at a time in a tart burner however I have read recently that you can actually break bits off a couple of tarts and burn together to make up your own special tart which I think I may give a go at some point. I found that after about 10 minutes of burning I could smell the coconut drifting around my front room, the smell is pretty sweet but isn't too overpowering infact I think it is a pretty light scent. The smell lasts for ages and I actually tend to blow out the tea light after an hour or so and enjoy the scent like that and of course it means you get more use from one tart that way. The smell can still be detected the follow morning after burning it and it is really nice coming down the stairs to a lovely fragranced downstairs.

                  I really liked this tart, I got about the recommended 8 hours from the tart and it smells really nice, i did however find the burner was a little harder to wash out than with other tarts but I think this is due to the tart being black which I had never actually seen before. I give this 5 stars as it is one that I will buy again.


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                    11.03.2013 22:11
                    Very helpful



                    A nice coconut fragrance from Yankee

                    Keeping my home smelling nice is very important to me, and my favourite way to do this is by using scented candles or wax tarts. I love the way the atmosphere can be changed depending on the fragrance of scented wax. It can create a bright fresh clean feel to a room or a warm cosy romantic atmosphere. 

                    I have recently been trying some of new fragrances from Yankee, one of which is Black Coconut, it was the black wax that caught my eye first and when I saw the name I knew I had to try it. I love products that smell of coconut and although generally prefer floral fragrances  I felt sure I would love this. 

                    Wax Tarts are simple little discs of oily wax without a wick, I always think they feel slightly oily rather than waxy, they measure approximately 6cm's x 1.5cm's and cost round about £1.00 - £1.20 depending on where you buy them from. They have a fluted edge and do look just like a little tart. In my opinion Yankee make the best wax tarts and these are the ones I always use.  

                    The tarts come wrapped tightly in clear cellophane allowing you to see the black wax, the wax tart has a label stuck to the front which shows a small picture, in the case of Black Coconut the picture shows a lovely sunset and palm tree scene, very tropical. 

                    You can usually get a good idea of what the wax tart is going to smell by just by smelling the wrapper, handy of you are in a shop and not too sure if you like the sound if it.  
                    Yankees official description of this is:-  
                    "Sunset in paradise... rich coconut, cedar wood and island blossoms promise an evening of luxurious tranquillity.". 

                    To use a wax tart you do need an oil burner and an unscented tea light, its just a case of popping the unwrapped wax tart into the burner and lighting the tea light below it so it melts the wax tart. Once lit it doesn't take long before the oily wax is starting to melt and the fragrance filters around the room.  

                    As soon as the black wax turned into a pool I could immediately detect the lovely sweet creamy smell of coconut, it was sweet and delicious, I don't really like smells that are too sweet but this one was alright, the sweetness was there but it wasn't overpowering. The smell of black coconut is quite strong and as my home is open plan it doesn't take too long for me to be able to smell it all over the house. 

                    I cant say I detected any island blossom or cedar wood fragrances but I did think the coconut occasionally had a little hint of vanilla about it. 

                    I always melt my wax tarts for a couple of hours at a time, I find the fragrance lingers for a long while after the wax has solidified and this in my opinion is the best way to get the best value from the tart, Black Coconut was not exception we could smell it long after the burner had gone out. Yankee state their wax tarts will give you up to 8 hours fragrance and I agree. I just leave the set wax in the burner dish ready to re melt the next day. Once the wax has run out of fragrance I leave it to set then remove the wax from the dish.  

                    You can melt the wax tarts whole, break them in half or even mix them to create your own fragrances. Personally I don't mix mine I just melt the tart whole without mixing fragrances, in my opinion Yankee mix the fragrances perfectly well. Yankee use only natural ingredients in their scented wax and their fragrances do really smell genuine. 

                    Yankee wax tarts can be found in many independent shops and also some major department stores as well as many online stores such as Amazon UK and Yankee Direct. They are great value for money and a lovely way to fragrance your home for a small amount of money, also a good way to try different fragrances before you spend more on a larger candle.

                    I liked Black Coconut and would say this is an evening or daytime fragrance, it is quite sweet but in no way is it sickly sweet, the fragrance is mainly creamy coconut with a little vanilla. If you like coconut fragranced products then I would certainly recommend trying Black Coconut its one of Yankees nicer sweeter smells. 


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                    06.03.2013 22:03
                    Very helpful



                    I like this beautiful coconut wax tart very much

                    WHAT IS IT?

                    A wax tart from Yankee Candle. It is a fragrance that has not long been released and is called Black Coconut.

                    THE FRAGRANCE

                    I like this fragrance very much because coconut is one of my favourite smells and this wax tart has got a very nice and fresh coconut smell. I like it because Black Coconut does not have lots of different fragrances in it and so the smell is very strict to that of coconut without other things to spoil it. It is natural like a real coconut smell and I think that makes the air in my home smell like summer.

                    WHAT I THINK

                    The first thing I saw about this wax tart was that the wax is black and that surprised me even though the name of it is Black Coconut. When it melts in my wax tart burner I like very much the appearance of the melted wax because it is so glossy and beautiful. I was surprised that it did not stain my wax tart burner because of how dark it is and because other lighter tarts have.

                    The coconut smell is in the air very quickly after I have lit a candle and as soon as it starts to melt there is fragrance around my home. This is not a very strong smelling wax tart but that is to it's advantage I think because coconut is a very rich fragrance and many people would not like it to be too strong in the air unless they love coconut like I do. On the Yankee Candle website it says there are other fragrances in Black Coconut but they must be very weak because I cannot smell them at all and all I can smell is coconut.

                    I like that the fragrance is visible in the air for a long time even after the candle underneath the wax tart has gone out but I wish it was a bit stronger so that I could smell it in all of the rooms of my house and not just downstairs. I like this fragrance so much that I have bought it in a jar also to burn in my bedroom and let the fragrance travel for a further distance.

                    ANYTHING ELSE

                    The Black Coconut wax tart costs £1.20 and the smell lasts for about 8 hours from the first time you melt it.

                    5 Dooyoo Stars.


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                      28.02.2013 22:24
                      Very helpful



                      a gorgeous, exotic coconut scent

                      ~Black Coconut~

                      'Sunset in paradise..rich coconut, cedarwood and island blossoms promise an evening of luxurious tranquility'.

                      Black Coconut is a new addition to the Yankee Candle range. It was released in 2013 as part of the collection of scents which relate to Faraway shores. My review discusses the wax tart version of this scent but it can also be purchased in the form of housewarmer jars, tealights and votive samplers.

                      For those who are new to the world of Yankee Candle, a wax tart is a disc of solid wax which is packed full of natural extracts. The tart should be melted in a tart burner to allow the scent to be released. Each tart is said to offer at least 8 hours of scent and can be reused until all the scent is gone.

                      This particular wax tart looks different to many of the other tarts available. It is pure black in colour and this perfectly reflects its name. The tart is presented with a tight, clear wrapper around it and a label illustrates the a beach with the sunset in the distance. Very pretty indeed.

                      ~Price and Availability~

                      As Black Coconut is a new release, it will be available from your local Yankee stockist. It can also be purchased online from eBay, www.yankeescents4.com and www.yankeecandle.co.uk. Each 22g tart retails at £1.25.

                      ~My Thoughts~

                      When I discovered that Yankee Candle had released a new collection of scents this year, I just HAD to buy them. I favour the wax tarts for my initial purchase of any scent as I find them an inexpensive way of sampling a scent before commiting to the higher price of the housewarmer jars. Black Coconut was one which I was most looking forward to trying as I love the smell of coconut.

                      I melt wax tarts regularly to leave our flat smelling gorgeous. This is probably the darkest coloured wax tart available and I opted to melt it in my regular burner as opposed to my new electric burner. The wax tart melts quickly to form a pool of deep, hypnotic black liquid. I haven't noticed that my cream tart bowl has become stained from using this tart but this may not be the case with every tart burner.

                      I was very impressed with this tart from the moment I unwrapped it. A sniff of the solid wax revealed a faint fruity smell with a coconut topping - very pleasant. Whilst the tart melted, a fairly strong fragrance started to filter out from my alcove in my livingroom and quickly dominated the airspace in the room. Black Coconut flows beautifully and whilst it was most prominent in my livingroom, it was very noticeable through our entire flat (which is all on the one level). The scent was strong enough to take over any other homely odours including any cleaning fluid smells.

                      Black Coconut is perfectly suited to melting as the sun is going down and the evening is upon us. There is an element of light freshness evident at first and this is possibly the 'island blossom' note but the scent gradually changes to reveal a deep, dark sweetness. It is beautifully layered and the different notes come through perfectly and it is a well paced, all round natural scent in my opinion. It does make me think of being on holiday and is very comforting in a way. The scent is also quite indulgent due to the rich notes that flow through it.

                      As the scent hangs in the air, the coconut aroma isn't overpowering or too heavy at all. Given the name of Black Coconut, I did expect this scent the coconut to be very strong but it suits being that little weaker and simply layered in with the other notes. I love the way this scent progresses. I am able to appreciate a rich, tropical sweetness which comes through warm and inviting. The scent is creamy like a coconut based cocktail. At times, the scent gives off hints of what I consider to be chocolate. As you would expect, this is quite mouthwatering and makes me think of a delicious Bounty bar! I can't say that I notice much cedarwood within the scent.


                      I don't feel as if Black Coconut would appeal to everyone. I personally love this scent as it provokes fond memories and is therefore very comforting for me. I appreciate the strength of this tart is fills my home with its stunning aroma and is true pleasure to have melting in the background whilst relaxing. I find that this scent would be perfect for using all year round as there is warm yet quite Summery at the same time.

                      Black Coconut has an impressive strength and remains strong in the air whilst the tealight is still burning. After the tealight has gone out, the scent still lingers for up to an hour which I find excellent. I received around 12hours of strong scent from one tart before it weakened and became less powerful. I find this excellent and will be saving my pennies to purchase the large jar as this scent has had a big impact on me.

                      Highly recommended :)


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                        28.02.2013 18:44
                        Very helpful



                        Black Coconut Wax Tart from Yankee Candles.

                        Black Coconut is a relatively new fragrance from Yankee candles and became available to buy as one of the Spring '13 releases. It was one I was eager to try having enjoyed other Coconut based fragrances so when I saw it available instore at Clinton's I didn't need much persuading to part with my cash. I tend to buy the wax tarts that Yankee produce rather than the more expensive jar candles as they offer great value for money and they allow me the chance to experience a fragrance over the course of the wax tart's lifespan which tends to be around 8 hours.

                        A wax tart is simply a solid piece of fragrance-infused wax which when melted on a specialist tart burner releases it's fragrance into the air, Yankee have many fragrances available so finding something to suit shouldn't be too difficult and they tend to be nicely coloured with an illustrated sticker along with the name of the fragrance clearly printed on the label. Black Coconut is made, funnily enough, from black wax and even through the transparent wrapper it's Coconut fragrance is apparent, placing mine into the well of my tart burner and lighting a tea light underneath it didn't take too long for the strong smell of Coconut to become noticeable.

                        This is quite a simple fragrance, it's obviously Coconut in aroma and unlike some of the more complex scents that Yankee produce what you see is what you get with this one. Coconut is quite an easy fragrance to replicate and whilst it isn't the most inspiring of aromas I do think that Yankee have got it spot on in wax tart format and although it isn't one that develops over time into something else I did find it to be an uplifting scent that had an exotic edge. It's quite a Summery fragrance I think and definitely put me in mind of holidays abroad, maybe the fact that Suntan lotion is often coconut-y in fragrance made me make that connection and obviously a Bounty chocolate bar is a nice treat which this smells like too.

                        Being a rather strong fragrance I found that my wax tart had great longevity and I easily exceeded 8 hours fragrance life out of mine, it lingers nicely in the air and whilst not overpowering it is noticeable and made a nice contrast to the cold weather outside when I had mine melting. It's one to try out if you like true-life fragrances I think and as usual Yankee have taken something that you'd find in nature and replicated it perfectly, I always think they do 'fruit' and 'Nature' fragrances really well and for me Black Coconut was authentic and not artificial at all. It's not overly strong that it completely dominates but does a fine job of fragrancing a room and I'd definitely buy it again in this format. I don't think it would necessarily suit a large glass jar though as it is a one-note fragrance which could get a bit samey after a while and I don't think it would have the same staying power if it was burned too often so for me my purchase of a wax tart allowed me to get a few bursts of Coconut before it lost its aroma.

                        Black Coconut should appeal to plenty of people, it's not a complex scent but it is a perfect example of how good Yankee are at capturing recognisable fragrances and turning them into something to add a little bit of interest to a home. At around £1.20 the wax tarts are cheap for how much you can get out of them and they do offer you the chance to try a fragrance before paying out a lot more for one of the more expensive candles. I don't think it's worth 5 stars as a rating as it isn't as interesting as some other fragrances that Yankee produce but it still gets a very good 4 stars from me along with my recommendation.

                        Thanks for reading my review.


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                          07.02.2013 12:30
                          Very helpful



                          Lovely - would prefer an extra dash of coconut though!!

                          I used to use Yankee Candle wax tarts on an almost daily basis, however over the last year or so I have been using them less frequently as they can be an expensive habit! Recently I was given lots of new Yankee tarts by both my husband and my sister, many in fragrances I hadn't tried before, one of which was Black Coconut.

                          Black Coconut is a new fragrance for 2013 which is why I hadn't heard of it. I love anything coconut scented, so I know that if I had seen this there is a good chance I would have bought it myself.

                          I got this in a wax tart format. I know there are a lot of Yankee Candle reviews on here, but for those not familiar with the concept, a wax tart is a small disc of wax which is melted under the flame of a tea light in a tart burner (similar to an oil burner, but with a deeper bowl to accommodate the melted wax). Melting the tart releases the fragrance into the room in the same way a candle would. A basic tart burner can be picked up for around the five pound mark, but the Black Coconut scent comes in other formats if you don't fancy a wax tart. Also available are glass jars, glass tumblers, votives and tea lights.

                          Black coconut is indeed black in colour (although in some lights it appears to have a very slight purple tinge) and I do think black is a little unusual for a candle. That said, lots of people I know have gone for black and silver décor or black and white, so it may have quite a wide appeal. The picture on the label is a silhouette of a palm tree against a sunset.

                          The official description of this scent from Yankee is 'Sunset in Paradise...rich coconut, cedarwood and Island blossoms promise an evening of luxurious tranquility'. When I first received this, I was a little perplexed by the fragrance. I was expecting quite a pure coconut scent, but for me the coconut smell was not all that prominent at first. Instead there was quite a creamy fragrance to the wax with a slight hint of sweetness. Despite being unsure of the scent when I first began using this, it really grew on me and I found it very relaxing. The coconut scent does come through but more subtly than I would have expected. The overall aroma is very pleasant and fairly summery. Although I burned it downstairs in the living room, I actually felt that it had quite a spa type scent to it and I think it would have been ideal to use in the bathroom instead.

                          When I was burning this I found that the scent filled the room very quickly. The fragrance was strong yet not to the point that it became sickly or overpowering. I also found that when the first tea light had gone out, the fragrance still lingered in the room for some time.

                          Each wax tart should give around eight hours of fragrance according to the label and I found this to be accurate. After this time the tart seemed to have lost most of its scent. One thing I would note is that the black colouring left a stain on the inside of my tart burner, but this often happens to me with the darker coloured candles.

                          The prices and burn times below are approximate and will vary depending on where you shop. I usually buy my Yankee Candles from Collectables or Clinton's Cards, but my husband told me he bought this from Yankee.co.uk which is where the prices below are from.

                          Wax Tarts - Burn time 8 hours - £1.25
                          Votives - Burn time up to 15 hours - £1.80
                          Tea Lights (pack of 12) - Burn time 4-6 hours each -£6.75
                          Small Jar - Burn time 25-40 hours - £8.39
                          Medium Jar - Burn time 65-60 hours - £16.99
                          Large Jar - Burn time 110-150 hours - £19.99
                          Small tumbler - Burn time 35-40 hours - £9.95
                          Medium tumbler (two wick) - Burn time 45-50 hours -£15.49

                          Overall I really liked the Black Coconut fragrance and it is one which I would happily purchase again. I loved the creamy fragrance mixed with the coconut and found the scent very relaxing and gentle. I think this candle would be perfect for the warmer months and I would definitely recommend it.

                          *Originally posted on Ciao


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