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Yankee Candle Blueberry Muffin Wax Tart

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Brand: Yankee Candle / Type: Scented Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    2 Reviews
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      04.10.2012 23:18
      Very helpful



      An absolutely gorgeous fragrance; Blueberry Muffin is the perfect name for it!

      I've always adored everything about blueberries; the actual berries, blueberry flavoured 'things' and the smell when used in perfume and home fragrances. So when I heard about an elusive hard to find Yankee Candle offering of Blueberry Muffin I decided to track a wax tart down, something which was easier said than done as the only place stocking it at the time (and now) was Ebay where these tarts were selling for a much higher price than the more readily available scents. I'm frivolous with money, but just couldn't bring myself to bid upwards of £5 on a single tart - luckily I was having a late night Ebay mooch and found an auction which was due to end at 3am, I say luckily as all other potential bidders were tucked up asleep in bed so I picked the tart up for a shade under £3. Bargain!

      Typically, my tart took days to arrive (why is that much anticipated Ebay purchases are slow, yet buy a dull item and it'll be with you the following day?!) but I loved it from the moment the postie dropped it through my letter box. I could smell a buttery blueberry scent as I picked my parcel up and immediately blew out the tart I was burning so I could replace it with my newly acquired Blueberry Muffin one, bizarrely excitable at this round of coloured and scented wax that had just arrived.

      The fragrance, in my opinion, is out of this world. It comes through within a few short minutes of me lighting the tealight and is immediately very apparent in the air, it doesn't take long for it to drift around and fill the house with a sweet and absolutely delicious aroma. My house is open plan and after the Blueberry Muffin tart has been burning for around half an hour I can smell it in every corner of every room; it's such a comforting fragrance that everyone in the house likes it, which is just as well really as there's no escaping the scent once it gets going! The second time I burned it I was in the house on my own, cosied up on the sofa with the living room door closed, and was amazed at the strength of fragrance which built up in the room - I nipped to the loo after it had been burning for a couple of hours and walked back into a room which was so well fragranced that it seemed to cloud around me.

      But the strength of the fragrance means nothing unless it's actually a pleasant aroma - and boy, is this a pleasant aroma! It smells how I'd want my house to smell if I was a baker; the rich, sweet smell of freshly baked cake is hugely apparent as well as the fruitiness of the blueberries, which burst through and mingle perfectly with the sugary fragrance thrown out when I burn the tart. Everything is amazingly well blended; I can pick out individual notes such as the blueberries and sugar, but I've never known a wax tart that can actually take these elements and turn them into a fragrance that is so reminiscent of an actual item (in this case a cake). I knew I wasn't going to be disappointed by Blueberry Muffin but fragrance-wise it has exceeded all my expectations, it's rich and wonderfully sweet - not a particularly good one to burn if you're dieting as the aroma of this tart may make you crave something sweet and sticky!

      It's strange as underlying the sweet and buttery fragrance is an intense fruitiness (the blueberries) but although this is a reasonably strong scent it doesn't take over the overall experience of using the tart. Blueberry Muffin has an amazingly comforting fragrance and makes my house smell welcoming in the way that it would if I were being a good little housewife and baking goodies for my family. Yeah, right. The beauty of this tart is that I really don't need to make that effort; I can buy a nice cake from the bakery which will taste a damned sight better than anything I can create, then come home and light the burner for the wonderful aroma of home baking.

      The estimated eight hour burning time is spot on, the tart lasted through three tealights (roughly nine hours) and it was only towards the end of the third that I noticed a gradual diminishing of the scent coming from the burner. Obviously it lingers in the air for longer but the waves of fragrance slowly disappear and eventually to my disappointment it had gone altogether and left me hankering for another Blueberry Muffin tart - unfortunately, however, unless I can find them at a more reasonable price I'll have to look for something else as although this is an incredible fragrance I don't like using my entire Yankee Candle budget on one tart.


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        29.03.2012 21:52
        Very helpful



        juicy muffins!

        Yankee Candle specialise in offering an extensive range of home fragrance products.

        *~Blueberry Muffin~*

        Blueberry Muffin is a USA exclusive scent which Yankee offer. It can be purchased in various sized candle jars, votive samplers, tea lights and also as a wax tart. A wax tart is a disc of scented wax which should be placed in a tart burner. A tea light should be lit underneath and as the wax melts, the chosen Yankee scent will be released. Each tart is said to offer 8 hours of scent.

        The Blueberry Muffin wax tart is a deep blue colour and shrink wrapped. The label on the front shows freshly baked muffins which are filled with juicy looking blueberries! Yankee describe this scent as..

        'From Grandma's country kitchen, the welcoming aroma of blueberries bursting with flavour"

        *~Price and Availability~*

        Within the UK, the wax tart can be sourced from a few websites..

        www.yankeescents4u.com - £1.65 (the large jar is £16.99)
        eBay UK - £1.55 (large jar is £18.99)

        *~My Thoughts - Home Baking Yankee Style!~*

        I have became addicted to buying rare Yankee tarts and one I bought from eBay is the Blueberry Muffin scent. I couldn't wait to try this one and when it arrived, I was completely addicted to the strong, sweet aroma when the tart was still wrapped! I was certain this would be a hit with me. I burn wax tarts (or sometimes candle jars) daily as I love my home to smell nice and I love the relaxing ambience that candles offer in the evening.

        I popped this tart in my burner and within moments, I was hooked! Blueberry Muffin falls into the 'food scents' category and smells very natural. This is a very strong scent which fills our whole flat with a mouth watering aroma and when my Mum recently visited, she noticed the scent when she walked into our hallway. I was burning the tart in my alcove in the living room and was impressed by how well the scent actually travelled. This scent is very welcoming and would suit any room of the home.

        Blueberry Muffin won't be appreciated by all - it is heavy and sweet but oh so delicious! I love this smell as it fills my home with a lovely fresh baked aroma and I don't even need to get my baking stuff out! It fools you into thinking someone is baking muffins which does leave me feeling hungry for something sweet! As the scent lingers, the scent intensifies and is quite sweet and reminds me of walking in to a cake shop - that general sweet, cooking scent.

        The blueberries are the sweetness to the scent and the scent has a layered feel as I can detect different aromas as it burns. There is a juicy, moist sweetness evident in the scent but the blueberries also offer a slight sharpness to the overall scent and this stops it from being too sickly sweet. The overall scent is very comforting and homely. It smells exactly like blueberry muffins without a hint of anything artificial and the strength of the scent is amazing.


        This is an amazing foody scent and I will be putting in an order for more. I burned my tart for a few hours each time and would say that I got 10 hours of intense fragrance and then a little bit more of diluted scent before it disappeared. I was impressed by the fact that each time I blew out my tea light, the scent hung in the air for an hour or so. One evening I left the solidified tart in the burner for the next day and when I entered my living room, I could actually smell fresh muffins the next morning!

        Overall 5 stars - it may be rare but if you see it, buy it as you won't be disappointed!

        Thanks for reading x


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