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Yankee Candle Buttercream

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Brand: Yankee Candle / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    2 Reviews
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      10.06.2013 20:22
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      This is one of my most recent buys from the Yankee Candle range and I was attracted to it by the name of it, I thought the tart smelt really nice through the wrapper although this isn't necessarily how they smell once they are burning. The tart was bought in our local village shop costing me £1.20 which is about the average selling price for the tarts now in my area.

      The Yankee Candle came about in 1969 when Mike Kittredge created a candle for his mother by using melted down crayons, once neighbours expressed a desire to by the product they began to be made in large quantities and the Yankee Candle was born.

      There are a great range of different Yankee Candles and a great difference in price and burning time to boot,

      Wax Tartlets - £1.20 - 8 hours burning time
      Tea Lights - £6.45 for 12 - 4-6 hours burning time
      Sampler - £1.75 - 15 hours burning time
      Small Jars - £7.99 - 25-40 hours burning time
      Medium Jars - £15.99 - 65-90 hours burning time
      Large Jars - £18.99 - 110-150 hours burning time
      Small Tumbler - £9.45 - 35-45 hours burning time
      Medium Tumbler - £14.75 - 45-50 hours burning time
      Large Tumbler - £18.25 - 70-90 hours burning time

      There are over 100 different fragrance options and I like the fact that they bring out new fragrances for the different occasions through the year and that no matter what your budget you can enjoy the range. You can buy Yankee Candles cheaper over the internet however this of course means that you cannot smell them prior to purchase.

      The tartlets come in a simple plastic wrapper which is wrapped tightly around the tart, the tart is like a pastry case narrower at the bottom than the top but not by much and has fluted edges. This tart is cream in colour and pictures buttercream on it which looks lovely. On the back of the tart you have a label with a number of pictures on it giving a few warnings and information,

      A sign to say it will burn for more than 8 hours although some lose their smell before the 8 hours is up.
      Do not use with electric
      Do not leave unattended
      Do not use near curtains
      Keep 10cm between candles
      Keep away from children
      Do not use in a frying pan
      Do not add water

      When I opened the tart I was a greeted with the same lovely sweet smell that I had smelt through the wrapper in the shop, I put the tart into my burner and lit the tea light underneath. I would say that it took about 25 minutes before I could really detect the scent in my living room which is a lot longer than some tarts in the range take. I love the sweet smell of the tart but it tends to make me feel like eating something sweet which is not great! The scent is pretty strong and some people probably won't like the sweetness of it but personally I loved it. The smell was able to be detected throughout the majority of my house which is a pretty big 3 bed and I could smell it clearly the day after burning the tart too. You are told that you will get 8 hours of scent from the tart and I would say I easily had 8 hours from it making it great value in my opinion.

      I really liked this tart and it is one that I will happily buy again.


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        28.02.2013 14:59
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        a beautiful, creamy scent

        ~Yankee Candle Buttercream~

        'Fresh churned butter creamed with confectioner's sugar and vanilla bean'.

        Buttercream is a USA exclusive scent offered by Yankee Candle. Within the UK, it can be bought in the wax tart format. A wax tart is a solid disc of wax which has been created using natural extracts. It should be melted in an appropriate tart burner and can be reused. Each 22g wax tart is said to offer at least 8 hours of scent.

        This particular wax tart is a cream colour. It is neatly presented in a tight, plastic wrapper. The label on the front illustrates delicious looking buttercream.

        ~Price and Availability~

        Buttercream wax tart is available from www.yankeescents4.com and eBay UK priced around the £1.75 mark.

        ~My Thoughts~

        I am an avid Yankee Candle fan and often have a splurge of the rarer or USA scents. On my last splurge, I made a purchase of Buttercream. I absolutely love sweet scents so the description of this wax tart had my mouth watering - I just couldn't resist buying it. I own two wax tart burners and enjoy melting the tarts as way of leaving my home smelling gorgeous. I opted to melt this tart in my livingroom burner in the evening.

        On unwrapping this wax tart, a beautiful, creamy sweet aroma is evident. The tart melts quickly and forms a pool of clear liquid. Buttercream takes a short while to become really noticeable. For the first 20 minutes or so, I could only detect a faint sweetness whilst standing near to my tart burner. After 30 minutes, the scent was much stronger and filtered well around my large livingroom and into the kitchen and hallway. Our flat is all on the one level so it is nice to be able to appreciate the scent in different rooms. This tart offered enough strength to take over any cooking or other homely odours.

        Buttercream is definitely aimed at those who like sweet scents. Whilst it doesn't ever become sickly or overpowering like some other sweet scents, it is far from being subtle. There are distinct similarities between this scent and other, more readily available (in the UK) scents such as Christmas Cookie and Christmas Cupcake. Both of the mentioned scents are particular favourites of mine so I was pleased with the resemblence.

        This wax tart is a true treat to melt. I found it offered a homely, baking aroma which is comforting and very welcoming to any guests. The scent smells incredbily natural and is very much like a freshly made batch of rich, sweet buttercream which would be perfect on a freshly baked cupcake - mmmmm! Whilst melting this tart, the vanilla element isn't too heavy. It bursts through occasionally and adds a touch of additional sweetness to the creamy, buttery aroma. The complete scent is beautifully simple yet addictive.


        Buttercream is a gorgeous, foody aroma which comes across as being very warm and would entice guests into asking what treats are baking in the kitchen. I love the way the scent hangs in the air and even when the tealight has gone out, the scent is still noticeable for a short while. I melted this tart over the course of a few evenings and experienced around 10 hours of absolutely delicious, heavenly sweetness. I was disappointed when the scent had started to weaken so have ordered some more Buttercream wax tarts!

        Whilst Buttercream does have a resemblence to other scents, there is enough of a difference between them for me to happily pay the extra 50p for this version. It is simply divine and comes highly recommended by me if you like sweet scents.

        Thanks for reading :)


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