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Yankee Candle Candy Corn

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7 Reviews
  • smell delicious
  • good strength of scent
  • may be too sweet for some
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    7 Reviews
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      01.10.2015 21:42
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • "good strength of scent"
      • "smell delicious"


      • "may be too sweet for some"


      ABOUT: This delicious seet scent will rmeind you of nothing more than the delicious sweet treats that you may get around halloween, whether trick or treating or going to a Halloween party. I am reviewing the Candy Corn wax tart which is round in shape but has a scalloped edge to it. It has a good thickness to it and is a bright orange colour as you might expect from a Halloween themed wax tart.

      The wax tart comes individually wrapped in plastic with a sticker on the top clearly stating the name of the wax tart and there will also be a picture to represent the scent as well. I believe the picture may change slightly every year on this particular wax tart. The plastic wrapper comes off the tart easily ready for placing in your tart burner.

      PRICE: I paid around £1.45 for a single wax tart from my local Clintons store. You can also purchase them online as well.

      IN USE: I placed the wax tart into the top of the burner and then lit an unscented tea-light and placed it into the bottom of the burner and let eht wax melt. The wax hadn't even melted fully when I was able to get hints of the lovely sweet scent coming from the wax tart which smelt delicious.

      As the wax melted more the scent became a little stronger and it wasn't long before the scent had actually filled my room and even drifted out onto the landing a little as well. By now the wax had melted so there a pool of bright orange wax in the top of the burner.

      I had the tea-light in the bottom of the burner for a good hour or so before blowing it out so my room was full of the lovely sweet scent of the wax tart. I didn't find the scent too sickly or over-powering which was good although I suspect some people might.

      After blowing out the tea-light I was surprised that the sweet scent lingered for a little before completely dissapearing. I like the fact that the scent lingered as the majority of the scents seem to go after blowing the flame out.

      OVERALL: A delicious sweet scent that I love.


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        23.07.2013 10:31
        Very helpful



        A failry average offering from Yankee

        Yankee Candle Candy Corn

        This was my second bulk purchase from a bargain store in Derby where they sell end of lines and out of date bits and pieces. Sometimes you get the most amazing bargains. I have previously bought several Yankee Candle diffusers from here at less than a fiver each. Recently they have had lots of Yankee Candles. Some of the big jars for a fiver and these votives at three for a quid. They only had two scent options, obviously left over from Halloween, these were this and the Witches' Brew. I bought a box of each and have been using them since.

        I ma not usually a fan of votives as I prefer the tarts as the scent seems to carry better BUT at this price I was not complaining. I burn the mini candles until they are as useful as they can be as candles then use the remaining wax as a tart and find that I get a good eight hours from this. I could just use them cut up directly as tarts I suppose but find them okay as candles so do it my way.

        I do like Yankee Candles as the scent does give a good carrying quality but I am not so keen of the wax they use as it is paraffin wax and it does give off hidden toxins I have been informed.

        I am always careful to place any candles in a heat proof candle holder and have found that these little candles give me about 6 hours of candle burn and then of course I collect the wax and get another eight hours at least. Sometimes I use only part of the wax at a time so I get excellent value from my 30p paid.

        The little votive is a deep orange colour and the label shows a spooky skelton/spider hanging from a large web - very 'Halloween'.

        Yankee describe this ".The familiar, sweet scent of candy corn is a fond reminder of Halloween fun and treats. "

        The smell of this hard to detect even as a candle smelling it without burning this smells creamy sweet but very subtly. It is rather underwhelming to me

        I have had this burning for some time and entered the room to really struggle to smell the candle. If you didn't know it was burning in a room and where not right next to it then you would not even notice it.

        Yankee may or may not release this again. Whether they do or not I will not be buying it and even at the price I paid of around 30p I won't be bothering with it. They do have other formats which were available for October 2012 and these were;

        Small "Sampler" Candles - Burn time up to 15 hours 
        Small Glass Jar - Burn time up to 25 - 40 hours (Prices around £7.50 - £8) 
        Medium Glass Jar - Burn time up to 65 - 90 hours (Prices around £15 - £17) 
        Large Glass Jar - Burn time up to 110 - 150 hours (Prices around £18 - £20) 

        You may find them still online or through Ebay if you are really keen to see and smell for yourself but personally I wouldn't bother as there are many more far nicer scents Yankee make you can try. My funny little bargain shop still has boxes of both the varieties I bought and I will be buying another of the Witches' Brew but not this one as it isn't worth it , there is almost no scent at all.


        Remember NEVER leave candles burning unattended.
        Keep them away from children
        Put them somewhere on a heat proof mat NOT on a TV as it may burn through the plastic and then you will have an electric fire.

        Candles and tarts are great for adding atmosphere providing you are sensible and take all the safety precautions so do take care.


        No not for me. I loved the other Halloween offering but this is just a nothing of a scent. It is sweet, benzoin which neither lasts nor carries.

        Thanks for reading. Anyone living near Derby who wants the address of this funny little shop for its other bargains or this is you are still desperate to try yourself and don't believe me - message me!

        Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.



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        31.10.2012 11:53
        Very helpful



        stock up!

        ~Candy Corn~

        Yankee Candle offer a wide range of candles and other scented products for your home and car. They release seasonal scented candles throughout the year and the one I will be discussing is a Halloween limited edition - Candy Corn.

        Online, you can source Candy Corn in different formats including various sized housewarmer jars, tealights, votives and wax tarts. My views are based on the small housewarmer jar which weighs in at 3.7oz and promises 25-40hours of burning time. Depending on where you buy this jar, it may be slightly different in design. My jar is the same as all the other housewarmer jars - small, round and made from clear glass. It features a decent sized opening at the top and is complete with a chunky, round lid. Safety instructions are noted on the bottom of the jar.

        The label adorning my jar illustrates a hat wearing skeleton. This combined with the bright orange wax makes for a fun looking candle. A single wick runs down the inside of the wax and is easiest to light with a long match or candle lighter. I choose the latter. Candy Corn i described as being 'the familiar, sweet scent of candy corn is a fond reminder of Halloween fun and treats'.

        ~Price and Availability~

        The small jar retails at £8.49 but can be bought at a discounted price online. Expect to pay £7.49 from www.yankeescents4.com and £6.79 from Amazon UK. At the time of writing, a seller on eBay is offering 3 jars for £8.99 with free postage - an incredible saving!

        ~My Thoughts~

        Halloween is my second favourite 'seasonal' event (second to Christmas). What better way to mark the 31st of October than by reviewing a Halloween treat from my favourite candle company! I bought my jar of Candy Corn alongside Witches' Brew and adore both of them despite being completely different scents. I love this one so much that I have stocked up on the small jars as I would happily burn this one all year around - day and night if I could aswell!

        I had originally planned to hold off until Halloween to burn this candle but in all honesty, I am just burning the remains of it this morning. When my jar arrived, I popped the lid off and was immediately addicted to the sweetness of this candle. It is definitely different from other sweet Yankee Candles in my opinion and this makes it a little more special. Whilst Candy Corn is a big thing over in the UK, it is popular in the USA. I cannot admit to having smelled nor tasted Candy Corn but after sampling this candle, I would be more than happy to order some to try!

        When in use, I have my small jar sitting in my alcove. It lights well and it is easy to keep the wick trimmed to avoid smoke damage. The glass does become hot so care must be taken not to move it or burn it around small children and animals. I try to burn my candles when my son is out at nursery or in bed sleeping. The lit wick flickers gently inside the jar and illuminates the orange wax as it melts. It does give off a reasonably amount of light.

        Whilst Candy Corn isn't the strongest Yankee scent, it is certainly far from being weak. Naturally, one who doesn't like sweet aromas should avoid this as it is all sweetness. To me, this is perfect as I can scent my home with a heavenly sweet aroma and not have to consume any unneccesary calories! The opening of the small jar allows enough scent to filter out to fill my livingroom within 15-20minutes. After half an hour, the scent can also be detected in the hallway and our bedroom in a subtle form but still every bit as satisfying.

        Candy Corn does a good job of eliminating homely odours but never becomes sickly or overpowering. It offers a foody aroma and pleasant, welcoming atmosphere to my home. Visitors have commented that the scent is a combination of home baking and a big bag of sweeties. Whilst I can agree with this, there is more too the scent as it is layered beautifully and is very unique.

        The main focus is on a rich, buttery aroma which is absolutely divine! As the scent lingers around our home, other notes start to emerge and compliment the buttery goodness. Vanilla is evident and comes across as being very naturally sweet rather than synethic and sickly. There is an undertone of crunchy sugar tinged with a spoonful of something which reminds me of honey. I'm not a big fan of honey scents but blended in with other sweet aromas, it doesn't give me a headache.

        Candy Corn is the perfect scent to enjoy whilst relaxing in the evening but is equally as nice to burn during the day. It has an element of freshness behind it which does a good job of brightening my mood as well as satisfying my cravings for all things sweet. It has character and is the perfect, delicious foody scent to burn for Halloween. I chose to burn this for a few hours each time and it burned down evenly leaving no wastage. The sweetness remained in the air for an hour or so before fading. The scent remained consistent with each use and I would say my jar offered around 35hours of burning time and aroma.


        All in all, I can highly recommend this scent. I only wish I had discovered the scent of Candy Corn sooner. The small jar does represent good value for money and I couldn't resist stocking up at the reduced eBay price. Whether or not I can resist burning them until next Halloween is a different matter!

        5 stars!

        Thanks for reading x


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          29.09.2012 09:20
          Very helpful



          Halloween themed fragrance from Yankee Candles. One for those with a sweet tooth.

          "Candy Corn" is one of a number of Halloween-themed fragrances that Yankee Candles release at this time of the year and along with "Witches Brew" (one of my own personal favourites) these are currently available both online and on the high street. I bought a couple of Candy Corn wax tarts not so long ago as last year I missed out on buying any and whilst Witches Brew is a deep, heady patchouli-rich scent Candy Corn is the exact opposite being sweet and sugary, a definite "treat" rather than "trick".

          My wax tart is deep orange in colour and has a brightly coloured sticker on its top, they're designed to be melted in a tart or oil burner and usually have around 8 hours of fragrance infused into the wax. Yankee have a massive selection of fragrances in their collection so finding something to suit an individual's taste shouldn't be too difficult and Candy Corn would definitely be one to consider if you're in to sugary-smelling fragrances that pack a bit of a punch.

          It only takes around 15 minutes for Candy Corn to become noticeable once it's had time to melt a little and it reaches its peak at around an hour, whilst I can usually detect the different elements that go into a fragrances composition with this one it's rather hard to describe as there are no individual aromas that stand out from the others, instead Candy Corn is just one big mish-mash of all things sweet. There are definite sugar notes which blend with an almost too-sweet syrup, vanilla is in there somewhere I think to give it an added richness and at the heart of the fragrance there is a hit of something spicy (nutmeg perhaps?) which stops it from being too sickly. You're going to have to be a fan of very-sweet fragrances to enjoy Candy Corn in my opinion as it is slightly on the tooth-achingly sugary side and whilst I am fan of both sweet and fruity fragrances there is a tendency for this one to be almost over-powering before it settles down.

          Unlike Witches Brew which is quite a sensual scent given its deep patchouli undertones Candy Corn is far more fun, I can see why Yankee market this as a Halloween fragrance and for a treat I do think it's appropriately named. It's not a fragrance I would have burning in my home all year round I must admit as it is perhaps a little too sweet and almost-artificial smelling for me but if you're throwing a Halloween party and have sugar-fuelled kids running around then it would definitely add to the experience (it stands to reason that you need to be careful with candles and naked flames so I won't patronise anyone reading this by telling them to keep candles out of childrens reach etc)

          Out of the two Halloween fragrances that I have tried Witches Brew remains my own favourite but there's plenty going for Candy Corn for me to recommend it to others. You do get a good 7-8 hours worth of fragrance from a single wax tart although by around 5 hours it does start to diminish and all but fades into the background. This wouldn't be a fragrance I would buy in the larger glass-jarred or tumbler formats as I do think that the overly-sweet novelty factor would soon wear off but as a wax tart or perhaps even as a votive I would say it's well worth checking out. Four stars as a rating from me, I liked Candy Corn but it wouldn't be a fragrance I buy on a regular basis, thanks for reading my review.


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            18.06.2012 12:49
            Very helpful



            No tricks here, this candle is a real treat!

            I love candles and have tons of holders scattered around my house so I can create the perfect romantic or haunting lighting effects. I particularly like fragranced candles as they create a lovely atmosphere, especially during the evenings when you want to feel all cosy. The Yankee Candle brand seems pretty popular here on Dooyoo and although I was a bit put off by the RRP of the full sized candles, I thought it would be worth trying a few samplers to test out the fragrances and see if Yankee Candles live up to their reputation.

            Product description: "The familiar, sweet scent of candy corn is a fond reminder of Halloween fun and treats. Create the perfect Halloween atmosphere at home with this special seasonal fragrance!"

            The Candy Corn fragrance is part of the Yankee Candle Hallowe'en range of candles. Each fragrance is available in a variety of different forms: wax tart, sampler votive, tea lights, small jar, medium jar and large jar. The label design for Candy Corn fits in with the Hallowe'en theme, featuring a Pumpkin King type figure (cute rather than scary) and a mass of candy corn sweets. The candle itself is made of a bright orange wax which also fits in with the traditional Hallowe'en colour scheme.

            Americans tend to make much more of a fuss over holidays than us Brits. I don't really do much in the way of celebrating traditional holiday seasons, but Hallowe'en is my favourite event of the year and so I was really keen to try out the Yankee Candle Hallowe'en fragrances. I've never eaten candy corn before so I wasn't exactly sure what it would smell like and if the fragrance would be authentic when likened to the real thing. However, I adore food scented products and this candle has a delicious soft fragrance that suits my sweet tooth! The Candy Corn scent is very sweet with lots of vanilla and is quite simple without too many layers or different notes. If Yankee Candle made this into a perfume I would definitely wear it! The candle gives off a nice level of fragrance which is enough to scent one room when lit for a few hours at a time. It is warming, comforting and perfect for creating a relaxed atmosphere when I want to wind down and have a lazy day or evening at home.

            Although this is a Hallowe'en edition fragrance, I personally don't feel that it is an exclusively seasonal product. I would associate the day with heavier foody scents like toffee apples or spiced pumpkin pie, and the clean and sweet scent of the Candy Corn candle is something that I feel would suit being used on any occasion and doesn't need to be saved just for Hallowe'en.

            I would strongly recommend purchasing a specific votive sized candle holder if you intend on using Yankee Candles' sampler sized candles. I have tried one previously in an ordinary, larger candle holder and the sampler completely lost its shape and puddled away into an un-useable mess. Having a votive holder means that the sampler candle slips in and sits close to the sides which helps it to maintain its structural integrity while burning.

            The sampler votives are rather small and measure in at about 2" tall, but despite their size they still claim to give around 15-20 hours of burning time. When using this candle I kept it burning for about 3 hours at a time so that the wax melted evenly and I'm not left with wasted leftover bits that get stuck against the edges of the glass holder and won't melt down. The level of scent created by this candle is just right for scenting one room and after three hours this gives a nice overall effect without being overpowering. I got 5 days of use from this candle which puts it at the lower end of the expected burn time, but this still a pretty good performance.

            The RRP for Yankee Candle sampler votives is around £1.75 - £1.80. I bought my first selection of Yankee Candles through an online supplier in the UK: www.yankeedoodle.co.uk as they have a huge selection and have some great special offers. I managed to buy my Candy Corn sampler for just £1.00 when it was out of season, and this was excellent value for money. I really like this fragrance and would definitely recommend it to other people that enjoy sweet scents. A nice treat for Hallowe'en, or any time that you want to feel cosy at home!


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              13.04.2012 22:45
              Very helpful



              Not Really a nice candle for me.

              ""The Yankee Candle Company""

              Firstly I would like to tell you a little about the company who makes these Candles. Yankee Candle is one of the world largest candle companys. It all started with a teenage boy called Mike Kittredge in a town called South Hadley, Massachusetts USA. Mike made is first candle for his mother for Christmas 1969 out of melted crayons. His neighbours saw his candle and brought some so he made more and began producing them in higher amounts. He had help from different sources to find the growth of Yankee Candle. The company slowly expanded and moved to South Deerfield in 1983.

              Yankee Candle has grown and now has Many shops and factories throughout europe, the Uk is a big seller of the Candles.

              Yankee Candy doesnt just sell candles, they sell many different fragranced products like Room Sprays, Car Freshners, Hand sanitizers, Diffusers, Tart Burners, Candle Stands, Plug-ins.

              ""Where can you buy Yankee Candle products from:""

              You can purchase Yankee Candles in my area from Clinton Cards, Yankee Candle Shop in Norwich, Private Card Shop on my local high street, House of fraser Noriwch.

              You can also buy online at:""http://www.yankeecandle.co.uk/""

              Also we had a Yankee candle party with a consultant from the local area, a lady came to our house and you invite friends and family and you all can look at the products and buy. The host of the party gets lots of free gifts and money off their sales. Do a google search of yankee candle party consultants in your area. These are a great way to look at and smell at your pace with great offers.

              ""My Personal Experience with Yankee Candle:""

              I have been buying Yankee Candle products for over 3 years now, someone brought me one as a gift and i was amazed at the strong and lasting area of the candle. I then started buying these candles myself using the smaller samplers to check if i liked the smell before purchasing larger jars. I have tried many different frangrances and have many personal likes as well as some i will not use again.

              ""This Candle:""

              This candle was brought out for Halloween, this review is for the small Votive sampler one and i paid £1.70, price can vary between shops for Votive samplers. You can some times get offers if you buy so many together but its normally the local private stores that offer these to the big stores.

              Size of this Candle:
              Height: 5.0cm (2.0")
              Diameter: 4.5cm (1.8")

              I brought this because we was having a hallween evening and thought it might help. Votive Samplers have a whole burning time of around 15 hours, i would say this was about right as i feel my yankee candles last very long compared to other cheaper brands.

              The Candle is very orange and when you first light the candle it really reflects orange in the room. The Candle is surpose to smell of candy corn but personally i didnt think it did (I cant really explain the smell, maybe burnt Vanilla is the closest to explain), i really wasnt sure if i liked the smell while it was burning or not. After i blew out the candle it left an unpleasent smell, my son said this was because the candle was made for halloween and thats why it gave off that smell (It wasnt surpose to be nice). Maybe hes right but i didnt like the smell and went and got several of my nicer yankee candles and burnt them to get rid of the smell. Maybe the sent just wasnt for me but condsidering all 4 of us in the house had the same opnion i think it says alot.

              My Overall Rating out of 10 for this product is 3/10 because personally i am not too keen on the sent it gives off but was good for Halloween. Not one i will buy again i am afraid.

              Same review on ciao.


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              03.10.2011 09:57
              Very helpful




              Candy Corn is a tri-coloured [yellow, orange and white] American candy made from corn syrup, marshmallow and fondant. It is sold all year round in America and Canada, but is especially popular in autumn and has become a sort of mascot for Halloween. The Yankee candle version of CANDY CORN is therefore unsurprisingly very sweet, so be warned.

              Scent-wise there's not really much to say. if you love benzoin, you'll want to eat this candle. All the classic benzoin hallmarks are here; vanilla, burnt sugar, slightly buttery notes, with a faint almond-cherry undertone.

              There is extra vanilla in the fragrance, to mimic the marshmallow, and there is also a pinch of what I think is nutmeg, possibly cinnamon, underneath everything else to give everything a bit of a kick.

              As with all Yankee candles, the entirety of the wax is perfumed; I've used some candles where the fragrance burns up before the candle does, but that is not the case here. The fragrance lasts as long as the candle does and I even catch occasional wafts of the perfume whilst the candle is unlit.

              To sum up the scent; I really enjoy using the CANY CORN scented candle and will be buying more while I still can, this is second only to Christmas Cupcake on my favourite Yankee candle list.

              However; we Brits don't have the same connections between candy corn sweets and Halloween, so this is not a fragrance that says "Halloween is almost here." I'll be using CANDY CORN again, but I see it as a all-year round fragrance, rather then a seasonal special.

              I mainly use my candles in my bedroom for a few hours in the evenings. A single Yankee votive sampler will last about one week in total. so seven days, with two to three hours per use mains each one has a burning time of between roughly fourteen to sixteen hours. Very good for £1.65.

              You can tell if you are buying old stock by checking the label; the 2011 design features a top hat wearing skeleton. My CANDY CORN candle has a different design, so was at least a year old before I got it and I must say that the fragrance is the quietest I've used out of the Yankee range; every other fragrance I've had is clearly recognizable whilst the candle was still wrapped and the scent would linger on my hands after I placed them in a holder.

              I can smell the fragrance around the room clearly after lighting the candle, but, again, it is much softer then the other Yankee candle's I've used - normally the fragrance will travel over the house and I'll still catch a lingering sniff of it the following day, but this is not the case with CANDY CORN, it's definitely something to use for creating atmosphere in a single room only.

              I don't know if the fairly subtle scent of the fragrance is due to the fact that it is old stock or not, but it is worth baring in mind - especially if you find yourself being charged more then the recommended RRP.

              Yankee do sell some really lovely holders for their votive and tea lights, including cute Halloween ones, but in this case lovely can also mean pricey [I've seen some for £16]. I've never seen any Yankee candle holders in store, so I'd have to buy online, so prices and availability vary.

              Personally I bought similarly sized scented candles already in glass and tin holders from a Poundland style shop, burned them down quickly and now use the holders to hold the Yankee candles with no problem.

              You could use a saucer as the votive will perfectly fit into most cup grooves in the saucer. You could also look in your cupboard and size up shot glasses, small glass tumblers and small jars to find a good fit.

              - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
              Sizes and burn times and RRP
              - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

              6 - 8 hour burn time - £1.20

              Sampler votive
              15 - 20 hour burn time - £1.65

              Small jar
              25 -40 hour burn time - £7.75

              Medium jar
              65 - 90 hour burn time - £15.99

              Tea lights [12 per pack]
              4 - 6 hour burn time per candle - £6.99

              I've seen the CANDY CORN scented candles for sale in the above sizes. The availability of these sizes will differ from retailer to retailer as this particular candle is a Halloween special.

              The final sale price may differ from Yankee's RRP

              *If you are interested in using a tart, you'll need to buy a tart burner. The nicer ones are between fifteen to thirty pounds, but planer designs can be bought through Amazon for five pounds [plus two pounds postage]


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