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Yankee Candle Cherry Blossom

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Brand: Yankee Candle / Type: Scented Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    10 Reviews
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      10.10.2012 09:28
      Very helpful



      A lovely tart which made for an enjoyable first experience with Yankee Candle.

      I scent my home by burning fragrance oils or incense and I've never really bothered burning scented candles for a fragrance as I always imagined the scent would be rather underwhelming. However it's extremely difficult to overlook Yankee Candles when you're reading and rating on Dooyoo and recently I decided to find out if these infamous wax tarts really were worth all of these rave reviews I so often come across. Despite the fact I'd never heard of Yankee Candle until I joined Dooyoo I felt like a bit of expert when I placed my order to try some for myself!

      Yankee Candles come in many different scents and forms but wax tarts seem to be the most popular. These tarts, which I am reviewing, are circular fluted chunks of wax which have no wick. To burn these you simply pop them into an oil or tart burner and a light a tea light underneath to release the fragrance. Typically the tarts cost around £1 - £2 depending on the fragrance and where you buy them and are available from Clinton Cards, House of Fraser, a variety of independent shops and many different websites. I purchased mine from Ebay and got a pick 'n' mix of ten for £9.50. As there was an overwhelming amount of scents to pick from I decided to let the seller chose my ten for me and one which I received was this Cherry Blossom tart which I was rather excited about as the Cherry Blossom range in The Body Shop has my favourite smell!

      The Cherry Blossom scent also comes in small, medium and large tumbles and jars, as a sampler candle and as tea lights which all offer different burn times and ways to display.

      My wax tart came tightly wrapped in plastic which displayed a picture of Cherry Blossoms along with the Yankee Candle name and scent name on the front. I was a little disappointed to find that there was virtually no scent when I sniffed this through the wrapper and even more so to find that the scent was still pretty non-existent when I unwrapped it too. Still, I placed the pale pink tart into my oil burner (make sure you have one with a deep well as these produce a lot of wax) and placed my tea light underneath.

      It took around ten, maybe fifteen, minutes before I could detect any scent but when I did, what a lovely scent it was! The tart produced a very fresh, sweet floral scent which was very subtle but still detectable. The scent instantly made me think of summer and being outdoors and really captured the cherry blossom scent quite well I thought.

      I burnt this in my bedroom which is rather small and felt the scent travelled rather nicely throughout the room although I can't help but feel I would have been left with a very underwhelming experience had I burnt this in a larger and more open room. The scent was detectable in my room and in my room only where as some incense and oils I burn can be smelt coming up the stairs when I've burnt them here. Nag Champa incense somehow manages to travel around my entire house from this room!

      Having said that the scent was very long lasting. I started burning this at around 4pm and my tea light went out around three hours later after which time I just left it alone. I woke up the next morning and could still detect the scent this tart had left in my room which was rather nice to wake up to! When I woke up I placed another tea light underneath (this tarts have a burn time of approx eight hours so they can be used for longer than one tea light will last) and again, was left with that fresh, crisp scent for the rest of the day.

      All in all this was a pretty pleasurable first experience with Yankee Candles and has left me keen to try my remaining tarts before probably ordering some more (so expect yet another regular Yankee Candle reviewer)! The scent was lovely and reminded me of my favourite Cherry Blossom perfume from The Body Shop and the scent was long lasting and travelled nicely around my bedroom. I don't think I'd burn this one in my front room as the fragrance isn't strong enough to carry around a larger space but it's lovely for smaller rooms.


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      03.10.2012 11:45
      Very helpful



      fresh and sweet

      ~Cherry Blossom~

      Cherry Blossom is offered by Yankee Candle in different formats including candle jars, votives and tealights. The best, purse-friendly way to experience this scent is by purchasing a wax tart. For those unfamiliar with Yankee Candle, a wax tart is a disc of wax which contains natural extracts of scent. It can be placed whole or halved in a tart burner to be melted and Yankee promise at least 8 hours of scent for your home.

      The Cherry Blossom wax tart will certainly appeal more to us females being a baby pink colour. The tart comes tightly wrapped in clear plastic and the label adorning the packaging illustrates cherry blossoms. Yankee describe this scent as 'A rite of Spring..vibrantly distinctive cherry blossoms with notes of bergamot and sandalwood.


      Cherry Blossom wax tart is available online from stores such as www.yankeescents.4.com and Amazon. It can also be purchased on the highstreet from Yankee Candle stockists. Expect to pay between £1.00 and £1.20 per 22g tart.

      ~My Thoughts~

      Knowing my love of all things related to Yankee Candle, one of my reviewing friends sent me a Cherry Blossom wax tart a short while ago. I feel she made the right choice as at the time, I was feeling incrediby low and it was intended to cheer me up so was very much appreciated. Whilst I have sampled hundreds of Yankee tarts over the past few years, I normally shy away from the floral scents on offer and favour sweet, spicy or fruity scents. Having now tried Cherry Blossom, I can confirm that I am addicted!

      The wax tarts are definitely the best way to experience all that Yankee Candle has to offer but without breaking the bank. Cherry Blossom is a beautifully presented wax tart and in solid form, has a lovely, sweet floral scent. I have a deep dish on my tart burner so tend to pop a whole tart in at the one time. The tart melts quickly to form a pool of pink liquid and the scent of Cherry Blossom starts to filter around my living room and travel into my hallway and kitchen at quite a quick pace. Any homely odours are quickly eliminated as the scent rises and it does encourage a welcoming ambience around my home which I like.

      Being a floral scent, I would have immediately assumed this would be only suited to melting during the day as a light scent. To me, the scent actually comes across as having a beautiful depth without being too heavy or overpowering. This makes it a more versatile scent that could be used day or night and still not seem out of place. I chose to use it during a few warmer evenings we had. There is no mistaking the stunning Cherry Blossom scent here - it is very natural. The scent is quite fresh courtesy of the bergamot. It really brightens up my home and carries a delicate yet noticeable floral/sweet smell.

      After a short while, the scent of Cherry Blossom changes a little. The bergamot takes a back seat and whilst the cherry blossom stays in control. the sandalwood changes the scent to a warm, relaxing scent. The sandalwood compliments the cherry blossom just as well as the bergamot and the overall scent flows nicely from fresh, floral and sweet to warm, sweet and a hint of floral. The scent lingers in the air for a good 45 mins after each tealight goes out and the scent immediately comes alive when the solid wax is melted again.


      Whilst melting this tart, I was pleased with the overall scent and feel it offered just the right amount of strength given the different scents that were blended together. I melted this over the course of a few days and found that I received around 12 hours of scent from my tart which I feel makes it excellent value for money. This is quite a special scent as not only does it make my home smell lovely, it also relaxed me in a way and it was definitely the right choice to brighten my mood.

      Highly recommended :)


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        04.07.2012 16:17
        Very helpful



        A lovely wax tart for lovers of sweet, floral fragrances

        Lovely tarts
        Yankee is a company that is based in the US and produces a wide range of scented candles - that are obviously very popular on here as I frequently read reviews! The candles come in a range of sizes and fragrances but the ones I am using at the moment are the wax tarts.

        The Yankee wax tarts can't really be described as candles as they have no wick! Instead, you pop the tart into a special tart burner - or you can just use a normal oil burner as I do - and light a tealight underneath to melt the wax and release the fragrance. You can generally get up to ten hours use out of the tarts as you can re-use them.

        I actually bought a bulk lot of wax tarts on ebay recently, so this cost me £1. I recommend shopping around online as the prices do vary but you should be able to pick this up for around the £1-£1.50 mark.

        A rite of spring...
        This particular tart isn't one I wouldn't normally have chosen, as I tend to opt for fruitier fragrances. But as I was buying quite a few tarts at once I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try something different too. Yankee Candles describes the scent of this as: "A rite of spring ... vibrantly distinctive cherry blossoms with notes of bergamot, and sandalwood". This seems a bit of an odd mix to me so I really wasn't sure what to expect!

        A floral fragrance
        As with all wax tarts it comes shrink wrapped in plastic and this particular tart has a bright baby pink colour. Inside the packaging, this has a strong, sweet fragrance. Popping this into my oil burner and lighting a tealight, I would say it took about 30 minutes or so before I could detect the sweet fragrance. Personally I can't detect the bergamot or sandalwood - instead this has a sweet floral fragrance, which I would say is quite feminine. It is a fresh, clean smell and definitely a springtime scent.

        Nice but not for me
        This wax tart has a very pleasant fragrance, but it doesn't rate as one of my favourite smells! It is a bit too flowery for me and although I am more than happy to keep using it until it runs out, it isn't one I would personally purchase again. But if you are a fan of very sweet, floral fragrances then I would highly recommend this tart. It scents the room nicely and, as I have found with other wax tarts, works really well and creates a pleasant atmosphere and fragrance. So I will still give this four stars as it is a perfectly good product - but just not to my own personal taste.

        Additional Yankee info....
        The average prices of Yankee candles are as follows...

        Tea lights - £6 for a pack of 12 (each burns for 4-6 hours)
        Wrapped samplers - £1.50 each (burns for around 15 hours in a proper sampler jar)
        Wax tarts - £1-1.20 each (these are wickless candles that burn in an oil or tart burner (with a tea light underneath) for around 8 hours)
        Small jar candles - £7.75 (105g - burn for 25-40 hours)
        Medium jar candles - £16 (411g - burn for around 65-90 hours)
        Large jar candles - £18.45 (625g burn for 110-160 hours)


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        31.05.2012 12:59
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A gorgeous scent but I will not be buying this again :(

        Yankee candle Cherry Blossom small jar

        I bought this candle a while ago and I have been burning it recently. I have wanted to buy this scent for a while but as it was on offer in house of fraser for £5 I thought I would try it.

        - Product description (from amazon uk)

        "Instantly recognisable, the classic design of Yankee Candle's much-loved signature jar candle remains a firm favourite among candle fans. Convenient and easy to use, a small house warmer Jar Candle provides 25 to 40 hours of true fragrance enjoyment. Scent Description: A rite of spring... vibrantly distinctive cherry blossoms with notes of bergamot, and sandalwood."

        - About the product

        There are three jar sizes available: small, medium and large. I have a couple of the large jars (sweet honeysuckle and midnight jasmine) and I have this fragrance in a small jar. The jars, in particular the small jars, look really cute in my opinion. The jar is made out of glass and it contains the candle wax which in this case is pink! There is always an image on Yankee candle products so visually represent the fragrance and in this case the picture is that of a cherry blossom tree/petals which looks really pretty. Due to the cuteness of the small jars, the famous brand name and the image on the front of the jar, I think this would make a gorgeous present. The small jars are clear, they have Yankee candle on the front of the lid of the jar and they contain 104g of candle wax.

        - Scent
        The scent is described as cherry blossom notes, bergamot and sandalwood. The scent when the candle is not burning is so nice, it is really floral and sweet and it has some musky notes as well which must be the sandalwood. The scent in the jar, while it is not burning, is fairly strong and just gorgeous. I think this candle would be appropriate for spring and summer and it would be great for people who like slightly powdery floral notes with a hint of musk. Overall, I adore the scent and everyone in the house likes the scent too.

        - Burning the candle, dispersion and strength

        At first when the wax was fairly close to the top of the jar it was easy to light the candle with a normal cooking match but as the wick burnt down it was not safe to use a match to light the candle anymore. So I purchased a lighter which was really quite long so that I could light the wick safely and easily. I find that now I have this lighter I use it more than matches as it is just more convenient, safer and quick/easy to use. The scent of the candle when it is burning is the same as the scent when it is not - I find that some candles can smell differently when burning and when they are not, for example: some of the Yankee candle Christmas scents. The scent of this candle is just gorgeous, it is fresh, floral, sweet and slightly musky too which is my favourite fragrance combination, especially for spring/summer. The strength of the scent is really quite good, the strength was stronger when I first started burning the candle and the strength has decreased slightly over time which I am not impressed by but I do find that this happens with other candles, such as the bomb cosmetics candles. In terms of scent dispersion, this candle is average, the scent does fill the room in which the candle is located but it does not reach much further unfortunately. Overall I love the scent of this candle and I love the jar that it comes in as it is really cute and it means that nearly all of the wax is melted so you don't waste a lot of the wax or money.

        - Price and availability

        I bought this candle a few months ago from house of Fraser firstly because it was on sale for £5 which I think is a good price and secondly because I have been wanting to try this scent for a while. This candle can be purchased from house of Fraser now for £8.39 which is a little bit expensive in my opinion so I would look around online or wait for a sale.



        *Jar - easy to use, cute, would make a great present in my opinion and the jar means that there is no wax to clean up and the majority of the wax gets melted
        *Good price when on sale and this scent is quite widely available online
        *Scent is gorgeous - fresh, floral, sweet but slightly musky - although it is not for everyone as my sister hates this scent
        *The scent has lasted quite a while and the wax melts fairly slowly


        *full price is a bit expensive in my opinion
        *The strength of the scent is inconsistent and of average intensity
        *The scent distribution is also average, in my opinion

        Thank you for reading my review


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          01.05.2012 17:25
          Very helpful



          One of Yankee candle's best floral scents in my view

          Yankee Candle Cherry Blossom Tart
          This little tart is one of my little treats I bought when I was recently at a garden centre and had a £1 voucher to spend so although I paid full whack at £1.20 it actually only cost me 20p. I also had a voucher for two coffees for the price of one so I suggested to my friend that we pop in to have a look around there. As many garden centres do these days it has far more than just plants so we had a nive time looking around and of course I didn't just but one tart. I always find when choosing my scents from Yankee candles that I can't really smell through the plastic wrapper on the tarts so I have to find a candle of the same scent to open the lid and sniff first..

          I have had a number of scented candles over the years and do like the wonderful scents that fill my rooms. In the Yankee range my daughter has bought me the votives when she has been up to visit and I have had a couple of the smaller jars as presents but I always treat myself to tarts as they are the cheapest option and I also find they give off the scent really well.

          Anyone on Ciao or Dooyoo must know that these tarts have no wick and gave off their scent by being melted in a burner with a tea light candle underneath. They are called tarts as them look a bit like mini tarts with a fluted edge. They are not big and fit easily in your hand and probably weigh only 22grams.

          Yankee Candles the company originated in the USA. But have quickly become a household name over here They offer a huge range of home fragrance products from sprays, reed diffusers through to all kinds of shapes and sizes of scented candles. They are often found in garden centres and gift shops so it is a case of keeping your eyes open. We do actually have a big Yankee Candle shop in the Westfield Centre in Derby but I rarely go in there as I find them very expensive so tend to see if I can get bargains elsewhere. It is also worth noting that www.yankeedoodle.co.uk often has them at discounted prices if you want to order a few. Clinton cards seem to be doing a discounted scent every month so it is also worth popping in to see what they have.

          The first one I used I had to cut the very tightly sealed plastic wrap from the outside then as I took the tart out I had a good sniff. I have since discovered that the sticker on the reverse has a small 'handle' or tab and if you pull that then this peels off allowing easier access! I'm a slow learner so it takes a while for the obvious to sink in. As I sniffed I could smell a lovely sweet rather powdery flowery aroma. It was what I would describe as a very feminine scent, reminding me of some Avon talcs. This was a lovely creamy almost sweet perfume scent. The picture on the front shows a cherry blossom in pink and the tart itself is a really pretty almost baby pink colour.

          I popped the tart onto one of my many little burners and slid a lighted tea light underneath and waited. The tart began to melt quite quickly as this time I had a burner with a smaller dish I had only put half of the tart in there. At each stage of course I had to take a photo. My husband thinks it is very funny all these photos of strange things that I have saved on my laptop.As the tart melted the scent became stronger and warmer if that makes sense. I lit this just before the girl who comes to do my nails arrived and by the time she left the scent was coming out of the room I had put it in and into the one where we were sitting. She commented on how nice the perfume was that I was wearing and I explained that it wasn't me but the tart I was burning. She was really taken with the scent which didn't surprise me as she is a very girly girl with pink as a favourite colour. The scent I thought was just like the scent that someone wearing a perfume might leave as they walk through. It is light, pink, flowery and slightly powdery but so pretty and one that I have since returned and bought again. The blossom scent is refreshing and light and not at all cloying and heavy as some flowery scents can be.

          I am impressed with this scent and now have another couple of these in a drawer waiting for me to use. I put this one in the dining room on the windowsill as ours is a tiled sills so there is no danger of the heat burning anything through the burner.

          Even though tea lights have the wax safely within their aluminium foils they can still create a massive amount of heat that will damage furniture as I discovered to my cost when I got scorch marks on a wooden table. I now put my burners either on the tiled surfaces or on a couple of drink mats that are heat proof just in case. Another thing to be wary of is that you should NOT ever move a burner with melted wax as they are very hot and melted wax can cause nasty burns on skin or melted wax spilling can also cause wax stain damage or burns on carpets and other furnishings. Always put any burners out of the reach of children and never leave them in rooms unattended as candles can obviously cause fires. Someone I know put a tea light on their TV and left it, it melted the TV top and fell into the inside and set their room on fire so please be VERY careful they are to be treated as mini fires.

          Having given all the dire warnings I am a big fan of candles and especially the scented ones as they give off lovely fragrances and also add atmosphere to a room with gentle flames flickering in their containers. They are a lovely addition to a room's ambience but just need to be treated with good sense.

          I was very pleased with my Cherry Blossom tart and love the smell, it is such a beautifully feminine pretty pink with a lovely light scent of spring blossoms. I can look forward to at least eight hours of this delicious scent in my dining room and the corridors around as it does carry quite some distance I have found. I break my tarts up and that way I get much longer than eight hours os smell from them so they are great value too.

          I think I would be happy to use this in most rooms apart from the kitchen and will think about keeping some of this one for when we show people round our house as it is up for sale. It is the sort of scent that anyone would find pleasing in rooms especially with windows open as it would smell like fresh garden blossoms I would think.

          Thanks to all the wonderful reviewers on these sites for introducing me to these, I have a few hundred more to explore now. I think I have six in my little store cupboard at the present time so I will review these as I get to experience them. I have also been advised that you can of course mix your own combination of scents by using a bit from two or even three different tarts. So maybe if you have a very mild smelling one you could up its scent by using a scent to complement it and bring it out a bit more.
          These tarts are one of many scented options that yankee do and they also sell reed diffusers which I have tried everal of and find them excellent. They also sell candles in old fashionbed glass jars and votives, car freshners and many other products.

          These are the options available but they may not all be available for all scents and the prices are approximate as they vary from scent to scent and shop to shop:

          Wax Tart - lasts 8 hour duration costs 90p to £1-05 each.
          Tea light scented candles which last about 4-6 hours per candle, you get 12 in a box for about £5-99
          Votive candle lasts 15 hour duration costs £1-75 to £2
          Small house warmer jar candle lasts about 25-40 hours costs about £7-99
          Standard lidded glass tumbler lasts about 35-45 hours and costs about £8-99
          Medium house warmer jar candle lasts about 60-75 hours and costs about £13-99
          Medium 2 wick tumbler lasts about 45-50 hours and costs about £13-99
          Large 2 wick tumbler last about 70-90 hours and costs about £17-50
          Large house warmer jar candle which lasts about 100-150 hours and costs about £17-99

          The prices do vary from store to store so it does pay to look around if you are lucky enough to have more than one shop that sells them or try on line. Personally I think the little tarts give you a great trial of the scent, if you really like it then you may choose to get a candle which last longer. The only thing I find is that once the candle has burned down a bit it doesn't really look as nice as the wax is up the edges and it just looks tatty. With these little tarts once they have done their job you just remove the wax from the burner.

          A tip I have learned from Nar on here to put them in the freezer then the wax pops out easily - so thanks Nar for that it is a really handy tip. Then you just throw the wax away. If you were really into crafty stuff you could melt them and make your own candles if you saved them up and bought some wicks from a craft shop. I might even give that a try and let you know how they work!

          Thank you Yankee candles for this lovely scented tart, creamy and sweet and gorgeous.
          Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.



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            18.04.2012 14:21
            Very helpful



            A lovely fragranced wax tart that leaves a pretty cherry blossom aroma

            I have always had quite a vested interest in scented candles and just before Christmas I finally bought myself a wax tart burner as I'd been hankering after one for a while. I had been reading so many reviews on the wax tarts I found myself thinking these would be the best format as I wanted a more intense fragrance in my home which I feel the wax tart offers.

            Since purchasing my wax tart burner (see separate review) I have been buying a few different wax tart fragrances, at least once a week, and one of my most recent purchases was this - 'Cherry Blossom' which my review will now focus on.

            The wax tart comes in the same style and sizing as other Yankee wax tarts being a 22g of solid wax and is basically a wick less candle. This particular fragrance is a warm shade of pink and the tart can be clearly seen underneath the transparent plastic wrapping, which again is common amongst these wax tarts.

            I was really looking forward to using this particular fragrance as I am a fan of anything cherry scented and Cherry Blossom just sounded my cup of tea. Wax tarts can be bought from various outlets and I have been buying quite a lot of mine from Ebay shops such as YankeeDirect for around £1.10 (including P&P) but this one I picked up at a nearby Hallmark factory card shop for just 60p which I deemed to be a complete bargain.

            On finally removing the plastic wrapping, which I must admit I always find tricky as if I use scissors or a knife I end up catching the tart and small particles fall all over making it a messy affair, I was eager to start the burning process..

            I bought a very attractive wax tart burner with a petal lid just before Christmas and whilst in complements the decor in just about all of the rooms in my home I tend to keep it in my kitchen. This is primarily as it can't be knocked and is therefore safe on my window sill plus the fact is my kitchen is central to all of my rooms as we live in a small cottage and if I burn candles/ oils or now wax tarts I know that this is a prime position for the fragrance to filter through to all rooms.

            The wax tart looks just as pretty and sumptuous as it did whilst in it's wrapper and actually reminds me of a fancy guest soap appearance wise with it's pastel colouring and fluted edges and of course it's logo of 'Yankee Candle Co' engraved in it's centre.

            What Yankee say about Cherry Blossom..

            "...A rite of spring - vibrantly distinctive cherry blossoms with notes of bergamot, and sandalwood..."

            What I think about this..

            I bought this a few weeks ago, and as I knew my friend was popping round in the Easter holidays for a coffee and gossip I wanted to give my home to have a nice welcoming aroma and hoped this would be suitable. On placing in my burner I could tell the fragrance of the cherry blossom was quite intense and I hoped this would carry through once it started to melt. After less then 10 minutes of placing my tea light underneath the pot I could detect the aroma and as the wax tart started to melt the fragrance became more intense and was very noticeable in my kitchen where it was based.

            The initial aroma was quite strong but not overpoweringly so and though the cherry blossom was evident coming across as being sweet it was counteracted by a more sedate and heavier hint of sandalwood and bergamot making it in my opinion a very beautiful aroma.

            The wax tart has an approximate burning time of 8 hours and whilst I have had varying degrees with each individual tart I have bought, I would say this is the best longevity wise out of the lot as it gave at least 14 hours worth of fragrance. I initially burned this for around 5 hours on the first use where it's scent was at it's strongest, then the following days I had around 2 hours per day for the remainder of the week which did equate to around the 14 hrs mark and though the fragrance seemed to dissipate each hour it was still a very prominent aroma.

            Would I recommend this...?

            Without a doubt yes..though that is presuming that the buyer of this likes the fragrance of cherry blossom as it *is* very strong and does linger for anything up to one hour after extinguishing the tea light. Personally I found it to be a very enchanting fragrance and my friend commented positively when she was here saying how nice it was though my husband wasn't too keen as he said it was a bit sickly and gave him a headache though it didn't have this reaction with myself or my guest.

            I wish now that I had bought a few of these tarts in this fragrance as it is definitely one of my favourites and though it is available online at just over £1 I have been kicking myself that I could have stocked up when these were at a mere 60p at the factory shop.

            If you like the fragrance of Cherry Blossom then you will love this as it's rich and sweet but with a woody undertone - simply beautiful.


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              25.03.2012 22:08
              Very helpful



              I'll never buy another brand!

              I had always wanted to try the renowned Yankee Candle Range. As we have an open plan home on the ground floor we are always buying the fragrance candles from our supermarket. We also have an aging German Shepherd, who as much as we love can pong every so often. So we are always buying the fragrance candles from the supermarket to mask any doggy odours or the cooking smells that seem to fill our home. The problem with these fragrance candles is that I find they do smell very synthetic and can smell of chemical. I was draw to the Yankee Candle range after hearing how natural their fragrances were and my mother-in-law always has one burning whenever we visit and it fills their lounge with lovely fragrances. She always highly recommended them so I finally decided to splash our and treat myself.

              The Yankee Candle idea began in 1969 when a young Mike Kittredge melted down some crayons to make his mother a Christmas Candle. The Candle was so impressive a neighbour asked to buy the candle, so Mike Kittredge agreed and made another. From then on the Yankee Candle has become synonymous in the fragrenace candle market and now has over 150 fragrances to its name.

              The Yankee Candle range can be quite expensive when you first look at them. They have 4 main candle types:-

              Tea Lights
              Wax Tarts
              (They also create car fresheners and aromatherapy scents).

              The most well know range is the Jars, which come in several sizes and styles:-

              Large, Medium and Small Jars
              Large, Medium and Regular Tumblers

              It was a Medium Tumbler I decided to buy as they looked a good size for the money.

              Presentation, Packaging and Price
              I purchased my Yankee Candle Cherry Blossom from yankeedirect.co.uk after they came up on a google search. On this website these cost between £7 and £10 each. I searched through the countless the fragrances and plumped for Cherry Blossom as I love the Blossom trees. They seem to drum up happy feelings and the anticipation of Spring whenever I see them, so that seemed reason enough.

              The Yankee Candle I bought was a Regular size costing £7.09 with free delivery. When delivery - 2 days after ordering - it arrived in a brown cardboard box. On this box was the Yankee Direct information along with the words "Ohhh it's arrived". This was a nice touch I though and I couldn't wait to tear into it. I opened the box and nestled inside surround by poly pieces was my beautiful Yankee candle.

              The Regular Tumblers are a good sized candle presented in a glass jar with a brushed metal lid. On the front there is an image of Cherry Blossom. The Glass Jar is very classy and can be used again if so wished. It is a strong glass and the the design is simple but gorgeous. On the lid the 'Yankee Candle' name is embossed on the top. The whole design is very simple but still looks stylish and luxurious.

              The Candle
              The Candle fills the glass jar about 3/4 of the way up the jar. My Cherry Blossom is a candyfloss pink and as soon as you take the lid off the jar the smell of cherry hits you immediately. As the glass jar is clear you can see the colour of the the candle all the way to the bottom which is a nice touch and mans you could colour coordinate the candles to your home decor. The regular tumblers are said to have a burning time of 35-45 hours which when you put in perspective of the price means the pricing it more reasonable than you may first think. Many of the cheaper fragrance candles will set you back around £5 and only burn for less than half of the Yankee candle range.

              The fragrance is very lovely and Yankee Candle say that the fragrance is "A rite of spring... vibrantly distinctive cherry blossoms with notes of bergamot, and sandalwood".When lit, the Cherry Blossom candle doesn't immediately emit the cherry fragrance. After around 15-20 minutes you then begin to really inhale the beautiful aroma. The Cherry Blossom does smell of Cherry - not cherry blossom, not that I mind! The fragrance is very natural and does not smell at all artificial. After this first 15 minutes the fragrance then really starts to kick in and will soon fill your whole room! As mentioned we have an open plan house downstairs so smells from the kitchen soon hang in the air in the lounge and the added factor of having a dog. The Cherry Blossom, soon seems to absorb the less appealing smells and leave your room smelling wonderful for hours and hours.

              I have to say I am now in love with Yankee Candle and have since purchased a few more tumblers to try, but I keep returning to my Cherry Blossom, especially at this time of year when spring has sprung!


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              19.08.2011 15:28
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              I love Yankee Candles and I feel like I have tried nearly the whole range now at some point! One I bought a while ago was the Cherry Blossom fragrance, as I love cherry blossom scents - in fact one of my favourite perfumes is L'Occitane's Cherry Blossom, so I was hoping this scent would emulate that.

              The Cherry Blossom fragrance is available in the form of wax tarts, votive candles, jar candles, tea lights and tumblers. I bought the wax tart as I feel they are a good way of trying a fragrance out before splashing the cash on a larger size.

              If you're not familiar with wax tarts I should explain that they are not a candle as such, they are simply a disc of scented wax. Rather than burning a wick you need to place these into a tart burner (these are available from Yankee for around £5 upwards) and melt it under the flame of a tea light releasing the fragrance into your home. You can re-use the tarts and you will get around 8 hours of fragrance from each one.

              The Cherry Blossom scent is a pale pink colour and the label features cherry blossoms against a background of blue sky. I have to admit, I couldn't really smell this whilst it was in the wrapper and this worried me slightly, as occasionally I come across a Yankee fragrance which is incredibly weak and I had an awful feeling that this would be one of them.

              Once I actually managed to get the wrapper off (is it me, or have the tarts become more difficult to get out of the shrink wrap?), I managed to get a proper sniff of the candle. I was actually really surprised, as it had a beautiful soft floral scent, which was very true to life - very feminine and also quite summery.

              When I first put this in the burner I found that it took quite some time before I could actually smell it. It certainly seemed to take much longer than most of the Yankee tarts I have used. I was just beginning to think that my fears about it not being very strong were about to be confirmed, when all of a sudden I got a hit of fragrance. From then on, I found the scent was very strong and whilst it filled my whole living room, it didn't seem to travel to other parts of my flat.

              The scent whilst burning wasn't anywhere near as nice as it had been when it was solid. Whilst it retained the soft floral, it had a very unusual musky/spicy tone to it, which was not only odd and out of place, it ruined the overall aroma of the candle for me. I had hoped for a fresh and light scent, however it was much deeper than I had expected and rather too intense for my personal tastes.

              One Yankee tart is designed to give eight hours fragrance. My tealights tend to last around 4 hours each and I found after the second tealight had gone out the tart didn't seem to have a lot of scent to it, so I would say that the eight hour estimate is about right.

              The below burn times and prices are approximate and will differ depending on where you shop.

              Wax Tarts - Burn time 8 hours - £1.10
              Votives - Burn time up to 15 hours - £1.60
              Small Jar - Burn time 25-40 hours - £7.45
              Medium Jar - Burn time 65-60 hours - £15.45
              Large Jar - Burn time 110-150 hours - £18.45

              Overall, I thought this was OK, but whilst it wasn't the worst Yankee Candle I've ever used, I didn't really like the scent as much when burning as I did when dry and I honestly don't think I would buy it again, so don't think I could recommend it.

              *review originally posted on Ciao under username pink_champagne


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                18.07.2011 14:17
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                Another nice wax tart from Yankee

                Its important to me to keep my home smelling lovely, with 3 cats and an open plan house smells from the kitchen flow very easily to the lounge and up the stairs. My favourite way of doing this (when I'm at home) is with scented candles or wax tarts, or wax potpourri as they are also known. Yankee, in my humble opinion, produce the best wax tarts and scented candles on the market.

                Yankee wax tarts are little discs of wax that are available in lots of different scents. They look like a flat floating candle without the wick. The wax tart I'm reviewing is the Cherry Blossom one. I was drawn to this because I love floral scents and this particular wax tart is a lovely pale pink colour. The cherry blossom tart is sold wrapped tightly in cellophane with a small label on the front informing the customer of the fragrance. All wax tart labels have a small picture of their scent so my cherry blossom tart has a picture of pretty pink blossom on it. You can smell the scent through the cellophane so if you are buying on the high street you can take a good sniff before you buy. Yankee are popping up a bit more these days on the high street, our local Clintons Cards have started selling a limited range. However I often buy mine on line where they are available from 90p to £1.10 per tart. You often get reductions though for buying several at once.
                Wax tarts are approximately 2.5 inches in diameter and have fluted edges like a jam tart. To use them you will need a burner, this doesn't have to be Yankee one , although they do sell some lovely ones, it can be any burner at all.

                Obviously you will need to remove the cellophane before placing the tart in the dish or bowl on your burner, light a tea light underneath and wait for the fragrance to filter round your home.
                It doesn't take for the long for the oily wax to melt and release its scent. In the case of cherry blossom I soon had a flowery aroma spreading through the lounge and up the stairs. Yankee describe this tart as " vibrant cherry blossoms with notes of bergamot and sandalwood". I was unable to pick out any particular smells as I have done with other wax tarts but the overall aroma was floral and sweet. I wouldn't say it was "vibrant" as described but it was certainly noticeable. It was more of a gentle flowery smell rather than strong and overpowering. Its the sort of fragrance that makes a nice scent in the evening. Its there but in the background.

                Yankee claim that a single wax tart will give up to 8 hours fragrance in your home and on the whole I would tend to agree with this although I never have mine lit for this long at any 1 time. I usually find, depending on my tart of choice at the time, that its best to melt them for an hour or 2 and then blow the tea light out, I find the smell lingers for some time afterwards.
                The wax tarts can be melted and re lit until the fragrance has all gone. You can either leave the wax in the dish or bowl and simply re melt or wait until it has solidified and remove it.

                Tarts can also be mixed together to create your own concoction but I have never tried this. Yankee do a vast amount of fragrances without me making them up. Yankees wax is scented with only natural oils there's nothing artificial in them and the fragrance goes right through the wax rather than just in the outside layer as some cheaper versions do.

                I would definitely recommend trying Cherry Blossom wax tart , its a soft flowery fragrance and at roughly £1.00 for 8 hours I think its good value for money too.


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                  24.02.2011 17:23
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                  Not the best choice from Yankee


                  In my last Yankee Candle review I mentioned that some retailers promote a selection of the choices available as 'Fragrances of the Month' and often discount the products they include in each months promotion. Along with Strawberry Buttercream (see my last review) - the subject of this review; Cherry Blossom were February's choices available at the shop we buy our Yankee products from and at 83p for a single wax tart instead of the usual £1.10 I picked up a couple of these to see what they were like.

                  If you have ever read my reviews before you will know by now that both my wife and myself are big fans of Yankee Candles and their range of true-to-life, authentic fragrances and use these as a way of keeping our home smelling pleasant and for creating a warm atmosphere. We tend to buy either the wax tart or votive variations from Yankee as these are the most economical and use them as an introduction to the scent, if we discover something which we particularly like then we will re-buy the fragrance but in one of the larger, more expensive glass-jarred Housewarmer candles which can cost up to £18.00. For just 83p I thought Cherry Blossom wouldn't be an expensive mistake should it not live up to our expectations and as usual the wrapper was removed from the wax tart, it was placed in the well of our tart burner and melted from beneath by means of a tea light.

                  So what do I think?

                  **Cherry Blossom**

                  As shown in the supplied picture Cherry Blossom is mid-pink in colour and features an illustration of a sprig of the flower it is supposed to represent on the cellophaned wrapper's sticker. I have to admit to making an assumption with this one as I expected it to have a Cherry fragrance to it, I wasn't aware that Cherry Blossom was actually a flower and as such once the wax tart began to melt in our tart burner I was mystified as to why there was a subtle, floral aroma emanating from the wax. A quick Google search later informed me that the flower could be found on the Cherry tree 'Sakura' and was native to the Asian countries of China, Japan and Korea. Suitably educated but still none the wiser of how it was supposed to smell I waited the usual 10 minutes to allow the majority of the wax to take on a liquid form and re-evaluated the aroma it was releasing.

                  Yankee themselves claim that Cherry Blossom is "vibrantly distinctive" and contains notes of sandalwood and bergamot however to my uneducated nostrils all I could detect was a faint whiff of something 'flowery'. Rather than being either vibrant or distinctive I found this one to be weak and compared to other Yankee Candle choices I thought this one was rather poor. The main problem with it is that it just doesnt smell of anything in particular, I couldn't detect any specific aromas other than a lightly floral, nondescript odour and frankly I was disappointed with "Cherry Blossom". At times in the past I often found the floral/flowery choices from Yankee to be quite overpowering so I do tend to avoid choosing them now as I prefer the sweeter, fruitier scents that are available and although Cherry Blossom could be classed as a floral scent and therefore one that I would normally avoid with this one it is so weak that it could never be described as cloying.

                  Yankee claim that a wax tart can give off up to 8 hours worth of fragrance from a single tart and in some cases this is absolutely true, Cherry Blossom doesn't to be honest and after a maximum of 3 hours any faint floral aroma was gone from the wax and left in its place was just a well of liquid wax. Out of the dozens of wax tarts I have bought in the past this one was perhaps the most disappointing and had this been the first ever product of Yankee's that I bought I doubt I would have been able to see just why so many people recommend or buy their products. Fortunately this isn't the first wax tart I have bought and I'm now used to some fragrances being better than others, as mentioned in my opening paragraph we tend to buy these as an introduction to scents they are supposed to represent and although Cherry Blossom was a disappointment for me personally at least I only paid 83p to find this out for myself.


                  As with all products in the Yankee range "Cherry Blossom" is available to buy either on-line at amazon or yankeedoodle.co.uk and the company's high street presence seems to be increasing with B&Q, Clinton Cards and other well known shops stocking a selection of the range. Wax tarts tend to retail for around £1.00 - £1.10 depending where you buy them from and some retailers will offer a selection of the range at a reduced, promotional price so it's worth looking around at what is on offer from different places. In case it isn't clear from my review a wax tart isn't the same as a traditional candle in the sense that it doesn't have a wick and its not burnt, instead a wax tart is a flat, fluted piece of wax which is circular in shape and measures approximately 2 inches in diameter, it is placed into a tart burner and then melted from underneath. Fragrance and essential oils are impregnated into the wax itself and once melted it releases its aroma into the air surrounding the burner itself, we have a dog at home and so often find that there are 'doggy smells' which linger, aerosol air fresheners lose their smell straight after being sprayed so we use wax tarts as a way of preventing unpleasant smells from being too obvious and find that on the whole the products from Yankee Candle are usually excellent in making our surroundings a nicer place to live.

                  In conclusion then, I can't really recommend "Cherry Blossom" in any variety to anyone else for all the reasons mentioned in this review, so as far as this one is concerned it gets a measly 2 stars and that's only because the wax tart varieties are inexpensive. I certainly wouldn't buy this one again in any format, avoid this one would be my advice unless you like the smell of non-descript flowers that are so subtle they have little aroma to them, there are some excellent choices available from Yankee but unfortunately this isn't one of them.

                  Overall: Poor.


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