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Yankee Candle Christmas at the Beach Jar

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Brand: Yankee Candle / Type: Scented Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      29.03.2012 17:13
      Very helpful



      a gorgeous exotic cocktail from Yankee Candle

      *Please note dooyoo only add one product per fragrance - I am reviewing the tart*

      Yankee Candle is an American company. They mainly specialise in scented candle products including house warm jars, votive samples, tea lights and wax tarts. They also offer a range of reed diffusers, plug ins and car products.

      ~Christmas At The Beach~

      This particular scent is part of the festive range that Yankee offer. I am reviewing the wax tart in this scent. A wax tart is a disc of scented wax which should be melted in a tart burner. Each tart is said to hold 8 hours of scent.

      'Christmas At The Beach' is a white coloured wax tart. It is shrink wrapped and features a label with an image of a beach scene and hammock. This scent is an American exclusive scent but can be purchased in various candle formats within the UK. The official Yankee description of this scent is..
      It's a tropical holiday escape with this bright, festive blend of pineapple, coconut and cilantro'

      ~Price and Availability~

      www.yankeescents4.com - £1.75 (tart), £8.99 (small jar) and £25.99 (large jar).
      eBay UK - £1.50 (tart) and £1.55 (votive sampler).

      ~My Thoughts~

      I am a Yankee addict and have spent too much money on wax tarts in the past 2months. I couldn't resist buying 'Christmas At The Beach'. I didn't for one minute think it would actually be 'Christmassy' given the description of the scent but bought it regardless as it sound delicious!

      Do not let the fresh appearance of this tart allow you to think that this scent is going to be a subtle scent. Once removed from the wrapper, it has a deep, rich fruity scent which has a gorgeous sweetness to it. This scent is perfect for burning all year around in my opinion and isn't just suited to Christmas. It melts into a clear pool of heavenly scent and within 15 minutes, my whole flat is fragranced with this Yankee delight - much stronger than one would expect.

      ~Down By The Beach...~

      The strength of this tart is simply amazing but may overpower if burned in a compact area. Our flat is quite large and scent travels well ensuring no room goes unscented. If you appreciate sweet, cocktail like scents, then this one is for you. It offers a small amount of freshness but emphasis is definitely on a heady cocktail.

      The aroma offered by this tart is divine. I can appreciate the coconut and pineapple scents individually but they are neatly combined to offer a layered aroma. The coconut is very sweet and creamy. It is quite relaxing due to the creamy nature of it. I would say the coconut also adds depth to the scent and is the most prominent aroma. The coconut blends with a tangy sweet pineapple scent to offer a rich, full flavoured cocktail with a sugary sweet undertone - quite exotic and full bodied. The tangy edge from the pineapple adds extra flavour and body to the scent.

      Until I came to discover this scent, I had no idea what cilantro actually was. Google has told me that it comes from the leaves and stem of a corriander plant. Not what you would really expect to find in an exotic or Christmas scent in my opinion. Whilst I cannot identify what the indvidual scent of cilantro actually is, I can tell it changes the scent of 'Christmas At The Beach'.

      For the first hour or so of this tart being melted, I can mainly smell the coconut and pineapple blend. After this time, the scent lightens and loses a small amount of its exotic sweetness. The cilantro relaxes the scent and prevents it from becoming overpowering by settling the sweetness. I found it beneficial to melt this tart before going to do other things but what I really like to do with it is melt it during a chill out session as I could appreciate a delicious sweet aroma which didn't come through too strong.


      The overall scent of 'Christmas At The Beach' appealed to me at each stage and was a bit different to other Yankee scents which are sweet and fruity.. It started off with a juicy cocktail scent and developed and relaxed into a, fruity ice-tea sort of scent if that makes sense. I was impressed by the quality of the scent and managed to achieve around 10 hours of scent overall. The stunning sweetness hangs in the air and is quite strong even in solid form.

      I can't really understand this being part of the festive range. Other than a deep sweetness, it doesn't have anything festive about it! If I owned a monkey I would definitely be sending it to this exotic retreat!
      I can highly recommend this scent - just don't expect anything Christmassy :)

      Thanks for reading x


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