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Yankee Candle Christmas Cookie (Small Jar)

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3 Reviews

Brand: Yankee Candle / Type: Scented Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    3 Reviews
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      11.06.2013 21:12
      Very helpful
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      Lovely christmas gift

      I received the Christmas cookie yankee candle as a gift for Christmas off my partner as he knows how much I love candles/incense sticks & oil burners. The jar which I have is the large one which is 623g. The candle comes in a solid heavy glass jar which makes it look expensive. There's a sticker on the front which shows that its 'Christmas cookie' scented with a picture of cookies in Christmas shapes. The candle is a creamy/white colour.

      It states on the bottom of the candle that it will last 110-150 hours, I definitely think it will last that long if not longer. I lit the candle as soon as I opened it and have lit it about once or twice a week since and there's only about a quarter of the candle missing. When I light it I only leave it for about 1 hour before blowing it out as it seems the scent has spread through the house within that time and it lasts for a few hours later too. I like to put the candle in the passageway sometimes so that when people come in the front door they can smell it straightaway and the scent spreads around the house quicker. I do like to sit in the front room with the light turned off and the candle lit to make me feel relaxed though.

      The scent is a very strong sweet smell, it smells very similar to another candle which I own which is vanilla. It does remind me of Christmas but I think it can be used all year round and a cinnamon scented candle would be better suited for Christmas. I think some people might find the smell too sweet though. The strong smell does help to cover up the smell of my 2 dogs too.

      I think the large jar candles can be bought for around £17-£20 which I think is a fair price for the how long it lasts but is still quite expensive and I don't think I would buy myself a candle which is that price but it is a nice treat. I have found some candles for a quarter of the price which are quite similar to the yankee candles and last about the same amount of time too. I think they are nice to buy as gifts and if they were slightly cheaper I would definitely buy them for people. The jar makes the candle look nice to leave it in your home and doesn't look out of place. I like how the flame is hidden inside the jar so it seems safer to use especially having two dogs running around wagging their tails. The jar can get very hot though so as with all candles keep out of reach of children. If you go onto yankee candles website you can join so that they send you e-mails with different offers available and collectables also do quite a few different deals with the yankee candles.

      One problem with the candles is that when the wick runs out at the bottom your left with some leftover candle. If you scrape out the leftover candle from the bottom you can put the broken bits into the top of an oil burner to use the same way as you use the wax tarts. I do think that a good way for yankee candle to get more people buying them would be to do a 'refill service' so you could take your jar back and they could pour some melted wax into your jar to make a whole new candle. If they done this service so it saved you around £5 I think a lot more people would go back to have them refilled and yankee candle wouldn't have to be making so many glass jars. There was one thing which I was disappointed with about the candle and that was that when I kept burning the candle it was burning through the centre of wax but leaving wax around the edge so the whole in the middle kept going further and further down but never reaching the sides. After the candle had been lit awhile I blew it out and waited a few minutes for the wax to cool down but not completely set so that I could use my fingertips to push the soft wax down from the sides so that it was level, since then the candle has burnt evenly but of course be careful you don't burn yourself if you need to do the same.

      Overall its a lovely scented candle which can make a great gift.


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        27.12.2012 19:03
        Very helpful



        A yummy smelling Chrismas Candle!

        In the colder months I adore having a candle burning whenever I am in my room, I love the glow they give and the scent they infuse into my house. I like burning Christmas scents especially, including those which some might consider a very sweet scent, which this candle definitely is!

        The candle smells exactly as it sounds like it should from the name, Christmas Cookie, incredibly sweet and with a strong vanilla and sugar scent which makes the candle smell almost edible! The scent of the candle is incredibly strong and can permeate through my entire room within ten minutes of lighting the candle, which I personally love as I like a noticeable scent when I enter my room with a candle burning. The wax is so strongly scented that it will even lightly scent my room when it is not lit.

        The candle can be bought in several different sizes, I opted for the standard jar which is one size smaller then the candle pictured above. It cost me around £7 and I bought it from a Clinton Cards shop, however the Yankee candles can also be bought from many online retailers. The candles last a long time and the average burn time for my medium size candle is around 25 hours, which I would definitely say is correct.

        I love Yankee candles and this scent in particular is very yummy and makes my room smell divine, 5/5!


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        24.04.2012 21:38
        Very helpful



        A candle which brings back happy memories.

        ""The Yankee Candle Company""

        Firstly I would like to tell you a little about the company who makes these Candles. Yankee Candle is one of the world largest candle company's. It all started with a teenage boy called Mike Kittredge in a town called South Hadley, Massachusetts USA. Mike made is first candle for his mother for Christmas 1969 out of melted crayons. His neighbours saw his candle and brought some so he made more and began producing them in higher amounts. He had help from different sources to find the growth of Yankee Candle. The company slowly expanded and moved to South Deerfield in 1983.
        Yankee Candle has grown and now has Many shops and factories throughout Europe, the Uk is a big seller of the Candles.

        Yankee Candy doesn't just sell candles, they sell many different fragranced products like Room Sprays, Car Fresheners, Hand sanitizers, Diffusers, Tart Burners, Candle Stands, Plug-ins.

        ""Where can you buy Yankee Candle products from:""

        You can purchase Yankee Candles in my area from the following stores:
        Clinton Cards.
        Yankee Candle Shop in Chapelfields Norwich.
        Private Card Shop on my local high street.
        House of fraser Noriwch.

        You can also buy online at: http://www.yankeecandle.co.uk/

        Also we had a Yankee candle party with a consultant from the local area, a lady came to our house and you invite friends and family and you all can look at the products and buy. The host of the party gets lots of free gifts and money off their sales. Do a Google search of Yankee candle party consultants in your area. These are a great way to look at and smell at your pace with great offers.

        ""My Personal Experience with Yankee Candle:""
        I have been buying Yankee Candle products for over 3 years now, someone brought me one as a gift and i was amazed at the strong and lasting area of the candle. I then started buying these candles myself using the smaller samplers to check if i liked the smell before purchasing larger jars. I have tried many different fragrances and have many personal likes as well as some i will not use again.

        ""This Candle:""
        The Jar was brought for me as a christmas gift by a family member, they brought it from the yankee candle party we had at my house. If buying in a shop you can expect to pay around £7.49 for the smaller jars., i always do product researchs online before buying anything to get the best price. They also do the larger size of the jars and the smaller wax tarts and samplers in this aroma.

        Small Jar Size and Weight:
        60(w) x 87(h) x 60(d)

        104 g

        The overall burning time for a small jar is between 25-40 hours.
        You could smell this candle even all wrapped up, when i received my christmas presents i commented on something smelling really nice in the bag. When i opened this gift i started burning it right away which really did help to get rid of horrible cooking smells. The Candle really does smell of what the product states and is really strong and nice, you must like cookie/food related smells to get the most pleasure from this candle. To try and explain the aroma further i would say it was a buttery creamy cookie, yes and smells good enough to eat (but please dont try this).

        This candle also brings back memories of a child baking cookies with my nan just before christmas for all the family to enjoy. we use to make them into little gifts to go under the tree. I think its wonderful how a scent can take you back to those special times.
        I found this candle to be one of the most powerful ones spreading the aroma all around the house not just in the area you burn it in.

        ""My Overall Rating:""
        10/10 - This is one that is actually in my top 5 as i just love the cookie aroma that fills the house and the aroma it leaves even after blowing out is very nice. Also because of the lovely memories it brings back.

        ""My Yankee Candle Tips""
        Do you wonder what to do with the very bottom of the candles that dont burn all the way to the bottom? I break up the bits and put into a jar and leave them on my shelf in the hall, you can mix all the bits together from different smells. The aroma just from the wax sitting in the jar really hits you when you walk through the door and always makes my hall smell lovely. I always get lots of lovely comments from visitors.

        Why not put the bits in to a Yankee Candle tart burning so you really do use up every last bit.


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