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Yankee Candle Christmas Rose Wax Tart

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Brand: Yankee Candle / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    5 Reviews
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      08.01.2014 11:19
      Very helpful



      Very nice.. but not particularly festive.

      I was delighted to receive several Yankee Candle Wax Tarts from different friends at Christmas, and I was pleased that many of these Tarts were fragranced with 'Festive-themed' scents, which I really like as I find that many of these scents add an atmospheric scent to my home over the Christmas Period.

      This review will focus on my experiences of one of the Wax Tarts that I received recently, namely the "Christmas Rose Yankee Candle Wax Tart."

      As with all Yankee Wax Tarts, the Christmas Rose version was presented in a shrink-wrapped cellophane cover, which required the use of scissors to remove. The Tart itself is fluted at the edges, so it resembles a little pastry cake or something similar. The Yankee branding is embossed in the Tart's top layer, although this soon disappears as the Tart melts quite quickly.

      Wax Tarts are not candles, so do not have a wick, and so they need to be placed in a deep-bowled burner with a lit tea light candle underneath. Doing this will allow the wax to melt, and the enclosed fragrance will easily escape into the surrounding atmosphere.

      Yankee always present their Tarts using colours and images to correspond their attractive name, and the Christmas Rose version is no exception to this, with the label on the cellophane wrapper bearing the image of some pretty-looking pink flowers, with their green stems and leaves being covered in a sprinkling of white snow. The Tart itself corresponds beautifully with this image and the Tart's name as it has been coloured in a crisp white shade that reminds me of pure snow.

      As soon as the Christmas Rose Tart was unwrapped and placed in my burner, I could detect its softly floral scent that I felt was reminiscent of fresh flowers or roses, as its name would suggest. I found that the Tart began to melt quite quickly, and I waited to see what other elements would come through in the Tart's overall aroma.

      I waited... and waited. I found that the lovely floral scent took on a lot more 'body' than it had held in the air previously, and the floral scent gained intensity and strength as the Tart burned. After an hour and a half, the only scent that I could detect was still that of the initial floral/rose scent, and whilst I thought that this felt lovely, I admit that I was a bit disappointed that no other scent had come through in the Tart's scent, particularly as I feel Yankee Candle already have a few 'rose-themed' scents on the go at the present time... do we need another?

      On the plus side, the 'floral' tone of this particular scent never felt sickly or 'heady' in the way that some rose or floral scents can; whilst it is fair to say the scent gained in its strength and 'power' as the Tart burned, I never felt it became old-fashioned or too much for my own tastes - a definite plus point, as some floral scents can easily feel intrusive after a while - for my tastes, at least.

      I thought that the Christmas Rose Wax Tart performed rather well in terms of its longevity, and I was able to enjoy its lovely aroma for a couple of hours at a time, on several occasions, before I felt the fragrance had become too faint to enjoy it any more. This is really a rather good result, and is certainly superior to some of the other Yankee Tarts that I have purchased before, that have scents that are really only strong enough to survive for the first two uses or so.

      I feel that the Christmas Rose Fragrance is much more robust than this, and I was pleased to be able to achieve so much use out of the small Tart.

      In summary, I did really like the Christmas Rose scent, but no more so than the other 'rose-themed' scents available from Yankee that I have tried before, and I did feel that Yankee hadn't really brought anything 'new' to the scent of roses from this newer addition to the range. In saying that, I did enjoy the scent of the Christmas Rose Tart, and I do feel that it is one I would repurchase in the future.

      Taking these results into account, I do feel that four stars in the Product Rating Score is appropriate on this occasion, with one star being removed to reflect the fact that I felt this scent offered nothing particularly new to that available from other rose-scented scents available in the range.

      Additionally, I did feel that the Christmas Rose scent was perhaps more suited to a whole variety of tastes than some of the other scents I have tried before that have been considerably more 'Marmite' in their scents in that I feel you either love them or hate them. The Christmas Rose, in comparison, is a scent that I feel would be enjoyed by a wider audience as its understated scent is completely unobtrusive, with a faintly uplifting feel.

      There is a whole variety of different scented products, including Glass Jar Candles, scented Tea Lights and Wax Tarts available from the Yankee Range, and with over 180 fragrances to choose from I would have thought there would be something suitable for most tastes. You can purchase a selection of the Wax Tarts from branches of Clinton Cards, or online at www.yankee.co.uk, www.amazon.co.uk or www.ebay.co.uk. You can expect to pay around £1.20 to £1.80 for a Wax Tart although some scents are much rarer and so are considerably more expensive.


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        02.03.2013 18:33
        Very helpful



        Great longevity, but a very heavy, sickly-sweet floral fragrance.

        Yankee Candle's Christmas Rose wax tart was another of my bargain buys after I spotted a lot of Yankee's Christmas range reduced in price in a branch of Collectables last month. Reduced to just 50p each, which is less than half the usual price of £1.20 - £1.30 per wax tart, I took the opportunity to stock up and bought at least one of each of the wax tarts that were reduced.

        Christmas Rose was one which I had never tried before. Yankee's description of this fragrance states "Holiday memories bloom in the authentic perfume of delicate rose petals with a hint of pine".
        As I held this wax tart up to my nose in the shop, it did smell very floral indeed and although floral scents are not something I tend to go for, I didn't actually dislike the fragrance at this point. However it is safe to say that if it had been full price, I would have opted for woody, spicy or fruity scents before buying this one.
        Lured by the bargain price and thinking it smelled ok which I thought was maybe to the added pine scent, I was looking forward to seeing how this one performed when melting in my burner.

        Having tried a number of wax tarts, I have realised that the strength of fragrance when you smell the tarts in store, are usually a good indicator of how strong the fragrance will be when you actually come use it. Therefore if the fragrance is strong-smelling, you can usually expect great longevity, often exceeding the 8 hours of fragrance stated by Yankee.
        Christmas Rose did smell very strong whilst still in its packaging and so I thought this would be another fragrance which would exceed expectations.

        The tart itself was attractive with its white wax and photograph of roses on the packaging label and would make an ideal drawer scenter until you come to use it.
        I placed the wax tart into the well of my burner and lit a tealight underneath. Almost as soon as the wax began to melt, I could detect the fragrance beginning to appear in my living room. As the scent began filling the air it was quite overwhelming with its floral 'rose' notes.
        Although I really enjoy the strong fragrances of Yankee tarts, I found this one too sweet, verging on sickly. I had wondered how the rose scent would blend with the pine as I had thought this was an odd combination of scents to blend together. However, I can honestly say I couldn't detect any pine fragrance at all. If there was any there, it must have been masked by the heavy floral fragrance.
        As it wafted out into the hallway and up the stairs, I found myself having to extinguish the tealight for a while as it was just too overwhelming. This is the first time I can ever recall having to do this as I usually allow the tealight to burn out once lit.

        The fragrance also hung in the air for a long time after the tealight was extinguished. Indeed I could still smell the fragrance the following morning hanging in the air as I came downstairs and when returning home from work later in the day, the fragrance was still evident as soon as I entered the house. It wasn't unpleasant, but it was simply too floral for me.

        I mentioned that Yankee state you can expect to achieve around 8 hours of fragrance from a wax tart. I actually experienced around 12 hours of fragrance from Christmas Rose, which I would have been over the moon about had I enjoyed the fragrance, Therefore although the longevity is really good with this one, it wasn't one I particularly enjoyed. Even if you are someone who enjoys floral fragrance, you may well find yourself overwhelmed by the heavily fragrant Christmas Rose.

        I can say that Christmas Rose is definitely one of the best wax tarts I have used in terms of longevity, but on this occasion the fragrance was just too much for me. It was too much rose and no pine. If you are a great lover of floral fragrance however, I would recommend you still try it.
        I purchased my wax tarts from Collectables, but they are also available from many other card and gift shops such as Clintons, as well as department stores and also online from Yankee stockists and Amazon.


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          20.06.2012 21:28
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A pleasant floral smell but avoid the sampler

          - Why I Bought -
          Until recently I wouldn't have said I was particularly into candles, if I was given them as a gift I would happily have used them and I have sometimes bought them as gifts for other people but I had never bought any for myself. That was until I read review after review raving about the amazing Yankee Candle range. I simply had to try them for myself to see what all the fuss was about. I noticed a selection of these candles were half price in Clintons last month so I bought one of every scent available as I am new to the range. As I had just purchased a wax tart burner I would have preferred to buy the wax tarts but only one scent was available in the tart form so I bought this as well as seven sampler size candles. One of these was Christmas Rose.

          - Yankee Candles -
          The candles come in a large variety of different sizes depending on how much you want to spend and how long you want the candle to burn for. The following information is taken from Yankee.co.uk
          Sampler candles - £1.80 per candle, burning for up to 15 hours
          Tea Lights - Pack of 12 £6.45, burning for 4-6 hours each
          Wax Tarts - £1.25 per tart, burning for up to eight hours
          Small Jar - £8.39 per candle, burning for 25-40 hours
          Medium Jar - £16.99 per candle, burning for 65-90 hours
          Large Jar - £19.99 per candle, burning for 110-150 hours
          Small Tumbler - £9.95 per candle, burning for 35-45 hours
          Medium Tumbler - £15.49 per candle, burning for 45-50 hours
          Large Tumbler - £19.15 per candle, burning for 70-90 hours
          Perfect Pillar - £14.99 per candle, burning for up to 95 hours

          - Christmas Rose Sampler -
          The sampler wouldn't have been my ideal choice as I have read that sometimes they aren't as strong as the wax tarts or jars. Having said that, my first experience of Yankee candles was with the Cinnamon Stick sampler and this had a good strength. I wanted to try all the reduced scents available so I purchased Christmas Rose even though I didn't think it was going to be my kind of scent. The sampler comes packaged in a cellophane wrapper with a label that clearly states the brand, name of the fragrance and has a picture of light pink roses. I was impressed by the strength of the smell through the packaging. This fragrance is described as 'Holiday memories bloom in the authentic perfume of delicate rose petals with a hint of pine'. On first impressions I could smell the floral roses but not the hint of pine. The smell was pleasant but a little too floral and old fashioned for me. It didn't smell particularly Christmassy but that didn't bother me. It reminded me of soap my grandmother uses. The candle is white in colour.

          - Burning the Candle -
          I decided to light this small sampler candle as I wanted my home to have a welcoming smell as we were having people over for lunch. After leaving the candle to burn for 20 minutes I realised I couldn't smell anything. So as with the equally disappointing Mango Peach Salsa candle, I decided to go to the bathroom and have a good sniff when I came back. Still nothing! So I went closer to the candle and had another sniff. With my nose almost being burnt by the flame I could smell the same soapy, floral, rose smell that I could smell when the candle was still in the cellophane. The scent didn't seem to be diffusing around the room at all. I was disappointed, but this just enforced my opinion that the samplers aren't as good as the wax tarts. Our living room is of average size so there shouldn't have been any problem with the fragrance filling the room. Burning the candle in the bathroom produced only marginally better results. As I could barely smell Christmas Rose I can't comment too much on the scent other than to say that it is floral and smells like soap. It is pleasant enough but not a favourite of mine. I can't quite understand what makes this a Christmas fragrance as I think it would suit any time of year.

          The candle probably burned for around 15 hours which does represent good value for money. However, for me the main purpose of the candle is the fragrance and I got very little with this candle. If I were to buy this scent again I would go for the wax tart to get a stronger smell.

          - Price and Availability -
          The standard price for a sampler is around £1.80. I think this is a very reasonable price but I managed to get mine for 87p in Clintons. A very good price but not worth it if you can't smell it! Still not much money wasted and at least I learnt next time I should go for the wax tart. They are also available from Yankee.co.uk, Yankee Direct, Amazon and Ebay. It is worth shopping around as you definitely don't need to pay the RRP.

          - Would I Recommend? -
          I would recommend Christmas Rose to anyone who enjoys floral soapy smells as this one is quite pleasant, although not a favourite of mine. I would suggest buying the wax tart rather than the sampler.


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            29.01.2012 19:45
            Very helpful



            not a Christmas themed scent really..

            Yankee Candle - an American company offering scented candles and other homeware goodies.

            ~Christmas Rose~

            Christmas Rose is one of the festive Yankee scents. This scent is available in various burning formats including candle jars, samplers and tealights. The cheapest way to experience this scent is by purchasing a wax tart - a small disc of scent infused wax which should be placed in a tart burner. A tealight should be placed underneath to melt the tart and allow the scent to fill the air. Each tart is infused with at least 8 hours of essential oil scent.

            Christmas Rose is marketed as being a festive take on the traditional rose scent. White in colour and presented in a clear wrapper with a floral inspired lable, the scent of Christmas Rose is described as :

            "Holiday memories bloom in the authentic perfume of delicate rose petals with a hint of pine"


            This particular scent will be in limited stock just now. Try local shops stocking Yankee Candle products or head to Amazon UK. The tart is priced at 99p. Jars can be purchased for around £7.00.

            ~My Thoughts~

            I love Yankee Candle and want to try as many as I can. During a shopping trip, I spotted lots of wax tarts reduced to 60p in Clintons. I picked up several including favourite scents and many that I hadn't tried before. I adore their Christmas range and despite not being overly fond of floral based scents, I selected this for the "Christmas" claim in the scents name.

            This tart looks pleasant and has a clean appearance. It doesn't offer much scent through the wrapper so I assumed it wouldn't be a highly scented tart. I suppose this will either appeal or not appeal. I prefer more subtler floral scents rather than heavy, cloying scents so this one was a winner until I placed it into my burner. I use a whole tart normally but feel this one would be split in 2 as it is very powerful as it melts.

            ~Rose Bushes?~

            As this tart melts, the scent lifts up and filters around my whole house. I had anticipated something fresh and light and hoped that the rose scent would be more sweet than heavy floral. My hopes were dashed. The combination of rose and pine isn't exactly the most appealing blend of scents - it is rather unusual and not to my tastes at all.

            Christmas Rose is far from being Christmassy in my opinion. The melted wax is highly fragranced and far too heavy. It smells like fresh roses - a whole load of them mixed with a powdery element which reminded me of violets and made me feel a bit ill. I could detect a very faint hint of something pine like if I got close to my burner but the main scent was rose. I couldn't burn this for any longer than an hour at a time as it made me feel like sneezing - a bit like hayfever!

            After I blew my tealight out and the wax turned solid, the rose scent lingered and actually smelled much more pleasant and fresh with a sweet undertone. I was annoyed that this scent didn't come through whilst the tart was in a melted state as it would have been much more appealing. Because of how cloying this tart was, I couldn't be anywhere near the tart burner when it was melted. It isn't too bad to burn whilst doing my household chores as it does allow all of the rooms to smell clean but heaven help my poor nose each time I enter the living room!


            You do get your monies worth with this wax tart. I used one half and did manage to get about 8hours of scent from it..the other half has been stored in my Yankee box as I want to burn it when my son goes back to nursery and I can get the housework done properly!

            I wouldn't buy this particular scent again as it simply isn't for me. If you love the scent of roses and have a large home, this would be ideal. It is too heavy and floral to burn whilst relaxing in the evening and is definently suited to day time burning. The tart produces enough scent to eliminate household odours.
            3 stars from me as this isn't what I would call a Christmas type scent!

            Thanks for reading x


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              04.01.2012 18:37
              Very helpful
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              A nice tart from Yankee but not really festive

              I love to keep my house smelling nice and am always burning candles or using my oil burner. All my family and friends know I love anything to make my home smell nice and as a result I received several Yankee wax tarts and candles from them for Christmas. One of the tarts I received was called Christmas Rose. I smiled when I pulled it from my stocking because i knew my mum had picked it solely for the pink flowers on the front.

              Wax Tarts as I'm sure most people will know by now are little discs of oily feeling wax that release their fragrance when melted in a tart or oil burner. Yankee tarts are approximately 5cm's in diameter and with their fluted edges do resemble a little jam tart. The tarts are sold wrapped tightly in cellophane with a little picture depicting the fragrance on the front of them. You can smell their scent thorough the wrapper so you will have a good idea of what you are buying.

              As with all Yankee products the fragrance is all from natural ingredients and oils and the fragrance goes right trough the wax and not just on the outside.
              Yankee state that all their tarts will give up to 8 hours of continuous fragrance and in the main I would agree with this. It was certainly the case with Christmas Rose.
              This wax tart is described by Yankee as smelling of " delicate rose petals with a hint of pine". Now I have no problem with rose, floral scents are my favourites but pine always reminds me of public loos so I was slightly dubious of how this would smell.

              As with all wax tarts you need a burner to use them so boxing day I popped Christmas rose in my burner lit the tea light and waited. I didn't have to wait long within minuets the wax was melting and the gentle fragrance of rose was filtering round the room. It was lovely delicate and flowery but as for the hint of pine, well it must have been a minute hint because we couldn't smell it all! I was rather relieved about this though as pine definitely isn't a smell I like. It wasn't just me that couldn't smell the pine, I had family round and none of them could detect any pine either.

              I usually melt my tarts for about an hour at a time and find the smell lingers around long after the wax has set again. The smell goes right through the house. upstairs as well. I personally find for me this is the most economical way to use them.

              I was pleased with Christmas Rose, it gave me a good 8 hours of fragrance. The only thing I would say is if you are a fan of pine smells you may be disanointed with this one, I personally found it wasn't quite as described.

              Yankee wax tarts are priced at approximately £1.00 each depending upon where you purchase them from, some places charge slightly more some slightly less. Overall in my opinion they are good value for money. Christmas Rose can be bought in candle form as well as a tart.


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