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Yankee Candle Clam Shell Tea Light Holder

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Brand: Yankee Candle / Type: Candle Holder

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    1 Review
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      28.04.2011 15:00
      Very helpful



      A universal tealight candle holder that is both novel, cosy but not costly!

      A couple of years ago when I first started to get into Yankee Candle premium candles, I wasn't really that taken with the accessories that the company also sell as optional accompaniments to enhance the look of their candle products. It is however a good idea if you ever check the accompanying designs as the company have obviously thought about general design to lift the accent of a home's look rather than making another buck off the back of the customer! Yankee Candle sell quite a lot of merchandise these days ranging from votive holders made out of clear glass, patterned glass, porcelain, stoneware and then other ranges like porcelain or different hard based material shades to give the glass candle jars an added "bedroom light" appearance due to the domed shades and accompanying plate bases that often sport the same designs or colours. You may think that sometimes they are not worth the prices of over £10 to £25 for these accessories - but each accessory is actually a limited edition piece in its own right and many of the accessories made by Yankee Candle are never sold again, making it perfect fodder for collectors and lovers of the Yankee Candle company. I'm not a fan of the shades but have often purchased the "charger" plates that can be used with either a medium or large scented "house warmer" glass jar candle. I also use the plates for placing tealight candles if the feeling takes me rather than light up a whole jar in a room. I do quite like the appeal of candle light even though it is dangerous to use and logic and safety should therefore always take place in equal measure!

      The single clam shell tealight candle holder design by Yankee Candle appeared a few years ago, particularly to promote "Beach Walk," a fragrance that I have only ever received in gift forms as a wax tart and wasn't particularly taken with it. "Beach Walk," also promoted likewise cream shades for the glass jars in a cream finish with a tactile grainy aspect like light stone ware, often like terracotta in a light cream shaded colour complete with tiny embossed sea life shapes like star fish, bucket and spades and even a crab - to highlight the sea life/marine life aspirations that this candle was heading towards. It is also apt for a seaside town just like the west coast of Scotland towns and is very much a range of accessories that are either loved or loathed. Available for small jars with small shades and saucer like plates that are equally difficult to get hold of to wax tart burners, the stoneware substance is hand wash only, and the Clam Shell can only accommodate one tealight candle at a time. The instant advantage of the Clam Shell is that it can accept any brand of tealight candle, so it isn't a holder that is made purposefully for Yankee Candle only even though this brand makes it and the price for the Clam Shell varies between £4-99 and £7-99. There is also another shell design available from Yankee Candle to accompany the Clam Shell in the shape of a Conch shell and has a more upright slanting design to it. Both are hard to find but both lack the little embossed details such as star fish but retain more authentic details that look like actual sea shells. My mum has the Conch shell but I find it doesn't create more of a cosy light than the Clam Shell.

      Design details are extremely original and very authentic to that of a real open clam shell. The design is set with a number of dimples and crinkly waves which flow upwards to each side of the clam shell; 3 on one side and 2 on the other with invariable curves that mimic a real shell and there is enough room to drop in or pull out a tealight candle as well as ample room to light it with a long stemmed match or lighter. The stoneware coating is unglazed so it feels rough and smooth at both times giving another authentic feel to sea marine life. Sizing wise the length is approximately 11cm by 8cm width and can be cradled easily in one hand. In use, the candle holder is heat insulative on the base and to the bottom of the sides - but not the top where the flame of the candle usually warms the shell up. However it is in use, that when the Clam Shell is lit, it creates a beautiful shadow of the crinkles set from the shell and provides a wonderful cosy light that is very apt for romantic or cosy evening meals. Even though it is purposefully made to be used in the home, I've used the Clam Shell outside to provide a subtle glow to garden lighting on picnic tables just to give a bit of warmth and colour to small party gatherings. The sides of the clam shell are slightly taller giving the candle a wind proof aspect but it isn't perfect to be wholly trusted for outside use given that the stoneware coating is thin and the holder is rather fragile. It goes without saying that any candle holder has to be placed on a level surface to ensure uniform burning.

      From time to time and depending on how many times you use the Clam Shell, unscented or scented tealight candles can be used, but invariably the sides blacken from time to time and need cleaning. A damp cloth is all that it takes to bring the creamish white coating back up as new whilst the whole holder can be immersed in lukewarm water and a gentle hand to wash it clean.

      The versatile design of the Yankee Candle Clam Shell makes an appropriate container for tealight candles when used in many places in the home. I now have two of the shells, one for tealight candle use and one for holding crystal stones that lend a more earthy contrast. Not just outside or in the windowsill of a living room, the authentic colouring and design makes the Clam Shell apt for bathrooms, bedrooms and even the kitchen, if the feeling takes you and if you crave for a cosy light to get by on, or something that just looks perfectly homely, casting a slight shadow of sea marine life and cosy glow, the Clam Shell by Yankee Candle is perfect for use. Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2011

      Image can be found at: http://www.tjreiki.co.uk/yankee_prod.php?f=&p=1149

      Ranges of Yankee Candle accessories can also be found at:


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