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Yankee Candle Creamy Caramel

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11 Reviews

Brand: Yankee Candle / Type: Scented Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    11 Reviews
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      26.06.2013 20:54
      Very helpful



      All the sweetness without all the calories

      =Yankee Candle Creamy Caramel=
      I love Yankee candles and over the last couple of years I have brought quite a few of the wax tarts, some have been sucessful purchases and others not so successful, since I had tried a few, i found a spare address book and use this for candles, to rate them as yes, no, main elements of the flavour, and whether I feel that they are a seasonal candle.

      =Yankee Candles=
      Yankee have the range to suit all pockets, from the wax tart, which retail at around £1.25 each and the sampler size candles which are £1.50, through to jars at around £20.00

      These candles van be purchased from many retailers such as Amazon, Yankee Candles direct, Clinton cards, even B+Q.

      I fell lucky as I brought this from a car boot sale for 10p, the tart was sealed and new, so I had a bargain there.

      The tart is a round disc shape and this has a fluted edge to it. The tart is shrink wrapped with a cello wrap, and on the top it has a sticker, which tells us this is a Yankee Candle, the fragrance, and a picture related to the fragrance, in this tart the picture was that of small pieces of caramel. The tart is also a caramel colour,

      =To Use=
      A tart needs to be used with an oil burner, when I use mine I always break the tart in half, so i get double the benefit from it. The burning time for a wax tart is approximately 8 hours.

      When I burn a tart, I tend to burn them in the evening and have a half tart lasts three of four evenings, and I find that I got about 9 hours of aroma with this tart, so I was very impressed with this.

      = Sweet Aroma=
      Even before I burned the candle, I smelt it and it had a lovely smell of caramel, at first it reminded me of the caramel in the tin (Carnation toffee one), sweet, but not over powering.

      =Whilst Burning=
      I found this took about 10 minutes before I got an indepth aroma of caramel, but once the max had all melted and this was heated and burning, the aroma was lovely, it was like a fresh baked cake, dark sugar, like when you are cooking a Christmas cake and mixing the sugar and butter together.

      It was also like eating a caramel sweet, but without the calories.

      =Depth of smell=
      I found that although this was a sweet smell, it was an in depth level of aroma, and even after blowing the tea light out, I found that the aroma was lasting, and even our hours later there was a faint smell of Caramel.

      =Mouth Watering=
      This candle I could describe as lush, it was like a toffee without all the calories, to me I feel with this being a heavy base, that it is more suited to a Winter night, it reminds that I would love an open fire, a glass of bubbly (or hot chocolate) and this fragrance in the back ground.

      =Would I recommend.=
      If you like strong, sweet aroma, then this candle is for you,
      I would also say if you were selling a house, then light this before hand, as it is not just the caramel aroma, but it has a home cooked cake, and to me is a welcoming fragrance.

      =Star Rating=
      For me this is a 5/5

      =General Information=

      Wax Tarts - 22grams burn time of 8 hours around £1 to £1.50

      Sampler Candle - 32 grams - burn time 12/15 hours £1.30 to £2.00

      Small Glass Jar, - 3.7oz (140 grams) - burn time of 25/40 hours around £10

      Medium Glass Jar - 14.5oz (411 grams) burn time of 65/90 hours around £15

      Large Glass Jar - 22oz (630grams ) burn time of 110/150 hours - around £20


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      25.10.2012 16:02
      Very helpful



      A gorgeous sampler - I will buy again!

      Yankee Candle Sampler: Creamy Caramel

      I bought this sampler a while ago and I have only just got round to using it as I have far too many candles and because I was putting off using this scent as I thought that it may be a bit too strong - but it turned out to be a gorgeous candle/scent!

      - Product/scent description (from an online source)

      "Indulge in ultimate, mouthwatering luxury this Christmas with the Yankee Candle Creamy Caramel Yankee Candle Housewarmer Jar Candle. Creamy Caramel features the aroma of sugary, gooey lusciousness of buttery rich vanilla caramel, sure to tempt the taste buds."

      - About the product

      As with all yankee candle samplers this product come shrink wrapped in clear plastic so you can see the colour of the candle wax which in this case is a deep orange shade. This samplers have images on the front of the plastic showing a visual representation of the scent of the candle, in this case the image is that of cubes of caramel in cupcake cases. Due to the neat and simple but rather cute design of the samplers I think they would make great little presents/stocking fillers. Samplers are expected to burn for a maximum of 15 hours although I find none last this long.

      - Using the candle, scent, throw and longevity

      After removing and disposing of the plastic wrapping I then cut the wick to about 0.5cm in length and I sometimes peal the sticker off the front of the wrapping and stick it onto the outside of the samplers holder so I know the name of the sampler/scent - as I swap between candles fairly often. This candle took about half an hour or so before I started to smell the candle which is quite good and after about an hour the scent is fairly strong but not overly so. The scent is not as strong or as 'caramel like' as I thought it was going to be - this may be a positive point for some and a negative for others. The scent is really gorgeous actually, it smells like caramel (as you would expect) but it also smells like toffee/butterscotch and it smells a little bit like the 'café au lait' sampler too. The scent is also really similar to the Yankee candle 'Danish Butter Cookie' tumbler that I love so much which is great.

      The scent strength is good and it is not overly strong or sickly. The scent dispersion is really good with the scent travelling to many rooms on the second floor. As with all yankee candle samplers this one did not last me 15 hours; more like 10 hours because I was burning the sampler for a fairly long time each time I used it which I probably shouldn't have. Overall, the scent is divine, the strength of the scent is good and the scent dispersion/throw is really good - also it smells similar to the yankee candle Danish butter cookie candle which is fairly hard to come by.

      - Price and availability

      This sampler was purchased from yankeedoodle.co.uk as where all of my older samplers and it was no more than £1.50 which I think is a good price. This scent/candle can be purchased in the form of a medium jar for £16.99. This candle/scent is not very widely available although it can be purchased on specialist candle websites and ebay.



      *The scent is just gorgeous - it smells like toffee/caramel/butterscotch
      *The strength of the scent is really good as is the scent throw/dispersion
      *Not overly strong and it is not sickly, in my opinion
      *The longevity of the sampler is good but not as long lasting as I wanted it to be



      Thank you for reading my review


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      10.10.2012 11:25
      Very helpful



      Beautiful and really strong without being sickly!

      Loving anything Yankee, particularly the tarts as they offer such good value for money I was really pleased recently to not only buy a few but also to receive a couple of ones that I hadn't tried before as a gift and this was one of those and this is one I have been burning in my bedroom for a while now.

      The Packaging:

      As usual with a Yankee tart this comes in a see through and easy to tear off wrapper and on the front of it we are clearly told what it is and who it is by and a picture of caramel is shown then on the base of the tart other information listed includes being shown via diagrams what you can do and can't do with it, we are told to expect 8 hours of burn time from one of these wax tarts, the size is stated which is 22g and contact details for Yankee are given.

      The Tart Itself:

      This is a deep orange coloured thick and wide lump of round wax with the word Yankee engraved into the top of it and it has fluted edges. You simply pop this in the top of an oil burner and light a tealight under it and the wax melts when it gets hot to a transparent liquid and then when you extinguish the tealight the wax hardens back up for the next use of it.

      This smells beautiful even before using it then almost as soon as you light the tealight the sumptuous scent of caramel is released. This has a wonderful sweet and caramel scent to it which is strong but not one bit harsh and this is one of my favourites at the moment and I will certainly be buying a candle in this scent sometime soon. This fills my large flat with the scent, it lingers for hours after using it and I certainly got more than the 8 hours of usage I expected from this and got almost 10!

      Beautiful, warm and homely fragrance I really do love this one and was sad when I ran out of it however I can't wait to buy myself a caramel candle now!

      Available from Yankee and places like Amazon and Clinton cards.

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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      02.10.2012 19:27
      Very helpful



      My favourite scent to date

      Having been a member of the Dooyoo community for over three years now, I have probably read hundreds and hundreds of reviews about Yankee candles, but up until March this year I had never tried one for myself.
      Back in March however we moved into a new house, and received our first Yankee candle as a house-warming present from my wife's parents.

      I suspect that almost everyone knows about Yankee candles, what they are, what they offer etc, but this is just a quick bit of info for anyone who may be new to Yankee Candles.

      The Yankee Candle Company was started in South Hadley, Massachusetts when (a moneyless) Michael Kittredge, created his first scented candle during Christmas 1969 from melted crayons as a gift for his mother. From there the company set off and continually grew to what it is today.
      The Yankee Candle Company now markets an array of products, including candles of various scents and sizes, scented wax tarts, candle accessories, votive candles (Samplers), votive candle holders, tart warmers, jar toppers (for use with the House-warmer line of candles), reed diffusers, Electric Home Fragrance units (scented wall plug-ins), car scents, room sprays, Good Air products - the list goes on and on!

      The candle that we received for our house-warming present was a Creamy Caramel scented candle in a large glass jar.
      There are said to be over 175 different scents available today, with generally 4 different sizes of candle that are most commonly used and these are:

      Sampler candles priced around £2 with a 15 hour burn time
      Small glass Jar priced around £8 with a 25 - 40 hour burn time
      Medium glass jar priced around £15 with a 65 - 90 hour burn time
      Large glass jar priced around £22 with a 110 - 140 hour burn time.

      Before receiving this as a gift I would not have dreamed of spending this sort of money on a candle, but once I had experienced this candle I was completely sold on them, and have since purchased dozens of different Yankee candles of various sizes and scents.
      The Creamy Caramel was my first, and so far remains my favourite out of the ones I have tried.

      The jar has a little picture of several soft, golden and succulent looking caramel pieces on the front of it, and inside the glass the golden brown wax candle can be easily viewed, which almost looks like a jar of honey at first.

      Upon removing the lid there is a lovely sweet smell very sugary and the caramel scent is strong. It almost smells good enough to eat (although I certainly would not advise this). Once the candle is burning, the scent is even stronger, and this is fantastic to freshen up the room, or mask any odours that might be present from cooking etc.

      Our Creamy Caramel candle lasted us for over three months before it burnt to the bottom of the jar, and was no longer possible to use. I have not timed the total burning time from the candle, but I am confident that it would certainly be in the region of the 110 - 140 hours that Yankee specify for this size, and I wouldn't be too surprised if it exceeded this somewhat. Often we would light our candle at dusk, and let it burn for 2-3 hours each night as we watched TV, and so as you can imagine this small amount of time each evening means that the candle will last for well over a month even if it is used every night.
      The glow from the candle is lovely, and obviously the heat that it generates also helps to warm up the warm a little bit.

      As mentioned earlier this is my favourite scent from Yankee candles so far, although I realise I have hundreds to try yet! I find it a nice sweet smell, which has a luxurious and smooth feel to it. It is great for almost any season of the year, and is nice and sweet but without being too sickly.

      Thanks for reading.

      © L500589 2012


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        21.01.2012 15:44
        Very helpful



        This will keep me away from the chocolate tin for a little while at least.

        Being a fairly recent convert to the Yankee Candle phenomena, I bought myself a selection of votives before Christmas so I could try out a whole range of scents without breaking the bank.

        Votives are small candles, with the approximate circumference of a tea light candle, but about 4 times the height. They are best burnt in a candle holder to allow you to enjoy the experience without compromising safety in the home.

        I bought my votives (also known as samplers) from www.yankeedirect.com. Before Christmas, the Creamy Caramel one was £1.60 but also on offer where you could buy 10 for the price of 8. The price of these today (21/01/2012) is just £1.32 with the same 10 for the price of 8 offer.

        This paricular scent is available in many formats, starting with a wax tart at £1.15, a small jar at £5.99, through to a large jar at £18.49. This votive has a burn time of 15 hours, which is more than enough for me to have a trial and see if I like the scent. I feel it offers good value.

        Described as 'Melts in your mouth... all the sugary, gooey lusciousness of buttery rich vanilla caramel', I was hoping this candle might be away of indulging in sweetness through another method rather than through taste.

        On receiving the votive, it looked exactly like a block of fudge to me, with a light brown sheen to the candle. The votive was wrapped in cellophane to keep it fresh, and there was a sticker on it, showing it was the Creamy Caramel, with a little picture of tempting pieces of fudge in little paper cases. I was looking forward to trying it out.

        Burning the candle, I found that it is fairly quick to dissipate the scent into the room, but it doesn't really travel that far. I can burn it down one end of our large living room/dining room, but the scent does not travel around the room to fill it very well.

        The candle is indeed sweet. One thing I was a little concerned about was if I could constantly smell something good to eat, would I then want to eat it, but that is not the case. I find the vanilla pleasant to smell, but it does put me off eating a little. I am a little overwhelmed by the level of sweetness, and the thought of eating something makes me feel a little nauseous.

        I think this one is nice, but only in short bursts. Too much is not a good thing. The vanilla notes are more apparent to me than caramel. When sat quite close to it, it is a bit cloying and headache inducing.

        As with all the other yankee candles, the quality of this is excellent. The colour is uniform throughout, and the colour is so close to fudge you could almost eat it. The wax burns very cleanly with no smoking, and the candle wears evenly as you use it. When you put it out, the was solidifies nicely, and the wick remains intact ready for your next burning session.

        After putting it out, I do detect more of the caramel notes, which smells a bit like a crisp well cooked creme brulee to me.

        I feel a bit unsure how to rate this. While very high quality, and nice in smaller doses, I don't think it brilliant that it is so sweet it makes me feel nauseous. I see from other reviews it has been rated from one star to five, so it obviously appeals to some people a lot more than others. I will stick to a middle of the road 3 I think. I am glad I have tried it, but I can't see me rushing to replace this one when it is done.


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          13.09.2011 16:17
          Very helpful



          Great for those who like sweet foody fragrances

          I purchased a Yankee Candle wax tart in the Creamy Caramel fragrance quite some time ago now. I feel a little bit silly to admit this, but the reason I didn't use it sooner is that I have been on a bit of a healthy eating regime and am doing quite well, so I felt that filling my house with the smell of caramel might prove too much temptation and I'd find myself breaking the diet! I decided to take the risk and give it a go recently, as it had been there a long time and I was worried it might end up losing the fragrance if I kept it for too long.

          As I said I purchased mine in the form of a wax tart. I buy wax tarts almost exclusively now as I find that they generally give a good level of scent and they're relatively cheap meaning I can mix and match scents without having to shell out on a jar sized candle, that I may or may not become bored of. For those of you who have yet to try the Yankee brand, I should explain that a wax tart is simply a disc of wax which is melted in a special Yankee tart burner (similar to an oil burner), releasing the fragrance into the room. No wick is involved so the wax melts rather than burns, which gives a cleaner fragrance. If you don't fancy this, you can also buy the candles in the form of votives or larger wax filled jars.

          Creamy Caramel is an orangey-brown colour and the label depicts caramel sweets. Of course, this is to be expected and fits in well with the fragrance, but whilst it's not too much of a problem for me with my relatively small wax tart, I don't think I'd be too keen to have a larger candle of this colour in my home. It simply isn't very attractive in my opinion, but perhaps this would just be personal choice. Certainly if buying one of these as a gift I think I would opt for a more neutral colour.

          The scent of creamy caramel when I unwrapped it was just what I expected it to be from the name. It has a very sweet caramel-toffee scent which I would say is fairly accurate and does not smell synthetic at all. It reminded me of going to the seaside as a little girl and going into the little handmade sweet shops on the sea front to buy fudge to take home for my Grandma. I love how different scents evoke memories like that!

          The strength of the wax tart if I'm honest was a little disappointing. I placed my burner on a heatproof mat on my coffee table, whilst I sat approximately six feet away from it. I could only smell it very faintly, unless I sat on the sofa which was right next to where the candle was burning - then I could smell it quite clearly and the fragrance was the same sweet caramel scent that it had been when solid.

          Each wax tart is designed to give eight hours of fragrance and I found that in this particular case, that estimate seemed to be quite accurate.

          Prices of the candles will vary, but a list of approximate prices and burn times is listed below:

          Wax Tarts - Burn time 8 hours - £1.10
          Votives - Burn time up to 15 hours - £1.60
          Small Jar - Burn time 25-40 hours - £7.45
          Medium Jar - Burn time 65-60 hours - £15.45
          Large Jar - Burn time 110-150 hours - £18.45

          I buy my Yankee Candles from Collectables on the high street or www.yankeedoodle.com, but you can also get them from Clinton's Cards.

          Overall, I thought Creamy Caramel was a nice fragrance and thankfully did not have me reaching for the biscuit tin! I was a little disappointed with the intensity of the fragrance though, so if you have a big room you want to fill with scent I wouldn't recommend this one. If you love toffee/caramel scents though and are not too bothered about having a strong intensity to your fragrance, then Creamy Caramel is definitely worth a go.

          *Also posted on Ciao under username pink_champagne


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          10.08.2011 17:57
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Never EVER again!

          Welcome to another of my Yankee Candle Tart reviews. You will notice a big difference with this one compared to my others-I absolutely hate everything about this particular tart! I have struggled to find anything good to say about it, although I did scrape the barrel a little!

          I recently purchased a pick and mix lot of Yankee Candle Wax tarts and I cheated a little by picking the scents I wanted. When I was reading the list this one jumped out at me. Everyone in my house is known for having a sweet tooth so I thought how delicious it would be if my house smelt as good as caramel! Yankee Candle Creamy Caramel Wax Tart was in my online basket quicker than you can say yummy!

          The first thing I will mention is the price-I paid 89p each for a selection of 10 tarts from an online ebay retailer. Usually you will find them retailing for between 85p and £1.20 each depending on where you are buying them from. You can find great deals and prices if you shop around and I really recommend ebay-they are the cheapest I have found. When I recieved my tarts they came in a very small but very sturdy looking box and this tart had over powered every other smell in the box to be the one that hit me in the face when I opened it! I wasn't sure if this was a good or bad thing.

          As I began to use my tarts I left the others in the box in my kitchen. Even though I didn't light this particular tart for a while, the smell was still traceable in the kitchen just from the box alone. After a week or so I was concerned it would contaminate the other tart's scents (oo-er!) so I just decided this tart was to have it's day!

          As with all Yankee Wax Tarts they come wrapped in plastic which needs to be removed with scissors. The packaging for the Creamy Caramel is a normal Yankee sticker with a lovely looking picture of some caramel on the front. I could smell the caramel scent as soon as I was holding the tart-still wrapped so when I took the plastic off I got another face full of the smell. Even at this stage it was very strong!

          As I burnt the tart I was pleasantly suprised with one thing amoungst the negatives-it was a very strong smell when burning! I like my candles to be strong, not weak scents. Within about 30 minutes my entire house smelt strongly of caramel. There was nothing creamy about this caramel-pure sugar and sickly sweet, the scent was over powering within half an hour of it being melted. Half an hour after that I had to put the flame out because my partner and myself both decided we couldn't bear it any longer! It was that awful, strong type of scent that sticks in your throat no matter what you do. I could practically taste it!

          Yankee Candle Wax Tarts are supposed to have a scent life of 8 hours and I only used mine for an hour before I threw it away! I literally couldn't bear to smell that again-it was just that over powering! Initially the smell had been nice (sort-of!) in a faint sweet/cake shop sort of way but it quickly grew in to something from a Gingerbread House Nightmare!

          I can only give this tart one star out of five (and thats because I can't not give it anything!) because the smell is to put it briefly-horrific! I can't fault it in some senses-it deffinately smells like caramel (although not a creamy kind) and it's a brilliant tart if you need to stink your house out! It's strength is in doubt! However the smell itself is not an easy to endure smell and although it scents your house quickly and evenly, it's not something I can imagine many people want to smell on this scale!

          My advice-avoid it and go for one of the other beautiful scents that Yankee offers!


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            25.07.2011 10:22
            Very helpful



            Smells good enough to eat


            In the last few Yankee Candles reviews I written I've been pretty forthcoming in sharing my thoughts on how disappointing I've found their sampler range of candles to be. I bought a large selection of samplers (or votives as they're also known as) recently in a promotion on the Yankee Doodle website where they were offered on a BOGOF promotion. Having worked my way through the majority of my purchases and dismissing them all as too weak and poor value for money I was left with one remaining votive to use and was ready to be underwhelmed once more when I unwrapped 'Creamy Caramel', the subject of this review, from its plastic wrapper. It was a surprise therefore to discover that my initial assumptions that this was going to be as disappointing as the others proved to be unfounded as this one has ended up being not only a scent I would recommend to other people but something I would recommend in votive form too.


            I usually explain a little about the formats offered in Yankee's product range in my reviews and for those who don't know, a sampler is a short, squat, fragrance and essential oil-infused candle. They measure a couple of inches in height and like other candles that you may have owned in the past these have a wick which runs through the centre of them. Yankee have a large selection of products and scents in their range and finding something to suit shouldn't be too difficult, they are renowned as being a recognised and respected company who produce authentic smelling, true to life fragrances and offer a wide choice from fruity and floral scents through to cotton and leather. A votive has a burning span of around 15 hours but in my experience don't have anywhere near that amount of fragrance infused into them and tend to lose their aroma at around 5 hours into their burning time. Once the sampler has been removed from its wrapper it's just a case of lighting the wick and waiting for the aroma to permeate around the room in which it is placed, so that's what I did with this one and within just a few minutes Creamy Caramel attracted my attention...

            Deliciously Creamy Caramel

            Mid Brown in colour the name of this votive should give you a good idea of how it's supposed to smell, sometimes Yankee give their products a vague name rather than a description of the fragrance they contain but with Creamy Caramel you do get something that is undeniably sweet and creamy. It's one of my favourite things to eat in real life and this little candle manages to faithfully recreate the vanilla-enriched, toffee-like fragrance that is so obviously 'Caramel'. Even in votive format this is a powerful aroma which builds in intensity and seems to feature waves of fragrance that go from being subtle to strong over the course of time. I found that the best way to burn this particular votive is by lighting it for a short period of time then extinguishing it and allow the wax to solidify again, often times votives melt unevenly and seem to pool wax around their wicks and I think they loose their fragrance a lot quicker if allowed to permanently stay lit.

            By staggering the burning time of this one I appeared to get a lot more out of it in terms of its fragrance and every time I re-lit this one I was met with wave after wave of sweet caramel which really appealed. It can only be described as 'delicious', it's a very sweet, sugary fragrance which smells good enough to eat and I have definitely found a new favourite in this one. As already mentioned I haven't been impressed with Yankee's votives over the past few weeks but this one has made me see them differently and although I do think the wax tart products offer better value for money and hold a lot more fragrance this is one votive that I would recommend.

            As I bought mine on a BOGOF offer this candle effectively cost me just 80p, votives usually retail for around £1.60 - £1.65 though and in my experience aren't as powerful as the cheaper priced wax tarts. Creamy Caramel is one to check out in votive form though if you haven't got a tart burner as it does hold plenty of fragrance and if you are careful with how long you keep this lit for you can really maximise it's longevity and get the most from it. As with all of the products in the Yankee Candle range the Creamy Caramel votive is available online from YankeeDoodle.co.uk and also amazon, offline it can be found in specialist candle shops and some high street stores. Garden centres and larger DIY shops carry a range of Yankee products too and tracking this one down shouldn't prove to be too difficult.


            I vowed never to buy another Yankee votive again after my recent disappointing run of lacklustre products but Creamy Caramel has gone a long way in restoring my faith in them and I do think it comes down to the fragrance itself which determines how strong it is and which format you should buy. I haven't given up on votives completely now, Creamy Caramel has made me see them more positively and I would definitely recommend this particular votive to anyone who likes sweet and mouthwatering fragrances. Five stars from me, it's one to check out for yourself. Thanks for reading my review.

            Please note that this also appears on ciao under my username


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              15.04.2011 18:00
              Very helpful



              One Of The Worst Yankee Candles Ive Tried.

              Before I started writing here on Dooyoo Id never even heard of the Yankee Candle brand. I was never a massive fan of candles anyway - I used to prefer a nice bowl of pot purri or a air freshner and to be honest I could never understand why someone would pay so much for a simple scented candle. But about a year ago I tried out their Strawberry Tart for the first time and I fell in love with the brand so a few months ago I decided to treat myself (and my mom!) to a few small votive candles from the brand to see if any of the others were as nice. I searched long and hard to find a scent I thought Id like and I ended up deciding on this 'Yankee Candle Creamy Caramel' as I thought that would be one of the scents Id like the most. I could not have been more wrong! This is probably the worst one Ive tried so far - and Ive now tried LOADS from the range.

              Useful Information:
              Price - I paid around £3 for a small sample sized candle.
              Stockists: Clintons, Amazon & The Yankee Candle website. I believe there might be special stores that stock JUST this brand of candles but as there isnt one here in B'ham Im not 100% sure.
              Other Info: Yankee candles are available in a range of sizes and shapes - the larger ones come is glass jars and the smaller sample sizes are available either in a tart shape (that you melt over a burner) or as a small sample candle which is the size I bought as I just wanted to try it without spending loads of money - in case I didnt like it. Obviously the bigger/smaller sizes are different prices and have different burning times.

              * I have to recommend if your buying a Votive sized candle to make sure you have small jar to fit this in - it doesnt come with one - an otherwise it will just melt all over your shelf and last about 2 minutes - creates a massive mess and doesnt last very long. So I do think buying a small container for this while its burning is a good idea.*

              These candles come in small rounded shape that should be covered in plastic when it arrives to ensure the scent stays inside the candle. The wick at the top is quite long so it might need to be cut down a little bit to ensure it burns correctly - I had to snip mine a little bit but everyone might now have that issue - and its nothing major anyway. This particular candle is a gorgeous caramel colour in reality and it looks just how you would expect a big chunk of toffee to look - with some little silver pieces in it so its looks a little bit sparkly - from what I remember anyway. Yankee say you shouldnt burn this for more than a few hours at a time to ensure that it burns evenly and the candle itself doesnt end up melting funny - I think thats a decent warning though as the scent is strong enough to mean you dont have to burn this for ages and that means it lasts much longer so winning all round really - oh and obviously remember to keep these out of reach from children and blow them out before bedtime. I dont want any fires after reading this review hehe.

              Now to the smell - the thing everyone wants to know about when writing about Yankee candles. The scent is obviously the main reason I bought this and I assumed a caramel scent would be right up my street. I adore sweet/sugary fragrances so I thought I would love this one when I read Yankee's description 'all the sugary, gooey lusciousness of buttery rich vanilla caramel'. Sadly in my opinion it smells nothing like what I expected or how it is described. This smells like spicy liquorice in my opinion which is the total opposite of what I was expecting. I HATE spicy scent and I hate the scent of liqourice so both of them mixed together just simply turns my stomach - and my mom actually agrees with me on what this actually smells like so I know it cant be just me who thinks so. I think I lit this once in my bedroom and to be fair it does smell SLIGHTLY sweeter and more caramel like when its burning but not too much - I could still smell spice and liqourice. Not a good combination!

              We now use this for the living room when a dirty nappy has been changed in there - as it does a wicked job of covering the smell very quickly - so I guess the point of Yankee candles is still present here - the smell comes out quickly, gets rid of other odours in the air and does stick around. Its just a shame the scent of the candle itself is pretty vile to begin with. I think this is nearly at the end now as my mom has been using it downstairs - even though shes not very keen on it either so I guess by now it has reached its average burning time. If this smelt good then I would be recommending it as everything else is amazing but it seriously offends my nose. Stay away from this - a bad apple from Yankee!!

              Thanks For Reading.

              x0 Salz 0x


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              11.04.2011 18:28
              Very helpful



              one of the most delicious candles ever

              Yankee Candle is a USA based company formed in the 1970s. They are currently the biggest produce of scented candles within the US and they have expanded to other countries including the UK. Yankee Candle mainly produce candles but also other home fragrancing products such as reed diffusers, plug ins etc.

              ~~~Candles - All Shapes and Sizes~~~

              Yankee Candles can be bought in many forms. The majority of the scents are incorporated into different sized jars, wax tarts for oil burners, tea lights and small candles. The smaller candles are samplers where they can be tested before purchasing a larger, more expensive candle for your home. The samplers come in votive style and claim to last 15hours. The Yankee Candle fragrance range is extensive and there is a scent to suit everyone. You could opt for something floral such as Fresh Cut Roses or something a bit fruitier such as Berry Jam! This review however, concentrates on a sampler that is from the Food and Spice range and is aptly named Creamy Caramel.

              The Creamy Caramel scent is available in sampler form as well as various sized jars, wax tart and tea lights so the design you opt for will depend on your budget and needs. The scent is described as being "all the sugary, gooey lusciousness of buttery rich vanilla caramel". Mmm certainly gets the mouth watering and the tummy rumbling..wouldn't be out of place on a dessert menu and this sampler is certainly one for those who indulge in sweet fantasies!


              Each sampler comes wrapped in a plastic wrapper. The votives are quite big and adopt a smooth, rounded appearance with a tall, white wick at the top. This particular scent offers a sticky, caramel/toffee colour like someone has melted a bar of caramel and solidified it into the candle shape. It needs to be placed into an appropriate votive holder and lit either with a lighter or match. Of course it must be placed away from children, other items etc and should be burned for no longer than a few hours at a time.

              ~~~Availability and Price~~~

              Stores such as Clintons and small, candle suppliers. They can also be bought online. The most popular store selling these is www.yankeedoodle.co.uk for 99p. Normal shops price them at around £1.60. Larger jars are priced from £7.50 - £18.00.

              ~~~My Thoughts~~~

              I love a lovely smelling home and spend alot of money on various candles, plug ins etc. I sometimes buy Glade candles but my passion is with Yankee Candles. A little store in my town sells a range of Yankee Candles and I have been addicted to them every since it opened. My latest candle is the Creamy Caramel one. Last week, I was in a shop called Bairds in Hamilton and checking out the massive range of Yankee Candles. My kind sister asked me to pick a votive sampler as a treat and after sniffing a few of the fruity ones, I spotted this one and immediately passed it to my sister to buy at a cost of £1.65.

              The idea of the votive samplers is a good one. Like beauty products, you can try a sample size before deciding to splash out on a full size product. In the long run, it may appear more expensive that the initial cost of a large jar but there is a few aspects to consider here - you get to try various scents for short periods of time and finally decide on which ones you like and don't like. I have yet to buy a jar as the choice is too hard for me in terms of picking a scent. I like to light my candles and I feel a jar wouldn't look as pretty when burned down so these votives are perfect for me. My sister gave me 2 beautiful official, Yankee Candle holders which have a stained glass window effect and hold a votive sampler perfectly. I burn my candles at night time when my son is tucked up in bed and usually place them in my alcove or coffee table in the livingroom. When home alone, I sometimes pop one into the bathroom and allow it to fragrance my home through the open door.

              ~~~Sweet Sensations~~~

              As you all know, I have a sweet tooth and a sweet nose..I love anything sweet scented aslong as it isn't too artificially sweet. The Creamy Caramel won't win any awards for being bright as it is rather dull but very much like its scent in terms of colour. The smell and the name of the scent is what attracted me and I considered it to be something different to the fruity ones I usually go for. I let my fiance have a sniff in the bag when I got home and let him guess the scent..he thought it was coffee which surprised me. Removing the wrapper, the caramel notions continue with a little stickiness of the surface. The smell is incredibly appealing and scrumptuous and makes me want to go have a biscuit! Placing the sampler into my holder, I ask my fiance to light the wick which starts off quite tall.

              As the flame burns down the wick, it takes a little while to reach the actual wax part of the candle. The holder I have certainly acts as a decorative piece as the candle flickers through it creating a pretty design and hiding the odd coloured wax! As the candle starts to melt, a little puddle of wax sits around the wick. The candle burns fairly evenly as opposed to burning a well right down the middle as this leads to waste. Soon after lighting, a gorgeous aroma starts to rise up and begins to fill my livingroom. If I go into the kitchen, I return to a delectably sweet aroma which is welcoming and gives of notions of warmth and comfort. It is a lovely smell to appreciate late at night when cuddled up on the sofa and I take great pleasure in breathing in its enchanting smell.

              The caramel aroma is appetising to say the least but isn't one which would appeal to everyone. It is ultra sweet with a sugary, creaminess gently sweeping around my livingroom enveloping every corner and tempting every guest to get up close for a sniff of its deliciousness. It is very life like and makes me think of making sweet treats as a child or eating candy apples. There is a hint of fudginess about it and the sweetness takes no prisoners as it takes hold of the room. It is simply yummy goodiness and the addition of the slight burning aroma a candle produces adds to the overall illusion of caramel and toffee.

              ~~~How Long Does It Bake For?~~~

              I would say put it in the oven and let the scent go but that would be wrong wouldn't it? Well I have lit this for a few hours each night for the past 4days and it has only just finished..perhaps 15mins is a little optimistic but not far off. The candle evens out and goes solid by the next morning and I can safely take it out the holder to allow it to be lid and placed carefully back in. The smell has never dwindled from use and even though the candle sits further down my holder, the smell travels up smoothly with the same gorgeous sweetness as the moment I opened it.

              ~~~Sweet Recommendation~~~

              This candle and this particular scent is of a high quality. It is one for the colder, winter months as it would be a bit cloying during the Summer months. It lasts well, gives off a strong and comforting scent that brings back fond memories. Its level of sweetness suits my preferrance and fills my large livingroom. I would consider purchasing a jar of this one in a few months time.

              Yankee Candle Creamy Caramel comes with a high recommendation from me and I thank you for reading :)


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                26.01.2011 17:56
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                I like this scent but it's not up there on my favourites list.

                The second of what will be many scented candle reviews now! Or, actually, in my case, wax tart, although as with most Yankee Candle products you can purchase them in a variety of formats including room freshener spray, car air freshener and of course candles of all shapes and sizes.

                As I mentioned, I have the wax tart version, which is basically a small, wickless disc of wax which you heat up over a tea light or light bulb in a tart burner. Tarts typically carry more scent than candles and are significantly cheaper.

                I really do love sweet and food scents so I was expecting to really enjoy this. I wasn't wrong. I broke off just a quarter of the tart, as I usually find them a little too overwhelming in my small room otherwise. Actually, this scent is not too strong, so probably could have used half.

                The scent is easily distinguishable as caramel, although it is slightly artificial-smelling. I'm not sure how it would be possible to create a "convincing" caramel scent though really, because unless we're around huge vats of caramel I don't think most of us notice the scent that much. I certainly don't. So it's probably better to think of it as toffee. As for it being "creamy" caramel as promised, I don't really see it. I can appreciate that it's just wording to make it sound more pleasant and interesting, but it doesn't smell at all like cream, just sugary and sweet.

                One thing I will say, though, is that I do notice a bit of an "after-scent" which is a bit more bitter and woody. I'm not a huge fan of it.

                As I said it's not one of Yankee Candle's stronger scents, but I think if it was too strong it would become quite sickly. As soon as I started burning it, though, I instantly thought it was familiar. It smells EXACTLY the same as a tin roomscenter candle I bought from TK Maxx a while ago, called Caramel and Roasted Almonds from a brand called Sebnini. I'm not sure if TK Maxx still have these candles, but if so it will be significantly cheaper than buying from Yankee if you like the sound of this scent. They really do smell identical, I guess there is only so much you can do when creating an artificial caramel scent.

                Having said that, Yankee Candles are extremely good quality and do offer more choice in terms of what format you buy. I prefer tarts as they retail at just £1 and you can try out new scents and chop and change rather than be stuck with a large jar candle until it's finished. However I do have a couple of the jars and they are extremely high quality. They burn a layer of liquid on the top of the wax so that it burns completely evenly rather than making a well down the middle, so all the wax is utilised and it lasts much longer than cheaper candles. Jars, which come in three sizes, range from around £7 to £18.

                I'd recommend this scent to anyone who likes toffee scents, although don't expect it to be as realistic as some of the other food scents out there.


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