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Yankee Candle Dune Grass

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Brand: Yankee Candle / Type: Candles / Category: Home Fragrance

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    5 Reviews
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      23.02.2012 20:39
      Very helpful



      Dune Grass is a great quality, long-lasting fragrance which has instantly became a favourite with me

      Dune Grass was another Yankee fragrance I discovered half-price recently in Clintons sale. I purchased this scented wax in the wax tart format and paid 55p for it instead of the usual £1.10. The fragrance appealed to me so much when I lifted the wax tart to my nose to smell it whilst in the shop, that I actually bought five of these instead of just one. Usually I like to buy a wax tart and sample the fragrance and longevity of it before buying it again, but I convinced myself I was going to love this one and I was right.

      Having tried a number of wax tarts I have came to realise that the strength of fragrance when you smell the tarts in store, are usually a good indicator of how strong the fragrance will be when you actually come use it. Therefore if the fragrance is strong-smelling and a fragrance I like, I tend to be very happy with my purchase when I come to use it.

      Dune Grass is described as a fresh, green coastal breeze of bamboo leaf, bergamot and lemon verbena with hints of white orchid. It is a sage green colour with a photograph of dune grass on the label on the packaging. This fragrance is also available in votive, tealight and glass jar formats.
      My first impressions were of a musky fragrance with a slight hint of cut grass and lemon. It is certainly a fresh fragrance but also has a hint of musk in my opinion, which is something I particularly like from fragrances.

      I placed the wax tart into the well of my burner and lit a tealight underneath. As soon as the wax began to melt, I could detect the fragrance beginning to appear in my living room. As the scent began filling the air I knew I had made a good choice by buying a few of these particular wax tarts, as the fragrance really is lovely. It wafted out into the hallway and up the stairs and also hung in the air for a few hours after the tealight was extinguished. Indeed I could still smell the fragrance the following morning hanging in the air and all my family commented on how nice the scent was and how long it seemed to last.

      Yankee state you can expect to achieve around 8 hours of fragrance from a wax tart and past expereince has showed me that sometimes it can be less than 8 hours, but sometimes it is actually more. I am pleased to report that the Dune Grass wax tarts I have used have all exceeded the 8 hours and I have actually experienced around 10-11 hours of fragrance from each tart. Therefore the longevity is really good with this one.

      Yankee wax tarts are also ideal to use as drawer-scenters if you don't wish to burn them. Leave them in their packaging and pop one in a drawer to scent underwear etc. This is something I have done and the drawer and contents smell really nice.

      Dune Grass is definitely one of the best wax tarts I have used and the fragrance is now one of my favourites. In terms of longevity and fragrance this is one I highly recommend as it is exceptional value for money.
      I purchased my wax tarts from Clintons, but they are also available from many other retail outlets, card and gift shops, departments stores and alson online from Yankee stockists and Amazon.


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        17.01.2012 17:52
        Very helpful



        Yankee Candle's Dune Grass sampler. A summertime scent which is light, bright and airy.

        **Please be aware that this review is for Dune Grass in Sampler format. Dooyoo only add 1 entry per fragrance to their catalogue**


        I buy a lot of my Yankee products online from Yankeedoodle's website and often take advantage of the 'megapack' collections they occasionally offer where they bundle together various Yankee scents in a range of different formats. You never really know what you're going to get with a megapack as they tend to be end of season fragrances or old stock but as the collections are always exceptional value for money and represent a considerable saving against Yankee's own and other retailers rrp's I don't mind buying them as they stock up my supply of candles and wax tarts and always get used in the course of time.

        My Dune Grass sampler was included in a megapack order I placed last year and has been kept stashed away since I received it, I wouldn't have gone out of my way to buy this one on its own in a shop as its name is uninspiring and doesn't really appeal to me and as I tend to favour sweet or fruity fragrances this would have been one that I would have usually overlooked. Finding myself at the end of my current batch of candles and tarts now and waiting for a new order to come through the post I've got the my 'reserve' pile of fragrances to start burning so I decided a few nights ago to finally unwrap Dune Grass to see what it was like.

        Dune Grass Sampler

        Sampler candles or Votives as they are also known are small, wicked candles that Yankee offer as part of their range of wax products. They each come tightly wrapped in cellophane and all share the same characteristics, they weigh roughly 60 grams, have a burn time of around 15 hours and are all fragrance and essential oil infused scented wax candles. Yankee are renowned for their authentic, true to life fragrances and as many readers of my past reviews will know I and many of my fellow review writers are big fans of the company and the products they produce. Samplers are one of the cheapest ways to become familiar with the fragrances on offer from Yankee and are a good starting point for newcomers to begin from as you don't need anything other than a candle holder and a match or lighter to be able to try them out for yourself. Whilst sampler candles aren't generally the strongest format to buy they do hold enough fragrance to be noticeable and depending on which one you choose you should easily be able to determine whether the fragrance is one that appeals to your own tastes. They generally cost around £1.50 and unlike cheaper candles that are available you should find that there is no waste with these, the wax burns evenly down the candle and once fully melted you are left with a small round disc at the bottom of your candle holder so there is very little hassle with disposing of what's left.

        Dune Grass is green in colour and as shown in my picture is quite simply presented with an illustrative sticker on the trunk of the cellophane wrapper. Yankee describe the scent of this one as being a "A fresh, green coastal breeze of bamboo leaf, bergamot and lemon verbena with hints of white orchid" and once lit and allowing a little time for the wax to start melting I could detect a gentle fragrance begin to emanate from the molten wax. It's a gentle scent, Dune Grass, quite 'green' in fragrance with noticeable hints of citrusy lemongrass which seem to highlight a deeper, almost grassy smell. It's not quite a freshly mown lawn aroma but does remind me of a summers day when you're out and about in a park or field and there are elements of this which bring to mind a warm day when you're outside and nature is all around you. It's certainly a lot fresher than I thought it was going to be and appealed far more than I expected it to in all honesty as I wasn't expecting that much from this one and deliberately ignored it for a few months. I would definitely say that this is far more suitable as being a hallway or conservatory fragrance than a living room or bedroom one as I don't think it would be quite right in a room where you'd be sat in, it's a fragrance that gently freshens its surrounding area and adds a little bit of interest rather than being a mouth-watering or relaxing scent and overall I was rather impressed with this from Yankee. It is quite subtle this one, it's not a strong fragrance but given what it's supposed to be I don't think it would have worked as well as it does had it been any stronger and for me it gently reminded me of a Summers day when it's warm outside and you have your living room or kitchen windows open and you can smell the garden from outside.

        I do think its best suited in this format rather than a longer burning glass jarred candle as its a fragrance that could become quite flat if left burning for too long. Whilst it does have a few highlights of different notes it could become a little boring if I'm being honest and I do think it lacks the interest of other fragrances that Yankee produce which is why I think it's probably best suited to a room where you don't spend a lot of time in. As far as value for money goes I do think that this is one of the better Samplers I've had from Yankee as it produced a consistent amount of fragrance throughout its burning time and I easily got a good 12-15 hours worth of aroma from mine. This is excellent when you consider how much it cost and even better if you can find it on offer for less than it's recommended price. Overall I'm pretty impressed with Dune Grass and although it is a departure for me from the usual scents that I buy I'm more than happy to recommend this one to other Yankee enthusiasts.

        I don't often award 5 stars as a rating for Yankee's samplers as they often disappoint me as a lot of the time they are too subtle to be noticeable but Dune Grass benefits from being a gentle and light fragrance and I do think that this one deserves a five star rating. Definitely recommended, especially as a Sampler, thanks for reading my review.


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        02.11.2011 17:17
        Very helpful



        Lovely fragrance.

        This is one of a few Yankee candles I recently purchased to try and freshen up my living room because I own dogs. To be honest I didn't really fancy this candle all that much when I was in the store but it was reduced so I got it anyway. I'm very glad I did so as it has proved to be a wonderful fragrance.

        I like to buy the Yankee Samlper candles as I find them affordable and with 15 hours of burn time they last a reasonable length of time. The candles are also called Votive candles and are about 2 inches high. They go slightly bigger towards the top of the candle and are bigger than a £2 coin in diameter. They have a long wick at first but when lit the flame burns quite small.

        The Dune Grass candle starts life as a mid green colour with indistinguishable white flecks through the body. It's an attractive colour which changes to a more transparent olive, toad-skin green once the wax begins to melt.

        The fragrance of the candle is very distinctive and hard to describe as the blend of fragrances is so unique to the candle. The label on the plastic wrap of the candle shows windswept sand dunes and suggests this candle evokes something of the ocean and the summer. I'd certainly agree that the fragrance is quite fresh, salty and warm. The actual extracts used to create the scent are described by the brand as being "bamboo leaf, bergamot and lemon verbena with hints of white orchid". There is definitely a floral scent but to my nose it's more like that misty calla lily scent. There is also undertones of smoke and zesty cirtus fruit. I have to say that when I picked this up in the shop and smelled it in it's wrapper I thought the fragrance was too overpowering and it was a bit like those herbal sachets you put in your underwear drawer! However I really enjoy the scent as the candle burns. If you happen to stand anywhere near the candle then go outdoors or into another room you can actually smell the candle's fragrance on your skin and clothes.

        This is a great candle for diguising pet smells as it is constantly releasing it's lovely fragrance into the air. The scent is quite strong but it's one that appeals to all of my family and nobody has found it too strong, too feminine or disagreeable. It creates a lovely atmosphere in the living room and it makes it seem cosy and clean. I think this candle would also be a great addition to the bathroom. I already burn candles on occasion when I want a relaxing bath experience and I think if I could smell this candle when I'm bathing I would feel relaxed but refreshed.

        The sampler candles cost around £1.75 but this varies depending on where you buy them. You can usually find them in garden centres but they also have an online shop. They also have the same candle in different sizes ranging from the little fluted edge tart to bigger candles which come in glass jar holders.

        I have often read reviews on Dooyoo of how Yankee candles are of a high quality and I have to agree that the range of fragrances Yankee offer and the quality of their fragrances is excellent.



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        18.05.2011 13:57
        Very helpful



        A versatile candle with strong scent, able to shift odours & constantly freshen up.

        When it comes to candles for the home, I don't often stray outside Yankee Candle unless price or a different kind of scent attracts me. When I first tried "Dune Grass," by Yankee Candle, it was initially given to me in medium "house warmer" glass jar format by a friend as a house warming gift in March 2010 and for many months I burnt the candle, I really grew to appreciate its worth. In May 2010 I discovered Price's odour eliminator candles and thanks to their cheaper prices for a smaller amount in similarly looking glass holders that blends well with the YC glass jars, the "Chef's Candle," by Price's reminded me very much of what "Dune Grass," smells of, but isn't as strong.

        "Dune Grass," is a very fresh lemony herby candle that is made up of many different oils. The first tone that comes off is that of fresh cut grass, but not to the point that it overpowers like Yankee Candle's latest fragrant "grass" candle (which I advise to stay well clear of, called "Garden Hideaway," which is anything but a hideaway!). The second tone is quite florid in its approach. It is fairly evident from the herby content that whilst sage may well have been considered, lemon verbena is fairly strong acting as a secondary and different flowery tone which gives the grassy content an added lift. Sometimes it does remind me of Jasmine and at other times it reminds me of lillies without being prickly peppery to the nose. However, the base tone is the best of the bunch - strong bergamot that gives the trio flavours a rounded balance and punch that knocks out of all the rooms in the home, kitchen cooking smells. Now, Yankee Candle have already copied Price's by releasing their own odour eliminator jars to the point that the glass jars are open and round in their design but the medium jar in this range is three times the price, has a lot stronger content and is able to pervade well continuously, travelling up to two rooms, which may not be as strong as other scented candles that Yankee Candle produce, but the "Dune Grass," works well in utility rooms, or even the bedroom if you want something fresh and appealing without opening a window.

        Of course in medium glass jar format, the glass jars with their softened country styles look apt in either a kitchen or living room whilst the light green colouring gives the candle a perfect image of grassy dunes upon a beach. Small, medium or large candle jars under the "house warmer" style are always the same where the design is concerned; heat insulated bases, the tops get hot and the sides remain warm. The air tight glass jar lids are thick and easy to take off or put back on after use. Burn the candle for more than 4 hours continuously however and the candle may start to put out black smoke, or can produce black smoke in ventilated areas. The jars are however dishwasher safe and make super storage jars after the candle has been washed out. Wicks are cotton coated so there's no coughing or induced sneezing whilst the wick must be trimmed regularly if you want uniform burning plus a level surface.

        Roll on May 2011 and now I have resorted to buying wax tarts. I prefer wax tarts because they are cheaper to buy singularly at £1-05 from my local stockist. If you buy the wax tarts (so called as they are deep fluted and have a round edge) then you'll need a tealight candle and a hot oil or potpourri burner with a deep concave. I keep repeating this info because I keep being messaged by other DY members who keep asking me if they can use a shallow burner - you can't - unless you want half of the scent to work and thus have to cut the tart in two and use one half. Using a whole tart in a shallow burner is a danger risk - the oil will steam over and can actually catch the tealight candle underneath, thus risking the element of starting a fire. Wick or no wick, when it comes to candles you have to be extremely careful to what you are doing. Once the candle is unwrapped, you just light tealight candle underneath and place the tart on top of the hot oil burner. Give it a couple of minutes and the top will heat up to turn the wax into light green steaming oil. The duration period for each tart lasts 8 hours but so far my original tart with three replacement 4 hour-long tealight candles have lasted three days so far when burnt for a couple of hours and in wax tart form, "Dune Grass," is very fresh, each day only beginning to get weaker, but still putting out the same kind of scent from the off.

        Once the candle is finished, disposing it is easy. DON'T pour the hot oil into a kitchen paper cloth unless you're prepared to waste three sheets. The mess left over means the wax will have to cut out from the rim of the burner or otherwise placed in a sink of hot water, thus risking blocking your drain even with the slightest of Yankee Candle wax left over. The easiest procedure is to wait for the burner to cool, take the tealight candle out and put the entire burner into the freezer for a minimum of 15 minutes. Once the burner is taken out, tip it over with a slight tap and the now solid wax disc should just fall out. But! Sniff the base - if it still smells of scent it means there's still life in the candle and it can be used later.

        One of the better aspects of "Dune Grass," isn't just apt for kitchen smells. The candle is fantastic at shifting pet smells like the smell of wet dog or just if your dogs haven't been washed in a couple of days and lounge about the room filling the air with pet hair and dander smells. "Dune Grass," may be lemony and grassy at its core, but the power of its fragrance is quite strong to knock out tobacco quite well too! Compared to a lot of the other candles, especially those in the "lemon" ranges, "Dune Grass," is one candle I primarily choose to knock out odours. It is suitable for a bedroom but I feel there are other scents out there by YC which are far more suitable to relax with.

        The only downside to this candle scent is the votive versions. I've never liked Yankee Candle votives because no matter what Yankee Candle brands them in the U.K, they're known as "samplers," for a very good reason. Quite literally, you can sample the scent from a votive and you only need a heat proof glass holder to put it in, as it will lose its shape and go into a blob with a wick on top. YC seldom make votives that are stronger than the wax tarts, and "Dune Grass," is no exception. Weak and lacking body, the votives do look good however and you don't need any other candle in tandem to get it going. The cost prices are also usually twice the price of a single tart, so they don't make the best value formats of candle either.

        Yankee Candle however doesn't always want you to pay out though. There are other formats for this scent that are available. Prices are given on average before 25% discounts if the scent is season of the month and usually the discounts are only available at local shops like Clinton Cards, Debenhams and House of Frasers, although it is always best to check with the seller concerned:

        Wax Tart (22 grams, 8 hour duration, 90p/£1.05 each.)
        Votive candle (1.75 oz 15 hour duration, average price £1-75 to £2)
        Small housewarmer jar candle (7 oz 25-40 hours duration, £5-99 to £7-99)
        Medium housewarmer jar candle (14.05oz 60-75 hours duration, £13-99)
        Medium 2 wick tumbler (12.5 oz 45-50 hours duration, £12-99)
        Large housewarmer jar candle (22 oz 100-150 hours duration, £17-99)
        Large 2 wick tumbler (22.7 oz 70-90 hours duration, £16-99)
        Lidded glass tumbler (7oz 35-45 hours duration, £8-99)
        Car tab housewarmer jar cardboard freshener (6-8 weeks duration, £1-99)
        Car air vent gel pack (4-6 weeks duration £2-85, 3 pack additional at £5-98)
        Car Pump 'n' Go clip on air vent freshener (4-6 weeks, £7-20)
        Tea light scented candles (240 grams, 4-6 hours per candle, 12 in a box £5-99)
        Aerosol Room Fragrance Spray (1.5oz, 400 spray limit £4-69 to £5-99)
        On-The-Go Travel scented air freshener pen (limited edition) (£5-99, 65 sprays duration, contains odour eliminator additive.)
        Plug In Scent (£5-99 4-6 weeks duration, 2 capsules per box, also fits old Air Wick plugs.)
        Plug In Plug and "free" scent starter (£14-99, 4-6 weeks duration, also fits old Air Wick plugs.)

        Over the years I've moved from spicy candles to linen smelling candles, fruity candles and now candles that have a lemony scent to them. Over the ultra smooth "Beach Walk," and "Island Spa," "Dune Grass," is a stronger candle that sits well with "Sparkling Lemon," and "Country Lemonade." This scent is very distinctive, quite potent and yet very airy after a good couple of hours. The scent also hangs around too, which for me, makes it perfectly apt in a kitchen amidst other places in the home where a fresh scent is instantly needed and offers a cleaner odour. If Price's did a larger Chef's candle to the size of "Dune Grass," this review may have been rather different! Thanks for reading! ©Nar2 2011




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          21.07.2009 14:13
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A nice candle, but doesn't smell like Dune Grass when burning!

          I wrote in another review a while back about how much I adore Yankee Candles, and Dune Grass is the most recent addition to my collection. This (according to the shelf in my local Collectibles store) is a relatively new addition to the Yankee Candle family and it was one I hadn't seen before. Immediately I fell in love with the scent, and knew I was going to buy it. In fact, whereas I normally buy a Yankee tart or votive first to make sure I really like the fragrance, with this, I loved it so much I bought the medium sized jar straight away.

          Yankee Candles come in many forms including glass tumblers, wax tarts, and tealights, but the most popular, and probably the most recognizable form that they come in, is the house warmer jar which I bought. The jars are made from chunky glass and have lids on them as I'm sure you can see from the picture. I think they have quite a homely look, but I must admit they don't really fit in with my décor. The overall look though, is quite attractive and this one features a picture of a beach with sand dunes on the front, and the wax is a lovely dark green colour.

          The scent of this candle is described as 'a fresh coastal breeze of bamboo, bergamot and lemon verbena with hints of white orchid' on the Yankee candle website. Like I said, I loved it immediately, it's a very fresh scent, smells very natural, and has a sort of 'grassy' fragrance to it, but also something that reminds me of the seaside. Yankee candle apparently work with top perfumers in France to create their scents, and although you may imagine it would be hard to capture the scent of sand dunes, somehow they have managed perfectly here.

          I have so far, never really found a Yankee candle I didn't like. I still haven't - I love this one, however it is the first one that I have felt slightly disappointed with. The reason for that, is when I burn the candle, the scent seems to change quite a bit and it doesn't really smell the same as it does in the jar beforehand.

          Don't get me wrong, the fragrance is still lovely. To me though, it's not quite the Dune Grass scent, it's as though a more floral sort of fragrance comes out when the candle burns and overpowers the fresh grassy-ness that I loved so much about it so much. For me this is a little disappointing, as it's the first time this has happened with a Yankee Candle I've purchased.

          The fragrance of this filled my room even after only a short time of burning. Yankee candles are great for this, the scents are strong yet not overpowering, and even though I'm in a small flat I could smell this in the bathroom down the hall even when burning the candle in the sitting room.

          Yankee candles are fairly pricey, so I only buy one every few months as a treat. They do however, have very long burn times so they will last longer than your standard scented candle. Prices below are from www.yankeecandle.co.uk

          Small house warmer jar - £7.49 - Burn time 24-40 hours
          Medium house warmer jar - £14.99 -Burn time 60-90 hours
          Large house warmer jar - £17.99 -Burn time 110-150 hours

          The candles also come in tumblers which look a bit more modern, but I have found these harder to find on the high street.

          Overall, I am still going to give this candle three stars. It's still a lovely fragrance, it has a long burn time and smells lovely. The disappointing thing for me is that it smells different when burning to the way it does when it's not. Like I say, it's still nice, it's just not quite the same scent I thought I was purchasing, and for the price I paid, I feel a little let down!


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        • Product Details

          A fresh, green coastal breeze of bamboo leaf, bergamot and lemon verbena with hints of white orchid.

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