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Yankee Candle Egyptian Cotton Tumbler

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Brand: Yankee Candle / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      27.04.2010 07:11
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      Another great Yankee Candle

      Yet another Yankee Candle review from me, and this time another of my favourites which is the Egyptian Cotton fragrance from the World Journey's range. If you're familiar with Yankee Candles you may be familiar with Clean Cotton which is their best selling scent. Although I do like the scent of Clean Cotton, I find it to be a very gentle fragrance and I prefer a stronger scent to fragrance my home, which this one is.

      I suppose the best way to describe this scent is that it smells just like freshly washed clothes! That lovely clean and fresh smell you get when you open the washing machine door, or when you put freshly washed sheets on the bed and you get in and there is that faint but comforting aroma of fabric softener still lingering. Also in a way I think it smells a little like Dove soap! Perhaps that's just because it's such a clean scent, I associate it with soap, but whether you agree with me or not it's definitely a very fresh smelling candle. It can take Yankee up to a year to create each fragrance but their hard work really pays off as they have a whole range of beautiful scents, and in my experience each one is exact to it's name.

      The candle comes in a glass tumbler with a silver lid, which handily can be turned upside down and used as a candle plate to prevent any damage to your surfaces. Whilst most of the Yankee Candle's I own are in the form of Housewarmer jars, I do prefer the tumblers as I think they look much nicer. The tumblers have a clean modern appearance to them, and don't have chunky lids like the jars do so they're easier to store if you don't like having your candles constantly on display.

      My main concern when I bought this candle was that the fragrance may not be strong enough to fill the room with scent. Whilst it is stronger than Clean Cotton it's still nowhere near as intense as some of Yankee's other fragrances which can be really potent and in some cases quite heady.

      What I have found with this candle is that whilst most of them fill the room with fragrance fairly quickly, this one takes a little longer - I would say 10-15 minutes. After that I find that the scent is much more noticeable and because it is not a particularly strong scent it is not heady or sickly in any way.

      They say your nose gets used to a scent so you don't notice it so much after a while, and I would say that definitely applies with this candle. I normally burn this in my living room, and if I pop into the kitchen or bedroom for a couple of minutes and walk back in, the smell of this becomes apparent immediately. Living in a relatively small flat, cooking smells often travel and the fact the scent of this candle is noticeable when walking into the room gives me confidence that guests will smell that and not whatever I made for last nights dinner.

      Like all Yankee Candles I have found this one to be good quality and the burn time is excellent. I tend to burn my candles for an hour or two at a time and they last absolutely ages meaning they are good value for money.

      Talking of money I will list the prices and also the burn times. You will see that you get a much longer burn time from these than most candles.

      Small Tumbler - Burn Time 35-45 hours - £7.99
      Medium Tumbler - Burn Time 40-50 hours - £12.99
      Large Tumbler - Burn Time 70-90 hours - £14.99

      Buy from www.just-candles.net

      No doubt some of you will be shocked at the prices, I know before I tried Yankee Candles I always thought they were an absolute rip off, but now I rarely buy any other brands as these ones last so long and smell so much better than others.

      If you're a fan of scented candles or just want to fill your home with a fresh, clean scent then I would definitely suggest you try this. It has a gorgeous scent, a long burn time, and the jars look modern and sleek. Another fabulous Yankee Candle which I thoroughly recommend.


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