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Yankee Candle Festival of Lights

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Brand: Yankee Candle / Type: Scented Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      21.02.2012 22:22
      Very helpful



      a fantastic festival

      Yankee Candle is an American company who specialise in scented candles and other treats for the home.

      ~Festival of Lights~

      Yankee scents are infused into various sized candle jars, tea lights, sampler votives and wax tarts. A wax tart is a scented piece of wax which should be placed in a burner with a lit tea light underneath. Each tart will melt and release at least 8 hours of scent into the air.

      Festival of Lights is a USA retired scent. The wax tart is a blue/purple colour and is shrink wrapped. The label adorning the tart has an image of candle sticks and sparkly stars. The official Yankee description of this scent..

      'A blend of savoury spices, rich cinnamon and sweet potpourri to celebrate the season'


      This scent can be bought within the UK from the following websites..

      www.yankeescents4u.com - £1.75 (tart) or £22.99 (large jar)
      eBay UK - £1.45 (tart) or £19.99 (large jar)

      ~Let The Festival Commence~

      Ok, so I'm addicted to Yankee Candle..I have came to terms with it and you can too! I currently have an obsession with buying the rare, American exclusive scents and Festival of Lights is one I am indulged in recently. I bought my tart from eBay and would highly recommend the seller (message me if you want details) as they stock lots of USA exclusives. I hope to open your minds to appreciate the scents which aren't as well known of here.

      ~On With The Show~

      As I unwrapped this beautiful looking tart, I was greeted by a heavenly, spicy aroma which was very enticing. Festival of Lights is a very rich and full bodied scent. As the tart melted it formed a deep blue pool of wax which was jam packed with a nose tingling aroma. This scent if very vibrant and the intense aroma is strong enough to fill every corner of my living room and travel up my hall way. It can be appreciated in a lighter strength in each room of my home and certainly packs a punch.

      Festival of Lights is a multi-dimensional scent - there is a lot going on but it isn't presented in a muddled way. After 10 minutes, I started to notice a beautiful aroma - something savoury. It makes me think of salted popcorn for some reason and is really lovely and flavoursome. Once the wax is fully melted, other treats begin to emerge and mingle with the saltiness. The scent develops and reveals a heavy spicy aroma which is incredibly rich and appealing. It gives the scent a strength boost and the lingering aroma is owed to the spicy notes used.

      What I appreciate about Festive of Lights is the different aromas which I can pick up. The savoury and spicy notes are joined by an underlying sweetness which adds a further boost to the scent. Up close, I find the scent too strong - almost like an overload of cinnamon but from a distance, there is a lovely blend of sweet and savoury notes with the cinnamon still being the more prominent aroma. It is a scent for larger homes or rooms as I feel it would overpower in a smaller area.


      Festival of Lights is a delightful scent to burn in the evenings and offers a vibrant, enchanting ambience to my home. I loved chilling with the lights off and this scent melting in my burner. As always, I burned my tart for a few hours each time and when the tea light went out, the spicy scent hung in the air for an hour or so which I was pleased about. This particular scent exceeded the 8 hours scent time by several hours and remained consistent.

      Festival of Lights is a scent which I can highly recommend. It is a little different from other Yankee scents and has a 'buzzing' feeling - almost like the ambience at a festive of some sorts. Personally, I love this scent as it reminds me of visiting the Continental Christmas Market in Glasgow last year. All the scents of the different food and drink surrounding me and I really appreciated this.

      If you just try one USA exclusive scent, have this one at the top of your list. Very much worth tracking down.

      5 stars - thanks for reading x


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