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Yankee Candle French Lavender

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3 Reviews

Brand: Yankee Candle / Type: Scented Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    3 Reviews
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      10.10.2012 13:22
      Very helpful



      Not for me or my home!

      Loving Yankee as much as I do when I spotted this French lavender wax tart on sale in my local Clinton Card shop reduced from £1.25 to 50p I was unable to resist it. I always have something burning in my home so If I see a Yankee product on offer I snap it up and I was excited to try this one out as I usually love Lavender fragranced products.

      The Packaging:

      This comes in a see-through plastic wrapper and on the front of it there is a picture shown of a lavender field and we are clearly told what it is and then on the back/bottom of it dos and dont's are shown to us via diagrams, we are told to expect 8 hours of burn time from one wax tart, the weight is stated which is 22g and contact details for Yankee are given.

      The Tart:

      Well this is a lilac colour and its round in shape with fluted edges to the outside of it and its a thick lump of wax. To use a tart you simply pop it in the top of an oil burner and light a tealight under it and what happens is that the wax melts to a transparent oil and then the tealight goes out or you extinguish it any left over wax hardens back up for next use.

      This one I was really disappointed with though. It has a very faint smell of lavender to it but it isn't strong and it smells like a sort of furniture polish to me. I sat with it burning and I could barely detect it at all and with Yankee products they usually scent my whole home. When I got up the next day I still couldn't smell any lavender scent lingering about at all which again with a Yankee product I usually can. I did get just over 8 hours burn time from it though like I say it was pretty pointless to me to burn it at all lol.

      I expected this to be stronger and a bit like the lovely lavender and lemon Yankee tart that I loved but it really was a let down and for that reason I wouldn't purchase this one again.

      Available from Yankee and places like Amazon and Clinton Cards and not only in wax tart format but in different sized candles too.

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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      03.02.2012 14:54
      Very helpful



      A good quality waxt tart from Yankee, but the scent wasn't for me.

      Browsing the Yankee section in Clintons since Christmas there have been a number of Yankee candles reduced in their sale. I used this opportunity to stack up on wax tarts which were reduced from £1.20 to just 55p each.
      The first purchase I made in the sale, I literally just grabbed a few of the wax tarts which were there and to be honest there wasn't a lot of variety as many had already been sold. There was however, a number of these French Lavender scented wax tarts remaining on the shelves and whilst I am not a big fan of Lavender, I decided to buy a couple just because they were a bargain price.

      It is worth me pointing out here though that on susbsequent visits to Clintons, the last one being a couple of days ago, there has been many other wax tarts available at half price or less and so it seems Clintons did not put all the stock out in the sale in one go. Indeed I have made further purchases over the weeks in January of a few different fragrances, all at a reduced price.

      The French Lavender wax tart is a lilac coloured wax as you would expect with the photograph on the packaging depicting Lavender too. The wax tart had quite a strong smell of Lavender before I even removed it from its packaging and so I thought this would maybe be one of the stronger smelling scents and I was right.

      Placing the tart in my burner, I lit a tealight underneath and waited for the wax to begin to melt. As it did, the smell of Lavender began to appear and fill my room.
      I can't say I loved the fragrance but I didn't dislike it either at first. I think if you are a fan of Lavender scents then you will love this. My partner thought it was ok and didn't mind it, but I found it was getting a bit sickly after a while and so just used this in short bursts and gave the other one to my daughter.

      French Lavender was quite a strong fragrance and it hung in the air for a while after the tealight was extinguished. I achieved the 8 hours of fragrance Yankee state you can expect when burning a wax tart, it was maybe a little longer to be exact and so French Lavender offers good longevity and a decent fragrance release.

      To be honest, I know I only bought this because it was reduced and I couldn't resist the bargain price. I know I would never have purchased this one if it had been full price, but if you really like the fragrance of Lavender, you will love this and therefore I am not going to be negative about it as it does what it is meant to do: provide a decent fragrance release with good longevity and smells just like you would expect it to given its name.

      This wax tart is still available at branches of Clintons for just 55p, though I think I will resist the bargain prices from now on and only buy the ones which really appeal to me.
      French Lavender is also available in votive, tealight and glass jar format from Yankee stockists such as Clintons, Collectables and Debenhams, as well as online retailers such as Amazon and www.yankee.co.uk.


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        27.08.2011 19:26
        Very helpful



        not one of Yankee's best

        The latest Yankee Candle I have used is 'French Lavender' which was purchased for me by my fiancé a little while ago. I used to hate the scent of lavender with a passion, however I am warming to it a bit now. Still, I have to admit, that I wasn't looking forward to trying this as much as some of my others.

        French Lavender is a relatively new release. I think Yankee Candle brought it out for the spring. I'm sure that you can guess it is purple in colour and the picture on the front depicts a field of lavender.

        Yankee Candles produce the same fragrance in many formats - wax tarts, votives, wax filled jars, wax filled tumblers and tea lights. I have this in the wax tart format. If you are not familiar with wax tarts, I should explain that they are small discs of wax with a fluted edge, infused with fragrance. Rather than burning through a wick as you would with a normal candle, you melt in a 'tart burner' which is similar to an oil burner. As the tart melts it releases the fragrance into your home.

        When I unwrapped this tart, I found the lavender fragrance to be very strong. I worried a bit that the scent would be overpowering and/or sickly, but I lit the tea light underneath anyway and hoped for the best!

        Once burning, I actually forgot about having the candle lit. I was in the same room, I was simply engrossed in my laptop and the house could have been falling down around me and I probably wouldn't have noticed! I caught the flame out of the corner of my eye and realised that despite the fact the tart had been burning for around 30 minutes I still couldn't smell it.

        As time went on, again I found that I couldn't smell the candle. The exception was when I left the room and came back in when I caught a faint whiff of lavender. When my fiancé came in he commented that I had the room 'smelling like toilet cleaner' so presumably the scent was more noticeable than I had imagined.

        Despite the fact I burned this for the full 8 hours using two tea light candles (that's perserverance for you!) I probably got a maximum of three minutes scent from this! It was nowhere near as strong as I had expected, in fact it was so weak I couldn't smell it.

        The following prices/burn times are taken from www.yankeedoodle.co.uk and are average, so will differ depending on where you shop.

        Wax Tarts - Burn time 8 hours - £1.10
        Votives - Burn time up to 15 hours - £1.60
        Small Jar - Burn time 25-40 hours - £7.45
        Medium Jar - Burn time 65-60 hours - £15.45
        Large Jar - Burn time 110-150 hours - £18.45

        Overall, needless to say, I am not impressed with this particular Yankee Candle offering. I thought I'd dislike it because it would be to strong, but it turned out to be the other way around and therefore I would not recommend it.

        *review originally posted on Ciao under username pink_champagne


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