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Yankee Candle Gingerbread Maple

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Brand: Yankee Candle / Type: Scented Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      01.04.2012 15:42
      Very helpful



      I love it..

      Yankee Candle is an American company who specialise in scented treats for the home. The main Yankee produce is candle products. The various scents are available in different formats including candle jars, tea lights, sampler votives and wax tarts.

      *Gingerbread Maple*

      Gingerbread Maple is a USA exclusive scent and is a 'tweaked' version of the original Gingerbread scent. The cheapest way to experience this scent is by purchasing a wax tart. A wax tart is a piece of scent infused wax which should be placed in a tart burner. A tea light should be lit underneath and as the wax melts, the scent will be released. Each tart is said to contain around 8 hours of fragrance.

      Gingerbread Maple is part of the 'food' range from Yankee and this is indicated by the stamped, gold label. This tart is a deep red/orange colour and is shrink wrapped. The label adorning the tart shows a large slice of gingerbread cake which is frosted with thick maple and vanilla icing. Yankee describe Gingerbread Maple as..

      'The fresh-baked aroma of warm gingerbread cake richly frosted with maple syrup and vanilla icing'

      *Price and Availability*

      Gingerbread Maple is quite rare within the UK. The following websites do stock it..

      www.yankeescents4u.com - £1.75 (tart) or £25.99 (large jar)
      eBay UK - £1.45 (tart)

      *Run, run as fast as you can*

      Another day, another Yankee review. During a splurge on eBay, I bought loads of rare, USA exclusive wax tarts. I bought the original Gingerbread scent as I have been desperate to try it for a while now. I then spotted the Gingerbread Maple tart and simply couldn't resist buying this one too! I have since burned both tarts and love them both but different reasons - each tart is very distinctive and has its own appeal in my opinion.

      I burn tarts daily and this one is perfect for popping into my burner in the evenings. It is such a heart warming, indulgent scent and it fills my whole house with a stunning aroma. When burning this for the first time, my fiance came into the living room and asked if I was making toffee as he could smell it in our bedroom. I think it tingled his nose a little and he thought I was baking up a storm in the kitchen - no such luck!

      The strength of this tart is amazing! Our full flat is on the one level but our hall way is quite long and I could smell the distinct sweetness in our spare room at the front door. This would be the ideal scent for burning in a hall way of a large home as I have no doubts that it would travel upstairs as well as filling downstairs. The tart melts quickly and the scent becomes immediately noticeable.

      *You can't catch me*

      So what makes this tart so appealing and mouth watering? The aroma of Gingerbread Maple is extremely rich and foody. Whilst the original Gingerbread scent was more spicy, Gingerbread Maple is more relaxed and smooth yet full of intense flavour. The spiciness from the gingerbread is delicious and very generous - it really adds body and flavour to the overall scent. It adds the depth which pushes the scent to filter around my home and make it smell like I have baked a spicy cake.

      The maple and vanilla blend is simply divine and the combination takes the edge of a predominately spicy scent and add a sort of creaminess to even the scent out a little. The sweetness circulates and can be detected throughout my home. The maple syrup is very evident and more noticeable than my beloved vanilla and comes through as a sticky, sweet way. It is a very realistic smell and makes me crave pancakes topped with maple syrup...yummy!

      The overall scent is very natural and layered. The gingerbread, maple and vanilla are all present and mingle together to create a heavenly aroma which is a treat to smell. They also come through separately in little bursts of scent which is even more pleasing and almost like 2 or 3 scents in one tart.

      *I'm the gingerbread (Maple) man*

      I got more moneys worth from this tart. Considering it filled my home with a generous aroma for a few hours each time and hung in the air for an hour so afterwards, I am very pleased with its performance. I got more than the average 8 hours of scent and have started to notice that the USA exclusive scents offer a high concentration of scent when compared to UK available scents.

      Gingerbread Maple is an addictive scent and I will be buying a few more tarts to add to my collection - I may even splash out on the jar if I get any birthday money this year. I can highly recommend this scent..you won't be disappointed.

      Recommended - thanks for reading x


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