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Yankee Candle Good Morning Wax Tart

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Brand: Yankee Candle / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      09.05.2012 19:53
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      something a bit different..

      Yankee Candle is an American company who offer an extensive range of scented candles and other homely treats. Yankee Candles can be bought in various formats including House warmer jars, votive samplers, tea lights and wax tarts.

      ~Good Morning~

      A wax tart is the cheapest way to experience the delights of Yankee Candle scents. A wax tart is a small piece of wax which has been infused with your chosen Yankee scent. The tart should be placed in a burner and a tea light should be lit underneath. As the tart melts, the scent will be released into the air. Each tart is said to hold at least 8 hours of scent.

      Good Morning is a USA exclusive scent from Yankee Candle. This wax tart is a pale brown colour and is shrink wrapped. The image label on this tart illustrates freshly baked muffins. The official Yankee description of this scent is..

      'Like warm breakfast muffins, bright with the aroma of sweet pears, tangy citrus and spicy cardamom'


      This tart is quite rare within the UK.

      *www.yankeescents4.com - £1.65
      *eBay UK - £1.45

      ~My Thoughts~

      I have a huge collection of Yankee tarts to burn and a recent scent I chose was 'Good Morning'. I bought this from eBay along with several other USA exclusive scents. I chose this tart as the label looked appealing but I didn't have much of an idea what the scent would actually be like - I did expect something muffin like though given the picture. I am glad I bought it as it is a lovely, unusual scent. In solid form, it smelled quite fruity.

      Within 15 minutes, the tart had melted to form a pool of liquid which was a dusty, orange sort of colour. Good Morning isn't an overly strong scent. It filled my living room with a noticeable scent but didn't venture into my hallway. I do like the stronger scents but this one was pleasant enough to experience within the walls of my living room. It is definitely a day time scent as it doesn't have the cosy, comforting evening feel.

      Good Morning offers quite a mixed bag of scents and if I'm being honest, is quite a bit different to many tarts I have used. The overall scent is quite fresh but not uplifting - it is a more sweet freshness which is light and relaxed. The main element of the scent is a fruity sweet aroma. I can detect orange blended with pears - a pleasant, even blend of tangy and sweet with a juicy edge. It is quite a smooth scent which has me thinking of a fresh smoothie with a barley twist.

      The scent is enhanced with an underlying spiciness from the cardamom. It isn't too rich but balances the scent out and adds a slight depth to the overall scent. The cardamom is quite foody and offers a baked, slightly savoury undertone to the scent. All the scents blend together perfectly and whenever I melted this tart, the whole combination made me think of a continental breakfast buffet - the combined scent of fruit, fresh baked goods and a fresh glass of orange juice.


      I liked this tart but wish the scent had been a bit stronger. I did get roughly 8 hours from the tart by burning it across a few days so not one of the longer lasting scents. It didn't hang in the air long after the tea light went out either so that is a little disappointing.

      Overall I can recommend this tart for the beautiful 'breakfast' like scent but I wouldn't go out of my way to repurchase given the strength - probably more suited to smaller rooms in my opinion.

      Thanks for reading :)

      crossposted from dooyoo Feb 2012


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