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Yankee Candle Grapevine Oak Wax Sampler

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Brand: Yankee Candle / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      24.08.2013 19:31
      Very helpful



      Another quality fragrance from Yankee.

      Yankee's Grapevine & Oak wax tart is one I had never seen or heard of, before my daughter bought me one recently as a little gift. So, me being the big Yankee candle fan that I am, I was naturally intrigued to receive a fragrance I was not aware of and I looked forward to melting it in my tart burner.

      Described as "A naturally appealing full bodied aroma of crisp grapes, citrus and oak" I can say that this one certainly appealed to me right away! I love woody, musky fragrances as well as fruity ones. It is really only floral fragrances I sometimes find a bit off-putting and so I knew before I even held this one to my nose to have a sniff of its scent, that it would probably be one I would like.

      The colour of the wax is a sage green, which I wouldn't describe as a great colour, but it is however, one which suits the fragrance perfectly. The photograph on the label on the packaging depicts green grape vines and oak and when you hold this wax tart to your nose, you are met with a lovely earthy, woody smell with just a hint of fruit.
      There are some oddly named Yankee fragrances around which smell nothing like their name would suggest, but Grapevine & Oak certainly matches both the fragrance and colour of the wax very well here.

      I am quite a fan of masculine fragrances and Grapevine & Oak did seem quite masculine, indeed it couldn't be described as feminine in any way and as Yankee now do 'man candles' I would go as far as to say that this fragrance would slot in the man candle category fairly well. It isn't sweet and it isn't citrus fragranced, it is simply a pleasing woody scent overall.

      I popped this wax tart into one of my drawers until I was ready to use it, which is something I do with all my wax tarts as they make excellent drawer scenters too.
      When I came to use my wax tart, I placed it in the well of my burner and after lighting a tealight underneath, I found it was only a couple of minutes before I detected the woody scent beginning to appear as the wax melted.
      I noticed the fragrance was fairly strong at first and then became more subtle after the first couple of hours, but still gave off a fair amount of fragrance. I allowed the tealight to burn out which was around 3 hours and during this time the fragrance filled the room with its woody notes.
      I always like how I can still smell the fragrance from a wax tart hanging in the air for a while after the tealight has burned out and experience has taught me that the length of time the fragrance hangs in the air can vary depending on the tart, with some scents still being evident the following day, but some only noticeable for an hour or so after use. Grapevine & Oak hangs in the air for a couple of hours after the tealight has burned out or been extinguished, so not the best performance in this respect, but certainly not the worst either.

      Another thing which varies from tart to tart is the longevity in regards to how long you can smell the fragrance when burning, before it disappears completely. Yankee state you can expect to achieve around 8 hours of fragrance when burning, but I personally have found that most exceed this. Indeed I have only came across one or two which actually have fell short of 8 hours.
      With my Grapevine & Oak wax tart I found I achieved around 9 hours of decent fragrance before it began to fade and even then I still managed to eke out a further two hours of weakened fragrance before it disappeared altogether, so Grapevine & Oak scores well on longevity.
      I would definitely buy this again as the fragrance was right up my street so to speak and I was pleased with the 'throw' from this one and its overall longevity.

      By buying a wax tart or a votive from Yankee, it is the ideal opportunity to sample the various fragrances and see if you like them before buying the more expensive scented glass jars and tumblers. I prefer wax tarts to votives however, as I generally think you get a better strength of fragrance.
      The usual price of the wax tarts are around £1.25 each and they are available to buy online from Yankee outlets such as www.yankee.co.uk and Amazon, but department stores and branches of Clintons stock Yankee candles too. Look out for the sales and promotions however, as these happen regularly and you can often pick up some bargains. Just today I have picked up a few half-price tarts from Debenhams, as I like to stock up when I spot them reduced anywhere.


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