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Yankee Candle Happy Christmas

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Brand: Yankee Candle / Type: Scented Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    5 Reviews
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      04.01.2014 18:16
      Very helpful



      Another fantastic Yankee tart and very festive

      We got a load of Yankee tarts for Christmas, all of which we'd asked for. This meant two things - firstly that we now have an amazing smelling house and secondly that we had a big "melt off" to get through some old ones before Christmas Day when we opened our new tarts. One of the ones we got for Christmas was the very apt and timely Yankee Happy Christmas tart.

      For those that don't know, a Yankee tart is a wax disc that when melted in a burner (a bit like an oil burner but with a deeper well to hold the molten wax) releases whatever scent the tart is. Yankee make all sorts of scented tarts, and also candles, reed diffusers and car air fresheners. The Yankee scents are well known for being ultra realistic, so if you get a cranberry tart it will smell more like a cranberry than cranberries themselves do!

      This Happy Christmas tart conjures up the scent of: "Christmas pines and festive fruits" (from the Yankee.co.uk website). It has a very Christmassy smell to it, if you were to try and describe the smell of Christmas it would be very close to the smell of this tart. The main bulk of the scent is the fruits, very berry like scents with a warm but refreshing undertone of pine tree. The pine tree scent is just right I think, too much and it would smell like a toilet cleaner. Also, the berries are very sweet, like a christmas fruity trifle.

      Fortunately, this scent has not yet been retired by Yankee and is easily available on Yankee distributer websites. It is currently selling for £1.20 per tart on www.yankee.co.uk or £9.60 for ten. Amazon also are selling it for £1.20 per tart. Yankee suggest that this tart's scent will last for 8 hours, but we have used this with four seperate tea lights, each of which last for about 3 hours and only then did the scent finally abate. Very good value for money I think.

      I would recommend it to those who are after a form of airfreshner with a very festive scent, or to those who like fruity scents, or just to those who like Yankee tarts - in my opinion it is one of their best. For it's length of time in which scent is still given off and the scent itself, for £1.20 I think it's well worth the full five stars. Thanks for reading.


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      30.12.2013 13:15
      Very helpful



      A lovely 'Festive-themed' Wax Tart from Yankee that I highly recommend..

      I was delighted to receive some beautifully-scented Wax Tarts from some friends at Christmas, most of which were from the well known Yankee brand.

      This review will discuss my experiences of trying out one of the more 'Festive-themed' Tarts that I received, namely the "Happy Christmas" Yankee Wax Tart.

      I took the opportunity to try out this tart during the Festive Season, keen to see if it added anything to this atmospheric time of year.

      As with all Yankee Wax Tarts, it was presented in a shrink-wrapped cellophane cover, which required the use of scissors to remove. The Tart itself is fluted at the edges, so it resembles a little pastry cake or something similar. The Yankee branding is embossed in the Tart's top layer, although this soon disappears as the Tart melts quite quickly.

      Wax Tarts are not candles, so do not have a wick, and so they need to be placed in a deep-bowled burner with a lit tea light candle underneath. Doing this will allow the wax to melt, and the enclosed fragrance will easily escape into the surrounding atmosphere.

      I have found that the Yankee Wax Tarts are always attractively presented, and the Happy Christmas Tart is no exception to this rule. With the product's label depicting the image of some Festive-looking Christmas Baubles, and the Tart itself being coloured in a sort of deep red shade, I felt that these elements of the product's appearance matched the Tart's cheerful name perfectly, and this added to the Christmassy theme overall, in my opinion.

      As soon as the Happy Christmas Tart was unwrapped, I was able to detect the most gorgeous sweetness in its aroma that reminded me of some hard candy sweets that I used to enjoy as a child. I did feel that this initial aroma took on a little more intensity as the Tart began to melt, but this sweetness never felt sickly or over-bearing, to my mind. Instead, it felt more 'fruity' than 'sweet-like' as the Tart melted, with the fruitiness carrying a delicate trace of citrus at its core. This, of course, felt rather suited to the Festive Season, as I do associate a lot of fruity smells with this time of year.

      Furthermore, I felt the fruity scents in the Happy Christmas Scent were something of a 'cocktail' of fruits, with no emphasis being on any particular one scent. This allowed the overall scent to feel quite different to other fruit-based Tarts that I have been burning in recent times; these can occasionally feel a little boring, verging on the mundane, and this is particularly noticeable after the Tart in question has been burning for several hours.

      The Happy Christmas Tart, in comparison, allowed a more 'varied' scent to be enjoyed, as I felt it changed a couple of times during use. This is quite hard to describe, but I was able to detect different fruity notes at different times, whilst the Wax melted. This allowed my interest in the scent surrounding me to remain 'piqued' as it were, as I was able to notice a 'berry-like' aroma at one point, with a more refreshing scent being witnessed shortly afterwards. This then revealed a more 'citrus' edge that seemed to 'melt' into the berry aroma once again. This little 'merry-go-round' of fragrance was a pleasant and refreshing change to some of the other fruit-based scents that I have become used to recently.

      The addition of something quite 'earthy' - which I believe to be pine - in the overall aroma is quite pleasant, and I find this gives a refreshing 'edge' to the overall scent that ensures none of the fruitiness ever becomes 'heady' or over-bearing. To be quite honest, however, I think the Happy Christmas scent is quite delicious by itself, and I didn't really find this other element in the fragrance to be particularly necessary. Yes, it is quite pleasant and is certainly not intrusive in any way, but I do feel that the other scents in the fragrance - which are all sweet and quite fruity - don't NEED this to survive. In all honesty, it feels to me like the pine has been added as something of an afterthought, and its addition in the fragrance is neither here nor there for me personally.

      I felt that the Happy Christmas Tart performed rather well in terms of its longevity, and I was able to enjoy its lovely aroma for a couple of hours at a time, on several occasions, before I felt the fragrance had become too faint to enjoy it any more. This is really a rather good result, and is certainly superior to some of the other Yankee Tarts that I have purchased before, that have scents that are really only strong enough to survive for the first two uses or so. I feel that the Happy Christmas Fragrance is much more robust than this, and I was pleased to be able to achieve so much use out of the small Tart.

      Overall, I really enjoyed trying out the Yankee Candle Happy Christmas Wax Tart and I have already purchased it for myself, as I liked the way the sweet, fruity aromas felt quite uplifting and welcoming when used in my home over the Festive Period.

      I managed to purchase two wax tarts on www.ebay.co.uk for around £4 including postage as @ December 2013, which I felt was a fairly reasonable price to pay, especially considering the scents robustness.

      There is a whole variety of different scented products, including Glass Jar Candles, scented Tea Lights and Wax Tarts available from the Yankee Range, and with over 180 fragrances to choose from I would have thought there would be something suitable for most tastes. You can purchase a selection of the Wax Tarts from branches of Clinton Cards, or online at www.yankee.co.uk, www.amazon.co.uk or www.ebay.co.uk. You can expect to pay around £1.20 for a Wax Tart, although some scents are rarer and so are considerably more expensive.


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        24.12.2011 22:40
        Very helpful



        a beautiful festive scent

        Yankee Candle - an American brand offering beautiful candles.

        ~Happy Christmas~

        Happy Christmas is of course, a festive scent from Yankee. It is available in various jars, tealights, wax tarts and a sampler votive (which I will be reviewing).

        The sampler is a small candle with a wick running through it. It should be placed into a votive holder and lit for a few hours at a time. As it burns, the scent of Happy Christmas will be released and there is up to 15hours of scent per sampler. Each candle has "pure, natural, fruit extracts".

        Happy Christmas carries on the Yankee colour theme and is read in colour. The sampler is shrink wrapped and the label shows some festive baubles. Yankee describe this scent as being :

        "Glad tidings of Christmas joy come wrapped in the happy scent of Christmas pines and festive fruits"


        This sampler will soon go out of stock on most websites until next Christmas. Amazon, yankeedoodle.co.uk and yankee.co.uk all stock the 49g sampler for around £1.60. A tart is around £1.10 and jars are priced from £4.00.

        ~My Thoughts~

        Another festive review of a Yankee Christmas candle and what better way to grace Christmas Eve than to review and say "Happy Christmas".

        I bought my sampler and also 2 wax tarts during a recent Yankeedoodle sale. I got them very cheap and have enjoyed sampling them and now have a list of fragrances I want to buy in jar form. I love my home to smell nice and I love Yankee candles so this took pride of place in my collection. Every day I have been alternating (mainly) Christmas scented candles so here I will discuss Happy Christmas. It looks festive with its red colouring and flickers away beautifully in my mosaic votive holder.

        ~Happy Christmas To All...~

        I have tried a variety of festive themed scents and have sampled spicy, foody, pine, fresh and fruity scents. It doesn't matter what the scent is, Yankee seem to capture it in its finest form. The wax tart was naturally stronger than the votive but too much for my smaller rooms. The sampler votive was ideal for burning in more compact areas of my home where I desired a festive scent.

        On unwrapping, Happy Christmas has a beautifully sweet aroma which tempted me to quickly light it. As the wax melted evenly around the wick, the scent of Happy Christmas became noticeable. Happy Christmas is definently a welcoming, day time scent. It is uplifting and bright. It is a cheery scent which never failed to lift my mood and make me smile. Possibly one to give to a bah-humbug to bring festive cheer to them!

        It is a spirit lifter and is portrayed beautifully despite not being exceptionally strong. It lingers in a small area but can never be encourage to travel further within my home. The scent is strong enough to cancel out any other scent within my chosen room. It lingers subtlely but is noticeable in the air.

        So, Happy Christmas is a cheery scent, but what does it actually smell of? The main emphasis is on the festive fruits. I would say there is a sweet cocktail of fruity scents - a mix of red fruits and citrus fruits including a touch of orange. There is a distinct sharpness to the scent which breaks up the sweetness a little.

        The fruity aroma is joined by an undertone of pine which I feel uplifts the scent giving it a boost of freshness. It softens the sweetness a bit more and the scent never becomes overpowering or sickly - it is the perfect strength (in sampler form that is) to be graceful and welcoming.


        I would say I got 14hours of consistent scent from my sampler but again, I do prefer the more intense nature of the wax tart. I burned it for a few hours at a time and noticed that the scent lingered in the air for a short while after blowing the candle out. The sampler is of a high quality and does produce a gorgeous, fresh, festive aroma. I actually have kept a tart by to burn for when my guests arrive on Christmas day.

        5 stars and a recommendation

        Merry Christmas xx


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          10.11.2011 17:46
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Great as a Christmas gift....either for yourself or someone else!

          *Please note I am reviewing the Happy Christmas wax tart not the tea lights, but Dooyoo will only list each Yankee fragrance once and I will ask them to change it to cover all formats.*

          Last year I bought a huge amount of Yankee Candle Christmas fragrances in the sale. I feel I have been very restrained in saving them for nearer to the time, especially as they all smell so lovely! One that I bought was the Happy Christmas fragrance in the form of a wax tart. I know it's only early November but I did burn this a couple of days ago and loved it so much I couldn't resist sharing my experience!

          Happy Christmas is red in colour, so very festive. In fact, most of the Christmas Yankee Candles seem to come in red, green or white. This one has a picture of some shiny baubles on the front. I do think the label looks slightly dated and could do with updating.

          The official description of Happy Christmas is as follows: 'Glad tidings of joy come wrapped in the happy scent of pines and festive fruits. Happy Christmas creates a festive mood for welcoming friends and family into your home to share the spirit of the season'.

          The scent of this candle is undoubtedly very festive. In fact I'd say this scent epitomises Christmas. It is a fruity/spicy mix, but I can also smell a sharp lemony pine fragrance in there too. It's quite a complex scent I'd say and every time I take a sniff of it I seem to notice something else. As well as a very light spice (possibly cinnamon) and the pine, I think I can smell orange in there and at other times I think it smells like mulled wine. Despite the mix of scents it is still a fairly light fragrance and is nowhere near as strong as many of the Yankee candles containing spice.

          You can buy this candle in the form of a housewarmer jar (like a sweet jar filled with wax), a small votive candle, tea lights or a wax tart which I have. For those not familiar with the Yankee brand, the best way to describe wax tarts would be as small discs of scented wax which are melted in a tart burner (or oil burner) under the flame of a tea light to release the fragrance into the room.

          When I started melting Happy Christmas, I was a bit disappointed to find that I couldn't smell it at first. I'd had it burning for around 15 minutes before I could begin to smell it and after about 20 minutes the scent was clear in the air. I found the scent was strong without being overpowering - it lingered subtly in the background and yet was intense enough to fill my entire living room with its beautiful fragrance.

          Each wax tart is estimated to last around eight hours which I found to be an accurate sort of time scale. After this the scent seems to fade away. If you do purchase a wax tart, don't feel the need to burn it for eight hours straight, you can let it solidify and re-melt at a later time if you wish.

          I bought this from Boundary Mill in the sale last year and it cost a bargainous 50p. Normally the tarts cost between 99p and £1.10. Online this candle is available from www.yankee.co.uk and in the shops I suggest trying Clinton Cards or House of Fraser who are also stocking this fragrance over the Christmas period. The following list of burn times and prices is approximate and is just to give a vague idea, but prices will vary depending on where you shop.

          Wax Tarts - Burn time 8 hours - £1.10
          Votives - Burn time up to 15 hours - £1.60
          Tea Lights (pack of 16) - Burn time 4-6 hours each -£5.99
          Small Jar - Burn time 25-40 hours - £7.45
          Medium Jar - Burn time 65-60 hours - £15.45
          Large Jar - Burn time 110-150 hours - £18.45

          I think Happy Christmas is an ideal scent for cold winter days, as it's so warming and homely. I have a lot more Yankee Christmas scents to try, but I can't help but think it will be difficult to find one as lovely as this. It's such a gorgeous scent and one I would strongly recommend if you're looking for a Christmas candle. I will definitely be purchasing this one again.


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            23.08.2011 17:17
            Very helpful



            Scented Tea Lights from Yankee


            My on-going love affair with Yankee Candles saw me trying something new when I placed my last on-line order with yankeedoodle.co.uk and instead of buying Sampler candles or wax tarts I decided to for a collection of scented tea lights, a product range I hadn't tried before. yankeedoodle sometimes offer what they call 'megapacks' which are put-together collections of products, usually sharing a common theme, and offered at a greatly reduced price from the rrp. For £18.00 I bagged myself 4 boxes of tea-lights, 12 sampler candles and 4 tea-light holders, a bargain when you consider that these would have cost upwards of £50.00 had I bought them separately. The only downside with this collection is that they are all Christmas-inspired candles and the collection is sold out of the festive season but as the names are unimportant and I burn them for the fragrance they release it doesn't matter to me what they're called.

            Since my discovery of Yankee Candles a couple of years ago I have burned and melted my way through dozens of candles and wax tarts but never bothered with the tea-lights as I thought that they would lack intensity and considered them expensive at around £6.00 for a box of 12. The Happy Christmas scented tea lights were included in my megapack order and ended up being the first lot of tea-lights I tried and whilst I wasn't expecting that much from them in terms of how fragranced they were I actually ended up being rather pleasantly surprised...

            Scented Tea Lights

            Before I get to how these tea-lights performed and describe their fragrance I'll briefly cover what they are should anyone be considering them as a purchase. Sold in a box of 12 the Yankee Candle scented tea light candles are self-contained circular wax tea lights. They weigh less than 10 grams each and have a burn time of 4-6 hours and as with all the products from Yankee they are made up of fragranced-infused wax. They each have their own small wick and the wax is contained in a plastic outer case and once placed into a tea-light holder and lit they release the fragrances that have been infused into them. Yankee, as many regular readers of my reviews will already know, are an American brand renowned for their authentic, true to life fragranced wax candles and the scented tea-lights are just one of many different products that are available to buy.

            The Happy Christmas tea lights are deep red in colour and have a mottled look to them, they are made up from essential oils and fragranced-infused wax and as this was my first time of trying a scented tea light I decided that I would burn two at the same time figuring that one wouldn't produce enough fragrance and anyway, two gave a more balanced look on my fireplace.

            Joyeux Noel!

            Often with Yankee Candles you get an idea of what a product is going to smell of just by its name, Happy Christmas however isn't descriptive so I had no clue as to what I was going to get. I have recently tried a couple of the other Christmas releases (namely Christmas Eve and Christmas Cookie) and found them to be rich in aroma, very deep and very aromatic so I kept my fingers crossed that these would be the same. As with any tea light it takes little time for the wax to start melting and within a couple of minutes I could begin to detect an aroma emanating from my tea light holders and my initial reaction was a positive one.

            Surprisingly these tea lights are quite strong, far more pungent that I expected them to be and I could immediately detect a sweet, berry-like fragrance coming from them. Happy Christmas is a rather heady mix of scents, not headache-inducing but rich and full of aromatic power and similar to the wax tart range of Yankee products I picked up wave after wave of fragrance. There is definitely a sweet yet tart combination of scents, rather like spiced apple and I can understand why this was marketed as a festive fragrance as it would definitely suit the colder months of the year when the weather outside is miserable and you want to create a warming atmosphere indoors. Although it may be August at the time of me writing this review it hasn't been a warm month at all and these tea lights made my living room feel cosy and welcoming, I don't think they're particularly suited to day-time burning though as they are perhaps a little too strong but on a night time they were ideal and I was very impressed with just how aromatic they actually were.

            I've always been a big fan of the wax tarts from Yankee as in my experience they offer the strongest amount of fragrance and are great value for money but I could be converted to the scented tea lights after trying these. They're perhaps not as strong as some of the wax tarts I have tried before but I can't fault the amount of fragrance they released and they were far better than the samplers I have had in the past and overall I was pleasantly surprised. I do think that Yankee can sometimes be hit and miss with their fragrances as some are more subtle than others so its trial and error in finding something that it suited to individual tastes.


            Whilst these tea lights are relatively expensive at £6.00 a box I don't think they are outrageously so and as the tea lights have their own wicks there's very little else needed to be able to experience them other than finding something to hold them in (wax tarts need a pot pourri or tart burner). As a gift a box of tea-lights would be a nice present to give and I think the name of these lends themselves well to be given to someone. As these have been the first tea lights I have used I can't compare them to others in the Yankee range so don't know if they all have the same amount of pungency, I got around 3 and a half hours worth of burning time from each tea light and unlike Samplers which tend to lose their intensity during the course of being burnt the tea lights maintained a steady release of fragrance until the wax had completely evaporated.

            They kept a delicious amount of fragrance swirling around my room throughout their burning time and I had the added benefit of being able to see a flickering flame (something that I think always looks nice). They're easy to dispose of once the wax has melted away and there is no clean up time involved at all. The Happy Christmas scented tea lights have been a great find for me and an absolute bargain for the price I paid and I would whole-heartedly recommend them to anyone else. They may be seasonally named but I wouldn't let that put you off from burning them at any time of the year, once they have been taken out of the box they're just a small red tea light and definitely suited for burning on a night time as they do create a warming atmosphere in your home and smell absolutely lovely.

            At the moment these will only be found online but are available from a number of places including amazon, yankee.co.uk and yankeedoodle and I highly recommend them. I didn't expect to get much out of a scented tea light and thought they wouldn't be comparable to the wax tarts that I'm such a fan of but I have been pleasantly surprised and far more inclined to consider more of these in the future.

            Five stars from me, thanks for reading my review.

            Please note that this also appears on ciao under my username.


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