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Yankee Candle Holiday Home Sweet Home

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6 Reviews

Brand: Yankee Candle / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    6 Reviews
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      18.03.2013 20:56
      Very helpful



      Another top class Yankee scent

      We've been really enjoying getting through a big stack of Yankee tarts at home that we got for Christmas, so much so that we now have two different burners - one in the kitchen and and one in the front room. The scent of tart dictates which room's burner it goes into. We try to keep the "foody" smells in the kitchen and the more homely scented tarts go in the front room. This tart has been hard to give a room to as its got the comfortable hint of burning aromatic wood suitable for the front room and the mouth watering smell of spicy sweet food more in tune with the kitchen.

      The actual scents contained in this tart, according to Yankee, are cinnamon, cloves and vanilla (foody) and pine, cedar and smoky firewood (homely). There's a discernable amount of cinnamon and cloves in there, a subtle sweetness from the vanilla and a definite trace of cedar and smoke. I struggle to pick out the pine, but maybe it's just me who can't smell it? I'd say that when being melted the main two scents are cinnamon and cedar which makes for a very cosy, comforting smell which makes me want to put my slippers on and eat a mince pie.

      Like most Yankee tarts, the Home Sweet Home Holiday tart still gives off a scent for a bit longer than the eight hours which Yankee suggests - the cinnamon and cedar were still saying "eat a mince pie" to my nostrils for about sixteen hours' worth of melting time all together.

      Please don't be misled by my reference to mince pies above and associate this as an exclusively "Christmassy" scent, even though it's called Home Sweet Home HOLIDAY (which is American for Christmas, they're scared to say the word, bless 'em) and even though there is a picture of a Christmas Tree (how daft does Holiday Tree sound?) and some stockings (Holiday socks) on the front, I personally wouldn't have any reservations about burning this tart in any of the winter months - the smoky, spicy smells would certainly bring the illusion of a comfortable warmth to any gloomy, damp and frosty February day.

      The small sized candle jars of this scent are currently selling on Amazon for £7.55, but at the time of writing this review the tart version was not available on Amazon. Considering that the jar candles give you more burning time and also the added bonus of a kilner jar to keep once the candle has finished, I would say that that price is worth it. Five stars from me, another wonderful Yankee scent.


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      26.09.2012 21:26
      Very helpful



      Another good quality candle from Yankee.

      Last Christmas I received a beautiful box of Yankee votive candles (also known as samplers) from one of my daughters and inside was a collection of festive scented candles, some of which I had tried previously, but some were new to me and I was looking forward to trying them. Home Sweet Home was one I had not tried before and having read good things about this particular scented candle, I was excited about using it.

      Yankee offer Home Sweet Home in various formats: wax tarts (as pictured above) votive candles, tea lights and the more expensive glass jar candles. By purchasing a wax tart or votive for around 99p - £1.75 on average, this is an ideal way to sample the fragrance before purchasing the more expensive glass jars.

      My Home Sweet Home votive looked very festive indeed with its deep green wax and festive label featuring a Christmas Eve scene of a roaring fire and Christmas tree, with socks hung ready for Santa to fill.
      Yankee describe this Home Sweet Home fragrance as a familiar, welcoming seasonal blend of cinnamon, cloves, pine, cedar, smoked firewood and vanilla. Based on the description alone, Home Sweet Home did not sound like a fragrance I would really like for I am not keen on Yankee's pine scented wax, as some of them smell like toilet cleaner in my opinion, nor am I keen on clove, cinnamon or vanilla. However, when all these scents are blended together as they are here, I was surprised to find it did appeal to me. Touches of cinnamon, pine and clove are indeed evident, but the overall fragrance was a woody scent with a hint of those spices blended with a touch of vanilla. I was able to detect all the different scents included here, but the overall scent was surprisingly nice.
      Many scented candles which include the scent of cloves I tend to find overwhelming and far too strong and so I was pleased there were no overbearing scents of clove or pine released here as the wax melted.
      There are others I prefer, but it is one I would always be happy to buy, based upon my experience here.

      Yankee votives are designed to burn for around 15 hours once lit and placed in a suitable holder. Whilst I do find that all the votives I have used thus far have provided me with the 15 hours stated, the strength of fragrance varies depending on which fragrance it is. Usually, I tend to find that those which smell the strongest whilst still in their packaging, tend to be the ones which give off the stronger fragrance when burning and are therefore the best when it comes to fragrance longevity.

      After lighting my Home Sweet Home votive I noticed after around 4-5 minutes I could begin to detect the fragrance slowly appearing. It was the cinnamon scent which I noticed first, closely followed by pine, but this soon blended with the other spices and vanilla to create an inviting spicy scent.
      Having been a little disappointed in the past with one or two of the votives and their strength of fragrance, I can honestly say that Home Sweet Home is one of the best votives I have experienced thus far. It gave off a strong fragrance which filled the room and hung in the air for quite some time after I extinguished the flame, which doesn't always happen when burning votives.
      My votive lasted me just under a week when burning it for 2-3 hours each evening and each time I noticed no weakening of the fragrance, until the last 3 -4 hours of use, when it was still evident, but not as strong.

      I actually prefer to buy wax tarts instead of votives as these tend to offer a stronger 'throw' when burning in comparison to their votive counterparts. However, the Home Sweet Home votive appears to be just as strong as any wax tarts I have used and so offers great value for money.
      As I mentioned earlier I have experienced a small number of votives which don't match up to wax tarts in terms of strength of fragrance, but this is one which I am more than happy to recommend.
      Another bonus is that the wax burned evenly all the way to the bottom and so I wasn't left with a well in the centre. Therefore the quality is far superior to many candles on the market.

      Home Sweet Home is one I shall purchase again in either wax tart or votive format. It is ideal for burning during the cold dark winter nights and over the festive period, which is just around the corner!

      You can purchase these candles from branches of Clintons, Collectables and department stores such as Debenhams and John Lewis, but they are also available online from Yankee stockists such Amazon and www.yankee.co.uk.


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        19.08.2012 18:20
        Very helpful



        A nice enough aroma that really doesn't carry far enough in my view

        Yankee Candle Holiday Home Sweet Home Votive sampler candle

        Now that I am a Yankee candle convert I read all reviews with interest looking out for scents that I might like. I also look out for when people tip you off about deals and discounts as I do love a bargain. Clinto cards often have special offers and obviously on the internet you can find bargains from time to time. This particular bargain I found in a small shop in Westfield Derby called 'Aroma' which sells Yankee candles, Bomb Cosmetics and another brand of perfumes. The smell in the shop is just heavenly and I get quite excited as I walk in ready to be tempted either by the yankee stuff or the Bomb Cosmetics products.

        This visit I checked out all the new products then found myself drawn to the shelf with the bargains. I bought four of these little sampler candles for 90p each and I think they should be around £1.80 so I was very pleased.

        This candle was wrapped tightly in sealed plastic and had a nice little picture on the front of three stockings handing over a fire lintel. Christmas is not something I think about in August ever but I was happy to enjoy this bargain and ignore the picture on the front. However I have to point out that it is obviously part of their seasonal range and as such may not be available everywhere at all times of the year. Normally I go for the tarts but as these were what was on offer I grabbed four different ones of these sampler candles.

        I have had a number of scented candles over the years and do like the wonderful scents that fill my rooms. In the Yankee range my daughter has bought me the votives when she has been up to visit and I have had a couple of the smaller jars as presents and of course I often have the wonderful little tarts

        Yankee Candles the company originated in the USA. But have quickly become a household name over here in the UK.. They offer a huge range of home fragrance products from sprays, reed diffusers through to all kinds of shapes and sizes of scented candles. They are often found in garden centres and gift shops so it is a case of keeping your eyes open. We also have 'Aroma', a big Yankee Candle agent in the Westfield Centre in Derby but I rarely go in there as I find them very expensive so tend to see if I can get bargains elsewhere. It is also worth noting that www.yankeedoodle.co.uk often has them at discounted prices if you want to order a few. According to some other people are these sites BN Stores also have a sale of Yankee products so it is worth looking around!

        The sticker on the bottom of the candle has a small 'handle' or tab and if you pull that then this peels off allowing easier access to peeling off the shrink wrapped plastic from the candle. As I undid the little sport of dull olive green coloured candle from the plastic I sniffed and I could smell a quite strong cinnamon spicy sort of smell. I didn't find it especially festive merely pleasantly aromatic. The colour of the candle wouldn't win many beauty prizes as it is quite dull and not at all Christmas green in my opinion.

        Rather stupidly I had recently thrown out all my glass candles jars that I had kept but I was having a tidy up. I finally found a small glass dish to put the candle in that was heat proof and then lit it> it was sitting in the room where we were sitting. Now it was quite warm so we did also have the window open so maybe I was expecting too much for this little candle to send its scent very far but within the room it emitted a gentle fragrance but anywhere beyond the room nothing at all was detectable.

        The candle is supposed to smell of a blend of cinnamon, cloves, pine, cedar, smoked firewood and vanilla. The cinnamon and ccloves were very evident but the smoky firewood and vanilla were not detectable by me at all and the pine and cedar probably blended with the other two main spices to create the general aromatic spicy aroma. When I compare it to some of the other Yankee fragrances that I have enjoyed this is not nearly as strong and is also a little slower in releasing its' aroma.

        This is about my fourth or fifth votive experience and so far I am less impressed with this scent than I have been with others. I love the smell but find it just a little too reluctant to share the scent beyond the actual candle itself and even in our tiny TV room it doesn't exactly fill the room with fragrance like some others have done.


        A little safety lecture now. Even though you might have the candle in a heat proof container it is still very easy to knock this or for it to burn down and give off more heat than you might think. I discovered to my cost how dangerous candles can be when I got scorch marks on a wooden table. I now put my burners and candles either on the tiled surfaces or on a couple of drink mats that are heat proof just in case. Another thing to be wary of is that you should NOT ever move a burner or a candle when lit as they are very hot and melted wax can cause nasty burns on skin or melted wax spilling can also cause wax stain damage or burns on carpets and other furnishings. Always put any burners or candles out of the reach of children and never leave them in rooms unattended as candles can obviously cause fires. Someone I know put a tea light on their TV and left it, it melted the TV top and fell into the inside and set their room on fire so please be VERY careful they are to be treated as mini fires. Watch for pets too who seem to not notice candles, my cat has burned her tail when walking passed a candle on the window sill. She didn't seem to notice but I smelled burning hair!

        Having given all the dire warnings I am a big fan of candles and especially the scented ones as they give off lovely fragrances and also add atmosphere to a room with gentle flames flickering in their containers. They are a lovely addition to a room's ambience but just need to be treated with good sense.

        I have been very pleased with my Yankee candles generally, some I like better than others and this is not top of my favourites list despite having scents I love I just don't feel it carries well enough when lit

        Another little hint I will share with you is that if you have a few extra Yankee candles and tarts then when not using them and they are still sealed pop them into your clothes drawers as they will freshen and scent the clothes in there and the dark will keep them fresher too.

        I would be happy to use this in most rooms as the scent is pretty general and not particularly feminine or floral. I just wish it was a bit stronger when burning. It smelled really strong when sniffing the actual candle so I had high hopes for it but I felt a little let down.

        These votives sampler candles are one of many scented options that Yankee do and they also sell reed diffusers which I have tried several of and find them excellent. They also sell candles in old fashioned glass jars and of course tarts , car fresheners and many other products. I know this is available in the jars but not sure which other options this scent come in. Just to give you an idea of the range and prices these are a guide to what Yankee offer:
        Wax Tart - lasts 8 hour duration costs 90p to £1-05 each.
        Tea light scented candles which last about 4-6 hours per candle, you get 12 in a box for about £5-99
        Votive candle lasts 15 hour duration costs £1-75 to £2
        Small house warmer jar candle lasts about 25-40 hours costs about £7-99
        Standard lidded glass tumbler lasts about 35-45 hours and costs about £8-99
        Medium house warmer jar candle lasts about 60-75 hours and costs about £13-99
        Medium 2 wick tumbler lasts about 45-50 hours and costs about £13-99
        Large 2 wick tumbler last about 70-90 hours and costs about £17-50
        Large house warmer jar candle which lasts about 100-150 hours and costs about £17-99

        The prices do vary from store to store so it does pay to look around if you are lucky enough to have more than one shop that sells them or try on line. Personally I think the little tarts give you a great trial of the scent, if you really like it then you may choose to get a candle which last longer. The only thing I find is that once the candle has burned down a bit it doesn't really look as nice as the wax is up the edges and it just looks tatty. I find these little sample candles tend not to have as strong a scent as the tarts but that may be me.

        A tip I have learned by being careful with my money and hating waste, is that when a candle is finished and you are left with a lot of wax over. If you pop the candle in the freezer for about five minutes you can get the wax out and use that in a tart burner.The freezer tip comes from another reviewer, an expert on Yankee and other candles Nar on here- so thanks Nar for that it is a really handy tip.

        So thank you Yankee candles but this is a little too reluctant to share its lovely aroma so it will not be first on my list to replace. I love the smell but just wish it carried better.

        Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.



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          24.04.2012 23:56
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A lovely scent that perfectly blends a few different festive scents.

          I received this votive candle by the American company, Yankee Candle, inside a Christmas memories gift set which was a present I bought for myself from my kids. I also bought the same gift set for my mum.

          As I bought a large number of loose votive samples at the same time, I have only recently got round to opening the set and this was the first candle I used from the range.

          When I first opened the gift set, my overwhelming experience was the scent of cinnamon, as this was next to a sparkling cinammon candle, I thought this was just scent transfer.

          I picked this one first with it being green. I have only used the white and red candles previously, and I really fancied a change, and this once was described as having natural plant extracts on its label, I was thinking it might be more like the scent of holly and christmas trees rather than being a sweet candle like some of the other Christmas holiday offerings, but I admit to not being sure what I would get.

          Like all the other votives I have use, the candle is 49g, about the diameter of a tea light candle, but about 2 inches tall. It came packaged inside shrink wrapped plastic to preserve the freshness until I got chance to use it. On the front of the packaging was a label which featured a Christmas scene. There is a fireplace with 3 stockings hung up, and a decorated tree. It is a very comforting picture and if this were December I would get a silly grin on my face just looking at it.

          Opening the candle, there was a little colour transfer from the wax onto the plastic, and the candle was a lighter green than I thought. It is a leaf green colour.

          The scent of cinnamon and cloves were the initial scents that I could detect, but once the candle was lit, I felt that this was a lot more mellow than pure cinammon based scents like the Cinammon Sticks candle I tried.
          This was a bit more earthy to me. Yankee describe this as 'A familiar, welcoming seasonal blend of cinnamon, cloves, pine, cedar, smoked firewood and vanilla.' It does smell a little like sitting next to a real pine tree, but I am having difficulty detecting firewood and vanilla in the scent.

          What you get with this one is a decent amount of scent, but instead of being too overpowering and cloying it is a familiar comforting scent. I do find it a little medicinal if I am sat too close to it, but as the smell dissipates around the living room and dining room, it is enjoyable.

          I think this particular scent is suited better to the autumn and winter seasons, but failing that, the current wet and miserable weather is also suited to this fragrance. I like it better in the evening, when I can sit and almost half snooze, pretending I am by a lovely fire.

          This has worked its way into the top 5 of the candle varieties I have tried so far, and I have temptation now to try other green candles to experience different combinations to the ones I have tried so far.

          This particular votive candle is available for £1.60 and is said to burn for about 15 hours. The quality has been excellent, and this has appealed to both myself and my husband.


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            08.12.2011 20:15
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            a lovely christmas release

            Yankee Candle is an American company who offer a wide range of regular and seasonal candle products.

            *~*Holiday Home Sweet Home*~*

            Holiday Home Sweet Home is a Christmas exclusive scent from Yankee Candle. It can be purchased in jar, votive, wax tart ot tea light form. The scent is described as

            "A familiar, welcoming seasonal blend of cinnamon, cloves, cedar, pine, smoked firewood and vanilla".

            The scented sampler hosting this scent is a small, individual votive candle.The votive should placed in a suitable holder and burned for a few hours at a time. Each votive has a wick which burns down to a silver disc at the base. Holiday Home Sweet Home is a deep green colour. It is shrink wrapped in clear plastic and has an image featuring stockings and a christmas tree.

            The sampler should give 15hours of scent.


            As this is a seasonal release, I recommend pick this up quickly if you want to try it. It is priced on Amazon at £1.63. Local shops may stock this just now. If you are quick, www.yankeedoodle.co.uk have the sampler priced at 40p in their seasonal sale.

            *~*My Thoughts*~*

            I love my candles and love burning one at night time. I find it relaxing it a candle always brightens up my alcove giving my living room a cosy feel. My preferance is Yankee Candles and I often stock up online whenever I see a bargain. I bought the Holiday Home Sweet Home sampler for myself recently and also bought the tart for my sister (as I have bought her a tart burner for christmas). It is worth noting that the tart smells so much stronger even when wrapped but this is normal for Yankee Candle.

            This sampler does look very festive and almost like it has just left a forest full of deep green, pine trees. I placed my sampler in my votive holder and gave the rather long wick a quick trim before lighting. The wick began to melt down quite quickly and a poor of green wax formed around it. It looked beautiful and different from the majority of Yankee offerings.

            *~*Christmas Is Here!*~*

            Once the wax has melted, a subtle scent begins to filter from my votive holder. I personally find that Holiday Home Sweet Home would be more vibrant and deeper in scent in tart form as the votive produced a rather subtle scent. I placed it in my small bathroom and then moved it to my hall the next time and it seemed to be more noticeable in smaller areas. It took a good half hour of burning for the scent to filter around my living room when placed in my alcove but it didn't travel around our flat like other Yankee scents which is disappointing.

            Holiday Home Sweet Home is an absolutely delightful scent which is comforting and uplifting at the same time. It seems to capture the essence of christmas spirit in general and is very inviting despite lacking the intensity that I desire. The name of the scent doesn't exactly give much away but the official description I feel is almost spot on.

            The scent is quite natural and has a rather complex blend of scents. It works well and everything is blended well with no scent cancelling another out completely. I would say the most prominent aroma is that of a forest - freshly cut pine trees with woody hints. There is a strong, homely spiciness which really does give the scent its christmas feel and is very warming - I believe the cloves and cinnamon would have brought this to the scent.

            After an hour or so of burning, the spiciness settles slightly bringing forward of crisp, woody sweetness. This blend creates an almost burnt vanilla scent which mingles with the fresh pine perfectly. Holiday Home Sweet Home differs from the other Yankee Christmas scents as it doesn't just settle for fruit, sweet or earthy aromas - it goes a bit further and blends a few together and the result is interesting and very distinctive in my opinion.

            Whilst up close, sniffing this votive made me think of continental christmas markets though I am not quite sure why!


            Despite lacking strength, I burned this candle for a few hours morning and night for a few days and would say I got 12hours from this votive. It burned down evenly so no wastage and retained a consistent scent until the last piece of wax melted away. I was happy to burn this day or night due to the fresh and cosy feel so it is versatile. At 40p it is an absolute bargain and I have put in an order for another few whilst they are cheap.

            I recommend this scent but would say to go for the wax tart for a stronger aroma.

            Thanks for reading x


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              19.11.2011 16:47
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              Not as nice as the original fragrance

              I am a big fan of the original Home Sweet Home fragrance from Yankee, so when I found out a few months back that they made a Christmas version, Holiday Home Sweet Home, I decided to try it. Although it is not strictly holiday season just yet, I decided to use this now, since we're in the process of moving house and I'm not quite sure where I'll be living at Christmas just yet. Even if I did know, at the moment I'm getting the feeling I'll be either in my flat surrounded by boxes or in my new house surrounded by boxes and candles will probably be the last thing on my mind!

              The Holiday Home Sweet Home scent comes in several different formats. You can buy it in the form of a wax tart, a votive, tea lights, glass tumbler or glass housewarmer jar. I bought the wax tart, as I found it reduced online and I prefer wax tarts because the low price gives me an opportunity to try a variety of different scents. For those not familiar with wax tarts, they are simply a wickless disc of wax which is melted in a tart burner. These tart burners are available at Yankee with prices starting at around £5.

              The wax tart is green in colour (I have noticed that the Christmas candles are all green, red or white) and the label depicts a fire burning brightly with three red stockings hanging up next to a large decorated tree. I actually quite like the label, it's a touch old fashioned perhaps, but it's festive and gives the impression of warmth and cosiness, which I was hoping would be the same atmosphere the candle would create.

              The official description of this candle is as follows: 'A familiar, welcoming seasonal blend of cinnamon, cloves, pine, cedar, smoked firewood and vanilla.' I must admit, I may have dismissed this as being too spicy if I'd read that description before purchasing, I find a lot of the Yankee Candles containing cinnamon can be overpowering and add cloves to the mix and I was just imaging something very spicy and intense.

              When I unwrapped the tart, I was glad to find that it smelled nowhere near as strong or spicy as I feared. I immediately recognised similarities between this and the original Home Sweet Home fragrance, however this one was a little heavier on the cinnamon and I could smell a faint aroma of pine which I believe the original does not include. I didn't actually think this was as nice as the original fragrance, which had a very warm, comforting feel to it. This one was OK, but I don't think it is the nicest of the Christmas fragrances, some of which are absolutely stunning.

              As it burned I found it was quite a while before I could actually smell the tart, but the longer it had been burning the clearer the scent became. It was quite true to how it had smelled when solid with the cinnamon being the dominant scent with the pine and cedar lingering gently in the background. I found the fragrance strong enough to fill my front room where it was burning, but not quite intense enough that I could smell it in neighbouring rooms. I do think the cinnamon and pine make it smell quite festive and I can see why this is a Christmas fragrance.

              Each wax tart is designed to give eight hours of fragrance. I found that after around six I could barely smell this any more, but I carried on burning for the full eight hours anyway.

              Having just been over to Yankee.co.uk, I can see they have limited stock of this fragrance and it doesn't appear to be listed on their main list of Yankee fragrances, which leads me to believe that it has been discontinued from the main product line. That said, having done a Google search, there are still plenty of places stocking it, so you should still have time to get your hands on it.

              The following burn times are approximate and prices depend on where you shop.

              Wax Tarts - Burn time 8 hours - £1.10
              Votives - Burn time up to 15 hours - £1.60
              Tea Lights (pack of 16) - Burn time 4-6 hours each -£5.99
              Small Jar - Burn time 25-40 hours - £7.45
              Medium Jar - Burn time 65-60 hours - £15.45
              Large Jar - Burn time 110-150 hours - £18.45
              Small tumbler - Burn time 35-40 hours - £9.25
              Medium tumbler - Burn time 45-50 hours -£14.49
              Large tumbler - Burn time 70-90 hours -£17.99

              I have to admit, on the whole I was a little disappointed with this fragrance. I don't think it is any match for the original Home Sweet Home scent and nor do I think it is the best of the Christmas range. That said, it's not the worst candle ever either - it's still pleasant and I did like it, I wonder if perhaps my disappointment was a consequence of setting my expectations too high? I would use this again, but it would not be my first choice. If I'm totally honest I probably wouldn't recommend it as I feel there are better options available from both the main and the Christmas ranges.


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