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Yankee Candle Home Sweet Home

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Brand: Yankee Candle / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    5 Reviews
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      10.09.2012 21:43




      Home sweet home is a very popular scent, especially in the fall months, even though it is offered year-round. It has a nice medium-dark pink color, and matches cream colored accessories very well.

      Like most candles it is hard to describe the scent, but I would say it smells mostly like tea and cinnamon miexed together. It has a scent that would remind me of my grandparent's house. There is a slight undernote of wood, but it is faint in comparison to the other smells. Due to its sort of heavy and thick scent, I would burn it more in cooler weather to give my home a warmer feel.

      This is one of those scents that makes a great gift for older women because most of them will usually enjoy it. This is also great for anyone that drinks tea, since the candle has a noticeable black tea scent.

      This scent isn't on the top of my favorite list, but I'll burn it every now and again. It's a great scent, just not something that fits in my house. Overall, I would give it a burn, you might like it!


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      06.08.2011 10:11
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Yankee Candle Home sweet home

      Whilst I was in America recently I stocked up on a load of Yankee Candle products and one of the flavours I really got into was the Home Sweet Home fragrance. I bought the fragrance in a number of different products, such as a large jar and a car jar and some of these delightful little samplers.

      Sampler candles are a great way of introducing some fragrance and decoration into your home without having to make too much of a statement. I find with the big Yankee Candle jars these become the focus of the room or the section where you have placed the candle but with the samplers you can have a lot of them around in different spots. You can also swap different fragrances in and out when you want a different smell. I have lots of little candle holders that I have collected or friends have bought me over the years and I like to use the samplers with these.

      The sampler candles are small and burn for about 15 hours so you still get quite a good amount of time with each candle. What I like about them is that they come wrapped in plastic so if you want to store them for a little while and don't want to use them you can pack them away in the cupboard, safe in the knowledge that the fragrance will last until you come to open them. I have done that with most of these samplers I bought as the smell of these candles to me is quite a lovely autumn/winter fragrance.

      Yankee Candle describe this sampler candle as a heartwarming blend of cinnamon, baking spices and a hint of freshly poured tea. Anything with cinnamon really makes me think of cold blustery days and warming pies and fragrances inside a home so the idea to call this home sweet home I think is a very good one. The cinnamon is definitely one of the strong fragrances here and you definitely get the hint of other spices but as for the tea I am not so sure I can smell that as a stand out fragrance but the smell is so sweet and nice and really welcoming.

      The picture on the front of the candle is also very inviting too, a wonderful home sweet home scene with a lovely cap of something warm waiting for you in front of lovely soft cushions just begging you to sit down and relax and enjoy your home! The candle colour is a reddy pink, more on the pink side to be honest so you can decorate with this colour in mind.

      I don't always burn these candles and like to just place them around my home where they do give off a wonderful fragrance and fill your home with a lovely warm glow!


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        31.03.2011 20:16
        Very helpful



        Another yummy Yankee Candle

        Home Sweet Home is a fragrance of Yankee Candle I had seen many times on QVC, and been intrigued by the hype. I also knew that this one was popular as a Christmas version - Holiday Home Sweet Home - had also been produced. I had never smelled this one in the shops, but decided on trying it out in the form of a wax tart which I purchased online.

        The tart arrived wrapped in cellophane and with a label on the front depicting a sofa, with a tray and cup of tea placed next to it. I have to say I wasn't particularly fond of the colour of the candle - it's the sort of dusky pink colour that adorned many a home in the early 1990's - and isn't really to my taste, however given that I only bought a wax tart it wasn't too much of an issue.

        Before I go any further I will quickly explain the concept of a wax tart for the benefit of any Yankee Candle virgins! The tarts are not actually candles as such as they don't have a wick. The easiest way to describe it is simply as a disc of fragranced wax which is melted in a tart burner (also available from Yankee at £5 upwards) to release the scent into your home. They are sometimes called wax potpourri which I think is a better description. The tarts are the cheapest of the Yankee candle products, so I find them a great way to see if I like a scent before I splash out on the full sized candle version.

        Being called 'Home Sweet Home' I wasn't 100% sure what to expect from the fragrance, other than a homely scent. Yankee Candle divide their candles into 'Fragrance Families' such as fruit, floral, festive etc... and I noticed that this one was in the food and spice family, so I was expecting something that smelled like the scent of home baking. In actual fact the candle has a gentle spicy scent with a bit of a fruity kick. I used another Yankee Candle a while back, Pomegranate Cider, and the scent immediately reminded me of that one. Having now looked on the Yankee Candle website, I can see that the description of this candle is 'A heart-warming blend of cinnamon, baking spices, and a hint of freshly poured tea'. Although I can detect the 'baking spices' including a hint of cinnamon, I can' t really detect a hint of tea in this scent!

        I placed this in my tart burner, lit a tea light underneath and waited for the tart to melt. I've had some disappointments with Yankee Candle recently - finding that they either take ages for the smell to fill the room, or they smell nice solid, yet the scent disappears on melting. This one, however filled the room with fragrance in the space of around ten minutes and the scent stayed strong for the entire duration that the tea light was lit (around 2-3 hours).

        With a couple of the Yankee Candles the scents have been overwhelmingly strong and made me feel a little ill if burned too long. Thankfully with this one, the intensity of the fragrance is just right - it's not so strong that it's heady or sickly, yet you can actually smell it and it's not one of those that where the smell seems to evaporate away to nothing.

        Another problem I have had on the odd occasion with Yankee Candles, is that the smell when burning is different to the smell when solid. Thankfully not so here, and the scent stays the same even when burning so you know what you're going to get with this one. Even after the tea light has gone out and the tart has solidified again, I find that the lovely scent of this candle lingers in my front room and is a welcoming scent for anyone coming into my home.

        Now I've used this I really can see why the fragrance is so popular. It's rather unusual in a way - the spicy/fruity mix and although personally I don't really think of this as a homely scent, it is lovely and quite warming. I think the spicy edge probably makes it more suited for use in the autumn/winter months, as during the warmer weather I prefer something lighter and fruitier. I can't get away from the fact it smells so much like the Pomegranate Cider candle though, and if put side by side I'm not sure I would be able to tell the difference.

        As with all Yankee Candles this is available in various formats, each with different burn times and prices. Incidentally the tarts are supposed to last for eight hours and mine's been burned for around six so far and the scent is still strong.

        The following info is taken from www.yankeecandle.co.uk although of course prices vary depending on where you choose to shop:

        Wax Tarts - Burn time 8 hours - £1.10
        Votives - Burn time up to 15 hours - £1.60
        Small Jar - Burn time 25-40 hours - £7.45
        Medium Jar - Burn time 65-60 hours - £15.45
        Large Jar - Burn time 110-150 hours - £18.45

        If the jar candles are not your thing, this scent is also available in the more modern looking glass tumblers. You can also get this in the form of scented tea lights, electric plug in or even car air fresheners.

        Overall I have been very pleased with this scent and it is one I will almost certainly re-purchase in the future - despite my reservations about the dated, dusky pink colour of the wax! It's quite an unusual fragrance, yet very warming and inviting, and this is definitely a Yankee fragrance that I would recommend.


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          22.10.2010 01:17
          Very helpful



          A spicy apple & cinnamon combined candle that is strong on scent and economical.

          When I first got into Yankee Candle around 2004 I was immediately attracted by the famous cinnamon scent that Yankee Candle produced, matched by the brown colouring and picture of a collection of cinnamon sticks on the label. Then a year later, Home Sweet Home came out trying to give buyers a lighter but more of a home spun idea towards brown sugar and an idea of baking and thus culminating in the "Home Sweet Home," tag with a pinkish red colouring and a picture label showing tea on a tray with a backdrop of home style cushions (or it could well be cookies!), although for purists the idea of home baking in the UK is less of cinnamon and more of chocolate, cooking bacon or pastry scents! So far I've been a fan of Home Sweet Home since 2005 because I've always loved cinnamon both on taste and smell and for 2010 Yankee Candle have brought out yet another cinnamon scent in the form of "Sparkling Cinnamon," yet another one for the traditionalist to check out in a darker red colouring!

          It is true that whilst Americans can't seemingly get enough cinnamon from cinnamon flavoured sweets to chewing gum and breakfast cereals, the advent of a UK home burning the scent could well be levied for the change of season, darker nights, or if you love the idea of the smell of burning apples in the air with the smell of cinnamon and spices. I'd be lying if I said this particular scent smelt of burning apples with a hint of cinnamon alone since YC also make a few other ranges of apples and yet more baking smells - but it is very much apparent with the strong quality from Yankee Candle that you can smell other tones from their scented candles - that often you wonder how they actually manage to do it.

          Either way, Yankee Candle's Cinnamon tarts are by way of wax and mixed oil solid sized tablets shaped like round strawberry pastry tarts with no wick (hence the name), which are rounded and have a fancy crinkle built in all around the rim. The wax tablets come wrapped in tight cellophane which can easily be taken off by sliding a blunt knife at the back of the wrapping and carefully peeling the plastic off. Be careful though as sometimes these wax tarts can crumble in transit therefore transferring to the burner plate has to be done instantly. Measuring approximately 5.5cm diameter by 1.5cm width and a weight of 22 oz with 8 hours burning time, you'd assume by the prices of 90p to £1-20 this is a fairly expensive candle. But! As with all Yankee Candle "potpourri" tarts, the fragrance can double itself in burning times because out of most of the scents on offer, the cinnamon types are always the strongest and long-lasting and can last up to three tea lights duration (single tea light each time) when used with an oil burner or as YC used to refer to them as being a "potpourri" burner. However, there are oil burners and then some! You can't just use any old potpourri burner because of the depth of the tart. If the tart sits on top of a burner and doesn't peep over, this will give you a better impression of what the candle will be like when it burns down into hot liquid oil and can thus be used. If the top of the burner is shallow, the tart must be cut in two and only one half used to prevent the oil from seeping over. YC oil burners are the best in the business - up to a point - the porcelain and stone ware round types are better value and they are dishwasher safe as well as being limited edition and often reach good value when sold on Ebay. I've had a few novelty ones in the past like a rectangular stove shaped oil burner by YC, two of them infact when the gloss work on the burner caught fire!

          In use then, Home Sweet Home is quite a prickly scent with a warming sensation of cooking apples as top notes and cinnamon coming off as the base notes. The scent is fairly strong and left in an open room you'll soon find half of your home scented with strong cinnamon if you're not too careful. The amazing value of Home Sweet Home on its own though is surprisingly sugar-craving reducing because amidst the middle tones of brown sugar amongst the apple and strong spicy cinnamon I find that there is the tinniest hint of vanilla which gives the scent a creaminess that YC's other classic scent "Cinnamon" often lacks. Vanilla by itself is a known natural additive that stops you craving sweet things, and out of all the sweet and spicy cooking related scents, Home Sweet Home is a good one by itself that doesn't make me reach for the cookie jar! The scent may not be for everyone though; it makes my mum sneeze whereas her favourite "Wedding Day," doesn't but makes me sneeze!!

          This is not the kind of scent for people who want the slightest bit of spice "and all things nice," but rather an explosion of cinnamon powder dusted apple pie and vanilla ice cream on the side! The scent is also great at masking tobacco smells or any lurid smell in the house such as pets/wet dog or even kitchen smells that you don't want hanging around. Currently I had fish for dinner and my oil burner is already pervading sweet cinnamon around the kitchen to get rid of the fish pong!

          There are alternatives in ways of burning this tart wax candle like YC's own oil burner and in both cases ensure your burner of choice has heat insulated bases because when the tart burns, the whole unit will become hot to the touch. For safety conscious buyers though I heartily recommend Yankee Candle's electric tart burner over the tea light candle option but unscented 4-hour tea lights work best in all situations with YC scented tarts as well as being cheaper to buy against YC scented tea lights that are often a waste of money. The electric burner outweighs having to buy tea light burners and the sides are usually lukewarm or cool to the touch with the plate being the hottest at the top. This brings me onto how to remove your tart, if say you get fed up with the scent and want to change it onto a new one or if your tart has reached its longevity period. The beauty of all YC scented tarts are that they are delightfully easy to remove from the oil burner once cooled and hardened. Take out the tea light candle and wait for the burner to cool and for the wax to harden back up. After the wax tart has solidified, place the burner into a freezer for a minimum of 15 minutes. Then take out and turn upside down - usually the tart will just fall out or it may need some edging out with a blunt knife.

          The value of money card plays its hand strongly here - if you sniff the base of the solid candle and it still smells of scent - guess what - your tart can still be used another day, even if you think it has lost its scent! If there is no scent, then dispose of the candle! In terms of Yankee Candle's electric burner, there is always a separate removable dish that can be put in the freezer. With both types of burner, the freezer method is the safest procedure without having to boil up the wax with hot water poured on (and then block your drain in the process with hot liquid wax) or take it out with kitchen roll. Even when the burner is placed in the freezer, bits of the candle wax that have maybe attached itself to the sides in use can be picked off with a blunt knife or toothpick thus ensuring that your oil burner is better looking and less wax-scruff free! Out of all the ranges/varieties of Home Sweet Home, I usually buy the strong wax tarts or the medium house warmer jar (£10 to £14) as the larger jars don't seem to be as strong even though they are bigger in size and capacity. I have also tried the plug-in freshener of this product and it's a good alternative but doesn't bring out the cinnamon as much.

          Whilst YC scented potpourri scented tarts need the additional support of an oil burner to get the candle "cooking," Home Sweet Home wax tarts combine a lovely rainbow of spicy and apple flavours perfect for the cinnamon purist. Compared to their small jars for example, the tarts are far more economical on price alone and last the duration of 3 to 4 weeks depending on the amount of hours you burn each day. Amongst YC's classic "Cinnamon" which has now been changed to the name to "Cinnamon Stick," and "Sparkling Cinnamon," there are other cinnamon scents in the YC range worth looking out for - but as for the latter sparking scent, this is a seasonal scent that only appears at certain times in the year. Home Sweet Home is a classic scent and is always available not just in tart formations but from plug in products to their medium and large house warmer glass storage jar candles to car air freshener hanging cardboard products, fresh air car vent gel packs and sometimes a pressured room spray fragrance to reed diffusers, small jars, tea light candles and the handy "On-The-Go" travel spray pens. It is never ending with Home Sweet Home! I used to be able to buy Home Sweet Home scented sachets which were brilliant for putting into my Sebo vacuum to scent the air with cinnamon but the sachets are difficult to get. So much on offer and only a click away! However, my experience with YC products means that online prices can be steep from the official website so check Ebay for the best stockists as well as www.cherishgifts.co.uk who offer debit/credit card and PayPal payment options. Out of them all, the more versatile candle is the tart version of Home Sweet Home, whilst medium jars are also value packed with good lengthy burning times and strong flavours! Thanks for reading! ©Nar2 2010



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            20.10.2010 10:02
            Very helpful



            A lovely scent from Yankee Candle

            I was browsing the Yankee Doodle website recently as we needed to buy a birthday present for our sister in law, we know she likes scented candles so this was the ideal place to look. Once I had decided on her present, I began looking at the wax tarts as I haven't bought myself any for a while.

            The Yankee Candle Wax Tarts are an ideal way to sample new scents without the worry of wasting money if you don't particularly like the scent you have chosen. Costing around £1 for one with eight hours burn time, it's a lot more economical than buying a Housewarmer jar which cost upwards of £7.

            I chose the scent 'Home Sweet Home' as it was on offer at the time for just 60 pence. I didn't really pay attention to how the fragrance was described, so I knew it would be a surprise when it was delivered.

            The wax tart is a disc shaped piece of wax which looks like a little flat and wide candle but it does not have a wick to light it, instead you place it in a tart burner which looks like a an oil burner and is heated by tealight candles. The tart is just over 2" diameter and about 1" thick in a dusky pink colour, it is wrapped in cellophane which you have to remove before putting this in your tart burner. Pictured on the label is a comfy armchair with a mug on a tray. The picture is very warm and cosy feeling.
            The fragrance of this wax tart is described as being "A heartwarming blend of cinnamon, baking spices, and a hint of freshly poured tea."

            The first thing I noticed about this tart was how strongly fragranced it seemed to be. I wasn't ready to try it straight away as I already had a tart in my burner which still had some fragrance left, so I placed the tart on my mantel piece until I wanted to use it. The mantel piece is a good 8 or 9 feet away from where I sit in the living room but I could smell the tart from the settee even though it was still in it's wrapper (and I was bunged up with a cold!). I was bit concerned that this might be a bit overpowering for me as strong fragrances can give me a headache.

            When I was ready to use the tart I unwrapped from the cellophane and placed it in my burner, it didn't take too long for the aroma to be released once the tart had begun to melt after about ten minutes.

            The fragrance this tart gives off is lovely, spicy, it's very autumnal and warm. I think this is a great one now that the weather is getting chillier. I couldn't really detect the tea in the scent but the spices were really apparent, they remind me of the spices used when making Christmas cake. Fortunately the scent from this wax tart wasn't too over powering as I thought it might be, and was actually quite gentle in comparison to how strong it smelled when it was still in the wrapper. This is great for me as over fragranced things can give me a headache.

            According to the information label on the wrapping the tart will give eight hours of continuous fragrance and I find that they usually slightly underestimated this.

            I do find that when the wax tart has cooled down again and solidified you can still smell the scent for a couple of hours afterwards.

            I really like this fragrance and think I will invest in one of the Housewarmer Jars in this scent. I also think that this would be a great one to buy someone as a housewarming gift.

            You can also use the wax tart with an electric tart warmer if you'd prefer not to use one which needs candles. Alternatively you can unwrap the tart and place it in a drawer or cupboard to fragrance it, although I don't know how long the scent would last for if you did this.

            When the tart has lost it's fragrance you should put the burner into a freezer for a few minutes and it should come out quite easily although it might need a little persuasion which should be done with something plastic which won't damage the burner.

            You can also buy this fragrance in Small, Medium & Large Housewarmer Jars and Tumblers, Car Air Fresheners, Reed Diffusers, Tealights, Room Spray, Electric Plugin and Sampler.

            The RRP for a Yankee Candle Wax Tart is £1.05, this particular fragrance is from the Food & Spice Collection. Other fragrances available from this range are:
            Brown Sugar and Spice
            Chocolate Chip Cookie
            Chocolate Truffle
            Cinnamon Stick
            Cider Donut
            Citrus Spice
            Coconut Bay
            Coconut Cookie Bar
            Creme Brulee
            Fig and White Plum
            French Vanilla
            Frosted Pumpkin
            Ginger and Green Tea
            Ginger Spice Cookie
            Good Morning
            Hazelnut Coffee
            Indonesian Ginger
            Jasmine Green Tea
            Pear and Vanilla Bean
            Pumpkin Spice
            Roasted Coffee
            Shortbread Cookie
            Sugar Cane and Vanilla
            Tea and Honey
            Vanilla Cupcake
            Vanilla Lime
            Vera Cruz Vanilla
            Vintage Wine Range


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