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Yankee Candle Island Guava Wax Potpourri Tart

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2 Reviews

Brand: Yankee Candle / Type: Scented Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    2 Reviews
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      05.10.2011 18:57
      Very helpful



      Worth trying for yankee lovers!!!

      My latest Yankee tart shopping spree bought 'Island Guava' to my front door. I recently bought about thirty different varieties online as I always like to have a tart burning in my home. So when found a great seller on ebay, I have to admit I did go a bit over the top buying everything I liked the sound of!

      As always I buy my tarts on ebay. They cost me approximately 89p each when bought as part of a ten mix and match pack. The great thing is I'm such a regular customer now the guy lets me pick my scents which is great at letting me try new ones! This Yankee Candle Island Guava tart is froma recent range so only costs 89p on ebay and I've noticed in shops it retails for about 90p to £1.40. This is quite normal for a current scent from Yankee. You will pay more though for older varieties that are harder to get hold of.

      When this one arrived because it came with so many I couldn't smell it individually as the plastic had been paced with thirty other scented tarts so it just smelt of a combination of these! However as I began to remove the plastic wrapping I got a really exotic scent hitting me-it was divine!

      As I always recommend you need to remove the plastic wrapping with scissors over the bin or the sink. This is because if you remove it over the counters or table they do tend to shed flakes of wax which is a real pain to remove!

      The tart itself is a very creamy yellow colour, very pale looking but once the plastic had been removed I was pleasantly suprised to notice how intense it's scent was and I couldn't wait to get it burning!

      After half an hour or so the tart had fully melted and very oddly it had gone a yellowy see-through colour and looked like someone had erm...peed in my tart burner!! This did make me laugh as was very unexpected! However aside from the wierd colour the scent was beautiful! It was fruity and exotic and very powerful and this had started very quickly!

      As time went on I noticed the level of the scent intensified and was very powerful. The scent didn't change which I like as some tarts often morph from one scent to another while they burn but this one didn't at all so it was very tropical right from the start! It also filled the room very evenly and the further you got away from the burner, the smell didn't vary which meant that even by my front door at the other end of the house I could still smell the beautiful guava scent as strongly as in the kitchen where it was burning!

      It's scent also powerfully scented the entire house within a few hours and it didn't smell weaker the further away it was, just slightly less dominant in the bedrooms etc. I liked the fact that each room smelt the same just to different levels and I have to admit that it's ability to scent the whole house is one I've not found often froma small wax tart. I always assumed I would need a large candle to scent the entire house! This little tart prooved me wrong!

      Yankee Candle say their wax tarts have approximately 8 hours of scent time when burning. I've found this to vary massivly depending on the tart and this tart was no less suprising! I would say I got 16 hours of strong scent from this single tart alone! Each tea-light I use has about 4 hours of burning time and I got through over 4 of these before I noticed the scent level was decreasing. However even by the fifth tea-light I could still smell the same exotic and tropical guava scent, but only in the room it was being burnt it. To me that length of time from an 89p tart is great value for money and further increases my oppinion that I don't need to shed out £20 for a glass jar version just yet!

      Overall this tart gets five stars from me as I will deffinately purchase it again and again! It's strength and power to scent the whole house was amazing and one of the best I've tried for this. And I personally loved the fruity scent which was exotic and tropical and although a little summery it was very pleasant to be around and very easy and enjoyable so I would still use it in the winter for a little pick me up from the bad weather!

      I can't recommend this tart enough so Yankee lovers get out there and buy one!


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      12.08.2011 19:19
      Very helpful



      Disappointing Wax tart from Yankee Candle


      After the disappointment of the Beautiful Day sampler, the subject of a previous Yankee review, I turned my attention back to familiar grounds and went on the look-out for a fruit-based wax tart and ended up buying '''Island Guava'' a Yankee Summer fragrance release, one that I hadn't seen or tried before. I tend to favour the fruity or sweet smelling candles Yankee have to offer rather than anything too floral and many readers of my reviews will know that I have made my way through dozens of the wax tarts that are available and have, for the most part, always been impressed with what I have bought.

      I expected Island Guava to be a strong smelling, fragrance-packed wax tart having found this to be the case with other fruity products in Yankee's range but as I was soon to discover even in wax tart format this ended up falling short of my expectations and I found it to be very underwhelming indeed.

      Wax Tarts

      All wax tarts from Yankee share the same things in common, they're all flat pieces of wax and unlike candles they don't have a wick running through them. They are designed to be be melted in the well of a tart or pot pourri burner by a tea light which sits underneath and the fragrances and essential oils that are infused into them are released once the wax takes on a molten form. They tend to cost around a pound each and normally give off upto 8 hours of fragrance and are the cheapest way of getting an introduction to the scents available from Yankee. I usually rate them very highly as I think they represent fantastic value for money and whilst there have been a few whos scents have not appealed to me personally for the money they cost they're never an expensive mistake. So, wrapper taken off and tart placed into my tart burner I lit a tealight, sat back and waited to be transported to exotic climes courtesy of Island Guava...

      Island Guava

      As shown in Dooyoo's picture, Island Guava is cream in colour with an eye-catching illustration on its wrapper. Sometimes you can get an idea of the fragrance on offer even before the wax has melted and holding this one to my nose I got a subtle whiff of something generically fruity. Once my tea-light had been lit and allowing a few minutes for the wax to melt I soon noticed the fragrance it was delivering, sadly though unlike other wax tarts that provide wave after wave of delicious aromas Island Guava failed to get a positive reaction out of me.

      It's supposed to be a combination of exotic fruits, oranges and apples but in reality this is one of the flattest, most uninteresting fragrances I've ever encountered from Yankee Candles and rather than flood my room with exotic aromas it sat gently in the background providing a lackluster amount of scent and was nowhere near as potent as other wax tarts I have used before. A fragrance should promote a reaction in someone, even if it's a negative one and there have been many fragranced wax tarts that I haven't liked either because they're too strong or too flowery for my own tastes.

      Island Guava smells of nothing in particular, none of the fruit notes are evident - I couldn't detect Apple or Orange let alone Guava instead it was just a lightly subtle fruit scent which would have difficulties in fragrancing even the smallest room in anyone's home. Had I bought this in Sampler format I may have been more forgiving, I've come to realise that samplers lack the intensity of wax tarts and pretty much set my expectations to low when I burn them now, wax tarts are different though, they are much stronger normally and usually flood the area around my tart burner with fragrance which in turn works it way around my living space, this one didn't.

      For a Summer release I am disappointed in Yankee with this one and having had Island Guava melting since last night I am yet to be captivated by it. Today the scent is weaker than it was yesterday and I'm not going to get anywhere near 8 hours worth of fragrance from it. For the price I paid it has little worth and I certainly wouldn't buy it again in any other of the formats and can't recommend this one to other people at all.

      Conclusion and Rating

      I don't think I've ever awarded 2 stars for a Yankee Candle wax tart before, even if a scent hasn't appealed to me in the past I normally put this down to individual tastes rather than any fault with the actual product itself, however for the purpose of rating Island Guava for this review 2 stars is all it's getting. I can't see its appeal to anyone to be honest, even those who like subtle fragrances would find this to be too weak to be noticeable and this is possibly the first time ever that I wouldn't recommend one of Yankee's wax tarts.

      Island Guava is a current release and is available both online and on the high street and in wax tart format costs approximately £1.00. Don't bother would be my advice, there are far better fruit-based fragrances available from Yankee than this one and it is a real disappointment when compared to the usual high standards that Yankee are renowned for.

      Overall: Not recommended.

      Thanks for reading my review, please note that this also appears on ciao under my username.


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