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Yankee Candle Large Jar Christmas Cupcake

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3 Reviews
  • Fills the room
  • Lovely scent
  • Not that Christmassy
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    3 Reviews
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      18.11.2014 14:01
      Very helpful


      • "Lovely scent"
      • "Fills the room"
      • "Burns hours and hours"


      • "Not that Christmassy"

      Lovely, if not Christmassy

      The Yankee Candle idea began in 1969 when a young Mike Kittredge melted down some crayons to make his mother a Christmas Candle. The Candle was so impressive a neighbour asked to buy the candle, so Mike Kittredge agreed and made another. From then on the Yankee Candle has become synonymous in the fragrance candle market and now has over 150 fragrances to its name.

      The Yankee Candle range can be quite expensive when you first look at them. They have 4 main candle types:-

      Tea Lights
      Wax Tarts
      (They also create car fresheners and aromatherapy scents).

      The most well know range is the Jars, which come in several sizes and styles:-

      Large, Medium and Small Jars
      Large, Medium and Regular Tumblers

      Presentation, Packaging and Price
      I purchased my Yankee Christmas Cupcake from Amazon, with the voucher I got from my dooyoo miles, figured I may as well treat myself so got myself a couple of new fragrances. On Amazon, the large jar was £13.99 at the time.

      The Large Jars are huge!!!. They are in an enormous glass jar which holds 22oz of candle. On the front there is an image of Cupcakes and a snowman cupcake. The Glass Jar is very classy and can be used again if so wished. It is a strong glass and the the design is simple but gorgeous. The large jars are very luxurious and are a real treat! The fragrance of ‘Christmas Cupcake’ is a nice vanilla frosting type scent, and seems to have a hint of ginger making is a beautiful warm and sweet fragrance. The scent is great, but I wouldn’t particularly say it is Christmassy, but still yummy When you light the candle the fragrance soon fills your whole room and is warming and inviting. Unlike other brands of candle this fragrance doesn’t fade into the background but remains strong, but not overpowering to the last drop!

      The large jars have a burning time of 110 to 150 hours so for the price tag are well worth the money.


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      15.04.2013 10:41
      Very helpful



      A sweet vanilla scented candle

      I love candles and have tons of holders scattered around my house so I can create the perfect romantic or haunting lighting effects. I particularly like fragranced candles as they create a lovely atmosphere, especially during the evenings when you want to feel all cosy. The Yankee Candle brand has a big fan following here on Dooyoo, and I am a relatively new recruit to the Yankee Candle fan club. I purchased a set of candles in all sorts of different fragrances to get a good overview of the brand, and the one I've tried most recently is the Christmas Cupcake candle.

      I received a small jar sized Christmas Cupcake candle for free as a special offer "treat" when I placed an order through the online catalogue site Very, and it retails for £7.99 at many high street and department stores as well as being widely available through online stockists. Each fragrance is presented in a variety of different forms: wax tart, sampler votive, tea lights, small jar, medium jar and large jar. The label design for Christmas Cupcake features a batch of tasty looking cupcakes with one decorated in a jolly little snowman shape to add a festive touch. The candle itself is made of a pure white coloured wax, which is plain enough to match in with any home décor and suits use all year round as white is not a traditional Christmassy themed colour other than its connotations with snow and a "white Christmas". The glass jar has a cute little design, with a clear cylindrical base and domed lid section that has a rubber seal that fits back into place securely when the candle is not in use.

      Upon lighting the candle it takes a short while for the wax to start melting and release the fragrance into the room. The candle gives off a good level of fragrance and I find that I can usually sense the fragrance round the whole room after about 30 minutes of the candle being lit. It stays burning at a steady rate and gives off an even amount of fragrance when in use, so it does not become too strong or overpowering even after hours of it being lit. I adore food scented products and this candle gives off a scent that primarily smells of rich vanilla sponge cake with a real warmth and sweetness to it. I also detected just a slight hint of peppermint in here that gives the vanilla a bit of a lift and creates a comforting and refreshing fragrance without being as sickly as some vanilla scented products can tend to be. This little twist on the vanilla tones is where I think Yankee Candle have attempted to tie-in with Christmas themes, as it does make me think of candy canes and Christmas sweets as well as yummy vanilla cake. Inspired by this, I think I'm going to be baking vanilla cupcakes with peppermint buttercream icing next xmas! That said, I would tend to think of traditional Christmas scents as more exotic and spicy, and immediately think of fruit cake rather than vanilla when it comes to Christmas cake.

      My candle is the smallest size jar, which weighs in at 7 oz. They claim to give around 25-40 hours of burning time. This is quite a large (15 hour!) variable and I think it's a bit annoying of the manufacturers to put such a vague reference on the info label. When using this candle I like to keep it burning for several hours at a time so that the wax melts evenly and I'm not left with wasted leftover bits that get stuck against the edges of the glass holder and won't melt down. When burning the wax melts fully into a puddle of clear liquid and it seems to help the burning process and extend its longevity. Keeping a rough idea of how often I used this candle I think I probably got around 28-29 hours of burning time, which lasted me for a few weeks of use. The scent remained just as strong right to the very end and did not become any weaker even after repeated uses.

      This Christmas Cupcake candle has a lovely vanilla fragrance, although based on scent alone I would not class this as a festive item. It's not quite as potent as Yankee Candle's Vanilla Cupcake candle that I've tried previously, but it still provides an effective way of filling my home with a lovely fresh sweet scent. I would happily recommend this to other fans of vanilla scents, and it's perfect if you have a sweet tooth!


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      07.10.2012 09:38
      Very helpful



      Thiis is a beautiful Christmas fragrance

      WHAT IS IT?

      A Yankee Candle in Christmas Cupcake fragrance. It is available in all of the different versions, I have got the large jar because it is my favourite Christmas fragrance but you can buy it in the small and medium sized jars as well as votive candles and wax tarts.


      Christmas Cupcake has got a very sweet and rich fragrance, the main smell is vanilla but you can also smell icing sugar and butter frosting while the candle is burning.  For such a sweet fragrance it is very strong and the sweetness can be smelled all over my home even if I have a window open.  The fragrance is apparent as soon as I light the candle but when the wax has melted into a pool at the top of the candle that is when the sweet fragrance comes through the best.  After I have been burning the candle for about an hour that is when the fragrance starts smelling more like a vanilla cupcake and this is my favourite part of the smell.


      I think this is a beautiful fragrance for my home and it does smell of Christmas and cupcakes.  It is one of the sweetest Yankee Candle fragrances and I don't know what it is that makes it so suitable for this time of year because it is not spicy or anything, it is probably the inclusion of the very rich vanilla fragrance.

      I like the way I can smell the frosting of cupcakes in the fragrance because it would be quite dull without this I think.  The vanilla can be smelled strongly but it doesn't get overpowering at all because of the other sweet smells in the candle that take off some of the rich aroma of the vanilla.  

      The candle burns very smoothly and I like the creamy white colour of the wax because with the snowman label on the jar it looks like a Christmas decoration as well as smelling of one.  The smell is all around my home by the time I blow the candle out and it lasts in the air for over an hour after the candle has gone out so that adds extra fragrance to my home.  I have used Christmas Cupcake wax tarts before and even though they smell the same I am glad I bought this jar because it is a lot stronger than when I melt the tarts.

      The large Christmas Cupcake candle costs about £19 and the fragrance will last for up to 150 hours, it is available all year round but I think the best time to light it is in the evening because it makes my home smell cosy and relaxing.  The wax sets very quickly when I have blown the candle out so that I can put the lid back onto the jar to preserve the scent when it is not being used.

      I am going to burn this candle on Christmas Day because it is prettier than the very cinnamon candles and wax tarts that are the usual choices for Christmas fragrances.

      5 Dooyoo Stars.


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