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Yankee Candle Large Warm Sugar Limited Edition Jar Candle

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Brand: Yankee Candle / Type: Scented Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      03.01.2012 10:07
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      Warm Sugar Large Glass Jar


      Since first discovering Yankee candles for myself a couple of years ago I've bought and burned my way through many of the different fragrance-infused wax products the company has to offer and have written a number of reviews sharing my thoughts on them. I generally buy the wax tarts when it comes to Yankee's products as they're not only the cheapest in the range but tend to be the strongest smelling, at around a pound each I think they represent excellent value for money and as Yankee have dozens of different fragrances available I like the fact that I don't have to spend a lot of money to find out how they smell.

      For every fragrance Yankee produce they release it in different formats; the wax tarts as already mentioned are the cheapest way to experience the fragrance on offer and at the other end of the scale are the large 'Housewarmer' glass jars which cost around £19.00. Before Christmas I took advantage of an offer Yankeedoodle (the website where I tend to buy the majority of my Yankee purchases) were promoting, each year they offer a 'megapack' bundle of Yankee products and last year for £50.00 they offered customers the chance to buy 2 large Jarred candles plus an array of wax tarts, votives, holders and plates. Individually the pack would have cost in excess of £100 to buy separately and as I wanted to stock up on some wax tarts and votives and quite fancied the idea of having a couple of large candles burning over the festive season I went ahead and placed my order selecting "Warm Sugar" as one of my choices.

      Warm Sugar

      Part of the "Spoonful of Sugar" range and a limited edition release, Warm Sugar sounded like a fragrance I would enjoy and I was eager to get this one burning when I received it a couple of days after placing my order. Unlike the Housewarmer range of glass jars which have a large glass stopper Warm Sugar is presented in a glass jar with a tumbler lid, it has a single wick and the wax is creamy white which has the mottled appearance Yankee is famous for. Warm Sugar as a name is a good indication of the fragrance it offers and I expected this one to be a sweet smelling candle with notes of vanilla and caramel so wasn't surprised to find that once the lid was removed that I could detect an obvious sugary aroma emanating from the wax.

      After lighting the wick and allowing a little time for the wax to start melting I soon began to notice more of the fragrance but was a little disappointed to realise that it lacked the depth or strength of fragrance that I have come to expect from Yankee and instead of filling my room with a mouth-watering sugary sweet aroma Warm Sugar was, in fact, rather subtle and faint and best described as a 'flat' fragrance. When wax tarts are melted they seem to release wave after wave of fragrance, there are highlights of aroma where individual elements are detectable and they usually combine to produce a rich, complex scent. Warm Sugar as a large glass jarred candle lacked the intensity I've come to expect and even though I do like the sweeter scents that Yankee produce I found this one to be a little mediocre for me and was rather disappointed at just how uninteresting it actually was.

      This is a premium product in Yankee's range, on it's own it costs £19.00 and for the money I spent on it I expected so much more. I don't buy the glass jars very often as I do think they are expensive for what they are but as a Christmas treat I thought it would be nice to have something that would burn for a number of days and to be fair to Yankee I easily got 150 hours worth of burn time from the candle. The wax did burn evenly down the sides of the jar so there was no wastage and at 22 ounces (623 grams) you do get plenty for your money however, I buy Yankee products for the fragrances they offer and this one for me didn't live up to its promise of being a rich and warming aroma and I was disappointed with Warm Sugar in this format.

      That said the fragrance is 'nice' and should it be available as a wax tart it would be one that I would consider buying again, for anyone fond of the baking aromas that Yankee produce (Christmas Cookie/Cupcake being a couple of examples that this one reminded me of) then I would recommend you give this one a try but my advice would be to buy it in a cheaper format as it's really not worth the money as a large glass jar.

      I can only award 2 stars as my rating here, the fragrance lacked the intensity and depth I've come to expect from Yankee and whilst the combination of notes are pleasant enough it just wasn't strong enough for me and definitely not worth the £19.00 it costs to buy. I expected much more from Yankee and this one failed to deliver.

      Not recommended, thanks for reading my review.


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