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Yankee Candle Lavender Vanilla Reed Diffuser

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4 Reviews

Brand: Yankee Candle / Type: Diffuser / Category: Home Fragrance

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    4 Reviews
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      05.01.2014 10:24
      Very helpful



      A relaxing continuous fragrance to make your home smell lovely

      I love Yankee Candles and although they are expensive, I buy them now and again as a treat. I didn't realise however that they made Reed Diffusers so it was extra special when I received one as a gift for Christmas this year.

      About the product
      The product promises to fill the room with a beautiful fragrance in a fuss free way. It claims that it will keep your home smelling nice for between 6 to 8 weeks continuously and unlike candles, it can be left unattended.

      Available scents
      The usual favourites are available as this reed diffuser such as Clean Cotton, Midnight Jasmine, True Rose and River Valley. I was given Lavender Vanilla.

      The product is available for about £12 each so they are quite pricey. I've never seen this product in the shops before but it is available from quite a few online websites.

      The product comes contained within a glass square shaped bottle which has lavender on both the front and back. As the bottle is see through, it gives the packaging a 3D garden effect which looks really nice. It is heavy and glass, so you need to ensure that you put it somewhere safe so that it doesn't get knocked over and smashed. The mouth of the bottle is open so you'll also need to put it up out of the reach of pets and children.

      Setting up the product
      The product is straightforward to set up. The thin wooden sticks are tied together so you'll need a scissors to cut the two attachments. The bottle has a stopper in it which is quite difficult to pull out and I did spill a little bit of oil when I got it out. You then simply put the sticks into the bottle and enjoy.

      My experience
      The product doesn't smell too strong when you just hold it. I was given Lavender Vanilla and although Lavender isn't what I usually go for, I do love Vanilla. The aroma is relaxing with a nice warmth to it and I do like it. I chose to put mine in the bathroom and I was surprised at how much I notice the aroma each time that I walk into the room.

      The fragrance isn't over powering or sickly but it is definitely there. It almost becomes a part of the room which is lovely. Even when I am in the bath, it doesn't become too much and it is very relaxing. It doesn't make me sneeze at all as some fragranced products can so that was a relief. I been using mine since Christmas day and it hasn't got any weaker but I can't comment yet if it will last as long as promised.

      All in all, I really like this product and I have already researched my next fragrance that I want. It is simple to set up and the fragrance is pleasantly evident and relaxing. It is continuously there unlike candles and plug ins which can't be left alone or switched on. I would fully recommend this lovely product.


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      07.04.2012 18:03
      Very helpful



      A fantastic product - recommended

      My mum has now made me a big fan of Yankee Candle and for Christmas, I received a Lavender Vanilla Reed Diffuser.

      *The smell*:

      Yankee say "an oasis of tranquillity - the perfect mix of fresh lavender and warm vanilla with musk and bergamot". The smell is quite strong and noticeable, mine is in my bathroom but as soon as I open the front door, I can smell the vanilla downstairs.

      *The Packaging*:

      From just the look of the packaging, you can tell this is a really well made product. The bottle is made of quite thick clear glass, rectangular in shape and has a print of lavenders and flowers on it.


      The price for this is around £13, there may be offers on where you can get certain fragrances for about £10.


      Most larger department stores now sell Yankee but you can also get a good bargain on QVC or buy direct from Yankee themselves.

      *The range*:

      Also in the same fragrance, Yankee also sell sets of tea lights, tester candles, reed diffusers, large glass jar candles etc. Prices can range up to around £16 depending upon which product you buy.

      *My findings*:

      I opened mine and put it in the bathroom on Boxing Day, there is still about 60% of the fluid left so I know it will last a long while.

      I am now in love with Yankee Candle and have requested different ones for birthdays, Christmas etc.

      Although the price may seem a little steep, considering that I envisage the product will last me at least 6 months and how strong it is, it probably works out about the same as me spending £4 a go on air freshener branded diffuser and replacing every 6 weeks.

      I have had reed diffusers in the past and while initially, the smell is quite strong, this initially fades and I can no longer smell it however several friends have commented how much they like this one.

      I would recommend this product, if you are not sure if you would like the smell, as the musk smell is also quite dominant, then you can always buy a wax tart for around £1 first.

      I love it!

      Thanks for reading.


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      31.12.2011 15:01



      Lovely product that smells wonderful

      ~~Yankee candles~~

      I have been a fan of Yankee Candles for many years. I have always treated myself to new scents as they come out but usually stick to 'old friends' in the end. Yankee candles have been around for over 40 years and began in, yes you guessed it, America. They now have over 150 different scents. Yankee candles are very popular in the UK and can be found in larger stores such as Home Store & More, Amazon, Debenhams and Ebay.

      ~~This product~~

      I have seen the reed diffusers in many of my local stockists but always dismissed them as I am a bit of a candle or tart freak. I normally buy candles or the tarts as a personal treat but this Christmas, however, I was delighted to be gifted this product from a dear friend.
      The reed diffuser itself is easy to put together, you simply uncork the small bottle and place the reeds into the liquid. The bottle has a lovely vanilla and lavender themed pattern on the bottle and creates a very aesthetically pleasing display once you manipulate the reeds to suit. Once assembled I did not immediately notice any scent but over the next few days I began to notice the beautiful vanilla smell more and more. I noticed that now the liquid had been drawn along the reeds and they were visibly darker due to being full of scented liquid. The lavender scent is not so poignant which isn't a problem as vanilla is more pleasing for me.
      The liquid does not appear to be disappearing very quickly and I hope this product will treat me to the gorgeous smell of vanilla and a little scent of lavender for many weeks to come. I am enjoying it so much I may just pop out and see if I can get another one in the sales.

      ~~ My opinion ~~

      Obviously any gift is received gratefully but this was one that is reminding me every day of a good friend. The aromas are not overpowering but are something you notice when you walk into the room. I hope this product will continue to give me many days and weeks of its gorgeous scent. I am also keen to find others now and think that the empty bottle will make a great bathroom/corner display when no longer needed, they could hold small pebbles, sand to create a further long lasting display. If you are a Yankee fan and haven't tried the diffusers then please do, they will not let you down. My only issue is that if you have young children it could easily be knocked down and the liquid spilt so it should be kept up out of reach.


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      28.12.2010 17:45
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A lovely product from Yankee

      I love Yankee products and was delighted to receive one of their Reed Diffusers for Christmas. The Diffuser I got is Lavender and Vanilla.
      The Reed Diffuser comes packaged in a clear plastic box so you can see exactly what you are buying. The small cardboard sleeve at the bottom of the box has a small picture of lavender and orchids on it. It has the words Yankee Candle Lavender Vanilla Reed Diffuser on the front, the other 3 sides are taken up with the instructions in English, French and German. There is also a small leaflet in the packaging that gives this information in a further 8 languages!

      The box contains a glass bottle approximately 9x7x3.5cm's and 12 reed sticks, these are 23cm's long. They are all taped together and I would advise carefully cutting the tape off them rather than just pulling it as the reeds are very delicate and I don't think it would take much to break them.

      The bottle is hand decorated and very pretty. Mine has lavender and orchid flowers on it, the colours are obviously purple and white. These go all the way round the bottle and as the glass is clear you can see the flowers on the back of the bottle through the front. Its very ornate. The front also has lavender and vanilla written on it in ornate black writing.
      The bottle has a gold lid with a plastic stopper to keep the scented oil safe. Yankee recommend that you don't get the oil on your skin as it could cause irritation, also you should avoid spilling it on any surfaces that you stand it on as it can stain.

      To use the reed diffuser you simply pull the plastic stopper from the bottle and pop the reeds in the oil. Gradually the oil will creep up the reeds and the scent will be released in the room. Yankee do advise that it will take 24 hours for the fragrance to be fully released but you can speed the process up by turning the reeds around after a few hours. I personally didn't do this, I could smell the fragrance right from the start. Obviously the longer the reeds have been in the oil the stronger the fragrance is. It also creeps further round the room too.

      When I first undone my bottle I could really smell the vanilla, it was very sweet. As the time went by I could smell the lavender creeping round the room too. When mingled together the fragrance is very sweet and floral. Its not an overpowering smell just a gentle background fragrance. I've had my diffuser in use since Christmas day and I can smell it all through the downstairs of my home and its now starting to creep up the stairs.
      I wish I had another one now to keep in the bathroom, they are so attractive they would suit any room. As I said mine was a gift but I looked on the Yankee Direct website and they are currently (28/12/10) £12.99. Yankee do the diffuser in several of their fragrances, this site had 16, each bottle beautifully decorated according to its fragrance.

      Yankee promises long lasting fragrance with the diffuser and as I've found all their products to be of excellent quality I have no reason to doubt this.
      I whole heartedly recommend this product. It not only acts as a great air freshener but its very pretty too.


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