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Yankee Candle Lemon Cream Jar

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Brand: Yankee Candle / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      30.08.2013 13:42
      Very helpful



      A gorgeous tart which is well worth the wait for the scent to be released.

      A fair few months ago I thought after reading and rating so many rave reviews on Yankee Candle Wax Tarts I'd actually try some for myself and see what all the fuss was about. Now days I'm a little bit obsessed. I burn a tart daily, I have at least thirty tucked in a drawer ready to be used and every time I see one I haven't tried or do not already have waiting to be tried I cannot resist buying it. It's getting a little ridiculous now but at least my home smells wonderful!

      If you're currently sat starring at this review blankly thinking 'what on earth is a wax tart?' like I was not too long ago then allow me to explain. These are little circular pieces of scented wax with fluted edges making them resemble a flower head slightly in shape. They came in a vast amount of different scents and a wide variety of colours to represent those scents. These are candles with a difference though. Wax Tarts do not have a wick. To burn you must place them in a tart or oil burner and light a tea light underneath them. The heat from the tea light below melts the wax tart and releases its, more often than not, beautiful scent around the room. They're a really lovely way to scent the home.

      I purchased this particular tart from my local Clintons Cards priced at £1.25 or five or £5.50. Typically Yankee Tarts can also be purchased from House of Fraser, Debenhams, plenty of independent stores and Asda along with countless amounts of online websites. (A quick google search will leave you spoilt for choice). I think, however, that this particular scent may be getting on a bit now and have been replaced with newer fragrances as the only websites I can find selling this Lemon Cream tart are Ebay and Amazon. Like all Yankee tarts, this scent comes in a wide variety of other candle types including jar and tumbler candles, tea lights and sampler candles.

      The Lemon Cream scent is part of Yankee's 'Simply Home' range as the sticker on the front of this tarts clear, tight plastic wrapping tells us. On this sticker is also the Yankee Candle logo, scent name and a picture of plenty of Lemon Macaroons, all looking absolutely delicious.

      Upon opening the wrapper I was greeted by a mouth-wateringly good scent. A mellow, sweet lemon scent entwined with sugar, butter and vanilla. If you were to make a blindfolded person smell this I have no doubt they'd expect you to holding something edible in front of their nose rather than a candle. It certainly smelt true to life and was amazing, I couldn't stop sniffing!

      I did eventually have to stop sniffing though as I really wanted to get this one burning so I placed it in my tart burner and lit a unscented tea light. I then waited.

      I waited for longer than I thought I was going to need to actually. I expected this scent to be one of those which starts travelling within a couple of minutes although it didn't. In fact, after a full fifteen minutes the scent was still extremely weak and whilst it was vaguely detectable it was difficult to pick up on any individual sent.

      Despite its disappointing beginning the tart soon started to shine. After about half an hour that sweet, light lemon scent came through and reminded me of a lemon wafer, very pleasant but still a little underwhelming.

      After giving the tart another half an hour its scent was in full swing and was much more as I was anticipating. A rich, creamy, smooth buttery sweet sugared lemon scent with a much stronger kick of sweet vanilla was left sweeping through the air in my room. It left my room smelling like a bakery and ended up making me take a trip to the shop as I fancied something 'nice' (and by nice I mean sweet and filled with calories and fat, of course). It was an absolutely gorgeous smell!

      What I particularly loved was the strength of this tart. It was very slow but when it fully kicked it in became strong enough to be constantly detectable but weak enough never to become overbearing. I think, no matter how nice a sweet foodie smell it, they can become far too much if the correct balance between power and subtlety is not found. Yankee certainly found it here though and this one never became sickly, over bearing or headache inducing. The scent just remained constant and extremely pleasant.

      Its subtle aroma lingered in my room for hours after burning too. Again, it always remained light and airy, never stuffy or overbearing. It wasn't as strong as some tarts which end up leaving their fragrance travelling outside the room it was being burned it but was the perfect strength just the room I was burning it in.

      Yankee Candle Tarts have a burn time of eight hours although I find this varies from scent to scent. Some last much longer, some don't make anywhere near that mark. Lemon Cream, I felt, seemed true to claims and burnt for around eight hours before the scent become too weak to be noticeable.

      I'd love to give this one five starts just for that beautiful fragrance and its perfect strength. However it does take a fair while to get to that point and I feel a star should be knocked off for that reason. Despite this I would still highly recommend this tart. The scent was worth the wait!


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