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Yankee Candle Meadow Blossoms Tea Lights

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Brand: Yankee Candle / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      21.02.2012 18:48
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      Scented tea lights from Yankee Candles. Subtle, light floral fragrance which would be an ideal Sprin


      In a previous review for Yankee Candle's 'Baby Powder' tea lights I mentioned that the website I buy the majority of my Yankee purchases from (yankeedoodle) had recently run a promotion offering a range of products at reduced prices. Tea lights in various fragrances were available for just £2.50 per box of 12 rather than their usual price of £6.00 and I made sure I took full advantage of the savings by buying a few boxes of the various fragrances that were available. Meadow Blossoms was included in the promotion, I had no previous experience of this fragrance and couldn't recall ever seeing it available in other formats either but swayed by the price and the chance to try something new I went ahead and ordered a box.

      Meadow Blossom Tea Lights

      Anyone familiar with my past Yankee reviews and those of my fellow Yankee reviewers will know by now that there is a huge choice of products available from Yankee Candles and for each fragrance they produce they offer it in various formats. Tea Lights are one of the formats that Yankee produce, these are small, self contained little candles which sit in individual plastic holders and have their own wicks, each tea light has an approximate burn time of around 4-6 hours and weigh around 10 grams each. Scented tea lights are fragrance infused candles and once lit the essential oils and fragrances which go into the wax mixture are released into the air surrounding the candle and depending on which fragrance you buy will determine how noticeable or aromatic they actually are. Yankee produce dozens of different scents every year, their range covers everything from floral, flowery scents through to rich, sweet ones and over the past couple of years I have burned and melted my way through hundreds of the different fragrances and have, in turn, become a big fan of the company.

      The Meadow Blossom tea lights are pastel blue in colour and out of their box a subtle floral fragrance is noticeable, it's a very fresh, light aroma and befitting of the name. Placing a tea light into one of my holders and lighting the wick my initial impressions were good, generally I'm not a huge fan of the floral scents that Yankee produce as I often find them to be a bit heavy and cloying and I tend to prefer the sweeter scents that are available rather than anything too 'flowery' so I hoped that Meadow Blossom would retain its subtelty as it began to melt.

      After around 10 minutes I could begin to detect the fragrance that Meadow Blossom released and to me this had a generically 'air freshener' aroma to it with a collection of different elements that seemed to blend into one overall scent. It's nice enough being quite bright and airy rather than too heavy or deep and I would imagine that this would be an ideal fragrance to have in a home during the Spring months of the year, usually you can detect the individual fragrances that go into a Yankee product but in the case of Meadow Blossom it was hard to pinpoint any specific aroma other than just being mildly floral and a single tea light had just enough power to be noticeable without being too overpowering. This isn't a room-filling fragrance though I have to say, subtle is a good description of this scent and anyone who enjoys the stronger smelling fragrances that Yankee produce may find this one a little too lacklustre for their own personal tastes and whilst I generally prefer the stronger fragrances myself I appreciated the fact that this one wasn't quite as strong as the other floral fragrances available as I can find them a bit too heady for me personally.

      I don't think Meadow Blossom is a living room scent, it is perhaps a little too light to be noticeable and I think it suits a kitchen in all honesty, I can imagine this would be rather nice on a fresh Spring day with the kitchen window open whilst marking the change of seasons and although I've used a couple of mine to get to know the scent to be able to write this review I do think that I'll save the 10 I have left and wait until March arrives before burning my others.

      Overall there's nothing to be critical about with Meadow Blossoms other than its intensity, it does have a nice, fresh, aromatically floral fragrance that adds a little interest to a room but it does lack the pungency or strength of other similar Yankee products. It appealed to me because I don't like strong floral fragrances and for the price I paid for my tea lights I have no complaints, the tea lights do last for around 5 hours each which makes these exceptional value for money as far as I'm concerned and I would buy this fragrance again as a scented tea lights or perhaps as a wax tart. I'm not sure of the availability of this fragrance though and I do have a suspicion that the box of tea lights I got from Yankeedoodle were old stock as the packaging is different to other tea lights that are available nowadays so it may be a discontinued line now. It will be available online though if you can't find it on the high street and I do think it's a fragrance worth seeking out if my review has tempted you into trying these for yourself.

      In conclusion then, four stars as a rating seems fair basing this on everything mentioned in this review, thanks for reading my review.


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