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Yankee Candle Nature's Paintbrush

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Brand: Yankee Candle / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    10 Reviews
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      02.08.2013 15:26
      Very helpful
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      Worth a try but doubt I would buy it again

      I have been a Dooyoo member for nearly a year now and over this time I have read some wonderful reviews on all kinds of products, many of which have helped me decide on products to buy, try and avoid! Of course one of the best things about Dooyoo is getting paid to write reviews and after saving up my miles I decided to cash them in for some Amazon vouchers. We have just moved house (again) so I was eager to buy lots of nice things for our new home. I'd been considering trying some Yankee Candles, admittedly I'd never heard of them before becoming a Dooyoo member, but I've read so many wonderful reviews of Yankee candles I decided it only appropriate to spend some of my hard earned Dooyoo money on trying this product for myself. I treated myself to a Yankee tart burner along with a mixture on ten Yankee Tarts. Amazon did not state what fragrances would be sent, the bundle of tarts cost £10.25 (plus postage).

      For the past few days I have been burning "Natures Paintbrush" in my burner and here is my review of this particular Yankee Tart.

      Yankee "Natures Paintbrush" tart comes wrapped in clear plastic packaging, the deep red brown tart can clearly be seen inside. A circular sticker on the front gives the brand and product name along with a stunning autumnal photo of some red foliage in a green field with mountains in the background and a blue cloudy sky. Another sticker on the back gives general information including warnings.

      Although the name of this tart gave me no idea of what type of fragrance this tart would be, the autumnal picture on the front suggested to me it would be a rather earthy woody smell to it. Perhaps not the most fitting tart to choose mid - July, however I felt it may just work considering the warm rainy climate of the day.

      I found it easy enough to remove the tart from its packaging with a pair of scissors and on doing so I was immediately struck with the tarts powerful scent. Initially I was a little apprehensive, is this one a little too strong for my liking? I decided to break this one up into quarters and popped the first piece into my Yankee burner with a tea light underneath.

      "Natures Paintbrush" quickly began drifting around my living room and began filing the surrounding rooms, after around 20 minutes I felt the fragrance was too over powering and extinguished the tea light and this is generally how I have burned this wax tart - in short intervals throughout the day. It does have an amazing staying power and it could still be detected in my sitting room when I came downstairs this morning. This tart would be a brilliant odour neutraliser so may be a good choice for those looking to cover any tobacco or cooking smells.

      Apart from being a little too strong for my taste I wasn't overly keen on the fragrance either, it had a musky spicy smell to it. To me the tart smelled of men's aftershave, nice expensive aftershave, but aftershave non the less and whilst it wasn't a particularly offensives smell I am not too sure its one I would want my whole home to smell off. Perhaps this one is just a little too masculine for my tastes.

      I have used this tart on and off for two days and to be honest the fragrance is still going strong, although I have not timed each use I am sure it has surpassed the 8 hours of burning time Yankee have given for this tart.

      Removal of the used tart from the burner was a little difficult, rather like its fragrance, it wanted to cling on for dear life. I ended up popping the burners "plate" into the fridge for an hour and this seemed to do the trick, as the finished tart then simply slipped off the plate to make room for my next tart.

      On the whole "natures paintbrush" was just too strong a fragrance for my liking. I wouldn't specifically seek it out again, but if it came in another Yankee tart bundle I would give it another go. Still, its certainly worth a try and perhaps you will get along with it a little better than I did.


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        29.04.2013 18:47
        Very helpful



        Very strong musky aroma which may not appeal to everyone but does to me

        **Introduction and reason for purchase**
        I'm a member of many online survey sites and when I get paid in vouchers I always end up treating my family, but when I redeemed a £5 Amazon voucher recently I decided to replenish my waning stock of Yankee wax tarts. I opted for a mixed batch of 5 tarts for £5 which I deemed to be a bargain as the P&P was free, so I just hoped I would like the selection they were to send me.

        Luckily when my parcel arrived I was really pleased with the choices and this review will discuss 'Nature's Paintbrush' as it is the most recent one that I have just finished burning..

        **Price. packaging & availability**
        Nature's Paintbrush comes packaged as all do all of Yankee's wax tarts; being in a transparent plastic wrapper with a 'directions' sticker on the underneath whilst on the top is a circular sticker which normally depicts an image to correspond with the particular fragrance. On Nature's Paintbrush there is a rather artistic looking painting of a meadow with an autumnal feel to it with trees full of red/ brown leaves and whilst the picture is eye catching it wouldn't normally appeal to me by the packaging alone.

        The wax tart weighs 22g and as mentioned in an above paragraph I purchased mine as part of a mixed bundle, though the general RRP is around £1.20 though this varies depending on where you choose to shop as I've seen a difference of at least £1 in prices from one shop to another. There is a factory card shop relatively close to my home which sells 'old stock' of Yankee candles and tarts every now and then from as little as 50p, but generally I buy mine online though if buying one blindly that you haven't tried before it can be a bit of a gamble.

        Availability wise, Yankee products can be picked up from various outlets such as card shops, garden centres, gift shops as well as an myriad of online stores.

        Nature's Paintbrush is available in wax tart form, votive sampler as well as glass jar format of different sizes. I do like the candle versions of my favourite Yankee fragrances, but when testing out a new fragrance I prefer the wax tart format as it's not only cheaper but tends to give off a stronger scent.

        **How Yankee describe this**
        "..A perfect autumn day captured in radiant, aromatic strokes of brisk air, spicy woods and warm musk.."

        **My thoughts on Nature's Paintbrush**
        When I placed my order with amazon I had no idea which fragranced wax tarts they would send, but it did promise to send a 'varied selection' and luckily when my parcel arrived and I inspected them all I was really pleased. I'd been planning on buying Pink Lady Slipper and Paradise Spice singularly so I was thrilled to receive both of these in my collection and wasted no time in burning these first. I still had a few of my firm favourites left over and used these up before testing out another of my latest purchase. As well as the two I've just mentioned along with Nature's Paintbrush there were two fruit based fragrances (Mandarin & Cranberry and Citrus Spice) which though gave off a nice enough aroma whilst still ensconced in their packaging they didn't excite me enough to want to use them there and then which is why I opted to try Nature's Paintbrush next.

        Whilst still sealed the wax tart emitted a rich and musky aroma and I have to admit I really liked the scent it gave off and it wasn't like I imagined it would be. As pretty as the sketch is on the front of the packaging it wouldn't be enough to entice me to buy it had I seen it online and the saying 'don't judge a book by it's cover' couldn't be more truer as this seemed just my cup of tea.

        Once released from it's cellophane wrapper, I decided to break the tart into two halves to burn it, though generally I tend to burn them whole for a few hours over the space of a couple of days.

        Having placed the wax tart in my burner and placed a lit tea light underneath I awaited the musky aroma to infiltrate my home..

        I live in a small cottage on one level and though I move my burner from room to room now and again it tends to take up residency in my kitchen. This is because my kitchen is my most central room so when burning candles/ wax tarts the aroma equally wafts through to the other rooms, and also when the burner is placed on my kitchen window sill it's out of harms way and has very little chance of being knocked or spilled.

        Once the wax tart was in place in the burner I could already detect the rich musky scent that was very noticeable whilst it was still sealed in it's wrapper, though once the wrapper had been removed the scent didn't seem any stronger so I did wonder what the strength would be like once the wax had actually melted. I didn't have to wait too long luckily to find out as after around 10 minutes or so the rustic orange/ brown tart had melted and began to pool into a very dark red/ brown liquid and the fragrance quickly intensified.

        I admit that if I saw this online I probably wouldn't have given it another look and even if I saw it in a shop I wouldn't have been drawn to, it but because I was sent it in a mixed lot there was no way it was going to get wasted. As soon as I inhaled the deep musky aroma that this wax tart gave off I knew it would become a favourite and whilst I may not buy it on a regular basis I would most certainly be buying it again, and soon.

        Once burning the tart reaches it's peak strength wise after around the 2 hour mark and starts to lose it's strength from then onwards. Yankee state that this will give at least 8 hours worth of aroma and I would say all in all it probably gives slightly more - around 10 hours though obviously the longer it is burned the weaker the scent becomes.

        I found that after about 30 minutes of burning each time the musky aroma became a bit too overpowering and even after extinguishing the tea light the scent was noticeable in my home for at least another hour afterwards. The fragrance was much stronger in my kitchen where the burner was positioned of course, but it still filtered through to each room and scented it accordingly even after the tea light had been put out.

        I would highly recommend this if you are a fan of strong musky aromas as this is really lovely and though the musk features predominantly it also offers a strong earthy/ mossy undertone which for me is ideal though may not be to everyones taste. It's also worth noting that once lit it really does need to only be burned for around 30 to 5 minutes as the aroma is very strong and if left longer it may be headache inducing for some, but it's up to the individuals preference to test it out I suppose.

        This isn't my favourite fragranced Yankee wax tart but it's certainly struck a chord with me and I'm extremely glad I got a chance to sample it. I will definitely buy it again in the future though wont go out of my way to hunt it down, but I would certainly be more than pleased if I were to receive it again as a mixed batch.


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          22.01.2013 17:43
          Very helpful



          Not my favourite but it's pleasant enough

          This is one of the wax tarts I bought from the Yankee Candle shop when I first bought my wax burner towards the end of last year. I had no idea what to expect from the fragrance from the name, which is unusual because Yankee fragrances are usually quite descriptive. The autumnal picture on the front label was what drew my attention to this particular fragrance, however, as it was the beginning of winter when I bought this and I was looking for scents which would make me feel warm and cosy on the sofa in the evenings.

          I paid £1.20 for this wax tart, which is about average for most stockists. The tart is orange-red in colour, and comes in the usual plastic seal which requires a knife to get into. The picture on the front is a painting of an autumn scene, which I'm guessing is where the paintbrush title comes from but I'd still prefer it if they'd given it a name which made it obvious what it smells like!

          I tend to split my wax tarts into segments of either two or three, so I can rotate the fragrances and avoid getting bored of the same fragrances. This one melts into a lovely deep orange colour, and gives off a fragrance straight away. It's difficult to describe but I would say it's quite masculine, and my husband likes it because it reminds him of aftershave. It's strong smelling, so it does a good job of getting rid of any nasty smells involving pets or after you've been cooking. It's also quite a heady scent, however, and I find after about half an hour, I have to extinguish the tealight because it gets a bit overpowering for me.

          The scent lingers for a long time after using, which makes it even better value because I only tend to use this one for half an hour at a time. This retains some of the fragrance for future use. It's not one of my favourite scents to be honest, as I would prefer it to be a little sweeter, less masculine, and less heady, but it's pleasant enough if you're using it to freshen up a room. I find it a little artificial smelling, in the way I expect of air fresheners rather than Yankee Candles.

          I'm not sure I would bother with this one again, although my husband likes it so I'll probably get another one when we've used this up. I don't find the fragrance makes the house smell particularly inviting, but it does freshen the room, and the fragrance spreads into the next room and lingers for a little while after using. This might be one to use in the room my cat sleeps in, which can sometimes smell a little bit like a teenager's bedroom, as it does a good job of neutralising odours. Three stars from me.

          (Review may also appear on Ciao under the username Gingerkitty)


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            09.10.2012 16:03
            Very helpful



            lovely Autumn scent would highly recommend

            When I first bought my tart burner (with my first DooYoo vouchers) I did recieve quite a few tarts to burn along with the burner itself, and I also invested in more varied ones from Amazon and ones which were discounted in my local Clintons.

            Natures Paintbrush was a tart that I recieved with my extra tart package but due to the the image of a meadow and red autumn trees on the packaging I thought it was more suited to use at that time of year... and now we are in October and decided to burn it for the first time a couple of days ago. I can understand how Yankee named this scent what they have as the front image shows how colours of scenery can change over seasons - as if painted by nature.


            The packaging

            The tarts are wrapped in transparant plastic which can easily be opened using your finger nails or snipping with a pair of scissors.


            About the tart

            The tart is dark orange in colour and to me its a bit off-putting because I think tarts in this colour can smell a bit cinnomon-ish which I am not a big fan of! It is made from wax and is round with ridged edges like all the tarts in the Yankee range. The Yankee Candle Co logo is also stamped into the tart.


            The labels

            The front label advises you that the tart is made from pure natural plant extracts.

            The back label then gives you your usual warning symbols for what not to do with this product ie . keep out of reach of children ect.

            The label also confirms the tart weight is 22g and total burning time is 8 hours.


            How to use

            You literally pop the tart on the top of your burner, light your candle and put underneith and it starts to melt within 5 minutes and you get the first wafts of scent from the tart. Within 20 minutes it is melted completly and the smell fills the room.

            As well as melting a tart on its own, I have read you can mix tart scents to create more unique smells - you simply break off smaller bits of tart and melt together. More information on mixing and ideas can be found on the Yankee website.


            The scent

            When melted the scent is quite warm and inviting - the best way I can describe it is being musky, fresh and sweet. Its a very hard one to describe but is very pleasant and in no way overpowering. I am also pleased to say I couldnt detect any hint of a cinnamon scent in this tart - which is great as I am not a huge fan.


            My verdict

            This scent is up there with my favourites which is the reason I have given it 5 stars - I do think its suited to the Autumn time of year but you could probably get away with burning it all year around. Will definetely be buying again!


            The RRP for the Yankee tarts is around £1.20


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            30.09.2012 01:46
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            A gorgeous scent from Yankee Candles

            Review of Yankee Candle Nature's Paintbrush Wax Tart

            Yankee Candle is a popular manufacturer of scented candles, votives, wax tarts, car air fresheners and similar products. The range seems to be sold in a wide range of store sand shops nowadays.

            We have a MacArthur Glen Designer outlet village fairly close to us and I often pop in the Yankee Candle Shop to see what bargains I can find, as the prices here are very much lower than elsewhere. I do appreciate of course, that this is sometimes because the scents on offer are 'dated' or old stock.

            **The Nature's Paintbrush Wax Tart**

            As I am sure most readers will know, Wax tarts are not candles at all, they are solid discs of scented and coloured wax designed to be melted in a special tart or oil burner.
            Yankee Candle wax tarts weigh 22g and they should burn for around 8 hours. You can of course re-melt your wax tarts, but the fragrance will not be as strong after time.

            The picture on the wrapping of this wax tart is of an autumnal scene, fields and a tree with leaves beginning to change colour, below a stormy looking sky. The wax is a warm rusty/red colour and the fragrance is described by Yankee as 'A perfect autumn day captured in radiant, aromatic strokes of brisk air, spicy woods and warm musk.' Rather poetic!

            On a recent visit to the designer outlet, I bought bargain bag of 8 mixed wax tarts for just £5 and this fragrance was among them.

            **The Scent**

            I often break my wax tarts prior to burning deliberately in order to get a longer period of the fragrance, however this one I melted whole. The wax melted evenly and the scent was apparent almost as soon as the wax became warm. The scent is really lovely, sensual musk; spice and woody top notes blend to create a remarkably long lasting scent. I could still detect this a day or two after melting!
            In contrast to Yankee Candles fruity or floral scents, I feel that this wax tart is a very grown up fragrance, it doesn't really scream 'autumn' to me, in fact I would say it given the spiciness, this is more of a Christmassy fragrance than autumnal!

            **My Thoughts and Conclusion**

            I really liked this Yankee Candle fragrance; it is a warm sophisticated kind of scent. I do not often buy Yankee Candles in the glass jars as they are rather dear, even from the outlet, but Nature's Paintbrush is one that I really would like in the larger, candle jar format.
            I think this would appeal to both men and women; it is not one of the overly feminine scents that Yankee produces, this is a scent that really pleased me; it filled my home with fragrance and was very long lasting. I actually kept re-melting the wax until all the scent was gone, well, I do like to get my money's worth!

            I am awarding this Yankee Candle Wax Tart a 5* rating and would happily recommend it to others.

            **Updated March 2013
            Sadly I have been unable to find this fragrance again, I believe it may have been discontinued.

            Thank you for reading
            ©brittle1906 September 2012
            N.B. My reviews may be found on other sites under the same user name


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              04.04.2012 14:45
              Very helpful



              A lovely fragrance for cooler weather

              As well as buying th Yankee Candle Wax Tarts I do also tend to buy the sampler candles, mainly because they are something a bit different to the tarts and they are also quite cheap and allow me to try out different Yankee fragrances. I recently stocked up on some sampler candles as I was getting a bit low and one which caught my eye was Natures Paintbrush, I thought the name was a bit unusual and I was curios as to what this smelt like, I decided to buy it as the sampler candles were on offerso even if I wasn't overly keen I hadn't wasted too much money on it.

              The Sampler Candle comes tightly wrapped in clear plastic allowing you to see the colour of the candle inside. There is a small square sticker on the front of the candle containing the brand name "Yankee" and also the fragrance, "Natures Paintbrush". The rest of the label is taken up with a picture designed to reflect the fragrance of the candle, in the case of this particular fragrance the picture is of an autumn scene with trees with red and orange leaves and a sort of meadow/ country scene, quite fitting to the name of the candle. There is no actual product information on the packaging other than a small sticker on the bottom of the candle with various warning symbols on it, not the clearest way of getting informational cross but its there if you wish to look at it.

              Natures Paintbrush sampler candle measures just under a couple of inches high and just under an inch across, it is slightly narrower towards the bottom and has a single wick set in the middle. The wax that this particular candle is made from is an orange red colour which does tend to fit in with the autumn theme of the candle. This particular candle has what I would call a warm fragrance it is described by Yankee as being a spicy musk fragrance which I have to agree with, there are slight undertones of other fragrances such as cedar wood but the dominant smells are the spicy aromas and the musk, it is these that give the fragrance its warmth. In my opinion it is quite hard to separate the different notes which make up the fragrance of Natures Paintbrush as they do all tend to blend together, the warm fragrance of this candle gives me the impression that it is more suited to cosy nights in and a cold winters day, to me this is not a summery fragrance, it is too heavy for this, but not in a bad way. The fragrance is quite strong however the light spicy and musk fragrance remained light enough to be pleasant.

              The sampler Candles do not come with any sort of jar or burner so you do need to find your own, I have various candle holders which I have acquired over time so I found something suitable to hold the small sampler candle, once you have found something suitable for the candle you simply pull the wick up, this is usually pressed down onto the top of the candle, and light it with a match or lighter.
              Once I had lit my candle it didn't take long for the brightly coloured wax to start to melt and the light spicy musk fragrance to float around the room. The fragrance is not one I would describe as fresh but it does make a lovely alternative to regular air freshener. Yankee state that with the sampler candles you get 15 hours or burn time, I have not had my Natures Paintbrush candle burning for that amount of time yet so I cannot say for definite whether this is accurate, however I have used it several times for a few hours at a time and have to say it is not showing any signs or wearing out yet, also I have tried other Yankee Sampler Candles and I have to say for a small candle they do have quite a long burn time.

              Yankee Sampler Candles can be purchased in a variety of shops including gift shops, some branches of Clinton Cards and our local newsagent even sells them, they can also be purchased online. I got my Natures Paintbrush Yankee Sampler Candle from a local gift shop, mine had money off when I got it but it should have been sold at just over £1.00, this is an average price for this sort of product, although the price does vary depending on where you purchase it from, on the Yankee website it is £1.60, I think this is the most I have seen it sold for, however this is still good value considering how long each sampler candle lasts for.

              Overall I would certainly recommend the Natures Paintbrush sampler candle from Yankee, it has a lovely warm wintry fragrance which has a delicate spicy musk fragrance to it. For me this is one I will probably only use in the colder months as I feel its a bit of a heavy fragrance for the warm summer months, however I do still really like this particular candle. The candle is very reasonably priced and widely available, I will certainly consider purchasing this fragrance in the future and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a winter room freshener.


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              30.01.2012 13:48
              Very helpful



              Nature's Paintbrush from Yankee Candles

              Nature's Paintbrush - Yankee Candle


              Clinton Cards have recently reduced the prices on some of their Yankee Candle's stock and on a recent visit there I managed to pick up a few bargains, Nature's Paintbrush being one of the fragrances available at a sale price and instead of paying £15.99 for a medium Housewarmer jar I paid just £4.99. I originally heard of this fragrance last year when it was launched as an Autumnal scent and liked the name of this one, Nature's Paintbrush conjured up images of a warming, seasonal fragrance and taken by the deep red colouring of its wax I figured this would be a nice candle to have burning on a night time when it's dark outside but cosy inside. A few days ago I started burning my candle and now that I've had time to get used to the fragrance it produces I thought the time was right to share my thoughts of it.

              Housewarmer Jars

              As regular readers of Yankee reviews will know the American manufacturer of these candles offer their wax products in various forms which range in price from around a pound for a single wax tart all the way up to just under £20.00 for a large glass jar. I tend to buy the wax tarts when it comes to my Yankee purchases as I think they offer the most in terms of strength of fragrance and value for money but when the price is right I will spend a little more especially if I can find a bargain. Generally speaking a medium glass jar will set you back around £15.00 - £16.00 if you buy them from a Yankee stockist, they are uniformally presented in high quality glass jars and come complete with a thick, stubby stopper. A medium jar weighs 411 grams and has an estimated burn time of between 65 to 90 hours, they all contain fragrance and essential oil infused wax and have a single wick which when lit allows the fragrances they hold to be released into the air around the jar and depending on the fragrance you choose will determine how noticeable they are.

              Nature's Paintbrush

              Nature's Paintbrush has an illustrative sticker on the trunk of the glass jar which features an Autumn scene of a meadow with a tree displaying red and orange leaves, Yankee describe its scent as being "A perfect autumn day captured in radiant, aromatic strokes of brisk air, spicy woods and warm musk" and lighting the wick of mine and allowing a short time for the wax to start melting I soon began to detect the different notes that go into its composition.

              I have my Nature's Paintbrush in the centre of my coffee table on a glass plate and within 10 minutes of the red, mottled wax starting to melt I noticed a light yet spicy fragrance which caught my attention. There are definite notes of what smells like Pear in this one and these blend with a warmer undertone of a woody fragrance, Cedarwood perhaps? and together they swirl together to make a fragrance which is both relaxing and noticeable. The spicy undertones add an extra depth to the fragrance which seem to provide bright highlights of scent, I have to be careful with some of the fragrances I buy from Yankee as I don't like the smell of Cloves and at first I thought these had been included in Nature's Paintbrush but as the fragrance develops it seems to settle down quite a bit and any Clove-like notes are lost in a heart of Pear and Musk. The bottom notes of Musk do support the fragrance and these bleed through once the wax has had time to melt for a while and whilst mine did start out quite strongly I did notice that after an hour or so the fragrance appeared to soften slightly and ended up gently fragrancing its way around my living room rather than overpowering it.

              I do think it's a perfect fragrance for a cold Autumn or Winter's night, it is a warming aroma which does suit a living room and rather than being one of the sweet fragrances that Yankee produce this is rather cosy and calming and is reminiscent of the change in seasons when Summer finally makes it way out and the days start to get shorter. I like its evocative name and I do think that Nature's Paintbrush is one that would appeal to those people who want something that gently fragrances without being too dominating or pungent, it adds a little interest to the room it's sat in and burned for a couple of hours on an evening time creates a nice atmosphere in my living room and for the price I paid for mine I have no complaints whatsoever.

              I've been burning mine for a few nights now and have still got plenty of wax left in my jar and the claims that a medium jar will burn for upto 90 hours does seem accurate to me. There has been no wastage up to now with mine, the wax is burning evenly down the jar and there is very little wax sticking to the sides so I do think that by the time I get to bottom of mine that it will have lasted me a good couple of weeks. As mentioned I do tend to burn mine for a couple of hours at a time as this seems to provide just enough fragrance for it to be noticeable, my only regret with this one is that I wish I'd bought a few at the price they were on offer for as £4.99 is an absolute steal for a medium Yankee jar and I should have gone with my instincts as I did think that I would like this one and I do.

              Nature's Paintbrush is available on-line in all formats and can be found on amazon and Yankee.co.uk amongst others, Yankee stockists offline may still have this in store as it's a recent release but do bear in mind that it did come out for Autumn 2011 so may be a bit trickier to find on the high street now. As far as my rating goes I'm awarding 5 stars as I do like the fragrance this one provides and I do think that it's a perfectly suited to this time of the year, thanks for reading my review.


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                16.09.2011 11:49
                Very helpful
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                An average offering

                I was bought the Yankee Candle Natures Paintbrush fragrance in the form of a wax tart by my fiancé. I don't think this is a fragrance I would have been particularly drawn to buy myself as I prefer the candles where you know what you're getting from the name. With Orchard's Pear for example or Creamy Caramel you have a good idea of what the candle will smell like just from reading the label. Natures Paintbrush to me, could be anything. However, since I had been given it as a gift, it would have been rude not to have given it a try.

                ~~About Wax Tarts~~

                I realise a lot of you will already be familiar with Yankee Candle, but for those who are not, I will give a quick explanation of how Yankee Candle tarts work. Rather than burning via a wick, the wax tarts are simply discs of fragranced wax which are melted in a tart burner. A tart burner is similar to an oil burner, but they usually have a deeper bowl. They can be purchased from Yankee Candle with the cheapest being around £5.

                I personally prefer the wax tarts to the other formats of Yankee Candle for many reasons. Firstly, you get a clearer scent as the wax is just melting and nothing (other than the tea light in your tart burner) is burning. You can also mix and match the tarts to create your own scents by snapping them in half, which can be fun (it can also be a disaster!). Each tart gives up to eight hours of fragrance and if you don't want to burn it for eight hours straight you can let it solidify and re-use at a later date. As well as this they are the cheapest format of Yankee Candle.

                ~~Other formats~~

                Of course wax tarts will not be for everyone, so some of you may be pleased to know you can get other formats. A comparison is shown below of some of the popular formats, approximate burn times and prices.

                Wax Tarts - Burn time 8 hours - £1.10
                Votives - Burn time up to 15 hours - £1.60
                Small Jar - Burn time 25-40 hours - £7.45
                Medium Jar - Burn time 65-60 hours - £15.45
                Large Jar - Burn time 110-150 hours - £18.45

                Yankee Candles can be purchased online from www.yankee.co.uk or on the High Street at Clinton's Cards or Collectables if you're on the high street as well as many other independent shops.

                ~~My Experience of Natures Paintbrush~~

                Natures Paintbrush is a relatively new release, as it came out on the first of July as part of Yankee's autumn collection. There certainly is an autumnal feel to the candle with it's rusty red colouring and a picture on the label of a tree full of orange autumn leaves against a background of a newly harvested field.

                Scent-wise the official description of Nature's Paintbrush is as follows: 'A perfect autumn day captured in radiant, aromatic strokes of brisk air, spicy woods and warm musk.' Let's face it, that's a bit of an airy fairy type description, so I'll try my best to put it into my own words...

                The first thing that struck me, was that perhaps this scent is a little on the masculine side. It is woody and spicy so has a mild air of aftershave about it, which makes me think perhaps men may prefer the fragrance. My fiancé often complains that a lot of the fragrances I burn are 'too girly' so it came as no surprise that he liked this fragrance. I on the other hand was not so sure. I didn't particular dislike it, but I prefer fruity, light scents and this would certainly not have been my first (or even second or third) choice.
                The main thing I can smell seems to be a woody fragrance with a sharp kick to it, which I think could possibly be patchouli. It's quite an earthy fragrance I think, but there is a certain warmth to it, which definitely gives it an autumnal feel.

                When I began to melt it in my tart burner, the scent began to fill the room before the whole tart was even melted and the fragrance was quite intense. It's not one that lingers subtly in the background this is quite an 'in your face' fragrance and if you're burning this one it will be the first thing anyone who walks into the room will be able to smell.

                Another thing I found with Natures Paintbrush was that the scent really stuck around in the room long after the tea light candle had gone out. We went out yesterday for a meal and then to the cinema and on coming home - probably around five hours later - the scent of Natures Paintbrush was still very prominent in the room.

                Each tart is designed to give eight hours of fragrance. The tea lights I am currently using tend to last four hours each, yet after around an hour of burning the second tea light I found that I could hardly smell the scent of the tart anymore. This was surprising given the initial intensity of the fragrance, but also rather disappointing as it meant that rather than eight hours of scent I got closer to five from mine.


                To be honest, on the whole I wasn't really impressed with Natures Paintbrush. There's nothing wrong with it as such (aside from perhaps the fact the scent fades after 5 hours not 8), but it just wasn't my cup of tea. It's quite a masculine fragrance and I don't feel there is anything special or outstanding about it. It does have a good intensity and the scent lingers for a long time after burning, which is something you don't always get with Yankee Candle, but I personally won't buy it again and even though I've decided to give it an average 3 star rating, I'd only recommend it if you're looking for a woody, slightly spicy scent.

                *Also posted on Ciao under username pink_champagne


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                  29.07.2011 01:36
                  Very helpful



                  A lovely wave of Autumn with creamy and woody scents that are fresh and appealing.

                  Recently when I ordered a small shipment of Yankee Candle wax tarts from Yankeedirect.com, I was drawn to a mild reddish brown tart I had not seen before, and of which due to its colour online had me wondering if it was a scent I had purchased before, let alone new. Yet, "Nature's Paintbrush," forms part of the long list of new scented fragrances from Yankee Candle for Summer and beyond such as "Vanilla Satin," "River Valley," "Warm Spice," "Raindrops on Roses" (yes, really!) and a hoard of other new scents coming online between now and Christmas 2011. The recently reviewed "Warm Spice," which to me was a slight disappointment despite being a full on explosion of hot spices and creamy vanilla seems to act as the opposite to what "Nature's Paintbrush," has, with a distinctive scent of warm cedar musk, mixed with flowery tones and an undeniable reminder of "Orchard Pear," without the dryness. It was actually intended for the autumn, rather than summer according to the American premium candle company.

                  Yankee Candle claims that this is a fragrance, which is supposed to conjure up "the perfect autumn day," and has "aromatic strokes of brisk air, spicy woods and warm musk." Despite the claim, this is a very ultra smooth candle to consider, much unlike a lot of their other scented fragrances, which have a tendency to explode the moment they are melted down. However new, the prices are exactly the same as other new Yankee Candle wax tarts, but due to their release are in short supply and not all formats are as yet available.

                  Prices are therefore cheap when considering the single wax tart at £1-05 minimum and on average, lasts the duration of 8 hours before the fragrance dies out. The next step up is the votive candle that has a wick and often needs the use of a holder because it will melt down into a blob and can't hold its shape. Priced on average between £1-75 to £1-80, votives nearly have double the amount of burn time at 15 to 16 hours. However, the wax tart needs the use of a hot oil/potpourri burner and a tealight candle - unless you are lucky enough to own an electric burner. The additional costs of tealight candle purchase means you have to weigh up the pros and cons of tarts versus votives before the next step of considering the more expensive "housewarmer" glass jars in small, medium and large sizes - but the wax tarts are always stronger than the votives. The "Housewarmer" jars offer the strongest amount of scent and obviously by their sizing, last a lot longer when burnt continuously. HOWEVER! Yankee Candle Housewarmer Jars are prone to producing black smoke when the candle is left burning for more than 2 hours and the company do point this out that it can occur.

                  Another point that I wish to add is that the 2 wick tumblers look lovely - the single smaller and cheaper priced tumbler usually has 1 wick which gives off a nice level of fragrance - the larger tumblers have 2 wicks - but in terms of strength, they are in no way a good alternative to the more expensive "Housewarmer" medium and large jars - for some reason, Yankee Candle seem to boost the latter styles far more frequently - and with good reason. Tumblers are there to look good, but they seldom put out more scent compared to the narrower storage jars.

                  The first tone that comes off the wax tart is the undeniable mix of a previous masculine cologne based scent called "Amber Glow," but without the creaminess of the toffee like vanilla added to help it grow. Within the mix of Amber Glow, there are hints here and there of sandalwood and heart warming cedar but the cedar additive often rules out the sandalwood after a couple of hours. The middle tone has reminders of "Orchard Pear," yet another scent by Yankee Candle but lacks the associated dryness and brightness that the latter fruity candle enjoys. It is more evident through the way the candle initially burns that the pear can be detected, since it seems to be far stronger than the first. It is however the base tone of "Nature's Paintbrush" that wows me as there are mixes here and there of rose and dark musk - a similar reminder to a candle I've loathed for being too strong (unless you buy the tealights) called "Midsummer Night," that reminds me strongly of the aftershave, "Old Spice," and a scent that I have always despised.

                  "Nature's Paintbrush," is a very relaxing scent that pervades one or two rooms very well, if left to burn for a couple of hours, but it doesn't take long for the rest of the scent to die out all too soon though. Yes, it seems to peter out after 8 hours of its burn statistic has run by, with the only advantage that the next time it is used, I get the fairly light spread of the mixed oils without the pear as the scented oils eventually evaporate from the rest of the tart. Unbelievably though, I don't feel this is a downside, because the cedar and the musk continues to come through fairly strongly and after four days on the original wax tart when left to burn for a couple of hours, I found the wax tart could last for 12 hours before finally dying off! Largely then, in wax tart form, despite the 8 hour statistic of full "power," "Nature's Paintbrush" can last up to 4 to 5 days without dying off - not exactly the best against other scents that Yankee Candle produce - but it has to be said, following a lot of my experiences of newer fragrances, Yankee Candle seems to have watered down a few of the newest wax tart scents possibly in order to make more money off the back of the buyer - it wouldn't be the first time!

                  In use however, what I like about the scent is that does conjure up a cloud of an autumn day, painting the picture well of a sky of honey, of romantic or fairly relaxing situations and a lovely cosy feeling that doesn't sit too far away from the far more powerful "Amber Glow," but without appearing too masculine. Infact, this is a candle that could easily be burnt through food consumption much unlike Amber Glow and other overly sweetened scented wax fragrances. It plays the cedar card very well and is a match for the ultra smooth rewarding factor that makes "Midnight Jasmine" very successful but thanks to the fruity content, doesn't induce coughs or sneezes.

                  "Nature's Paintbrush," is also fantastic at masking odours. Tobacco smoke, strongly scented food, wet dog smells - the lists of strongly negative odorous substances are no match for this candle - and there are heavy hints of Air Wick's famous tobacco air freshener spray in this candle when I come to think about it - which wouldn't be surprising given that AirWick are now producing copied fragrance sprays from Yankee Candle, claiming that they contain natural additives, when surprise surprise, Yankee Candle have been doing this since as early as 2005!

                  When purchased in wax tart form, you'll need an additional burner to use, preferably one with a deep concave so that all the wax tart can be used, otherwise it will have to be cut in two and only one half slice used to avoid hot oil steaming over in the scent release process. A tealight candle will have to be used to get the solid wax melting into hot oil. Even with this novel way of using hot wax, you have to maintain safety and logic at all times - and you may find that the oil burner gets hot on the base as well as the top making it unsuitable to be moved around and to avoid surfaces being burnt, always use a heat proof coaster to keep the burner balanced and heat insulated.

                  Removing the candle is easy though - once the hot oil burner has cooled down, take out the tealight candle and insert the whole burner into a freezer for a minimum of 15 minutes or 30 minutes in a fridge. Afterwards tip the burner over and with a slight tap to the top, the wax tart should fall out easily. This is a much better procedure than pouring hot oil down a drain since it can block drains, or into a kitchen towel which can burn through and spoil work surfaces etc. Always sniff the base of the candle though when it falls out - if you can still smell scent - then the candle still has life in it to burn the next time around when you choose to burn the candle.

                  Prices and formats are given on average before 25% discounts if the scent is "season of the month," and usually the discounts are only available at local shops like Clinton Cards, Debenhams and House of Frasers, although it is always best to check with the seller concerned - I tend to shop for my candles locally or source online for the best prices:

                  Wax Tart (22 grams, 8 hour duration, 90p/£1.05 each.)
                  Votive candle (1.75 oz 15 hour duration, average price £1-75 to £2)
                  Small housewarmer jar candle (7 oz 25-40 hours duration, £5-99 to £7-99)
                  Medium housewarmer jar candle (14.05oz 60-75 hours duration, £13-99)
                  Medium 2 wick tumbler (12.5 oz 45-50 hours duration, £12-99)
                  Large housewarmer jar candle (22 oz 100-150 hours duration, £17-99)
                  Large 2 wick tumbler (22.7 oz 70-90 hours duration, £16-99)
                  Lidded glass tumbler (7oz 35-45 hours duration, £8-99)
                  Car tab housewarmer jar cardboard freshener (6-8 weeks duration, £1-99)
                  Tea light scented candles (240 grams, 4-6 hours per candle, 12 in a box £5-99)

                  Good sellers online:


                  It is without doubt that I'm going to purchase this scented wax tart again. Although it runs out of the fruity pear too soon, the warming cedar and musk combination added with the longevity value makes a big difference to the single-spiced and combination apple-cinnamon spiced candles I love to burn as well as masking odours and being a genuinely wonderful fragrance that builds into a most relaxing environment. It also makes a surprising change to the lemon based candle fragrances that Yankee Candle upon recently seem to have run away with and softens the blow as one of my favourite scents of the year "Farmer's Market," another Autumn like candle scent, retires.
                  Once again, the quality of this product is unique and trusting, summing up a lot of Yankee Candle's promises, whilst the claims are also true of what this scented candle product is supposed to evoke, even if the name of the scent is rather far fetched and hard to describe! Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2011.


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                    28.07.2011 13:15
                    Very helpful



                    A nice tart

                    ==Yankee Candle Natures Paintbrush Wax Tart==

                    This Natures Paintbrush Tart is not one I have seen before my most recent visit to my local shop and I couldn't help but pick it up to give it a try out seeing as I was yet to do so. I really keep meaning to start using up a lot of the half used tarts that I already have in my collection but I just can't help myself keep buying them to give the new scents a try. But I promise not to buy any more as from now (I think).

                    ==Price and Availability==

                    At my local shop where I do most of my Yankee Candle purchases sell their tarts at a very reasonable price of 90 pence each but the tarts have a RRP of £1.10p and the price will depend on where you buy it from so it is worth finding a good stockist who sells them cheap and stick with buying from them.

                    As I say I hadn't seen this particular tart anywhere else before the day I bought it but having had a look online I can see that this is probably because it is one of the newer scents that Yankee released out onto the market at the beginning of July this year. It is however widely available from sites on the web so if your local stockist doesn't have it it really shouldn't be too hard to find.

                    ==Look and Design==

                    To be really honest the overall look of the tart really didn't appeal to me very much and even the photo on the front didn't really scream out "buy me" like they usually do. I really don't know why I bought it other than the fact I was yet to try it out as the reddy brown colouring that the tart has is not my usual choice when it comes to buying these little flower shaped wax discs.

                    On closer inspection though the photo on the front does look quite nice if not a little autumn like in appearance. The photo shows a field with a large tree to the side with the colours of the leaves turning a lovely shade of red (obviously photo shoped and not a real photo). In the distance of the photo there is a dark thunderous looking sky above some mountains and it gives over the impression that this is a tart designed for those autumn days where staying inside is probably the best option.

                    ==General Use==

                    This tart is used like any other in the fact that it needs to be placed in the dish of an oil burner and left to melt via the tea light positioned inside the burner. When using the entire tart it can take a while for all the wax to melt down and I usually opt for using only a small slice of the tart so that it melts quicker and I can use the bit I have cut off quicker and change scents if I so wish. There are of course other ways in which you could buy this scent like a small wicked candle or a larger candle in a jar but these are all a little expensive for me especially when I am just trying out all the scents to find my perfect one (if I ever will).

                    The scent was actually fairly noticeable through the packaging of the tart before I even unwrapped it which I find is always a good sign and this will often mean that the scents of the tart are nice and strong which is always how I like my Yankee Candles to be so that they can fill the entire house with the aroma that they carry. This scent seemed to be a lot muskier than my usual favourites and I wasn't entirely sure if I was going to like it or not.

                    Once the tart had begun to melt down and all the essential oils that are encased in the wax started to be released this heady musky scent that I smelt before opening the cellophane was released ten fold and I must say that I did really like it.

                    They smell was certainly reminiscent of an autumn day and all the scents that carries with it and there was a slight warming feeling to the aroma which I did like and seemed to make my flat feel very welcoming. The slightly spicy feel that the scents have are strangely not something I would usually like but it seems the mix of these spices and musk's work together and create a slight strong and more manly smell that the tarts I pick up.

                    There were fruitier lighter notes at the beginning of burning and these did seem to disappear really rather quickly but seeing as I only use a small amount of the tart on each use with the next slither I used I was able to get these lighter fresher scents once again. I am not sure if I had used the whole of the tart if these key notes would have stayed around for very long but seeing as I quite like the base notes of musky amber scents I can't say I mind that much.

                    These strong and deeper scents seem to give the tart and the aromas from it a lot more body and staying power and I must say that having burned the tart in the morning for a short period then gone out all day I was still very much able to smell the tart in each and every room and it was the first thing I noticed when I opened my front door which was really nice and made me feel like I was really coming in to a home rather than the house. That said I do only live in a flat and I am not sure whether this tart would still have the same strength of filling up an entire house but for me this tart worked well in the space I needed it to.

                    ==My Overall Opinion==

                    I have to say I was slightly surprised to like this tart. I can't say I like the look of it or the photo on the front and the initial idea that it would be woody and musky was not an entirely appealing thought. That said when it came to it I really did like the warm manly scents that the tart gave out and it did make a nice change from a lot of the fresher and sweeter tarts I tend to opt for. It perhaps wasn't as strong as other tarts I have had but because of the scents that it gives out I don't think I would have liked it to be that much stronger for fear of it becoming too "thick" in the air.

                    On the whole, would I buy this tart again? I think I probably would but perhaps once it gets into the actual season of autumn because I am all for fresh and fruity summer scents at the moment seeing as it is meant to be summer! I don't think that this deeper woody scent of the tart would be to everyone's liking but for me it did make a nice change and I was fairly pleased with it.

                    I think a score of 4 out of 5 stars for this tart is well deserved. I would recommend it to all who like a bit of a spicy woody scent and for those that don't I still think it might be worth giving it a try as like me you may well be swayed!

                    I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you.

                    Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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