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Yankee Candle November Rain Wax Tart

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Brand: Yankee Candle / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    2 Reviews
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      23.01.2014 18:08
      Very helpful



      One for fans of woody, musky fragrances.

      A few weeks before Christmas I purchased this November Rain wax tart from Yankee Candles. I really liked it and so when I spotted a great offer on the Yankee Candle website just before Christmas, which included the large glass jar candles, I decided I would purchase the November Rain large jar candle to use over the festive period and beyond too.

      November Rain is described as "A quiet interlude of the season is reflected in this airy, refreshing mix of watery leaf notes, warm amber and crisp, brisk air."
      Now I love this type of fragrance as woody, musky scents really appeal to me and as I held the November Rain wax tart up to my nose before using it, I thought it was really nice. I could detect a woody amber scent immediately and looked forward to melting it in my burner.
      The wax is a lovely deep blue shade and the label depicts an autumn evening scene.

      As I began melting the wax tart in my burner, it wasn't long before the warm amber notes began to appear and as the fragrance deepened, the room slowly filled with a gorgeous woody fragrance.
      My wax tart offered great longevity too, exceeding the 8 hours of fragrance you can expect from a wax tart. Indeed I achieved around 11 hours of fragrance before the scent began to fade and so I was very happy with its performance.
      November Rain isn't the strongest Yankee fragrance I have tried, but it is enough to provide your home with a continous subtle fragrance whilst in use.

      The great thing about these wax tarts is that priced at around £1.00 - £1.35 each, they offer an ideal and inexpensive way to try the various Yankee fragrances and see if you like them before going on to buy the more expensive glass jars and tumblers. I also use my wax tarts as fragrant drawer scenters (whilst still in the wrapping) until I come to use them.
      I am quite happy to buy wax tarts all year round and rarely bother with buying the glass jars, but an offer on the Yankee webiste (www.yankeecandle.co.uk) just before Christmas was too good to pass up on and I ordered a couple of large glass jars, one of them being November Rain.

      I was just as happy with the performance of my large glass jar candle, as I was my wax tart. I first lit it on Christmas Day and have used it most days for varying periods of time and it is still in use now after nearly a month. Indeed Yankee state you can expect 110 to 150 hours of true fragrance from a large jar candle and I think I am now nearer to the 150 hours and there is still some wax left in my jar. The fragrance has not faded at all with continued use and the wax has burned evenly down the jar, leaving no well in the middle as you often get with cheaper candles.

      When the tealight is extinguished under my wax tart in the burner, or when I have extinguished the wick on my jar candle, I find the November Rain fragrance hangs in the air for a while too.

      November Rain is available in Large, Medium and Small glass jar format as well as wax tarts, votive samplers and tealights. It is always worth shopping around before buying Yankee products as sales and offers are often to be found on various online websites which stock Yankee Candles as well as in stores such as Clintons Cards and department stores.
      For example the usual price of a large jar candle is £19.99 but you can currently buy November Rain large jar candle at a reduced price of £14.99 from www.yankeecandle.co.uk. There are also reductions on all the other jars and formats too and the wax tart is reduced to just 93p.

      I am happy to recommend November Rain. It has quickly became one of my favourites and I will definitely be purchasing this one again.


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        21.07.2013 20:42
        Very helpful



        a lovely unique scent from Yankee Candle

        ~November Rain~

        November Rain is a new addition to Yankee Candles extensive range. At present, it is available in a number of formats including housewarmer jars, votive samplers, tealights and wax tarts.

        I will be reviewing the November Rain wax tart. For those who haven't experienced the delights of wax tarts before, let me give a brief description of what a wax tart actually is. It is a disc of solid wax which is packed full of natural oils. The tart should be melted in an appropriate tart burner and can be re-used. As the tart burner heats up, the tart will melt and the fragrance will be released into the air. Each tart is said to offer around 8 hours of scent.

        The November Rain wax tart is a gorgeous blue colour and is neatly packaged within a clear wrapper. The wrapper features a label which illustrates tall trees and rain. Yankee Candle describe November rain as 'a quiet interlude of the season is reflected in this airy, refreshing mix of watery leaf notes, warm amber and crisp, brisk air'. - www.yankeescents4u.com.

        ~Where To Buy~

        November Rain wax tart can be purchased from your local Yankee Candle stockist or shop and also online. Current stockists include Amazon UK (£1.99) and www.yankeescents4.com (£1.15).

        ~My Thoughts~

        Whilst browsing the Yankee Candle section of a local store, I came across a number of new wax tarts that I hadn't tried and ended up buying a few. I am usually quick to buy the new seasonal released tarts but have been a little slow this year as I haven't been able to try all of the Summer tarts but couldn't resist buying the Autumn releases! November Rain appealed to me from the moment I caught sight of it and my fiancé was pleased to see this when I returned home too. Our song is November Rain by Guns 'N' Roses so the name was very fitting!

        I paid £1.25 for my wax tart which I feel is a fair price. Despite the rather hot weather we are experiencing just now, I was happy to melt this wax tart through the day. A quick whiff of the solid wax confirms that this isn't the most feminine of wax tarts. There is no hearts and flowers here and it is most definitely one that would appeal to men too. My fiancé thinks the solid wax smells of shower gel aimed at men and most specifically, Radox for men. I quite like masculine scents around the home (I spray Lynx often) as I find them to be quite comforting so I had an incline that I would like this one.

        I popped it in to my tart burner and within 20 minutes of lighting the first tealight, the tart had melted into a pool of deep blue/green liquid. This fragrance took very little time to lift in to the air and filter around our flat. The strength of November Rain is quite powerful and may be a little heavy in smaller rooms but I chose to melt it in my living room with the doors open and found that the scent filtered out in to the hallway, kitchen and was even detectable in the bedrooms.

        The main fragrance lingered in my living room and was strangely appealing and quite unique when compared to other Yankee fragrances. This tart offered a very crisp and refreshing aroma. I found that the air in our flat smelled very clean and really cool which was very much appreciated given how hot it actually was. The fragrance eliminated any other homely odours and replaced them with a bright and invigorating aroma. I would say that the Radox aroma was spot on - air cleansing with a hint of essential oil aroma about it. It doesn't have the same intensity as an aftershave (like Midsummers Night) but it is really pleasant to experience. I did notice the scent changing sometimes to reveal a delicate warmth which I feel is offered by the amber. At other times, I could detect a sort of minty freshness. The fragrance doesn't become boring or samey which I liked and it smells really natural.


        I do really like the fragrance offered by November Rain. Whilst the fragrance lingered, my views on it danced between to scenarios - both of which are positive for me personally. At times, the refreshing 'Radox' type aroma made me think of how lovely my bathroom smells after my fiancé has been showering but at other times, my head reminded me of going out a walk in the woods in the Autumn when the air is still quite hot but there has been an intense rain shower - just lovely!

        I melted this wax tart over the course of a few days and found that I received around 10 hours of invigorating scent before it started to fade quite quickly. I found it best to melt this one during the day as it was a little too cold feeling for the evening. I was pleased that the scent lingered in the air after each tealight had gone out and would buy this one again for a change from my usual sweet or fruity tart options.

        Thanks for reading :)


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