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Yankee Candle Oatmeal Cookie Jar

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Brand: Yankee Candle / Type: Scented Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      18.11.2012 18:35
      Very helpful



      a gorgeous, home baking sort of scent

      Please note dooyoo will only add one suggestion of each Yankee fragrance as opposed to all the different formats. I am reviewing the wax tart in this fragrance.

      Yankee Candle specialise in offer a huge range of scented candle and home fragrance products. Yankee Candles are presented in various formats including house warmer candle jars, votive samplers, tea lights and wax tarts.

      ~Oatmeal Cookie~

      This review discusses my use of the Oatmeal Cookie wax tart. For those unfamiliar with Yankee products, a wax tart is a disc of scented wax which can be melted (whole or split) in a tart burner. The idea is to light a tea light underneath the burner and allow the flame to melt the tart. Your chosen Yankee scent will become noticeable. Each tart is said to offer 8 hours of scent.

      The Oatmeal Cookie tart is a creamy brown colour and is shrink wrapped. The image label on this tart shows a display of freshly baked cookies..yum! This is a USA exclusive scent. Yankee describe Oatmeal Cookie as..

      'Warm and fresh from the oven. Just like Mom used to make'

      ~Price and Availability~

      To appreciate Oatmeal Cookie in wax tart format, head to eBay UK where it can be purchased for £1.50. The large house warmer jar is a more 'available' option within the UK. This can be bought from Amazon, eBay UK or www.yankeescents4uk.com priced at £18.99. The tart is also available from the latter website for £1.75.

      ~My Thoughts~

      Oatmeal Cookie is a tart that I bought during a Yankee splurge on eBay. I love my home to smell lovely and welcoming so spend a small fortune on keeping my Yankee box full of gorgeous smelling tarts. My Yankee box is explored at least twice during the average day and I often searched for something to suit my mood at the time. Oatmeal Cookie appealed to me as I love the smell of home baking but without the messy dishes and calories! I love cookies as well!

      This tart looks the part and melts to form a brown liquid. As a solid tart, it has a stunning smell - sweet and warming. This is the perfect scent to burn when expecting guests - a scent that fools visitors into thinking those Asda cookies that you have heat up are freshly baked by yourself. It is a lovely, comforting and cosy scent which never fails to warm ones heart as it envelopes itself around my home. Oatmeal Cookie is a very rich, powerful scent which filters around my living room, kitchen and can be detected in a lighter form in my hall way.

      Within 10 minutes of lighting my tea light, an incredibly rich and satisfying aroma begins to fill the air. Any homely smells are replaced with a delicious, fresh baked aroma which is heavenly sweet and almost addictive. I am so used to baking aromas which are vanilla based but this one is different but still as appealing. Oatmeal Cookie does have the typical, home baked smell with a delicious level of sweetness.

      The oatmeal scent is what sets it apart from the likes of 'Christmas Cookies' and 'Santa's Cookies'. It is very comforting, homely and whilst pleasantly sweet, is more natural with an oaty, wheat like smell and a sort of buttery undertone. It isn't as sickly sweet as some cookie and baking scents but does seem to have a brown sugar sort of edge to it which gives the delicate, warm sweetness. There is very subtle, sprinkle of spice to this scent which gives a little depth.

      Oatmeal Cookie isn't an overpowering scent but it is noticeable and is a very smooth scent which hangs in the air. Once the tea light is blown out, the oaty smell remains in the air for 30 minutes or so.


      With a complete scent time of around 10 hours, I was very satisfied with the quality and scent of this wax tart. Oatmeal Cookie is a delicious scent which wouldn't be out of place by burning in a little cottage. It is a relaxing scent which is perfect for warming up the house on a cold Winters day. Overall I am very pleased with its performance and would recommend buying a tart to try out. It is a pleasant change to the usual foody scents.

      Thanks for reading x

      I originally posted this review to ciao in January 2012. It has been updated slightly for dooyoo.


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