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Yankee Candle Orange Dreamsicle

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3 Reviews

Brand: Yankee Candle / Type: Scented Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    3 Reviews
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      25.02.2012 21:03
      Very helpful



      Would purchase again if on offer.

      I really do love scented candles, so I was pleased to see this was on special offer at Clinton cards (If you spend over £5, you got any selected Yankee candles for £3.99).
      I purchased this candle because I have never seen one quite like it, it is also a lovely pastel colour, which wouldn't look out of place in any room. The candle is medium sized and comes in a glass pot, with a sealed lid, to keep it fresh, and presumably to keep the lovely fragrance in. The label on the front has the standard Yankee Candle writing, and a picture of two very yummy looking ice-lollies, on a background of blue sky (Orange Popsicle dreams- Orange dreamsicle).
      The candle has a very nice smell to it, and although you can sense the citrus side of the candle, it is not too strong. From person opinion, it also smells a bit vanilla like, which lightens the orange quite a lot.
      There is one downside I have to all Yankee candles, and that is that, unless you use a gas lighter (One you would use to light your gas stove with), they are very hard to light. The glass pots have quite a deep neck, therefore you have to tilt the candle whilst lighting, consequently almost burning your fingers, and creating a very ugly black soot across the top of your candle, and on the neck of the glass.
      However, imagining you do light it with a gas stove lighter, they smell very nice. The fragrance with this one is not too strong, maybe perhaps a little bit on the weak side, but still, I am satisfied with the candle. This is not my favourite off the range, but, it is nice for those who are not into strongly smelling candles, and if it was on offer, I probably would purchase again.


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        21.02.2012 14:01
        Very helpful



        childhood memories in a jar

        Yankee Candle - an American company offering scented goodies for the home.

        *Orange Dreamsicle*

        Orange Dreamsicle is a USA exclusive scent from Yankee Candle which seems to be popping up in stores within the UK. If you are lucky, you may be able to pick up a wax tart or sampler, but there are a few different sized candle jars available.

        The small candle jar weighs in at 3.7oz (104g) and has an average burning time of 25 - 40hours. The jar is clear glass with a wide neck and features a rounded lid which clicks into the jar to keep the scent fresh. The wax is moulded inside the jar. The wax is infused with natural, scent extracts which are released into the air as the wax melts around the wick.

        It is recommended that you burn a candle for a few hours at a time and keep the wick trimmer. Care should be taken to ensure this candle is kept away from flammable objects, children and pets.
        The scent of Orange Dreamsicle is infused into an orange coloured wax. The label on the jar shows a blue sky and some orange and white ice lollies. Orange Dreamsicle falls into the "food and spice" scent range from Yankee Candle. The official Yankee description..

        "a cool blend of orange and vanilla ice cream"


        Current stockists within the UK :

        www.yankeescents4u.com - £8.99 (£24.99 for the large jar)
        www.perfectpartyonline.co.uk - £7.99

        The sampler votive is available from eBay priced at £1.55 and the wax tart is priced at £1.99.

        *My Thoughts*

        I have been after this particular Yankee scent since reading a review on here. Around 2 weeks ago, my sister phoned and said she had bought an Orange Dreamsicle small jar from a large Clintons store. I thought I had misheard but she explained they had it on offer - spend a fiver and get it half price! I was gutted as my local Clintons do not have this scent. I think she could sense my disappointment as shortly afterwards, she gave me her unused jar as a gift. I love my sister!

        If you have read my previous reviews, you will be aware of my love for Yankee Candle products and moreso the wax tarts. I have used a few jars but they are so pretty, I almost feel guilty burning them. Orange Dreamsicle looks very fresh and pretty indeed. It smells very sweet and almost powdery when in a solid state.
        The jar is of a high quality and can be reused providing you don't end up with smoke marks around the neck. I do find that the smaller jars do not release as much scent as the larger jars but the smaller jars are more in my price range! Trimming the wick is quite difficult in the small jars though.

        *Ice Cream Candle!*

        Orange Dreamsicle is a day time scent. I couldn't imagine burning something as brightly scented at night time. Once the trimmed wick has been lit, the wax starts to melt around it and cover the surface of the wax. The wax melts fairly evenly so there isn't any wastage. I place my small jar in my alcove and the jar does get a little warm to the touch whilst lit.

        The scent of Orange Dreamsicle (in jar form) is very bright and refreshing. It won't be to the taste of everyone but does evoke childhood memories within me and I adore candles which have the ability to do this with just one sniff. I wouldn't say this is a really strong scent. It can fill my living room or kitchen with a vibrant, full flavoured aroma but falls short of filling the rest of my flat. It does conceal cooking scents.
        Orange Dreamsicle is a full of flavour scent and is very natural in my opinion. Within 15minutes of lighting the wick, my living room is filled with a creamy ice cream aroma - very rich and smooth with a sweet vanilla scent. The sweet aroma is lifted and mingles with a delicious dose of orange flavouring.

        The scent comes across as being citrussy and refreshing for a short while before the creaminess reclaims the commanding scent and stops the orange from becoming too sharp. The sweetness of this scent is absolutely delicious but only in small doses as it becomes a little sickly after 2hours or so.

        Yankee have reallt captured the aroma of those orange ice lollies filled with smooth, vanilla ice cream. It is quite a mouth watering scent which never fails to raise a smile within me as I fondly remember trips to the beach and visiting the ice cream van for a treat! Very indulgent and almost juicy sweet. The overall aroma brightens up any room so ideal for refreshing on a Summers day whilst doing the housework or simply when you want to perk up a cold Winters day!


        After burning this candle for 3hours each time, the scent hangs in the air for an hour or so after the candle has been blown out. I kept the lid on between burning and I would say I've had around 28hours of gorgeous scent from my jar and there is still around 1/5 left to be burned. Not bad for a freebie and not bad at the £8.00 mark either in my opinion.

        Overall I can highly recommend Orange Dreamsicle and am so glad I was introduced to this scent thanks to a reviewer! Well worth looking out for and I really do hope the introduce it to more stores in the UK.

        Thanks for reading x

        *originally posted on ciao Jan 2012*


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          19.12.2011 19:22
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A lovely sweet scent and quality candle.

          Whenever I visit my local outlet centre, I always look forward to rummaging through the half-price Yankee Candles. I love having a variety of different candles to scent my home with, and Yankee are my favourite brand. Although they are great quality, they are also a little expensive, so I look forward to picking up a couple of small jars at a discount.
          As soon as I smelled Orange Dreamsicle, I knew I had to have it! As the illustration on the jar shows, a dreamsicle is, apparently, an ice cream. I always thought they were called creamsicles, so maybe there is some copyright thing going on! Anyway, if you've never eaten frozen treats in America, a creamsicle is pretty much just a ice cream split lolly, eg a fruit-flavoured ice lolly with creamy vanilla ice cream inside.

          This candle smells exactly like that! It is orangey without being overpoweringly citrus, which can often hint of cleaning products, and you can smell the sweetness and just a tiny hint of vanilla. It's quite a refreshing, summery scent and not overly powerful. I find that some fruit scents can give me a bit of a headache if they're too strong, but this is just right.
          The candle itself is a light yellow-orange and along with the graphic on the front, and of course the scent, is quite summer-themed, although I am enjoying it perfectly fine on these chilly days we're having! It's worth noting that scents like this are often found at outlets during the winter months, so it's a good time to stock up while they're not so in-demand.

          Yankee's scents come in several formats, including room sprays and car air fresheners etc, but their main attraction is, of course, the humble candle. The most common of these, which are available in pretty much all of Yankees vast scent collection, are housewarmer jars in small, medium or large. They are quite attractive jars with a lid, which keeps the scent in. This both stops the candle from losing its scent, and stops the room from smelling like it when you don't want it to, so I much prefer lidded candles.
          All Yankee Candles burn very evenly, and this one is no different. I find with a lot of cheaper candles that the wax tends to tunnel and burn down the middle, leaving a lot of leftover wax and therefore wasting money and reducing the burn time. Yankee's formula is quite unique in that the entire upper layer of the candle melts very quickly, so that it all sets evenly once you put out the flame. The wicks are also of good quality and don't tend to "mushroom" like some cheaper brands which constantly need trimming.

          I generally go for small housewarmer jars they are the cheapest, and it allows me to try out more different scents. The recommended retail price of small jars is £7.99 and these burn for 25-40 hours according to the label. I would say that they definitely last towards the 40 hour mark, as my all-time favourite (Clean Cotton) lasted me around a year of heavy use before I had to replace it. Medium jars retail at £15.99 and large at about £18-22. These really ARE big and I think would be a real challenge to ever use up! Yankee Candles are very easy to find for a discount on several websites, although I have found none as good as Hallmark Outlet stores where they are generally half price, although of course there isn't as huge a scent range. Otherwise they can be found at Clinton Cards, department stores, and gift-type shops. As the small jars last such a long time, and I get so much enjoyment from this quality product, I wouldn't mind paying full price for a small jar if I found a scent I loved and couldn't find it any cheaper.
          Whilst doing some price comparison for this review, I did notice that I couldn't find this particular scent on any UK sites. I bought mine last week at Hallmark Outlet, and have also seen it in a specialist candle shop in my city, so it's definitely out there, and I daresay would be on eBay, although with scents it's probably always best to try before you buy!


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