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Yankee Candle Peppermint Cocoa Wax Tart

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Brand: Yankee Candle / Type: Scented Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      31.03.2012 19:29
      Very helpful



      a yummy mug of warm cocoa for your home

      Yankee Candle specialise in scented products for the home. The mainly offer candle type products which are presented in candle jar, votive, tea light or wax tart format.

      *Peppermint Cocoa*

      A wax tart is a disc of scented wax which should be melted in a tart burner. An unscented tea light should be lit underneath and as the wax melts, your chosen Yankee scent will be released into the air. Each wax tart should have at least 8 hours of scent.

      Peppermint Cocoa is a USA exclusive scent but can be purchased within the UK. The tart itself is light brown in colour and shrink wrapped. An image label on the front shows mugs off hot chocolate. Yankee describe Peppermint Cocoa as..

      'The irresistible aroma of rich, steaming hot cocoa with a peppermint twist'

      *Price and Availability*

      Peppermint Cocoa can be purchased from..

      www.yankeescents4.com - £1.65 (tart)
      ebay UK - £1.45 (tart)

      *My Thoughts*

      Peppermint Cocoa is another tart I bought on a recent Yankee splurge on eBay! I was attracted to this one by the name of it alone and was hoping for a sweet and minty treat! The tart is presented well and fits neatly into my burner. As you all know, I burn tarts daily and have specific scents for different times of the day, seasons and the scent I choose is also down to what type of mood I am in!

      Whilst this tart was still wrapped, the cocoa was the prominent scent. As I unwrapped, the peppermint became more noticeable and I was unsure which scent would come through strongest when the tart was melted. Peppermint Cocoa melted into a deep, dark pool of wax when was highly scented. The scent could be detected throughout my home but in various concentrations. It took very little time to become noticeable.

      *Marshmallows and Cream?*

      Peppermint Cocoa won't appeal to everyone - if you like sweet scents like I do, then you may well love this scent. Once the wax is fully melted, a powerful peppermint aroma fills the air. It isn't minty fresh though does provide a delightfully airy feel and a sweet and minty aroma to my home. It is quite refreshing though certainly not what I would consider a 'cold' scent. The sweetness of the peppermint is very delicate and seeps around our flat.

      The cocoa aroma is most noticeable in my living room (where I burn my tarts). The first time I melted the tart, the cocoa was quite bitter and resembled that of rich, dark chocolate. As time went on, the scent changed to a creamy yet still quite a rich chocolate scent. The combination of the cocoa and peppermint was highly appealing and neither overpowered - they seemed to blend together well to create a smooth, sweet scent which had was neither too bitter or too minty.

      At the peak of the scent, I witnessed an aroma which reminded my of After Eight chocolates. I don't like the taste of After Eights but do like the rich smell. This particular scent holds fond memories for my fiance as his late Gran adored After Eights and her kitchen always smelled of them! Peppermint Cocoa is a very realistic scent and it does resemble a mug of rich hot chocolate with a few drops of peppermint oil thrown in to even out the flavour. It is a comforting, homely scent but one to be appreciated whilst relaxing at night rather than one to melt when you have guests due.

      *A Winter Warmer?*

      I would happily buy this tart again. It is deliciously sweet and really warms up my living room. One thing I did notice though is that after 2 hours or so of burning a tea light, the scent started to lose its intensity. I would say this one benefits from being burned for a short while at a time, allowed to turn solid then burned again and I seemed to get more than the recommended 8 hours by doing it this way.

      A lovely, rich scent which is well worth paying that little bit extra for. Also a perfect excuse to make yourself a mug of hot chocolate - all in the spirit of the scent of course..

      Thanks for reading x


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