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Yankee Candle Pumpkin Patch

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Brand: Yankee Candle / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      30.10.2010 14:58
      Very helpful



      A Halloween special edition candle that's worth looking out for!

      The witching hour is near and the costumes are ready. The kids have their carry bags and the sweet trays are out. In America of course, the land of plenty where the advent of Halloween encourages home owners to spend most of their hard earned wages on another excuse to party, or to make home made treats full of pumpkins and apples seems to be a bitter suite ménage of candy filled homes to the utterly healthy. Are Americans over the top? Sometimes and Halloween is a particular event that the Americans do rather well, in my experience. The UK doesn't really hype up Halloween as the Americans do sadly, even though supermarkets like ASDA have done a superb array of Halloween accessories this year including costumes and accessories that aren't too expensive to buy!

      What better way than to have a Halloween candle burning all the while to dress up the scent of Halloween in your home? Maybe not the choice if you're not into Halloween and shut out all the lights so that your home looks desolate to the creeping tiny footsteps of children decked out in funny costumes and tales of jokes and excitement. I do things differently at Halloween though and last year had a successful fun candle that didn't put me off buying the same one again, this year - Yankee Candle Pumpkin Patch.

      Yankee Candle at Halloween in the UK are limited to several Halloween scents but they don't really sell that well in terms of the scents on offer other than perhaps their famous "Candy Corn," which is like the American sweet (too sweet for me) and Pumpkin Patch - the original candle that was dark orange brown in colour and had three smiling pumpkins on its black and yellow label sticker on the jar. Costing the same average prices of standard YC products, approximately £14 for the 14.05 oz medium house warmer jar, £17 on average for the 17.05 oz large jar and wax filled tarts between 90p to £1-20 (with accompanying tea light candles and votive samplers), there's quite a range you can buy into without feeling the need to over spend. This is probably one reason alone to why Yankee Candle UK don't sell America's range of "Afterlife," but rather just offer "Candy Corn," "Witches Brew," and "Pumpkin Patch," as three of its best sellers. I've tried all three and out of them, Pumpkin Patch is by far the strongest on scent that gets the kids' tums rumbling due to its spicy and cinnamon tainted scent. Also, dependent on the seller you may just get some of these scents on discount as an offer. I got my medium candle on discount at £12-07 for example at the local shop I usually buy my candles from and I know that after the event, the candles will be completely cut down in price.

      Encased in a medium house warmer jar, the effect of the old country style jar is perfectly matched for the event. Upon appearance it looks like a medicinal bottle or a witches ingredient bottle (as some of the guisers told me last year) with or without the additional shade added. Such is the joy that the old-fashioned country cookie jar seems to appeal to young eyes! Last year I dressed mine up with my black metal shade and put little characters around the glass that made some of the kids a bit more intrigued by the haunting deep orange candle that lit up my hall way! New for 2010 however is a 3D sticker label that goes from smiling pumpkins to a picture moving image of a patch of pumpkins on a black spooky churchyard background. Clearly YC have a sense of humour here, which makes this candle extra special not just by its limited edition run, but by the total design element. I'd have liked to have a similar sticker on the top of the candle jar's lid but perhaps next year YC will do this!

      The scent however is absolutely mouth watering - if you love the smell of baked pumpkin pie laced with cinnamon. There are however quite a few scents going on with this candle because YC have combined two scents in one - their Harvest candle (a seasonal scent that appeared a few years ago in the UK) and Pumpkin Pie alone. Once the candle is lit, I get the first tones of cinnamon coming through, then yeasty like smells of a pumpkin pie that's just been brought out the oven, and the secondary tone of deep musk and cloves. The base level of red apples is also very apparent and makes a slightly distinctive spicy yet refreshing scent on the apple content alone. Even the mere thought of how I'm trying to relate how this candle smells to you, is making me hungry! There is also however the tinniest bit of vanilla in this scent but it's quite similar to French Vanilla, being ever so creamy and sweet but it isn't detectable until much later when the candle has burned after an hour.

      Like Home Sweet Home, Mountain Lodge and other cinnamon tainted scents, this candle is extremely strong but it doesn't pervade my home instantly but rather after half an hour starts to put out that baked oven smell of pie! It also gets fairly hot to the touch on the sides so it's always best to put it on display out of reach of children for safety aspects even if the base is heat insulated. Being the medium jar by choice/cost the jar has a burning time of around 65 to 90 hours and 14.05 oz capacity. My medium jar from last year burnt for well over 10 hours lit over the two day period so that the house smelt truly of baked pumpkin pie and as one visitor's mother remarked "could be smelt passed the front door". That candle jar was then sealed up and kept for this year so that I could have two candles on display. The beauty of YC house warmer jars is that you can keep scents up to a year IF you store them properly. Like many fragrant candles encased in glass jars, the candles must be stored away in a dark unheated place to allow the enriching scent to keep rather than waste away. I left out a YC medium jar of Water Garden last year (light pastel green) by mistake and by the end of 2009 it had turned from light green to off white and just didn't smell of much! Room lights and of course the sun affects candles in jars so it makes sense to store them away (i.e. never chuck away the glass tops) in the dark.

      Like all of the YC glass house warmer jar candles, the wick has to be lit cleanly. This translates in the appearance of the wick, which usually ends up with a ball of on the end, which has to be pulled off if you want the candle to burn evenly and fairly. Ignoring this will waste the candle wax and you won't get the richness of the twin scents on offer. Also, after use this heat insulated base candle jar is dishwasher safe, or just swirl some hot water in the jar to get rid of excess wax so that the jar can be used a storage jar with its rubber sealed glass top.

      Do I recommend Pumpkin Patch? Absolutely! It is a lovely heady scent that is perfectly apt for Halloween without dulling other scents in the home if you already burn spicy candles. Over the other two Halloween scents, Pumpkin Patch is quite a candle on quality, matched by its pleasing scent that doesn't become too sweet and the kids seem to like it if you have it on display, safely tucked away of course so that they don't touch it! One slight advantage is that it isn't as heavy as YC's "Pumpkin Pie," a scent that the American company do that makes some visitors sneeze. "Pumpkin Patch," hasn't induced coughs or sneezes just yet - but I'm at pains to say that it is possible that the tiniest hint of the cloves in this candle could affect some. Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2010




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