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Yankee Candle Seagull Sign Novelty Tart Burner

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Brand: Yankee Candle / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      28.07.2011 11:11
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      Novelty Tart Burner from Yankee Candles


      Given the number of reviews I've written on a selection of the wax tarts available to buy from Yankee Candles I thought it was about time I reviewed one of the tart burners I own, after all, a tart burner is just as important as the wax tart itself and is a required purchase should you want to get into the addictive habit of buying and burning wax tarts. I own four tart burners if I'm being honest, I have 2 at home which are rather plain but do what I want them to do and 2 at my caravan one of which is this one, the Seagull Sign Novelty tart burner and the focus of this review.

      Tart Burners

      All tart burners have the same things in common; a well area in which a wax tart is placed and room underneath it for a tealight to sit. The whole idea around scented wax tarts is that they are slowly melted over the heat of a tealight and their fragrance is released into the environment around the burner itself. Yankee Candles are one of the biggest and best known manufacturers and distributors of scented candles and their wax tarts are the cheapest way to get an introduction to the fragrances on offer and tend to retail for around £1.00 - £1.10 which gives upwards of 8 hours worth of fragrance. Tart burners themselves come in all shapes and sizes and every colour imaginable from minimalistic glass ones to outlandishly creative 'novelty' ones and can cost anything from a few pounds up to £30 and above.

      Seagull Sign Novelty Tart Burner

      My Seagull Sign novelty tart burner cost me just £8.00 when I bought it in an online sale in January but will set up back around £20.00 these days, it is an official Yankee Candle branded burner and whilst it won't be to everyones taste I bought it specifically for my caravan which is located at the coast. It's a shame that dooyoo haven't added a picture of it but I will add a link to the end of this review where it can be seen, it is very detailed and in real life does look rather impressive. It's big measuring in at around 30cm in height and length and comprises the two most important things needed for a tart burner; a hanging well for a wax tart to sit and a holder underneath it for a tea light to be placed and lit.

      It's made from a resin-like material which gives it a bit of weight but doesn't make it too heavy to move and has a nice attention to detail which doesn't give it a cheap look. The paint work on the sign post and seagulls is finished off well and the colours don't overlap or run into one another which is what you tend to find on some shoddily produced painted ornaments. I bought this for my caravan which just so happens to be located in close proximity to the beach and sea and thought it was a fun thing to have, given that one of the signs does point to 'the beach' makes it fit well in the place where it sits and it has the practical use of allowing me to burn my wax tarts which, as many of you will know by now, I am very fond of.

      The hanging tart holder has a nice thickness to it and is attached to the top of the sign by metal hooks and thin chains and once in place does not move. It removes easily enough from the hook on which it is attached and allows me to replenish my wax tarts when I need to, the tea light holder is just the right size to fit a tea light into and again it's easy enough to get to when the tea light needs changing. The only point to raise is regards to the tart holder itself which does become scorched over time from the flame and heat of the tea lights, the bottom of it does discolour but this can't be seen when you look at the piece straight on and just needs a wash every so often to remove the build up of marks. There are obviously some fragile parts to this which do require you to have a steady hand when it comes to dusting it, I could see it being easily broken if knocked too hard and would advise caution when handling. It is well made but there does need to be an element of care involved with this and I wouldn't recommend submerging it in water as there are many protruding edges which could easily break. Mine has sat in place for the past four months since my caravan opened and is still in once piece though despite being moved for dusting, so as long as you're careful with it and treat it gently then there's no reason why it shouldn't last for many years to come.


      All in all this is nicely detailed, impressive looking tart burner which suits its surroundings well. It won't appeal to everyone and to be honest I wouldn't have this at home as I don't think it would fit in with the more neutral decor I tend to have there but for a novelty piece of fun there's nothing really to criticize. It allows me to melt the wax tarts I buy and adds a little bit of interest to the coffee table it sits on and overall I would recommend this one even if it is a little expensive at £20.00. I bought mine from Yankeedoodle.co.uk where it is still available, offline a selection of novelty burners can be usually found in specialised candle shops and this plus many others can be found from various retailers online.

      Five stars as a rating from me, thanks for reading my review.

      Link to the product where a picture can be seen: http://www.yankeedoodle.co.uk /x-cart/seagull-sign-novelty-tart- burner-perfect_product..html (remove the spaces)

      Please note that this also appears on ciao (with pictures) under my username.


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