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Yankee Candle Simply Home Beach Towel

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Brand: Yankee Candle / Type: Scented Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      18.08.2011 20:09
      Very helpful



      A nice fragrance but not one of Yankee's best.

      I was pleasantly surprised on discovering recently that my local branch of Home Bargains were selling a selection of Yankee wax tarts and votives priced at just 19p for a wax tart and 39p for a votive. This was quite a saving on the usual price of £1- £1.20 for a wax tart and around £1.50 for a scented votive and so I asked my daughter to purchase a few for me whilst she was in town.
      I love scented candles and use them regularly, in particular wax tarts, as I believe these offer the best value for money in terms of fragrance and longevity.

      The photograph shown here is the scented jar version of this particular fragrance as Dooyoo do not add the different formats for each scent. However, my purchase was the wax tart which you place in a suitable oil/tart burner with a deep enough well and light a tealight, placing it underneath. Once the wax begins to melt, the aroma of the scented wax is released.

      Having used quite a few of Yankee's wax tarts now, I have discovered that some have stronger fragrances than others and some last less then the 8 hours burn time Yankee state you can expect from their wax tarts, whilst some in fact last more than 8 hours. Only by trying a few will you see the difference and discover which ones you prefer. By buying the wax tarts and votives you are of course getting to sample the delights of Yankee Candles and discover which fragrances you like, before splashing out on their more expensive glass jars.

      Beach Towel is a scented candle from Yankee's 'Simply Home' range and prior to buying this one I had not tried any candles from this particular range.
      What amuses me about Yankee Candles is the names given to some of their candles. What exactly 'Beach Towel' is meant to remind you of, I don't know! It's not as if a beach towel would have a particularly attractive smell that would make you want to purchase this candle, but there you go. The only image its title conjours up in my mind apart from a beach towel is maybe some sort of marine fragrance given also that the colour of the wax is a deep mid-blue.
      The sticker on the front of the wax tart also pictures a beach towel and shells, but for me that is where the 'marine' imagery ends as I feel this scented wax has a very synthetic fragrance.

      The wax tart has quite a strong fragrance even before you unwrap it from its shrink-wrap and the tarts could be used to fragrance drawers and cupboards as an alternative to burning them.
      I chose to burn mine and after placing it in my oil burner and lighting a tealight underneath it only took around five minutes for the wax to melt and the scent began to fill the room.

      The fragrance appeared quite strongly at first and this was another wax tart which I would describe as having a masculine fragrance, smelling like a woody, spicy aftershave. As I like woody, spicy fragrances I immediately liked the scent from this one, but not as much as I like Yankee's 'Evening Air' or 'Soft Blanket' scents.
      What lets this one down is that after 6 hours of burn time, I noticed the fragrance rapidly disappearing and I did not achieve 8 hours of fragrance from this one. Considering that I have had up to 12/13 hours of fragrance from some of Yankee's wax tarts, this was a little disappointing.
      After extinguishing the tealight, the fragrance did hang in the air for a few hours, but again there are others I have experienced which I could still smell in my house the next day.

      I have read that a number of people think Yankee's 'Simply Home' range of candles are weaker than others and on the basis of burning this one, I tend to agree with them thus far. However, given that I only paid 19p for my wax tart, I don't think I can complain as it was still quite a bargain.

      Overall, I do like the fragrance of 'Beach Towel' even though I think it is a silly name for this fragrance and I would purchase this again, but only if it was at a reduced price as I don't think it is worth paying the full price for this one. There are a number of Yankee wax tarts which offer a longer burn time and longer lasting fragrance than Beach Towel.


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