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Yankee Candle Simply Home Fruit Punch Wax Tart

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2 Reviews

Brand: Yankee Candle / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    2 Reviews
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      29.09.2012 21:47
      Very helpful



      Lacks the punch I was expecting

      ~~~ Simply Home Fruit Punch Wax Tart ~~~

      Having written many reviews on Yankee Candle products, I think that you can probably tell that I tend to favour the tarts over the candles. The reason for this being that as they melt, they instantly 'throw' their scent into the room. There is no waiting around for hours before I can blow the candle out (this prevents the dreaded tunnel down the centre of the candle), and no sooty deposits are left on wallpaper and furniture.

      The subject of this review is Yankee's Simply Home Fruit Punch wax tart which I purchased for an amazing low 29 pence. Wax tarts usually retail for around £1.10 each so the saving on this one was phenomenal, and noting there were other fragrances available, I immediately grabbed 10 of each.

      ~~~ The Tart ~~~

      This wax tart comes from the 'Simply Home' range of Yankee Candles and although not widely available, I have seen these occasionally in store at B&Q and have also picked up a few from my local Asda.

      Even though these come from the 'Simply Home' range, there is nothing to tell them apart from the ordinary tarts that Yankee sell. They have the same fluted edge and the packaging is exactly the same. One wonders why they bothered then! As with all Yankee products, you tend to smell them before you see them, and that is how I found these, loitering unseen on the bottom shelf (where I wished they'd stayed).

      ~~~ The Fragrance ~~~

      The label tells me these are Fruit Punch scented, and the picture depicts fruits such as lemons, oranges and limes. Sniffing this through the packaging, tells me that there are no notable citrus hues at all. This is quite disappointing. I can however smell peach among the sweet scents.

      On burning this tart, I broke it in two as usual. This means that I can make it last twice as long and give me double fragrancing time. The difference from these and the original Yankee branded Tarts is that the wax beads are slightly more compacted, making it a little harder to break.

      I had hoped that the citrusy scents would come though strongly and become quite tropical in aroma. I had visions of something quite zesty and mouth-wateringly delicious scenting my home but this was not to be the case sadly. Fruit Punch has been a bit of a let down. Initially, I thought it would be a pungent heady mix of fruit, but it seems that this is a somewhat toned down version of what I hoped. As the wax becomes a liquid you can smell a delicate orange, but it is overwhelmed by peach.

      Have you ever eaten a peach that has been warmed by the sun and the juice is dripping down your mouth? This is what the scent reminds me of - something warm and vaguely intoxicating, but it lacks oomph and intensity. It's not a bad smell, in fact it's nice, but that is the perfect word for it; NICE. It really doesn't live up to my expectations, and lacks depth and vitality.

      ~~~ My Thoughts ~~~

      The fragrance lingered only as long as the tart was melted, and I didn't notice the scent at all next morning, as I have done on occasion with other scents. Even delicate scents such as baby powder and fresh linen have more longevity than this. This tart although fruity, felt lacklustre and paled into insignificance.

      This tart is not one of the better ones that Yankee sells, and as such I cannot recommend it at all. It's not alive and passionate as one would expect, it sits there and does nothing. It's all a bit wishy washy. It's neither one thing nor another. It could be any old cheap air freshener and that really disappoints me.

      Two out of five from me - Not recommended.


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        07.08.2011 09:59
        Very helpful



        No Punch Whatsoever


        One of the many places I buy my Yankee Candle products from is a local Hallmark outlet store who tends to stock end-of-line or surplus stock at a much lower price than the RRP. The choice on offer is often small and the product line changes all the time and I learned a long time ago to bulk-buy if I ever see something that I think is likely to appeal. The subject of this review, Yankee's Simply Home Fruit Punch wax tart was one such product available at a rock bottom 68p. Wax tarts usually retail for around £1.10 each so the saving on this one proved to be too tempting for me to miss out on and taken by the name I decided to buy a couple of them even though it was a fragrance I was not familiar with however I thought I had a pretty good idea how it was going to smell.

        Simply Home Wax Tart

        This wax tart comes from the 'simply home' range of Yankee Candles which was primarily aimed at the American consumer when it originally launched, I haven't seen many of these around in the UK other than in the Hallmark outlet but do remember seeing a small selection available instore at B&Q quite a while ago. The Fruit Punch wax tart appears to be exactly the same as every other Yankee wax tart available to buy, it weighs the same (22 grams) carries a illustratitive sticker on its plastic wrapper and has the same dimensions as other wax tart I have melted (it measures around 2 inches in diameter and has fluted edges) so as usual it was just a case of removing the wax from its wrapper and placing it into the bowl of my tart burner and lighting a tealight underneath it and that's what I did.

        Fruit Punch

        I admit that I had high expectations from this wax tart, from the sticker I expected a medley of fruit fragrances and was looking forward to something that was sweet smelling and deliciously aromatic. Out of its wrapper the Fruit Punch had a recognisable Orange scent and it was this that first became apparent once the wax had started to melt, straight away there was a combination of both Orange and Lemon notes and my first impressions were good. I thought this was going to build in intensity as the scents were quite subtle even though they were noticeable but the longer the wax stayed in its molten state the less obvious the fragrance became and overall Fruit Punch failed to deliver anywhere near the amount of pungency I have come to expect from a wax tart.

        There was a real chance here for Yankee to provide a fragrance-rich fruit-packed hit but instead it lacked any depth or intensity with the top notes of Orange and Lemon being the only aromas I could detect throughout the lifespan of a single tea light. If this was a Fruit Punch drink then it would be a cheap, watered down one which lacked any body or interest, something that perhaps needed a kick of alcohol to give it an edge. In wax tart format Fruit Punch is too wishy-washy to hold anyones attention and for me personally I felt as if I'd bought something from one of Yankee's competitors as this felt like a cheap imitation and I would be in no rush to buy this or any other of the simply home tarts again.

        A wax tart usually has around 8 hours worth of fragrance infused into the wax, Fruit Punch had nowhere near that amount, instead after my first tea light had burnt itself out I was left with a vague fruity smell hanging in the background which in all honesty smelled as if I'd just eaten an orange. There was no intensity with this one, no waves of fragrance and whether this is down to the fact that this particular wax tart came from the 'simply home' collection or I happened to have picked up a dud I really can't say. All I do know after melting this one is that I wouldn't buy it again and even though this should have greatly appealed to me, after all I always mention in my reviews that I tend to favour the fruity and sweet fragrances Yankee produce, overall this one failed to attract my attention and failed to fragrance my home.


        It is possible that my wax tart was old stock and I'll never know how long it was sat in a box in Hallmark before it was put on the shelves so it could be that I am doing it a disservice in this review. I can only base my opinions on how I found it though and even though I paid less than 70p for mine I can't say it was money well spent as it produced nowhere near the amount of fragrance I have come to expect from Yankee. It wasn't even all that authentic, the Orange and Lemon whilst noticeable were very synthetic in fragrance and too artificially sweet to be 'real life' and if there were any other fruits included in this 'punch' then I completely missed them.

        This was my first purchase of a simply home wax tart from Yankee and if Fruit Punch is anything to go by it will be my last, it didn't match the authenticity of other Yankee tarts and had nowhere near the amount of intensity of others I have melted before. I wouldn't recommend this one I'm afraid and as far as a rating goes it's getting a mediocre 2 stars from me. I wanted a fragrance that was fruity and sweet and thought I was onto a winner with Fruit Punch, I ended up being disappointed with this one though so as far as I'm concerned it's one to avoid.

        As mentioned at the start of this review, the simply home collection of wax tarts seem to be primarily available in B&Q, I haven't seen that many around in off-line candle shops and looking on the internet for the purpose of this review Ebay is probably the best place to look if anyone is interested in this range. I wouldn't buy this one again though, I'll end up keeping the second one I bought to blend it with another wax tart to mix the scents. My experience of Fruit Punch has put me off trying others in the simply home collection to be honest but others may appreciate its light and gentle aroma even if I found it to be a disappointment.

        Overall: Not recommended. Thanks for reading my review.

        Please note that this also appears on ciao under my username.


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