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Yankee Candle Simply Home White Linen & Lace

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3 Reviews

Brand: Yankee Candle / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    3 Reviews
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      24.01.2014 01:31
      Very helpful



      Floral musky talc fragrance that isn't overpowering

      I got a large Yankee Candle jar for christmas. This particular one is Linen and Lace from their simply home range. I think it came from Asda and when I looked on their website for the price it's £13 for the large size and £8 for a medium jar- this seems to be about average for these things. They are widely available but are often sold in card shops.

      Yankee candle do a range of fragranced candles in what seems like hundreds different scents. They do wax tarts for burners to be melted over tea lights which is a good idea to buy first as the jars can be expensive- especially if you don't like them..... the tarts only cost a pound or so, so no great loss if it's a fragrance you don't like. You can buy all sorts of candle holders, burners etc to go with them.

      The jar is big and rather curvy looking, bulged out at the top then tapering towards the bottom. The top quarter of the jar is now blackened from being lit. The label is small and understated depicting a bunch of white flowers. According to the label on the underside there's a burn time of 100-135 hours- I would agree with that and even longer. It's net weight is 19oz and feels quite heavy. The wax is white and almost to the top with a good sized wick. I found that for the first half of the jar the wax burnt down unevenly making a well, past the half way mark however the wax caught up with itself and evened out.

      I've lit it with an ordinary lighter until about half way down by lying it on it's side, a long lighter or match is needed past this point. The wick lights every time and with an inch of wax left in the jar is still long enough. Burn time has been longer than the expected 100 odd hours, sometimes I light it for a whole day and that's been more than on 10 occasions.

      On opening it smells like a floral perfume, it's the only way I can describe it- not overpowering but stronger than when it's lit. On lighting the scent takes around 15 minutes to waft around the room. Once it gets going it smells like talc mixed with clothes conditioner and washing powder with a bit of musk thrown in. Quite a clean smell that does fragrance the room lightly whilst lit but doesn't linger once put out.

      This is a more subtle fragrance than is usual with Yankee Candles, I don't know if that's because it's a candle and not a wax tart though as I'm not too familiar with these large jars. It creates a back ground scent which I get used to forgetting it's lit until I leave the room and come back in. The scent hasn't weakened and is still the same as it was when first lit.

      5 stars from me for the longevity

      3 stars for the subtle scent


      4 stars from me.


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      17.07.2011 19:58
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Not one I will be hunting out aagain

      ==Yankee Candle Simply Home White Linen & Lace==

      I can never seem to stop at just buying the one wax tart when out on a shopping trip. I think the main reason for this is the fact that at a little under £1 they are a nice treat for me and the home without breaking the bank so why not buy a whole handful at one time!?

      This particular tart was bought (along with a few others) at a recent trip to B&Q and it seems this new range of "Simply Home" is only avalible here and a few places online for the UK Yankee buyer. My local stockist doesn't stock this branch off of the range and apparently it is sold more in the US than here so I thought I was lucky to have come across it.

      ==Price and Availability==

      Like I said I easily found this in B&Q and there were plenty of this particular scent left on the shelf even if there were a lot of other empty boxes from this range and it didn't seem like they were restocking them I am sure it wouldn't be too difficult to come across this scent. There are a few different sites I have seen this tart online but to be fair it is not as easy to pick up as a lot of other wax tarts I have used before.

      I paid a mere 98p for this 22 gram item and the prices really vary anywhere between 90 pence to £1.10p depending on where you get them. For an item which lasts a really good time I must say I feel that this price represents really good value for money as comparing it to the likes of a Glade plug in air freshener you can get a good deal of tarts for the same price and with each tart having a good 8 hour burn turn I would say these Yankee products have got to be better to buy. Plus the fact that these scents are far more natural in fragrance when compared to a plug in product.

      ==Look and Design==

      This White Linen & Lace is a pure white coloured flower shaped tart and on the whole not one I would have opted for usually but seeing how there wasn't too much choice when it came to the wax tarts on the shelves to get in my Yankee fix I had to pick up this one. The classically done photo on a bunch of creamy white flower on the front looks rather appealing and makes it have somewhat of an expensive and classy look when comparing it to the other bright and fruity scents that I often opt for. The clear plastic cellophane does a good job at protecting the tart but doesn't give a lot of information about the product as usually the scent can seep through this packaging and more or less speak for itself.

      ==General Use==

      This tart, as with all the others, works very simply and all you need is an oil burner with a nice large dish and a few tea lights. I had a nightmare the other day when I went to use my tart in the burner and realised I had run out of non-scented tea lights and had to use a fragranced one which didn't work well at giving a clean smell of the Yankee Tart I was using! Silly me!

      The wax tart looks similar to a floating candle but without the wick in the centre and the tarts work to release the scents of essential oils impacted in the wax by melting down and working as you would use a dish of oil. Once warm the wax melts and evaporates whilst letting the fragrance fill the room and after use it will harden and make it safe and mess free to use.

      The main thing that concerned me about this tart was the fact that on smelling it through the wrapper I didn't' really get that much of an idea as to what the scent was like and the strong aroma that often comes through the wrapping was just not there. This also worked at making me pick this one out of intrigue just as much as anything else. However as soon as I opened the plastic cellophane in order to use the tart I was instantly hit with a scent which to be honest I really wasn't expecting.

      The scent I thought would be encased in the wax was sure to be a light floral one especially seeing as there is a picture of flowers on the front of the pack. However light floral aromas wasn't at all what I found when using this tart and I was surprised at how masculine and the scent was and it reminded me of a men's scented talcum powder from Avon that my dad used to use. I can't say I was impressed with the scent although I wasn't too disappointed either. The scent was however a bit of a pleasant change from a lot of the flowery, sweet or fruity fragrances I usually seem to pick up and I did quite like it.

      The main thing I guess which made me drawn to it even more was the sheer subtleness of the scent and although not what I was expecting the slightly musky and deeper aroma wasn't too strong or overly noticeable. It wasn't one of the Yankee Candles that was quick to fill the room and spread to the rest of the flat with ease but seemed to creep slowly around the room and give the air a more of a clean and like the name suggest linen aroma the more the scent burns. The manly smell that I found quite obvious at first seemed to dull down a good deal when the tart was fully melted and the more it burner it seemed the less the fragrance was noticeable and I would more than once check to see if the tea light had gone out!

      ==Overall Opinion==

      This scent was okay but probably not one I will be buying again. It seemed that on first smell of the fragrance I wasn't bowled over by it but I did warm to it the more I smelt it but then it seemed that the scent let me down by being far too light weight and not apparent enough for me. But perhaps had the scent been stronger I would have felt like I did on first smelling and that it wasn't an aroma for me.

      On the whole I can't say that I would overly recommend this tart and seeing as it is from a range not widely available I shouldn't think many people will want to hunt it down. I think for all these reasons a score of 3 out of 5 stars is being more than generous.

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you

      many thanks for taking the time to read.


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        15.05.2011 14:23
        Very helpful



        Simply Home is a U.S sub brand from YC but this fragrance is a let down.

        A couple of weeks ago I found myself going on a day trip with a friend to the city and on our way home stopped off at a B&Q so that I could see what kinds of garden tools and equipment the centre had. Even before I could get to the garden furniture, my friend instantly honed in on the Yankee Candle stalls just near the front door. We couldn't believe our luck - "Simply Home," is a sub-range by Yankee Candle who only sell this range in the U.S and it seems for a limited time, B&Q are selling what the U.S buyers consider as usual product lines, a very limited special edition - compared to the 150 or so many other scents that the U.K get in every year. It seems as if we were the last of the shoppers to discover this stall however, since many of the shoppers before us got to the stall first and many varieties were sold out in wax tarts, medium and large jars. There were around four to five different kinds of scents available and at the time I picked out two scents I was attracted to and another scent my mum would probably enjoy. One of these scents is called "White Linen and Lace," and with my mum in mind for this scent, I picked up a medium jar and four of this new fragrance in wax tarts after sampling one of the smaller jars on display. Unlike the standard UK prices however, the "Simply Home" range isn't that far off from general and average pricing with the wax tarts costing £1-05 to £1-25 and the 12 oz. medium jars at £12-57 (75 hours max duration) with 19 oz. large jars (135 hours max duration) at £14-97, either one or a couple of pounds more or less than they usually cost. The jars do not follow the usual "House Warmer," country-style jars, but rather something more vintage "Victorian" looking but they all have the same air tight seal glass lids, head insulative bases and just as helpful when it comes to storage versatility later on. Compared to so many other brands I've tried, Yankee Candle are one of the best premium candle companies for producing scents that go by the look or name and their scents are unique and true to the brand - usually!

        If buying wax tarts (and you are new to Yankee Candle) you'll have to use another burner to get these wax "candles" melting down and the burner of choice always is a hot oil or potpourri burner with a deep concave. In wax tart form "White Linen & Lace," is the same size as normal Yankee Candle tarts and you'll still get 8 hours of fragrance by statistic. By placing the tart on the top, if it doesn't fit it will have to be sliced in half as this ensures the oil will not steam over when in use. You'll also need a tealight candle to get the whole thing working and whilst it is very relaxing to have all this in a home, it isn't a procedure I'd advise if you have inquisitive pets or children. After the candle has finished, or if you get fed up of the scent and want to change onto the next candle (if you have bought them since they are only around a £1 each) the tealight candle must be taken out, wait for the burner to cool and place in a freezer for 15 minutes. After which when the burner is taken out and tapped lightly on the top, the solid wax tart should fall out easily. This makes it easy to dispose of without fear of blocking anything if you were to drop the hot oil down a drain. If you sniff the base however and it still smells of fragrance, then the wax tart should be kept instead of disposed. It is the only indication you'll get that the candle still has life to give! Logic is always needed whatever Yankee Candle type you have, even if the jar candles are more complete by having cotton wicks, which does ensure a bonus of no coughing attacks due to the lack of paraffin built into the wicks.

        "White Linen & Lace," is a bit of a misnomer though. It smells like a deeply rich aftershave that is hard to diversify when it is also refreshing and deeply intoxicating at the same time- when you take the wax tart out of its wrapper and smell the base or top. On the one hand it reminds me of other aftershaves such as "Old Spice," without being too strongly reminded of "Midsummer Night," which is Yankee Candle's version of "Old Spice." It also lacks the "baby powder" aspect that Midsummer Night burns with and seems to have more floral tones similar to Lillies but without the strong prickling aspect. The scent mellows into a creamy fabric conditioner tone - as expected given the "White Linen," title in the name - but it's awfully understated and if you didn't have a sensitive nose, you probably wouldn't detect it. The first tone that comes off the candle is one of Joop, similar to Yankee Candle's "Soft Blanket," a new fragrance for 2011 but unlike the latter candle, this candle fragrance is extremely delicate, befitting of course for the imagery of lace and as such it takes around five minutes for the wax tart format to start to come through against the U.K tarts that are usually shorter to open up. With the jar, it takes a bit longer which is a bit of surprise and not as instant as the usual U.K ranges. The second tone is fairly reminiscent of Febreeze original but again, it plays the softness card here rather than being loud about it. The final tone is that of vanilla, which is, very detectable but used to prolong the fragrances.

        In use, the "White Linen & Lace," isn't a bad candle but it does appear to be very watered down against other "washing" affiliated scents I've had from Yankee Candle in the past and doesn't pervade very well, keeping back its strength for longevity as opposed to elasticity where the scent is concerned - usually Yankee Candle scents can travel well up to two rooms or more. Not this one - not a hope in hell - Yankee Candle have deliberately been too mean here to extend the scent. They go to pains to point out that this is an ideal candle to "refresh your living room," but I found it was next to useless for being too smooth and not releasing its full promise. In terms of blocking out odour, this isn't a candle that does the job very well, unless you leave the wax tart burning for more than four hours and even then, as it eventually masks the odour, after the candle is extinguished, there isn't much of a scent left behind. It doesn't bode well for what I'm used to from Yankee Candle and although it may do well in the hands and noses of buyers who want a delicate scent (they'll certainly get that), they may be disappointed to find that the candle smells stronger in hard wax form compared to actual use when it turns into a clear steaming oil.

        I was not surprised to find my mum's reaction to the medium jar of the same scent. The medium jars don't follow the usual standard of the U.K House warmer styles either; even if the rims on the top are large enough to accept any additional lamp shades that Yankee Candle produce. The glass jar version of this scent also proved to be disappointing in terms of offering long lasting scent. You can certainly smell something in the air, but it only comes across bit by bit and doesn't travel very well - again no surprise a finding I found with the wax tart.

        Unlike the larger U.K ranges, different versions of this scent under the "Simply Home" branding are far more limited, but are available with average prices of:

        Wax Tart (22 grams, 8 hour duration, 90p/£1.05 each.)
        Votive candle (1.75 oz 15 hour duration, average price £1-75 to £2)
        Small jar tumbler (1 wick, 7 oz.) average cost price £8-99 to £9.
        Medium jar tumbler (2 wick 12 oz.) average cost price £10 to £12
        Medium "Victorian" jar candle (12.oz 60-75 hours duration, £12-58)
        Large "Victorian" jar candle (19 oz. 100 to 135 hours duration £14-97)
        Tea light scented candles (240 grams, 4-6 hours per candle, 12 in a box £5-99)
        Aerosol Room Fragrance Spray (1.5oz, 400 spray limit £4-69 to £5-99)

        So, if you are near a B&Q, for the limited time only, or a member of QVC shopping channel, or EBAY, this is a strict U.S scent that has only just come to the U.K and the immediate downside here is that isn't available to find in every other stockist where you'd normally find Yankee Candle products like Debenhams, House of Frasers, Clinton Cards and so on. B&Q however are also reducing the prices on their Yankee Candle stock, so perhaps now is the best time to get down to your nearest centre if you can and see what they have on offer! Perhaps Yankee Candle are experimenting with the "Simply Home," branding - as usual there is nothing on the website to suggest this, as the UK website is poorly stocked with current and correct information. This isn't a scent that I would strongly recommend though- there are others I bought on the same day which have proved to be so much better and I do hope the "Simply Home" range returns to the U.K again. Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2011


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