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Yankee Candle Snow In Love

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6 Reviews
  • great design
  • Wintery
  • scent wasn't that strong
  • None
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    6 Reviews
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      22.09.2015 15:43
      Very helpful


      • "good price"
      • "warm and comforting"
      • "smells nice"


      • "scent wasn't that strong"

      A warm creamy scent perfect for winter.

      ABOUT: This gorgeous scent from Yankee has a delightful blend of cream, comforting woods and a wintry powder freshness. I am basing this review on the votiva/sampler candle rather than the wax tart as shown in the picture. This votive came in a set with other seasonal votives which I received last year as Christmas present from my Nan and Grandad. I believe this is quite a popular scent as it seems to be available to purchase all year round; although I only tend to use it during the festive season.

      PRICE: I was given this in a set but the sampler/votive is priced at around £1.80 on various websites and you may be able to purchase it from some shops and garden centres as well.

      IN USE: When unwrapping the candle I was able to smell a nice creamy scent which smelt lovely and quite fresh. It didn't smell too over-powering or sickly which was good. I placed the candle into a holder and lit it. It wasn't until a good 5mins after lighting the candle that the scent started to become obvious slowly filling my bedroom.

      This scent is very creamy which gives it a very light sweet scent although this is a very pleasant smell and it does remind me a little of Christmas or winter time and it's a warm huggable scent.

      I had the candle burning for a good hour at least and although the scent did appear to get stronger it didn't exactly fill the whole of my room; only the area in which the candle was placed, despite this I did like the scent though.

      After blowing out the candle the scent only lingered for a little while before completely dissapearing. I would have liked this scent to have lingered a little more.

      OVERALL: A warm creamy scent perfect for winter.


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      18.11.2014 13:54
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • "great design"
      • "lasts forever"
      • "warming scent"
      • Wintery


      • None

      Winter in a jar

      The Yankee Candle idea began in 1969 when a young Mike Kittredge melted down some crayons to make his mother a Christmas Candle. The Candle was so impressive a neighbour asked to buy the candle, so Mike Kittredge agreed and made another. From then on the Yankee Candle has become synonymous in the fragrance candle market and now has over 150 fragrances to its name.

      The Yankee Candle range can be quite expensive when you first look at them. They have 4 main candle types:-

      Tea Lights
      Wax Tarts
      (They also create car fresheners and aromatherapy scents).

      The most well know range is the Jars, which come in several sizes and styles:-

      Large, Medium and Small Jars
      Large, Medium and Regular Tumblers

      Presentation, Packaging and Price
      I purchased my Yankee Candle Snow In Love from amazon, with the voucher I got from my dooyoo miles, figured I may as well treat myself so got myself a couple of new fragrances. On Amazon, the large jar was £13.99 at the time.

      The Large Jars are huge!!!. They are in an enormous glass jar which holds 22oz of candle. On the front there is an image of two intertwined red hearts in the snow. The Glass Jar is very classy and can be used again if so wished. It is a strong glass and the the design is simple but gorgeous. The large jars are very luxurious and are a real treat! The fragrance of ‘Snow in Love’ is a nice creamy wintery scent, that has a woodland hint coming through with woody notes. This mixed with the warm comforting marshmallow types notes makes this candle very Christmassy! When you light the candle the fragrance soon fills your whole room and is warming and inviting. Unlike other brands of candle this fragrance doesn’t fade into the background but remains strong, but not overpowering to the last drop!

      The large jars have a burning time of 110 to 150 hours so for the price tag are well worth the money.


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        10.03.2014 20:52
        Very helpful



        Another great smelling scent from Yankee

        This was another tart that we got as part of a massive stack for Christmas off various relatives. It was very gratefully received - we're still getting through them now and it's spring time! This tart has a wintery feel, but also has a freshness which I think works just an air freshener without making your room smell like a scene from a Christmas time love film.

        For those that don't know, Yankee are an American company who make all sorts of wax based scented products and other air freshener type things like reed diffusers and pot pourri. A wax tart is a petal / shell shaped disc of scented wax that releases its scent when melted by using a tea light underneath an oil burner. This particular tart has the scent of fresh snow and woods, as if you were out on a winter walk, hand in gloved hand with a loved one. I would say that the wood scents give it warmth, and the fresh air scent is strong, crisp and clean like ozone on the beach but without the smell of a Fleetwood trawler.

        Like most Yankee tarts, this still continues to blast out a scent when being melted well after the 8 hours that Yankee suggest - we use four tea lights on ours which gives us about 12 hours of melting time. This scent is still available in various formats on different websites. I would recommend to those who prefer a fresh, non food related Yankee scent, and as it's available for a pound on most websites it's good value too. Don't be put off by the winter connection, it's more of an outdoor scent. Five stars, thanks for reading.


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        21.03.2013 16:49
        Very helpful



        Smells like a Moments candle by Glade and isn't as fresh and appealing as I'd have liked.

        When it comes to Christmas and candles, I know what I like! I like the classic scents that fill my home either with the scent of apples, cinnamon, a mix of the two or something entirely different like the pine scent of "White Christmas," also helped along by its totally white-as-snow appearance when purchased in any one of Yankee Candle's signature Housewarmer style jars. At my friends Yankee Candle scented candle club, I had my own scents to share at the table, not least the very last of the heavenly creamy "Napa Sun Valley," a scent that Yankee Candle has recently retired much to my dismay. I was hesitant to even give away one of the tarts I had to swap it for the "Secret Santa Lucky Dip" hat that we devised ages ago where each of our friends bring one of their favourite scents and we dip our hands in to see what wax tart we take away to try. We have two chances to knock back a wax scent that we might not like; usually it's the lavender ones I avoid or the baking type scented candles that Yankee Candle produce. So when I pulled out "Snow In Love," as a white Christmas candle to mark 2012 from Yankee Candle, I thought I had initially found a diamond in the rough where its initial white wax look imparts. It is after all, white just like snow in colour and I was hoping for something along the lines of the minty, fresh "White Christmas."

        As it turns out, "Snow in Love," does come from Yankee Candle's end of year 2012 Christmas range and sits alongside newer scents such as "Sugared Apple," "Apple and Pine Needles," and "Cranberry Ice."

        What Does It Smell Of?

        Out of the wrapper it is easy to sniff out the same again sweet vanilla additives that have been used with many a different scented candle from America's number one candle company for scent. The problem is I'm just not a fan of sweet vanilla, an additive that seems to act as the very first tone that comes off this candle, followed by sandalwood that gives this candle a winter walk through a forest kind of a feel and does indeed sit easily with Yankee Candle's own claim of a "creamy, comforting woods and wintry powder freshness." Woody and yet creamy and sweet, there is more to this scent the more you give a longer duration of burn time.

        At times, there's an almost minty backdrop to this candle that I began to appreciate quite readily and reminds me quickly of YC's "White Christmas," scent but it dies out, replaced by a horrible after tone of what appears to be the kind of menthol designed to clear your air waves. As a candle scent alone, menthol can work very well, but the sweetness of the vanilla and freshness of the sandalwood doesn't seem to work well when the base tone of flowery perfume caused by a known Christmas scent starts to come off.

        My mind then went haywire, wondering what Yankee Candle have added here as a final "bonus" to the scent, because "Snow in Love," has a similar approach to the cologne overloaded "Soft Blanket," and definitely sits alongside "Sugared Apple," as a partner if you want sweet vanilla overload in your home! However, after burning this candle for three days, I find that the final tone of chocolate has been added here, possibly to conjure up a steaming cup of the stuff once you've been out in the "wintry, comforting woods." Unfortunately when all come together, this isn't a scent that I found to be refreshing at all, but rather just another Christmas candle scent to waste your money on instead of buying up your favourite classic scent to fully freshen a home and let visitors know you are prepared for your favourite season of the year. Indeed it reminds me of a very old Yankee Candle scent that the company took out of production many moons ago, called "Chocolate Mint." With sandalwood added, this newer scent just doesn't seem to work as a partner additive.

        Strength & Delivery

        One of the issues that has become apparent of late from Yankee Candle and probably from 2010 onwards, is their approach to make wax tarts appear to be strong from the moment they melt into a hot and steaming oil, but die out well after the claim of 8 hours burn time is over. Sadly although this candle reaches up to two rooms, its vanilla content is too weak to put out further pervading aspects compared to other Christmas candles. If you are into subtle scent then, you may well warm to "Snow In Love," adding it to the subtle scents that sit better in a bedroom or a small living room. With its menthol tones though, I expected a lot more strength than I got.

        As a sweet and fresh candle though, the concept and promise isn't very effective in my experience. The overabundance of vanilla, sandalwood and that menthol hit seems to die down all too quickly too. I found after two days with continual burning, all that is left from the candle is the vanilla, sandalwood and a rather artificial smell of chocolate - a scent that doesn't work too well as a candle scent alone. The chocolate smell is like Cadbury's Bournville plain hot chocolate - a drink I rather loved from my childhood - but these days the smell of it puts me off.

        As such and as an unexpected surprise, this scent doesn't combat odours very well, particularly cooking smells, tobacco or heavy pet odour. It can combat light odours, but its main game is to put out a relaxing scent, rather than one that can be relied on for full freshness. A bonus to the scent is that I never found I was induced to sneeze or cough with the scent, and though it is warm and sweet, at times it can be too dry as time goes on.

        Safety & Other Maintenance

        When purchased in wax tart form, you'll need an additional burner to use, but I always point out that regardless of the body becoming boiling hot to the touch whenever tealight candles are left to melt the wax, and additionally safety must be given at all times with any lit product, wax tarts & burners aren't for inquisitive children or pets. You will have to maintain safety and logic at all times - and you may find that the oil burner gets hot on the base as well as the top making it unsuitable to be moved around - and to avoid surfaces being burnt, always use a heat proof coaster to keep the burner balanced and heat insulated.

        Removing the candle is easy though - once the hot oil burner has cooled down, take out the tealight candle and insert the whole burner into a freezer for a minimum of 15 minutes or 30 minutes in a fridge. Afterwards tip the burner over and with a slight tap to the top, the wax tart should fall out easily. This is a much better procedure than pouring hot oil down a drain since it can block drains, or into a kitchen towel which can burn through and spoil work surfaces etc. Always sniff the base of the candle though when it falls out - if you can still smell scent - then the candle still has life in it to burn the next time around when you choose to burn the candle. This aspect is another bonus and proof to why wax tarts can be economical to buy instead of votives not just by cost price alone.

        Downsides & Other Formats

        So the scent might not be for all, but there are plenty of other formats of this candle scent by Yankee Candle - but avoid wax tarts that have been left out in the shop too long as they can tend to lose their scent - if buying from high street franchises. I always check the wax tarts in shops by sniffing the base of them to see how fresh they are; if they are strong on both the top and base, then they're better to buy and hold much more power when it comes to actual use.

        Prices and formats are given on average before 25% discounts if the scent is "season of the month," and usually the discounts are only available at local shops like Clinton Cards, Debenhams and House of Frasers, although it is always best to check with the seller concerned - I tend to shop for my candles locally or source online for the best prices:

        * Wax Tart (22 grams, 8 hour duration, 90p to £1-20 each).
        * Votive candle (1.75 oz 15 hour duration, average price £1-75 to £2).
        * Small Housewarmer jar candle (7 oz 25-40 hours duration, £5-99 to £7-99).
        * Medium Housewarmer Jar candle (12.5 oz 65-90 hours, £15-49 to £16-99.).
        * Medium 2-wick tumbler (12.5 oz 45-50 hours duration, £12-99).
        * Large Housewarmer jar candle (22 oz 100-150 hours duration, £19-99).
        * Large 2-wick tumbler (22.7 oz 70-90 hours duration, £18-99).
        * Lidded glass tumbler (7oz 35-45 hours duration, £8-99).
        * Tea light scented candles (240 grams, 4-6 hours per candle, 12 in a box £5-99 to £7-49).

        Final Thoughts

        "Snow in Love," is the perfect candle accompaniment to "Sugared Apple," a scent that I would probably appreciate more if I got the option to swap another of YC's candle scents at my local club meeting. However, I wouldn't buy this scent, which is a pity as the name is enticing enough for a romantic night in. Too many tones and a confusing name to boot, "Snow in Love," may appeal to subtle Yankee Candle fans that want a slow to release scent that is warming and sweet. Personally I'd find that with just about any Yankee Candle scent dependent on the type and kind, and for that reason alone compared to the more pleasing "Sugared Apple," "Snow In Love," is just perhaps, one too many of a scent that doesn't really require much of an audience, when its thunder has already been taken by plenty of other scents, Yankee Candle produce. If you want a similar scent, try Glade Moments "Bali Sandalwood & Jasmine," as it is near enough the same fragrance that Yankee Candle have produced here, making this scent perhaps, less unique than it is. Thanks for reading! ©Nar2 2013.



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          28.01.2013 14:53
          Very helpful



          A very nice wax tart from Yankee

          Keeping my home smelling nice is very important to me and my favourite way to do this is by using scented candles or wax tarts. I love the way the atmosphere can be changed depending on the fragrance of scented wax. It can create a bright fresh clean feel to a room or a warm cosy romantic atmosphere. I had a few Yankee Wax Tarts for Christmas and one of them was Snow In Love, one of their 2012 festive range and one I hadn't tried before.

          Wax Tarts are simple little discs of oily wax without a wick, they measure approximately 6cm's x 1.5cm's and cost round about £1.00 - £1.20 depending on where you buy them from. They have a fluted edge and do look just like a little tart. In my opinion Yankee make the best wax tarts and these are the ones I always use.

          The tarts come wrapped tightly in clear cellophane allowing you to see the pure white wax, the wax tart has a label stuck to the front which shows a small picture which always depicts the name of the tart. Snow In Love shows 2 red interlocked hearts drawn in the snow.

          You can usually get a good idea of what the wax tart is going to smell by just by smelling the wrapper, handy of you are in a shop and not too sure if you like the sound if it.
          Yankees official description of this is:-

          "Fall In Love with this delightful blend of creamy, comforting woods and wintry powder freshness"

          In my personal opinion Snow In Love doesn't have a typical festive scent, its quite strong and definitely floral with the dominant scent smelling very much like calla lily which I love. it's a strong heady scent and definitely the type of wax tart I would use in the evenings.

          To use a wax tart you do need an oil burner and an unscented tea light, its just a case of popping the unwrapped wax tart into the burner and lighting the tea light below it so it melts the wax tart. Once lit it doesn't take long before the oily wax is starting to melt and the fragrance filters around the room.

          The smell of Snow In Love is really very nice, especially if you like the smell of lilies, although its strong its certainly not overpowering and creates a warm cosy atmosphere. Sometimes I find strong smells can give me a headache but this certainly wasn't the case with this wax tart. I would use this anytime of the year and not save it just for Christmas. I keep a wax tart in the cupboard where I keep my towels and sheets etc and Snow In Love would be the perfect fragrance for this.

          My home is open plan and after about an hour I can smell the wax tart all over my house, upstairs and down.
          I always melt my wax tarts for a couple of hours at a time, I find the fragrance lingers for a long while after the wax has solidified and this in my opinion is the best way to get the best value from the tart, I could even still smell this faintly the next morning. Yankee state their wax tarts will give you up to 8 hours fragrance and I agree. I just leave the set wax in the burner dish ready to re melt the next day. Once the wax has run out of fragrance I leave it to set then remove the wax from the dish.

          You can melt the wax tarts whole, break them in half or even mix them to create your own fragrances. Personally I don't mix mine I just melt the tart whole without mixing fragrances, in my opinion Yankee mix the fragrances perfectly well.

          Yankee wax tarts can be found in many independent shops and also some major department stores as well as many online stores such as Amazon UK and Yankee Direct. They are great value for money and a lovely way to fragrance your home for a small amount of money.


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          21.01.2013 20:19
          Very helpful



          won't appeal to all but I love it

          In the run up to Christmas 2012, Yankee Candle release a few new seasonal scents. I love trying new Yankee scents so made a purchase of all four new scents. Snow In Love is the final one I have left to review from the Christmas 2012 collection.

          ~Snow In Love~

          Prior to Christmas 2012, Snow In Love was available in different formats including candle jars, samplers and wax tarts. For the purpose of this review, I will be discussing my use of the wax tart. I prefer to buy wax tarts as I get the opportunity to sample each Yankee scent without splashing out on an expensive candle jar. A wax tart is a disc of wax which is made up of natural extracts and essential oils. It should be melted in a tart burner and can be re-used until all the scent is gone.

          Snow In Love fits well into the seasonal range as it is white in colour. The tart comes tightly wrapped in plastic and features a simple label illustrating pink love hearts. A 22g tart is said to offer at least 8 hours of scent. The official Yankee description of Snow In Love is 'fall in love with this delightful blend of creamy, comforting woods and wintry powder freshness;.

          ~Price and Availability~

          Wax tarts retail around the £1.25 mark. Snow In Love can be bought online from stores including www.yankeescents4.com, eBay and Amazon from as low as 99p.

          ~My Thoughts~

          I meant to post this review a few weeks ago but luckily this wax tart is still available. I bought this online alongside the other 2012 scents and was looking forward to trying it out. I like to melt wax tarts as a way of fragrancing my home. I now have a normal burner and an electric burner in my home but opted to melt this tart in my normal burner by way of having a lit tealight underneath. It is possible to use half the tart at any one time but I normally use a full tart and did with this scent.

          Unwrapping this tart I was quite taken by the scent that greeted me. I could detect a gorgeous sweet aroma which was surpringly strong. My tart took a short while to fully melt in my burner bowl and I was able to witness a steady level of scent filling my living room. After 30 minutes, Snow In Love could also be detected in my hall way and kitchen but was most concentrated in my living room. The scent does a good job of taking over any other odours in the air and freshens well.

          Snow In Love certainly won't be to everyones tastes but I quite like it. It is quite a strong, heavy scent and very concentrated as it filters around the room. I feel it would be too strong for using in a small room but my living room is very big so it flows well and doesn't overpower. The main aroma offered by this wax tart is sweet vanilla. It isn't a typical vanilla scent but more of a perfumy vanilla which gives it a bit of a strength boost.

          As the vanilla filters around my living room it lightens slightly and comes across as being fresh which is very fitting for the 'wintry powder freshness' aspect. The vanilla is also joined by a natural, woody undertone is evident which adds an extra layer to the scent and completes the 'comforting woods' feel.There is a nice mixture of sweetness, freshness and warmth which may come across as being a bit much but I like the way it flows. I find Snow In Love to be a fragrant yet, comforting scent which is perfectly sweet for using on a cold evening.


          Snow In Love is a little bit different from the usual festive or sweet scents that Yankee Candle offer. It is unique and an acquired taste in my opinion as I do not feel that everyone will like the layered scent that it offers. Some may not appreciate the strong perfume aroma either as my fiance said it was a little much for him. I melted my tart over the course of a few evenings and found that it gave off around 10 hours of scent. I have been quite impressed by the scent and strength of Snow In Love and can recommend it.

          Thanks for reading :)


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