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Yankee Candle Sparkling Angel

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Brand: Yankee Candle / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      12.06.2013 11:46
      Very helpful



      a lovely fresh scent from Yankee

      ~Sparkling Angel~

      Sparkling Angel is a rare, USA exclusive scent offered by Yankee Candle though it can be sourced within the UK in either wax tart format or in a housewarmer jar. Yankee describe this scent as 'an unlifting scent of apples, pine, berries and eucalyptus with a touch of sparkling woods' - taken from Yankee website.

      I will be reviewing the wax tart. A wax tart is a small, round disc of solid, scented wax. This particular tart is white and is tightly packaged within a clear wrapper. The label adorning the tart is of a lovely little angel with twinkling stars - classy and different from the more available Yankee scents. Each tart is said to offer around 8 hours of scent and should be melted in a regular or an electric tart burner. The various oils within the tart will be released into the air.

      ~Where To Buy~

      The best place to buy this tart is from eBay as some sellers offer a range of USA tarts. A 22g tart can be bought for £1.80.

      ~My Thoughts~

      I love trying out different Yankee Candle scents and opt to buy the wax tarts as they allow me to sample a scent before commiting to an expensive purchase of a jar. During my last Yankee splurge, I selected a number of USA exclusive scents including this Sparkling Angel wax tart. To be honest, I was tempted by the name as well, I am an Angel by (user)name.

      I have a regular (tealights required) and an electric tart burner. I chose to melt this tart in my electric burner and I would recommend a burner with a deep bowl especially if you are using the tart whole. The tart starts to melt quickly and is fully melted into a clear liquid within 30 minutes of me turning the tart burner on. In solid form, this tart smells very pleasant indeed but not particular exciting. It is very fresh and clean smelling with the eucalyptus being very noticeable and distinctive.

      As the tart melts, the scent lifts up from the burner bowl and I must admit that it is beautifully air cleansing and refreshing. I find this tart perfect for melting whilst doing my household chores as it releases clean bursts of scent into the air. I find that this tart has excellent strength as it filters around my livingroom, kitchen and into the hallway. It does an effective job at eliminating cooking odours too.

      For the first 45 minutes or so, the main scent is the clean, crisp eucalyptus aroma. After this time, this aroma is still there and definitely still prominent but other scents start to emerge and give the scent a layered effect. I would say that Sparkling Angel does have a similar approach to some of the Winter edition scents available from Yankee including Sparkling Snow, Christmas Wreath and also the more recent Apple and Pine Needle scent - there is a bit of all of them in this scent but it never appears overdone or complex. It is a very simple and light scent.

      As the scent lingers in the air of my home, I find that the main emphasis is on a cool, Winter fresh aroma with delicate undertones of sweet apple and slightly bitter berries - a pleasant combination which works incredibly well mixed with the minty eucalyptus. I do pick up on a slight trace of pine but it is mixed well within the scent and is barely noticeable. This to me, is a bonus as other Yankee scents push the Pine through too strongly and this often results in a toilet cleaner aroma. I can't say that the woody notes are noticeable to me. I love the freshness of this scent as it is airy and relaxed. It is a sort of outdoor, completely authentic aroma which I find is best for Christmas use or through the year if you want a Christmas feel in your home!

      The scent of this wax tart remains noticeable and consistent. I chose to melt this for a few hours at a time and over the course of a few days, I received around 10 hours of scent which is great. I do like this wax tart as it smells beautifully natural and leaves my home smelling clean and with a welcoming ambience. The scent hangs in the air for a good hour after turning off my tart burner. Whilst I like the scent offered by this wax tart, I wouldn't go out of my way to buy it again as there are more readily available scents in the UK that give a very close scent to Sparkling Angel. The quality is high and smells is lovely.

      Thanks for reading :)


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