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Yankee Candle Sparkling Cinnamon

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7 Reviews

Brand: Yankee Candle / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    7 Reviews
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      24.01.2013 17:52
      Very helpful
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      A good way to fragrance your home for a small price price tag

      Keeping my home smelling nice is very important to me and my favourite way to do this is by using scented candles or wax tarts. I love the way an atmosphere can be created depending on the fragrance of scented wax. It can create a bright fresh clean feel to a room or a warm cosy romantic atmosphere. I was lucky enough to have a few Yankee Wax Tarts in my stocking at Christmas, my mum does us all a stocking, and one of them was Sparkling Cinnamon, one I hadn't tried before.

      Wax Tarts are simple little discs of oily wax without a wick, they measure approximately 6cm's x 1.5cm's and cost round about £1.00 - £1.20 depending on where you buy them from. They have a fluted edge and do look just like a little tart. In my opinion Yankee make the best wax tarts and these are the ones I always use.

      Sparkling Cinnamon comes wrapped tightly in clear cellophane allowing you to see the reddish/brown wax, the wax tart has a label stuck to the front which shows a small picture which always depicts the fragrance of the tart. In the case of this one the label shows cinnamon sticks dusted with sugar and tied with red ribbon.

      You can usually get a good idea of what the wax tart is going to smell by just by smelling the tart inside the wrapper, handy of you are in a shop and not too sure if you like the sound if it.

      Sparkling Cinnamon smells absolutely delicious, in my opinion it just screams Christmas. Yankee describe this as:-
      "Holiday glow, the spicy warmth of real imported stick cinnamon with a hint of cloves"

      To use a wax tart you do need an oil burner and an unscented tea light, its just a case of popping the unwrapped wax tart into the burner and lighting the tea light below it so it melts the wax tart. Once lit it doesn't take long before the oily wax is starting to melt and the fragrance filters around the room.

      Sparkling Cinnamon smells strongly as you would expect of cinnamon, its sweet warm and spicy, there is a hint of cloves in the aroma but it is only a hint so it doesn't take the sweetness away from the cinnamon. The fragrance isn't too strong but just a lovely background scent. This wax tart is the ideal way to fragrance your home at Christmas time. Its warm, cosy and welcoming. As I mentioned I received this as a Christmas present and I used it the very same day.
      I would say this is a daytime or an evening fragrance although I only used it in the daytime I think in the evenings it would create a warm festive cosy atmosphere.

      Yankee only use natural extracts and oils in their wax and this gives them a true to life smell, there's certainly nothing artificial about their fragrances.

      My home is open plan and after about an hour I can smell the wax tart all over my house, upstairs and down.
      I always melt my wax tarts for a couple of hours at a time, I find the fragrance lingers for a long while after the wax has solidified and this in my opinion is the best way to get the best value from the tart. Yankee state their wax tarts will give you up to 8 hours fragrance and I agree. I just leave the set wax in the burner dish ready to re melt the next day. Once the wax has run out of fragrance I leave it to set then remove the wax from the dish.

      You can melt the wax tarts whole, break them in half or even mix them to create your own fragrances. Personally I don't mix mine I just melt the tart whole.

      Yankee wax tarts can be found in many independent shops and also some major department stores as well as many online stores such as Amazon UK and Yankee Direct. They are great value for money and a lovely way to fragrance your home for a small amount of money.


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        12.08.2011 00:28
        Very helpful



        one of the strongest Yankee scents

        Yankee Candle is an America company offering a huge selection of candle and home fragrance products.

        *~*Sparkling Cinnamon*~*

        Yankee offer a few different Cinnamon based scents including Sparkling Cinnamon, Cinnamon Stick and Cinnamon and Sugar. This review discusses the Sparkling Cinnamon scent which can be enjoyed through various candle jars, samplers and tealights. The cheapest way to experience this scent in through a wax tart. A wax tart is a small, tart shaped piece of wax which is infused with essential oils. It should be placed within a burner and the heat from a tealight will melt the tart and release the scent into the air. Each tart claims to offer 8 hours of scent.

        Sparkling Cinnamon is classed as a festive scent. It is described as "the spicy warmth of real imported stick cinnamon with a hint of cloves." The deep red tart comes individually wrapped with a little label showing cinnamon sticks.


        This little tart isn't as available at the moment but will be released to small shops at further online nearer the festive period. Amazon stock it for around £1.10. Other variations can be purchased from www.yankeecandle.co.uk. It is currently available from www.yankeedoodle.com priced at £1.00.

        *~*My Thoughts*~*

        I ordered quite a few wax tarts and votives from yankeedoodle and many of theme followed a theme..Christmas! It isn't far away you know! I have thoroughly enjoyed sampling these festive treats and have a list of which ones I plan on treating my home to nearer December (ok start of November..I admit it!), ones which I am not keen on and ones which will be given as gifts to my beloved friends and family! I opted for a few cinnamon based wax tarts as I am quite fond of cinnamon and so is my fiance.

        Before I unwrapped this little treat, I could detect a powerful aroma of cinnamon. Bearing this in mind, I decided a third of the tart would be sufficient to burn at any one time and I was right in doing so as this is one strong piece of wax! I placed the piece of wax into my burner and wrapped the remainder up for a further use. Once my little tealight was placed underneath, the wax began to melt and transformed from solid wax to a puddle of rich, blood red liquid. I burned this one for an hour at a time which was more than sufficient.

        *~*Cinnamon Explosion*~*

        Unlike some of the wax tarts, Sparkling Cinnamon released an intense, rich aroma as soon as it began to melt. The intensity increased further as the wax turned to liquid and it certainly packed a punch. I have my burner in my alcove of my living room and even with a third of a wax tart, the scent travelled amazingly well and is by far, one of the most powerful scents I have experienced from Yankee.

        We live in a large (length ways) flat which is all on one level. The scent from this tart carried through the whole flat and could be detected in our bedroom by my fiance who simply had to come in an investigate what I was burning (I did mention he likes cinnamon scents!) I found the scent of Sparkling Cinnamon to be very uplifting and invigorating to the point that it helped open up my nose a bit like menthol does. It has a slight, medicinal undertone to it in my opinion although my fiance commented that it reminded him of "Atomic Bombs" which are cinnamon sweets!

        This is a cosy, warming scent and lingers in the air creating a welcoming, delightful smelling homely aroma. It is very engaging due to its strength. The cinnamon is by far the most powerful aspect of the scent and is heady, quite spicy and has a gorgeous, sweet warmth to it which creates the most favourable burning experience. The cloves give off the medicinal aroma in my opinion and simply freshen up the scent to give it a bit of lightness.

        *~*Cinnamon Surrender*~*

        I could only burn this for an hour at a time due to the overpowering aroma it offered. Even when the tealight was blown out and the tart began to solidify, the scent lingered around the flat and gradually faded away. During its lingering stage, it eliminated any aromas within my home. I used each third of wax for 3 burnings so managed to get 9 hours of consistent strength from my little tart. The scent never reduced which appealing to me and allowed the tart to be well worth the money I paid.


        I am so happy I tried Sparkling Cinnamon. Whilst it won't appeal to everyone, its powerful aroma had me drawn in from the moment I unwrapped it. The aroma produced from the essential oils helped clear my mind a little and uplifted my mood whilst other elements of the scent relaxed me to some extent. Due to the strength of this scent, I would recommend burning a small amount and if you have a hallway (with no kids or pets running about), place it on a table or unit there and open the doors to all of you rooms. Allow the scent to travel into each room or even up the stairs as it does aim to present its aroma to your full home.

        Very much worth the price and a very high quality tart and scent. I fully recommend it to all cinnamon lovers.

        Thanks for reading :)


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          18.07.2011 21:48
          Very helpful



          Provokes childhood memories of Christmas and baking.

          ~~~ History ~~~

          Let me tell you a little of the story behind Yankee Candles. Almost 42 years ago a 17 year old boy melted his childhood crayons to make a candle to give to his Mother for Christmas. She was overjoyed and showed a neighbour what he had done. This neighbour asked to buy it and placed orders for further candles and so Yankee Candles was born.

          Since then, they have expanded into different types of home fragrancing, moving with the times. The range now includes tarts which fragrance the home so much faster, car fragrances, electric plug ins and a recent addition - the reed diffuser. Looking at the website, I see they are branching into personal care products such as lip balms and Anti bacterial hand sanitizers. I think they have their aims set on world domination as Yankee products are sold wherever you go.

          ~~~ Tart ~~~

          The star of this review is a Tart, A circular disc of highly fragranced wax, which is instantly recognisable by its fluted edges. Saying that though, you usually smell them before you can see them. The fragrance is intoxicating.
          The sparkling cinnamon is my tartlet of choice at the moment. These have no wick to light, and instead are melted using a tart burner with a lit candle underneath. You could use a non Yankee branded oil burner, but please make sure that the well at the top is deep, as when melted, they give a surprising amount of wax, and I wouldn't want you to ruin any furniture that your burner is sat upon.

          Although I prefer a candle lit burner in the winter, as it casts off a comforting glow, and makes for a warm and cosy feel to the room. I use a Yankee electric burner during the warmer months, just for simplicity, as I can leave it running and not worry about it.

          I prefer the stronger scents that Yankee supply. These are usually defined by the stronger colouring of the tart. The paler ones being much more subtle, think of baby powder, and freshly washed towels. They are subtle and gentle, the exact opposite of cinnamon.

          ~~~ Cinnamon ~~~

          Yankee are experts of going with a theme and changing it ever so slightly. This way they keep things fresh, and their customers hooked, so they keep coming back for more. I love all things cinnamon, as it takes me back to my childhood, and reminds me a Christmas's past. Yankee have taken this theme and brought out scents such as Cinnamon Stick, a true cinnamon fragrance which is a very true to life scent. Another favourite, but I've not seen for a while (another limited edition, I presume) is Cinnamon sugar, a sweet version, with the heady smell, mixed with a brown sugar scent, it reminds me of baking, and cookies, and although not ginger, it evokes visions of gingerbread men. Perhaps that goes with my memories of Christmas. The deep red colour aids these thoughts, and although my first thoughts of this fragrance of being brown, I can't imagine this tart being any other colour than red. I was the perfect choice.

          Sparkling Cinnamon, to me, is a mixture of both of these versions (cinnamon stick and cinnamon sugar), but with a depth to it. A warmness if you like. According to Yankee, this is due to cloves and fruit. I imagine the warm undertones are the cloves, and the sweet sugary scent is the fruit, although it is extremely difficult to say exactly which fruit it is.

          If you could imagine a scent that is sparkling, this evokes it; just as the sparkling lemon version is reminiscent of lemonade. Yankee are certainly very good at what they do.

          ~~~ Fragrance ~~~

          This tart doesn't take long to melt, and the scent is released immediately. This gives a sudden, intense fragrance straight from the off, even while still in the plastic coating if the truth be told. I keep my unopened tarts in my underwear drawer, it keeps everything smelling lovely. It's like two uses for the price of one, and makes these even more of a bargain. :)

          Candles take a while to fill a room with scent, and even then it's only if you have the larger jars. The larger the candle, and the more wicks it has, the bigger the throw of the scent. Not so with tartlets, they are a packed powerhouse of fragrance, and just one will fill a whole house.

          These tarts usually cost just over one pound, so if you see them cheaper, snap them up, they're a bargain. They burn for around eight hours. That is not to say, at eight hours and one minute they give up there scenting properties, it's just that it fades gently until it's not recognisable anymore.

          ~~~ Top Tip ~~~

          You will be left with a lot of wax still in the container at this point. Wait until it cools and sets, then put the burner in the freezer for a few minutes. This will enable the remainder of the wax to be disposed of much more easily. Let the burner come back to room temperature and you're ready to go with your next fragrance.
          Which one will I choose next? Well it is July, and the Americans love Christmas at this time of the year, so In honour of this tradition, should I choose Spiced Orange, Mandarin Cranberry, or Christmas Cookie? Decisions, decisions.

          ~~~ In Summary ~~~

          Of all the varieties of Yankee products, I am passionate about them all, but my favourite are the tarts. This fragrance is a homely, warming scent and I wholly recommend it; especially on a dark, cold, raining night, or with the curtains drawn, and snuggled on the sofa.


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            11.12.2010 12:36
            Very helpful



            YC have done a massive run of this scent - and it is clear to see why.

            If the word "excessive" could be applied to any company, it has to be Yankee Candle! Not just happy with providing one or two types of cinnamon scented candle under the name of "Cinnamon Stick, " (that previously replaced "Cinnamon,") or "Home Sweet Home," to the best of my knowledge, Yankee Candle have dabbled in just about every field when it comes to this spice. I think I've tried them all, because I just love cinnamon - the taste, the smell and the whole promise of its purposes. I add it to my coffee in powder form; I'd even have cinnamon soap if I could, whilst any sweets on offer around Christmas aren't that far away from being dusted with Cinnamon sugar! Whilst there are these latter classic "all year round" available scents, Yankee Candle in recent years have also released:

            "Festival of Lights," a dark green candle that had cinnamon as a strong tone.
            "Holiday Home Sweet Home," a dark blue limited edition Christmas candle that has a stronger, less sweet smell than the standard pink HSH candle.
            "Stars and Stripes," a patriotic dark blue candle that has cinnamon as its top note.
            "Cinnamon and Sugar," a light brown candle that is laced with nutmeg and vanilla, with cinnamon of course being at the top of priorities.
            "Stress Relief," warming oils product that has cinnamon and frankincense.
            "Sparking Cinnamon," a deep red cinnamon and clove toned candle.

            Whilst I love the original spice, I fear for my own life in the next couple of months what the magicians at Yankee Candle will bring out next! I adore "Home Sweet Home," at times and other times, the fullness of thick and heavy "Cinnamon Stick." So, it was to no surprise that I just had to buy two candle products a couple of weeks ago in the form of a gift box containing two medium house warmer jar candles especially made for Christmas containing "Sparking Cinnamon," and a pine like scented "Sparking Snow." The gift box is priced around £9-99 but seems to have been an early 2010 UK release that has proved to be very popular because of the price and the quantity on offer. I also purchased a few wax tarts to see what this new scent brings to me.

            "Sparkling Cinnamon," is a strange candle. If you sample any of the glass house warmer jar styles by simply lifting off the lid, you'll be greeted with a candle that has a distinctive smell of cinnamon that is close to the bitterness of the original "Cinnamon Stick," and less of the sweetness associated with "Home Sweet Home." This is not a bad aspect though - how many sweet cinnamon candles do you need? Try asking the boffins at Yankee Candle! The candle has a deep red look, very similar to a lot of the Christmas candles that Yankee Candle have already produced at the moment in their seasonal range, and unless you're in a hurry it is easy to mistake this candle (I nearly ended up with "Be Thankful," again) because the secondary scent is that of cloves and if you are susceptible to coughing fits with this wheezy spice that is often apparent in Anglican church services when they swing the frankincense to show what the Prophets had to put up with, then you'll know exactly to steer clear!! This is a pity though, because whilst "Sparkling Cinnamon," has a tasty but unusual name that conjured up a bar cocktail drink in my mind, the clove aspect isn't as strong when in actual use.

            Infact, Sparkling Cinnamon has a very short shelf life compared to other Yankee Candles I've tried. This is a slightly disappointing aspect, even if the base tone has cinnamon added, the middle tone has cloves whilst the top tone has a strange hint of cherries, lending a sweet nature to the otherwise "salty bitterness" of the spices. Clearly, Yankee Candle has walked the marketing Christmas hoof as much as they can when it came to justifying this candle with the quaint picture label featuring a couple of icing sugar dusted cinnamon sticks bunched up with a tiny red bow on the label. Quaint it may be, but the scent when left burning for a couple of hours isn't strong enough to pervade a whole home of all three additives. This may be good news for some, but for me when it has the promise of cinnamon made by Yankee Candle, it isn't hard to feel personally disappointed when most of their other ranges of spicy candles are so much stronger by comparison. If there is one good aspect I find with Sparkling Cinnamon though - it doesn't annoy anyone who has since witnessed the candle when lit. Coughing or sneezing induced by known burning of cloves isn't apparent with this candle, which is a good aspect!

            Challenging by name, the scent isn't strong enough to last anything over a week's period when used in tax wart form, either. After 36 hours for example, my tart's scent suddenly died, leaving that slightly pallid smell of stale scented candle in the dish and nothing to pervade the house with until I use a different scent on offer. Whilst it is strong when it first burns for 24 hours, the supposed "hint" of fruit that Yankee Candle claim this candle has, isn't easy to smell. It seems to be taken over by the cinnamon too quickly rather than the known strength of cloves (which can be a good thing, admittedly) but then the cinnamon seems to take over everything else this candle has to offer.

            As with all Yankee Candle product formats, this scent seems to be available in many different varieties. However! Being a newly released fragrance to the UK, the formats are limited and have only just started to come onto the market despite the glass jars, votives and wax tarts that are on sale:

            Medium housewarmer jar candle (14.05oz 60-75 hours duration, £13-99)
            Large housewarmer jar candle (22 oz 100-150 hours duration, £17-99)
            Car tab housewarmer jar cardboard freshener (6-8 weeks duration, £1-99)
            Medium 2 wick tumbler (12.5 oz 45-50 hours duration, £12-99)
            Large 2 wick tumbler (22.7 oz 70-90 hours duration, £16-99)
            Car air vent gel pack (4-6 weeks duration £2-85, 3 pack additional at £5-98)
            Car Pump 'n' Go clip on air vent freshener (4-6 weeks, £7-20)
            Tea light scented candles (240 grams, 4-6 hours per candle, 12 in a box £5-99)
            Plug In Scent (£5-99 4-6 weeks duration, 2 capsules per box, also fits old Air Wick plugs.)
            Plug In Plug and "free" scent starter (£14-99, 4-6 weeks duration, also fits old Air Wick plugs.)
            Reed Diffuser (limited edition) (£11-99/£13-99 8fl. oz, 12 reeds 4-6 weeks duration.)
            Pressured aerosol room spray (£4-95, small 43g size, 4-6 weeks duration.)

            If you love cinnamon scented candles then "Sparkling Cinnamon," is probably justified for its addition to an already bursting cinnamon tainted range. Some have already stated that this candle is too strong and whilst it is strong on the cinnamon content, the cherry fruity promise is only clear when all the spice has diminished and little scent is left over. Where value for money in my mind is concerned, and regardless of the formats available, I don't hold much hope for my gift to myself when it comes to Christmas day in the form of the boxed candle set! Granted, it is an interesting title by name, but when it comes to actual use, it sits too far away from the known reputation of Yankee Candle's premium quality when other Yankee Candle three-scented oiled candle products pervade my home with a good long lasting ability and reliable balance. It is abundantly clear that in this instance, the marketing department is out to sell rather than stand by the company's reputation, and that can be quite a bad aspect to portray! Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2010




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              04.06.2010 17:46
              Very helpful




              I like to have candles and Melts in the house. Nothing nicer than a nice gentle scent coming through your house. I first was introduced to this brand by my mum. She said they were nice, and the scent lasted a good while. Perhaps they are that bit more expensive than other brands, but I think the quality is good anyway, so I don't mind paying that little bit extra.

              I tend to stock up on these from the website scentedcandleshop.co.uk. You can also find the brand on amazon and on the Yankee candle Website as well.

              These sell for around the £1.05 mark, which is what I normally pay for them. They are a solid wax tart which I suppose you can break in a fe bits to get more than 1 use out of them. This fits into my Oil Burner just right, and once the heat gets to it then it all melts and eventually evaporates. There is a sticker on the front with a nice picture of some Cinnamon Sticks and the Tart is wrapped in cellophane so you can see the bright red wax easily enough.

              I had smelt this one in a local shop before I bought it. I usually go for light, airy kind of scents such as Fresh Linen, Sun Breeze and other Yankee candle scents like this, but I liked the Cinnamon when I smelt it. It smelt strong, spicy and a dash or Sugary scent miced through as well.

              Once this was melted it didn't smell too strong. You could still smell it and it lingered in the room the next day as well, but it wasn't overpowering. It was just a nice spicy scent. I wouldn't say it was sparkling, but I don't know what sparkling smells like. I think it was more the sweeter scent that it could have been referring to.

              A nice change to the usual scents that I use. Yes, it isn't my favourite one, but that is just because I like the lighter ones. A good strong smell.


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              29.04.2010 16:32
              Very helpful



              I wouldn't bother!

              Yankee Candle Sparkling Cinnamon Wax Tart

              Description: Manufacturer: Yankee Candle / Type: Candles.

              Anyone reading my earlier reviews (please accept my thanks, I am really grateful for all reads, rates and comments!) will already know that I am a fan of the Yankee Candle company and along with having my favourite scented candles from their range, I like to try new ones as often as I can afford. to.

              The Yankee Candle company sell the most amazingly fragranced candles and products to gently scent your home and car. They also last really well and continue to smell great right until the end, unlike some scented candles which only seem to have a fragrance the first time that they are lit.

              In case you are unsure what wax tarts actually are, they are little tart shaped pieces of scented wax. They are designed to be used in a bespoke wax tart burner which uses a tealight to melt the wax, releasing the delicious fragrance into your home. They are very easy to use and despite being small, they really pack a punch (If you don't have a wax tart burner, they can be cut into four pieces and melted in a normal oil burner) so are a great way to scent your room.

              These wax tarts cost around £1.05 so are much cheaper than the big glass candle jars, meaning that this can be a good way to try different scents without spending a lot. Unfortunately, Yankee Candles do tend to be a little more expensive than some brands, but because they last so long and smell so great, I do believe that they are worth the extra money. I usually buy the large jars (costing around £17) and they seem to last for months, despite being used every day.

              If you are new to the company then the wax tarts or their scented tealights are a great way to try the scents and find your favourites. They are available to buy in loads of different places and you can also shop online.

              I have previously been a little disappointed by the Yankee Candle Cinnamon Stick fragrance so was unsure if I would like this one any better. Unfortunately, I found it very similar and despite loving the smell of cinnamon, these wax tarts struck me as being a little artificial and far too strong. The fragrance quickly became overpowering and had a too sweet aroma which made it smell quite sickly.

              I had hoped for a fresh and spicy fragrance from these tarts which would remind me of Christmas and home baking, instead, the smell was overpowering and unnatural. Next time, I will be buying one of the many scents that I know I will like!


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              26.02.2010 17:31
              Very helpful



              Fill your home with the smell of hot cross buns...

              Our latest venture into the world of Yankee Candles saw us melting this 'Sparkling Cinammon'wax tart last night. As with others in the range this one is the standard 6cm x 2cm size and this particular one has a deep red colour to it. Once the clear wrapper was removed the smell of cinnamon was immediately apparent and I knew straight away that this was going to be one of the strongest smelling wax tarts that we had used.

              I was right. After only 10 minutes the spicy, rich aroma of Cinnamon was more than evident and filled our living room with scent. It had depth of 'flavour' being slightly peppery as well as reminding me of hot cross buns and seemed an appropriate choice for a cold, winter's night.

              I have to say though I personally found this one to be slightly overpowering and the scent was a little too strong for me. I prefer scents that are subtle or sweet whereas this one was strong and domineering and to be honest after half an hour or so I ended up removing the burner from our room and putting it in a safe place in the kitchen where it proceeded to fill that room with the strong fragrance.

              The tart gave off the scent for a good 6 hours or so and when we came to melt it again this morning began to release its fragrance immediately. I was actually pleased when it started to calm down a bit after a couple of hours today as for me it was still too strong to be enjoyable and seemed to attack the senses rather than just sitting gently in the background.

              As mentioned before, by only spending 95p on this wax tart meant that we didn't have to spend a lot to discover that it wouldn't be one that we would buy again either in tart form or for the more expensive housewarmer candles. The wax tart range from Yankee Candles are a great way to introduce yourself to the company and to the many choices you have to select from and are excellent value for money when you consider that you can easily get 8 hours worth of fragrance from such a small outlay.

              Sparkling Cinnamon was not for me, that said for anyone who likes the smell of cinnamon and strong flavours in general this would be an ideal choice for you as it is by no means subtle. Ratings wise I can only award 3/5 dooyoo stars as it was too strong for me to enjoy and is not one I would buy again, other people will love this though so of course it all comes down to individual tastes.

              These are available online from yankeedoodle.co.uk, Amazon and other online candle stockists and can be found in candle shops offline. Priced from 95p they are a great buy in general and come highly recommended by me.

              Thanks for reading my review.


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