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Yankee Candle Spiced Orange

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9 Reviews

Brand: Yankee Candle / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    9 Reviews
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      15.02.2014 15:42
      Very helpful



      Orange and cloves to create a winter fragrance.

      Whilst still on my request to try random Yankee Candles, this was recently purchased online as part of a fantastic deal that I got.

      What I am reviewing today is a large yankee candle (glass jar) in Spiced Orange. Whist we are still in full flow of a winter with heavy winds and rain, it means that a candle that still gives that winter fragrance was needed.

      The picture on the front is of some oranges with cloves inserted into them. So without seeing the title, you know that this fragrance is going to be orange with abit of spice. The actual official description is as follows: "blend of sunny citrus and snappy ginger". There is no mention of this picture at the front. IE the ginger.

      Taking off the jar does reveal a very strong sweet Orange smell. More so than the spice that is also included. Upon lighting it up, it takes a good hour or so for the wax to melt and pool across the whole width of the jar. So how is the fragrance? Its not over powering which I know can be a good thing. But for a candle, you would like something to smell throughout the room. A test is to leave the room and then come back in and see if you get "hit" with the fragrance. So how about Spiced Orange? Well no it does not really do all of this. Its not really over the top and after a good few hours of burning you seem to forget that its there. Don't get me wrong, you can smell it, but you need to move quite close to the candle.
      The orange part of it is not that strong and its more the spice that comes from the cloves. Ginger? I cannot seem to find that.

      Its an average candle, but would not be on my top 10 list of candles. You think it has hope from the outside and lifting the lid of the jar, but once burning, its let down by the lack of punch.

      Large Yankee Candle:
      They are meant to last between 110-150hrs. Make sure you keep the wick trimmed to 1/4 of an inch at all times. When you first light it then let it burn for at least 3hrs to allow the wax to burn across the top all the way. If you notice black smoke coming from the flame then blow it out, trim and relight.

      They vary from £14.99 to £19.99 depending on where you buy them.


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      18.06.2013 17:36
      Very helpful



      A great smell, that just reminded me of an Xmas smell -

      =Yankee Candle Spiced Orange=

      My next candle from my mothers Day collection=

      This was the wax tart from Yankee Candle and was purchased from eBay.

      =Alternative Formats=
      The Spiced Orange is also available as a Sampler candle, as well as the jars in small, medium and large sizes.

      The wax tart comes in a plastic wrap, and on the sticker on the front is the description of the tart, and on the back is contact details as well as information on using the tart.

      =Orange, Orange and more orange=
      As soon as I picked up these tart I could immediately smell the orange, but it was the sweetness of a eating orange, it reminded me of an Orange that has had cloves in it, as though it came from the Victorian era.

      =On Oil Burner=
      I always break my tarts into half to get double the use of the tart. Yankee say that a wax tart gives about 8 hours of fragrance from burning, and I found this to be accurate description.

      Personally I tend to have the tealight lit for about 2 hours in the evening, and then I find the fragrance stays in the room afterwards, so I get 4 nights from each half of the tart.

      I feel as though I am sitting on the fence here in terms of making a decision as to how spicy it was compared to what i would have expected. With the title being "Spiced Orange" was I expecting the spices to be more apparent that then orange, or the orange to be a spiced flavour.

      =strong Smell=
      I found this to be a strong smell, it was not a sweet orange, so I feel that this may put some people off it as they may expect a sweet orange.

      =What I felt=
      It reminded me of a Christmas Smell, (mentioned the Victorian oranges studded with cloves), this conjours up mulled wine, log fires, a winter evening, a real winter warmer.

      =Would I buy again=
      I would buy this again, but I would keep it for the colder months, but from me this is a 5/5

      =General Information=
       Wax Tarts - 22grams burn time of 8 hours around £1 to £1.50

      Sampler Candle - 32 grams - burn time 12/15 hours £1.30 to £2.00

      Small Glass Jar, - 3.7oz (140 grams) - burn time of 25/40 hours around £10

      Medium Glass Jar - 14.5oz (411 grams) burn time of 65/90 hours around £15

      Large Glass Jar - 22oz (630grams ) burn time of 110/150 hours - around £20


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      02.03.2013 20:47
      Very helpful



      If you like strong fragrances, this isn't for you

      At Christmas, my mum brought me a box of Yankee Candle Votive Candles so I am slowly working my way through them. I got the box out yesterday and my daughter and I spent about 20 minutes of smelling them and deciding which one to try out first. We opted for a Spiced Orange and it smelt quite fruity through the cellophane.

      I placed the votive in one of the glass jars provided, placed to on a shelf in the living room and waited.

      The votive candles costs £1.20 to £2.00 depending upon the fragrance and offers that may be on.

      Also in the same fragrance, Yankee also sell wax tarts, sets of tea lights, reed diffusers, large glass jar candles etc. Prices can range up to around £16 depending upon which product you buy.

      The votive candles measure around have a burn time of around 15 hours. I found the burn time to be pretty accurate. Yankee also say that the candle is a bright, cheery blend of sunny citrus and snappy ginger is the perfect winter warmer.

      After about 20 minutes, I still couldn't smell anything. The candle was burning for about 3 hours before my other half came in, I asked him if he could smell anything and he couldn't either!
      I was very disappointed with this candle, unless you go and hang you nose over it, I couldn't smell anything, but what I could smell, did not resemble orange at all. The ginger was the most dominant smell.
      On a positive note, the wick is about 1.5 inches bigger than the candle itself meaning it was easy to light, the candle also burned evenly so I wasn't left with a wax coated glass.

      Sorry Yankee, but this was isn't up to you normal standards, 2 out of 5 stars I am afraid and I wont be buying this one.

      Thanks for reading.


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      07.10.2012 12:58
      Very helpful



      Not one for me this one!

      Usually when I opt for fragrances for my home I tend to go for florals and not foodie smells however this one called Spiced Orange appealed to me and sounded a bit of an uplifting scent so I rather fancied it.

      I bought this in the wax tart format as I find that at about £1.25 each to purchase and with an estimated burn time of about 8 hours they offer great value for money and allow me to treat myself to a new one very often without commiting alot of money to say a large candle in one scent.

      The packaging of a wax tart is very simple indeed and basically its a see through wrapper and on the front of this one we are told what it is and who it is by and there is a picture shown of oranges on there and then on the back of the wrapper other information listed includes little diagrams of do's and don'ts concerning using the tart and contact details for the manufacturer are clearly given.

      The Tart:

      What you get with a wax tart is just that really. A Thick, round lump or wax with fluted edges to it and in this case it is a very rich orange colour. You can use half or the whole thing in the top of an oil burner and light a tealight under it then what happens is the wax liquidizes whilst it is hot and then firms back up to hard when it cools down allowing us to use it as we wish till it runs out.

      I expected this to be a very strongly scented tart but it actually wasn't. It is meant to be a spicy orange and warming scent this one with a hint of ginger to it but to me it didn't smell as juicy and/or as zesty as I would have liked and it actually smelled natural enough, rather sweet and of course of citrus in a sweet way but I couldn't really detect any spicy aroma coming out of it and whats more I had to burn this a good hour a time before I could really detect any scent from it at all. When it did release the scent is was nice enough though not as refreshing and uplifting as I'd of liked and it certainly didn't waft the scent through my large flat and when I did put the tealight out the scent really didn't linger for very long at all.

      This was ok but not as strongly scented as I would like sadly and for that reason I wouldn't buy this particular tart again knowing that other Yankee tarts that are available from the range suit me and my nasal passages much better than this one does.

      Available from Yankee Candle, Amazon and Clinton Cards amongst lots of other places and this is also available in different sized candles etc.

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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      01.10.2012 23:05
      Very helpful



      This is not a good fragrance from Yankee Candle

      WHAT IS IT?

      A wax tart from Yankee Candle with a Spiced Orange fragrance. The same fragrance is also available in jars and as a sampler candle.


      I was disappointed with the fragrance of this wax tart because it is a very plain orange with not as much ginger as I expected.  There's a very small amount of spice but it's hardly apparent and doesn't last for the whole time the tart is burning anyway.  It is not a very strong fragrance and even though it is orange I don't think it's very fruity either and smells very fake instead of being fresh like most orange fragrances.


      I will not buy Spiced Orange again because it is not what it should be. The fragrance is quite nice but it's very flat and doesn't fragrance my home as well or as much as I'd like.  It smells to me like orange flavoured sweets instead of fresh oranges and it is too sweet to smell of honest citrus.

      The spicy smell is very weak and unless I knew I wouldn't have thought it was ginger because of it being so faint.   I thought it was nutmeg when I first burned the tart and only realised it was ginger when the tart had been burning for over an hour.  The orange smell is quite strong, strong is the wrong word because it doesn't go all round my home but near where my tart burner is and around my lounge the fragrance smells of oranges and this is quite nice.  As soon as the tealight goes out the smell disappears and there is nothing left apart from a musty smell that must be from the wax tart because it wasn't there before.

      2 Dooyoo Stars.


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      14.05.2012 11:56
      Very helpful



      Not one I will buy again

      Please note this is a review of the Wax Tart version of this fragrance.

      Since becoming a fan of Yankee wax tarts just before Christmas of last year I've been experimenting with many different fragrances by buying on an almost weekly basis. As I have mentioned before in similar reviews I either buy from a local Hallmark factory card shop which often has different fragrances at cheaper prices as it's classed as 'old stock', or if I have any money in my paypal account I see what is available on Ebay.

      Having bought a few wax tarts from the latter recently my review will now focus on this particular fragrance which was amongst my array - 'Spiced Orange'.

      What Yankee say about this:
      "...Feel the festive cheer this Christmas with the Yankee Candle Spiced Orange Wax Tart. Spiced Orange is a bright cheery blend of sunny citrus and snappy ginger as a perfect winter warmer teamed with the autumnal burnt orange hue.."

      Having ordered this online I had no idea how it would actually smell, I didn't know whether it would be too strong or not strong enough/ spicy or lacking in spice etc so I ordered it blindly, but as it cost £1.20 with free p&p I thought it wasn't the end of the world if I wasn't keen on it's aroma.

      On it's arrival through the post a few days later I was keen to test it out and I was instantly impressed by the fact I could detect a warm and fruity aroma escaping from the envelope before I'd even opened it. The wax tart itself is ensconced in a tight plastic wrapper and on the front is an image of oranges pierced with cloves and wrapped in red bows; it's a very festive scene and looks warm and welcoming so I was eager to see (or smell) what it would be like when it was burning.

      On unwrapping the wax tart from the wrapper I found the scent to be rich and had strong spicy orange fragrance. It's not how I imagined it to be though as the spice seemed to over power the orange but it was still pleasant and had a real Christmassy feel. I placed this in my wax tart burner, which as mentioned before in similar reviews is mainly kept on my window sill in my kitchen as it is the most central room in my cottage, and I placed a lit tea light underneath and waited for it to melt..

      After about 10 minutes or so I could start to detect quite a strong aroma though this was mainly when I walked past the entrance to my kitchen and after about 30 minutes it started to subtly float through to each room. I quite liked the scent when it was 'diluted' in the other rooms but on entering my kitchen I found the fragrance to be quite overpowering and not as pleasant and had to extinguish the tea light after less than 1 hour of burning time.

      The spicy orange fragrance continued to drift through my house after the tea light had been put out and even when the wax tart started to solidify again the aroma lingered on for quite a while and I just presumed it was going to be one of those wax tarts that had to be used in small doses.
      On lighting a tea light the following day I was bitterly disappointed to find that there was very little fragrance emitting from the wax tart this time as it started to melt, given the fact it had only been burned for less than an hour the previous day I would have expected the fragrance to still be quite strong.

      Yankee wax tarts generally tend to have a 'life' of 8 hours when burning but I have been very disappointed with the longevity of this particular fragrance. The initial scent is very nice though soon becomes overpowering before fading away far too quickly and I can't see myself being tempted to purchase this again in the future, even at Christmas time.

      This was a let down for me and such a shame as I was really looking forward to burning it as up to press I haven't really been too let down by any Yankee wax tarts but this simply isn't one I will buy again unfortunately.


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      06.11.2011 16:26
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      recommended for fans of orange scents

      I bought the Yankee Candle Spiced Orange fragrance a while back but once I'd got it home I just never really felt like using it. A few days ago I decided I was sick of the sight of it and finally got round to giving it a go!

      ==Yankee wax tarts==

      I bought this in the form of a wax tart. Unlike a candle, a wax tart has no wick - it is simply a disc of wax which is melted in a tart burner under the flame of a tea light. As it melts it will release its fragrance into your room. The tarts are sometimes described as wax potpourri which is a much better description of what the product does. Each tart gives up to eight hours of fragrance, but if you don't want to have it going for eight hours straight you can let it solidify and re-melt it at a later time.

      If you're wondering, tart burners are available from Yankee with the cheapest ones being around £5. They are similar to oil burners, but tend to have a deeper cavity to accommodate the melted wax.

      ==Using it and my thoughts==

      I actually thought this was a Christmas fragrance because the picture on the label depicts an orange studded with cloves, something I vaguely remember my nanna having in her house at Christmas time. It seems however, that this is an all year round scent, although in my opinion it is best suited to the colder months. It seems Yankee themselves would agree with this, going from the official description on the website - 'This bright, cheery blend of sunny citrus and snappy ginger is the perfect winter warmer'.

      The tart is a dark orange colour and when I unwrapped the tart I was met by a much stronger orange fragrance than I had expected. When it was in the wrapper it simply smelled spicy to me, so I was really surprised that this smelled strongly of orange oil. The spiciness was there but it seemed quite subtle and not as strong as I would have expected. It certainly didn't smell like cloves to me, despite the picture on the front, instead I thought I could detect amber and ginger in the fragrance.

      As it burned the scent filled the room with a very subtle orangey scent, although I maintain that I could smell a hint of ginger in there. On the whole it seemed like quite a sparkling, light fragrance, yet warming at the same time. It was nowhere near as heavy as I had expected it to be and I was surprised, yet not particularly disappointed, that it wasn't spicier.

      The intensity of the scent was lovely. It wasn't overpowering or intense, but at the same time it wasn't weak and I could clearly smell it. Another thing I liked was that unlike some scented candles, or even air fresheners in general, I could smell it constantly - not just an occasional whiff. I would also say that the eight hour estimate was about right - the tea lights I use last for around four hours each and by the time the second one had gone out I could barely smell it.

      ==Price and Availability==

      The wax tarts have an RRP of £1.10 but you can often pick them up slightly cheaper. I think the cheapest ones I've ever bought were 50p each in the sale. If you don't want to use a wax tart, jar candles in this scent are also available as well as small votives if you don't have a tart burner. Approx burn times and prices are below:

      Wax Tarts - Burn time 8 hours - £1.10
      Votives - Burn time up to 15 hours - £1.60
      Small Jar - Burn time 25-40 hours - £7.45
      Medium Jar - Burn time 65-60 hours - £15.45
      Large Jar - Burn time 110-150 hours - £18.45

      I buy mine from Collectables or Clintons Cards, but you can also buy online at www.yankeedoodle.com or www.scentedcandleshop.com amongst others.

      ==Final Word==

      I wasn't really looking forward to using this candle nor was I really expecting to like it very much, but I was wrong. If you like orange fragrances, then I'd recommend this one and don't be put off by the 'spice' part of the name, as unlike a lot of other Yankee Candles I found the spiciness was very subtle with this one. If on the other hand you do like a lot of spice, then perhaps this one is not for you. I personally would buy this again and I would recommend it.


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        09.08.2011 18:58
        Very helpful



        Not one of Yankee's best!

        Yankee Candle Spiced Orange wax tart had an instant appeal to me when I spotted a variety of Yankee Candle products reduced in a branch of 'Collectables' recently. The reason being that I am a fan of spicy fragrance, be it perfume or home fragrance, as well as loving all things orange flavoured or fragranced. I always loved orange Smarties and orange Starburst sweets (or Opal Fruits as they were then) when I was a child as well as orange scented toiletries. Indeed this 'orange' appeal is something that has continued throughout my life.

        So it was no surprise to me that depsite the array of wax tarts, votives and glass jars on display, the Spiced Orange wax tart was indeed the first product I picked up.
        Although it is the votive that is displayed here in the photograph, it is actually the wax tart I purchased. Dooyoo won't accept different format suggestions as the fragrance is the same whatever type of Spiced Orange candle you choose.

        I had high hopes for this wax tart as a strong smell of spicy orange and ginger fragrance was evident through the shrink-wrap. A photograph of oranges and the dark orange colour of the wax combined with the fragrance conjours up images of winter evenings and the festive period. However, I couldn't wait that long to try out this fragrance and so despite it only being August and although this maybe a winter scent, I decided to use it right away.

        I have been pleasantly surprised by the strength of fragrance and how well it lasts when using Yankee Candles and as I already mentioned, I had high hopes for this one. For the first time I was confident that this would definitely throw off a strong fragrance and felt pretty sure it would become a firm favourite of mine.

        After placing the wax tart in my burner and lighting a tealight underneath, I sat back and waited for the fragrance to be released. It wasn't long (around 4 minutes) before I detected the beginnings of a spicy fragrance appearing as the wax began to melt in the top of the burner.
        Yankee state that this fragrance is a bright, cheery blend of sunny citrus and snappy ginger and I could certainly dectect the orange citrus with an added twist of spicy ginger. The fragrance began to fill the room and I was really enjoying burning this wax tart.

        I did notice however, that the throw from this one was not as good as other wax tarts and although the fragrance filled the room, it was not as strong as I expected and did not waft out into the hallway and up the stairs as others I have used have done.

        Yankee state that a wax tart can give off up to 8 hours worth of fragrance from a single tart and in my experience up until now this has been true. Indeed I have experienced over 8 hours of fragrance in some cases. However, Spiced Orange sadly did not provide me with anything near this and after burning for around 3 hours I noticed the fragrance was disappearing. Another hour passed and I could barely smell anything except when I got close to the liquid wax.
        Out of all of the wax tarts, glass jars and votives I have bought or been given as gifts, this Spiced Orange has been the most disappointing. If this wax tart had been my first experience of Yankee Candles, then I doubt I would have been able to understand why it is that so many people recommend and enthuse about their candles!

        Putting it all into context, I only paid 82p instead of the usual £1.10 for my wax tart which isn't a lot to pay and it did fragrance my living room with a lovely scent for 3-4 hours. However I can't help but be disappointed overall with its longevity and strength of fragrance compared to other Yankee fragrances and I doubt I would buy this one again.
        I had hoped this one would become my favourite, but it is actually my least favourite thus far. There are better fragrances to be had from Yankee.


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          07.07.2011 16:06
          Very helpful



          spicy and fruity just the way I like it

          Yankee Candles originated in the USA and offers range of scented candles, diffusers and other home fragrance products.

          ~Spiced Orange~

          The Spiced Orange scent is infused into wax tarts, votive samplers and various sized jars. This review discusses the votive sampler which claims to offer 15hours burning time. It should be placed in an appropriate holder and burned for a few hours at any time. The Spiced Orange scent is described as being ideal for the festive season as it combines citrus with ginger.


          The votive itself is a mini candle which is round at the bottom and thickens near the top. A white wick is present running from the top to a silver disk at the base of the candle. The candle is a deep orange colour, verging on red and is tightly wrapped within a plastic wrapper.

          ~Availability and Price~

          The samplers can be purchased online through sites such as www.yankeedoodle.com or in small, local stores and boutiques. They are priced around £1.60. The wax tarts are around £1.10 with jars starting from £7.50.

          ~My Thoughts~

          I love Yankee Candles as I consider them of a high quality. Whilst I would love to have lots of the jars around my home, I like to change the scent that floats around regularly so the votive samplers are perfect for this purpose. A few months ago, I bought quite a few different scents on ebay for £1.55 each and this is one I picked..Spiced Orange. I love festive type scents as Christmas is my favourite time of year so being able to relive it through one little piece of scented wax is incredibly appealing to me.

          I have some pretty Yankee Candle holders and whenever I feel like lighting one, I raid my heavily scented stash. Last week, I decided to try out this Spiced Orange one as I needed cheering up. I only ever light candles when my son is sound asleep in bed or at his Grans but common sense needs to be used..don't put them near flammable objects etc or within reach of precious little hands. I normally light my candles for 2-3hours at a time. I'm getting better at using lighters but this one took ages for the wick to catch light! I used this at the weekend for a few hours, earlier in the week, last night and am using the last remnants up just now..not quite 15hours but nearly enough.

          ~Spicy Wishes~

          Before unwrapping this votive, the scent is very powerful and offers a heavy sweetness. Some Yankee Candle scents take a while to come into their own..not this one. The wick starts to burn down quite quickly producing a scented puddle of wax around it. The scent is amazingly full bodied, addictive and packs a punch. It fills my livingroom with its heady, distinctive scent and makes the room feel welcoming and festive.

          The scent is very concentrated and quickly seeps around my odd shaped livingroom ensuring it leaves no corner unscented. It travels around our flat and can be detected in a lesser concentration in the hall way. The orange makes itself known and is very pure, natural and extremely sweet. There is a hint of spiciness present in the scent constantly but the ginger wafts through every few minutes and is particularly inviting and pleasant. Some may find the spiciness a bit too much and in a smaller room it can be a bit nauseating which I discovered when I had the candle burning in the bathroom.


          Spiced Orange is a very rounded scent that never lets up on strength and sweetness. It does evoke fond memories of Christmas and I find it particularly appealing on a cold evening snuggled up and watching my favourite Christmas movies. Whilst it isn't my favourite scent, I intend to purchase it again nearer Christmas to welcome any guests and just give my home that festive feeling.

          Comes with my full recommendation, thanks for reading!


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