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Yankee Candle Summers Day Large Shade

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Brand: Yankee Candle / Type: Candle Lamp Shade

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    1 Review
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      08.03.2012 19:37
      Very helpful



      to create a subtle lovely glow


      I was bought this as a Christmas present as my mum bought me one of the bigger yankee candles for Christmas. My honest first impression was "ew what is this god awful thing" However putting it with my candle and the base plate It really grew on me. The shade looks exactly like the picture above but brighter, the colour are purple at the top which fade into a light blue colour and then light green fading into a dark green, there's little bit's of detail all over this from flowers, butterflies and fairies which is really pretty to look at. I think this is some kind of clay or porcelain material but it is quite thick, thicker than I would of thought, this is roughly just under a centimeter, touching this on the outside is really smooth except for the pattern but on the inside it's really rough and is a little cringy to touch. This has a bottom with a circular hole in the middle with a lip coming off it, this bit goes inside your candle rim.

      Using the shade

      Picking this up at first it isn't very light weight but I think that's because it's so thick, the outside of this is really smooth because it's probably been glazed, it's bumpy where it has detail coming off it but that only adds to the lovely effect, on the side it feels really rough and when I scratched my nails on it on time picking it up it really made me cringe so now I keep this constantly on my candle. This is really large in size i'm not sure of the measurements but it's as big as my face! This large shade will fit any medium or large yankee candle but if you have a candle in a jar like yankee as well it will more than likely fit it as well.

      This has a little lip around the hole and this sides inside your candle, this will create the "lamp shade" effect, the lip is big enough to keep the shade sturdy and still on the candle, it will rattle around a little if your moving it around so just either take it off or hold it as you transport it to a new location. The shade has a hole in the top like a normal shade, of course you need this because you want your light to come out of it and of course the smoke coming from the candle needs to go somewhere so it's like a little chimney.

      You can't light your candle while this is on but it only takes a second to take this off and put it on again, you can see the light from the flame not just out of the jar but shining out the top of the shade too which is really nice because it does dim it down so it's more subtle which is great if your watching movie and you don't want to see a flame bobbing around all over the place. Plus rather than there being a yellow/orange light it dims it down to a nice orange glow.

      After a few times of lighting my candle for several hours I noticed that around the bottom of the shade on the inside it was getting black, which is going to happen from all the smoke, I didn't mind because it's on the inside so it doesn't make any difference to me. I did try to wipe this but it never came clean and I've never had any need to wipe over the rest of the shade. The whole point of this is to be a feature and enhance an area of a room. I have this in my bedroom, I like to have it on at night time so I don't have to put my light on and I think it's too dark when I have my tv on as well, I have it on my windowsill with my curtains open if it's lite, but this isn't for any particular reason, for me it isn't for a feature.

      I'm no too sure how much this costs as it was a present but looking online it looks like it's around £12 you can probably buy this from anyone or anywhere who stock yankee candle products.


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